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Happy Home Maybe?

After a week things thing's has started to settle down between the residences of the William's household. Unless Gilbert and Prussia were having a deep conversation in their strange language of theirs they kept to themselves. Matthew was fine with that. It was the only reason his house was still standing.

"Okay, I'm going to work now." Called Matthew as he headed towards the door.

"But it's still day time!" Whined Prussia.

"I don't want to stay in the house with him!" Whined Gilbert.

Matthew rolled his eyes. "I got called in. Now while I'm out no parties, no drinking, no boys or girls, no ritual sacrificing of any kind."

"Fuck you!" Snapped Prussia. "I do what I want!"

"I'll keep him in line." Called Gilbert. "Have fun at work!"

Matthew chuckled a little and left the house. These days he felt like a parent looking after two teenagers. At least Gilbert tried to help around the house. He would clean, do the dishes and sometimes cook. Sure lots of it was burnt but at least he was trying. Prussia on the other hand was lazy and spent lots of his time sleeping or eating or doing whatever he wanted.

'Yeah… I'm the father of two kids… I'm not even married and I have to take care of two whining brats… Probably should have told Gilbert not to cook… and I probably should have told Prussia to get off his ass and actually do something… Next time... Next time…'

XoXoXo page brake oXoXoX

Quite frankly, Matthew didn't know why he had even been asked to come in at such an early time. There were only one or two people in the VIP lounge and none of them were at his table. 'There was no point coming in today… I know they need a certain number of people at the tables, but this is ridiculous.'

After what seemed like pointless hours of standing at his roulette table, spinning the wheel and dropping the ball into the roulette wheel someone finally approached his table.

"Good afternoon sir, how much would you- Oh, hi Lovino."

"Hey Matt… Fifty on red." Muttered Lovino.

Matthew nodded and spun the wheel. "How are you? I haven't seen you in ages. You look pretty tired…"

Lovino rolled his eyes at his friend. "You'd be tired too if you had been running for your life all freaking night… Stupid, fucking cat bastard."

"Oh no, what happened?" Asked Matthew. He knew he might not be able to do much to help Lovino out, but he could at least listen to him. "Want something to drink? Wine? Vodka? Beer? A shot of something?"

"Thanks, but no thanks… Not yet anyway." Muttered Lovino. "For as long as I can remember there's been this damn cat demon chasing me and my brother down… Since Feli has that damned potato bastard looking after him he's fine, but I have to try and defend myself… That demon was waiting for me in my apartment last night."

"Wh-what?" Cried Matthew in shock. "Isn't there someone you can go to about this?"

"And what am I supposed to say?" Snapped Lovino. "How the fuck can I just tell someone that a fucking cat demon is trying to drag me to hell and mate me? Besides, no one gives a single fuck about what happens to Fallen angels… We're just… things. Any normal angel wouldn't give us the time of day and demons like dragging us down, making us feel dirty and bitter…"

Matthew nodded sadly. "I'm sorry… Do you… do you need a place to stay?"

"I don't need handouts."

"I'm just trying to do a friend a favour." Said Matthew quickly. "That's all…"

"Thanks for the offer, but I'm fine." Said Lovino. "I am staying in another place right now. I just had a shitty night. That's all… So did I win or not?"

Matthew quickly looked down at the roulette table and blushed in embarrassment. "Yeah, you won." He gave Lovino his money.

"Thanks… So how's life with the potato bastard going?"

Matthew chuckled nervously. "Well… It's all up and down at the moment… He's kind of… Well let's just say he's a bit more of a handful."

"How so?"

"Well, one minutes he's helpful and the next… he's kind of a dick." That was probably the most accurate description Matthew could give without saying that Gilbert's angel and demon side were both running around his house like lunatics.

Lovino snorted. "Idiot… Well, as long as you're okay I guess it's alright… Just let me know if he's messing with you and I'll knock him out."

Matthew laughed a little. "Yeah, I'm sure he'd love that."

XoXoXo page brake oXoXoX

Matthew got home later that night to find that his home wasn't destroyed, but in saying that, Gilbert refused to come out of the basement and Prussia was sulking in the kitchen with a small bag of ice on his head.

"So… things went bad pretty quickly?" Asked Matthew. He walked to the fridge and pulled out two stakes. Tonight he would make stir-fry for himself and Prussia. Gilbert would have to settle for a bag of sugar.

"Shut up." Muttered Prussia. "Gilbert has one hell of a punch."

"What did you do to make him attack you like that?"

"… I touched his butt." Muttered Prussia. "I swear it was an accident this time… If I really meant to grope him I would have tried to slip my had around the front and given him a squeeze."

"I can see why he punched you." He put the meat on the cutting board and started to cut off the fat. "You probably shouldn't do that anymore."

"But his ass is perfect." Whined the demon.

"He has the same body as you." Deadpanned Matthew. "You're such a narcissist." Matthew hissed a little as the knife cut through his finger. "Damn it."

Prussia frowned and looked over at the blond. "Huh? What's up?"

"Nothing…" Muttered Matthew. "Just cut myself... Stupid knife."

"Let me see." Said Prussia. He grabbed Matthew's hand and held it close to his face. "… It's not a bad cut. Just some cut skin…" Without warning, Prussia took Matthew's finger into his mouth and sucked.

Matthew's eyes went wide with shock and he attempted to pull it out of the albino demon's mouth, but as soon as he tried the demon growled and dug his teeth into his skin. "What are you doing? Let go!" He punched the demon's shoulder to try and make him let go.

