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Break In

The tension between the demon brother's was growing exponentially, Matthew could tell. Ever since they had gotten back with Ludwig, Gilbert had been sending the other death glairs and neither had spoken a word to each other. In all honesty, Matthew absolutely hated it. He knew that this was bad. They needed to stick together, not fall apart.

Prussia sighed a little as he looked at the foreboding castle. "Five meter thick, one kilometre tall stone walls, seven defence towers armed to the teeth with dragon spine arrows, four hundred golem-like guards, over a thousand rooms, over half of which are dedicated to torture… Welcome to Natalia's humble home."

"… We're screwed aren't we?" Muttered Matthew.

"This seems more like a suicide mission." Mumbled Ludwig.

The albino demon growled. "Shut the fuck up, both of you. If you guys want to back out now go ahead. I don't give a shit. I'll save Gilbert myself. It's not like you guys have been much of a help to me anyway."

"Hey! Who actually go you here in the first place?" Snapped Ludwig.

"Shut the fuck up." Growled Prussia. "If I want you opinion I'll ask for it. Until then go away or help me. Just as long as you shut the fuck up the whole time I'm happy."

'What happened when I was in that cave?' Wondered Matthew. 'Before, Prussia was nowhere near this aggressive towards Ludwig… Is it because he didn't catch me when I fell or something?'

Prussia sighed a little. "Okay, here's the plan for when we get inside. We stick together no matter what. No one runs off for any reason. We kill all those who stand in our way and rescue Gilbert."

"So stealth is not an option?" Asked Ludwig. At his comment, Prussia exploded and started to scream and rant in that language that Matthew couldn't understand. Ludwig also yelled back in the same native tongue. While they were verbally attacking each other, Matthew decided to try and make himself useful. He was going to attempt to make a plan for actually getting into the castle.

He looked around at the defence towers, frowning a little. 'Okay… let's have a think about this. Seven towers… four hundred guards… and a thousand rooms…' He nodded a little. 'Okay. More than likely the majority of the guards will be on the outside. Two hundred maybe? The rest would be scattered around and guarding the most important places. So… we need to find