Prussia just glared at the blond and grabbed his writs in a vice like grip. Once he was sure that Matthew couldn't move he let his eyes slip shut as he ran his serpent-like tongue along the digit. After a few moments he released Matthew and licked his lips. "There. I'm done. You're welcome."

Frowning, Matthew looked down at his finger. The cut was gone, not even a scratch. "Huh? Um… Thank you?"

"Demon saliva has healing qualities." Muttered Prussia. "My kind gets into all kinds of fights so it's only natural that we have some kind of fast healing quality."

"Well, I guess that's a definite thanks then…I didn't know you cared about me enough to heal such a tiny little cut." He said in a teasing manner.

The demon smirked and leaned in close to Matthew. "Don't get all cocky. It's been a while since I last used my own saliva to heal anything. It was just a little test to see if it would work… Also I like the taste of blood. I'd suggest you cut back on the sweets though. Your blood has way too much sugar in it."

"Oh… Okay…" He didn't like how close Prussia had gotten to him all of a sudden. "Could you um… back up a little for me?"

The demon smirked and quickly moved so that Matthew was trapped against the counter and chuckled darkly. "Now, now, Birdie… Don't get all coy on me beautiful… Then again, you're kind of cute when you're all shy… Want to let me taste some more of your sweet blood babe?"

Matthew shivered. He didn't like the way that Prussia was talking to him. 'Why does he sound like he wants to murder and fuck me… Either order sounds pretty bad to me…'

"What are you doing to Matthew?" Snapped Gilbert. He was standing in the doorway and did not look impressed at all. "Leave him alone you big ape!"

Prussia looked over at Gilbert and smirked. "What? Jealous that I'm about to pound into this hot piece of ass like a dog in heat while you stand there, limp dick?"

"What did you just say?" Growled the angel.

Matthew sighed a little. 'This is not going to end well…' A few seconds later, the angel and the demon were punching and kicking each other on the floor. 'Knew it.'

"Let go of me you little shit!" Hissed the demon. "What are you pissed about? The fact that I said I was going to fuck Matthew or the fact that I said you had a limp dick?"

"Both!" Snapped the angel. He managed to pin Prussia on his back and started to pull on his tail.

"HEY! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" Screamed Prussia in a mix of shock and pain.

"Waiting for the snap." Growled the angel. "I'll teach you to be vulgar and forcing yourself onto poor innocent people!"

"I SURRENDER! I SURRENDER!" Cried Prussia in pain. Tears were starting to form on the corners of his eyes. "STOP IT! IT HURTS!"

"Let him go, Gilbert." Said Matthew calmly. "He's a bit of a dick, but you don't need to pull out his tail."

Gilbert looked down at Prussia for a few moments before letting him go. "Fine."

Prussia quickly pushed the angel off himself and jumped onto the counter, hiding behind Matthew. "Sure, he might look all nice and stuff, but he's an evil little shit. He'll try and pull my tail out and rip out my horns when you're not looking."

"I'm sure he's a big scary angel under all that." Muttered Matthew. "Now if either of you want any food, I suggest that you guys get out of the kitchen before I throw you out."

"Oh, you're just as mean as that bitchy angel." Growled Prussia. He got off the counter and walked out of the kitchen, dragging Gilbert with him. "Come on angel pants."

Gilbert squeaked and dug his nails into the floor as he was dragged away. "No! Let me go! Help me!"

Prussia chuckled sadistically. "Scream all you want babe. No one is going to help you now… Your ass is mine." He dragged Gilbert out of the kitchen and around the corner.


Matthew watched the pair leave and sighed a little. "No having sex with yourself, Prussia."

"Fine!" Called Prussia. "Then I'll masturbate! Come here angel!"


"No sex with the angel." Snapped Matthew.

"I hate you!" Snapped the demon.

"I know you don't mean that."

"Yes I do!"



"You're both crazy!" Cried the angel. "Leave me alone!" A few moments later, Gilbert was back in the kitchen. He grabbed the salt shaker and smiled. "You don't mind if I borrow this, do you?"

"Just don't get salt everywhere."

"Will do." Said Gilbert with a smile. "Hey, Prussia! I have salt and I'm not afraid to use it!"

"Throw salt at me and I swear I'll kill you!" Yelled the demon from the lounge room. "I'll skin you alive! I'll rape you with the salt shaker! I'll rape you with a kitchen knife!"

"Now, now, children." Cooed Matthew. "If you two keep this up, Gilbert won't be getting any sugar and Prussia will have to eat sugar tonight."

"Why are you being so mean to me, Birdie?" Whimpered Gilbert. "I'm trying to protect you from him and his corrupting ways!"

"And I appreciate that." Said Matthew reassuringly. "But I can take care of myself. I have for a long, long time. Don't worry about me."

"But Matthew I-"

"He told you to leave him alone!" Snapped Prussia.

"And you!" Yelled Matthew. "Don't think I've forgotten about you! Stop trying to have sex with everything that moves and quit molesting Gilbert! He doesn't like it, and don't you say otherwise!"

"You're so mean to me!" Whined Prussia. "I'm just helping you out and stuff."

"By trying to force me to have sex? Piss off." Muttered Matthew.

After a while Kuma walked in and frowned a little. "What's going on in crazy, crazy la, la land?"

"Gilbert and Prussia are arguing and fighting again." Said Matthew. "The usual, really."

"Oh… You're all insane."

"Well we keep things interesting." Said Matthew happily.


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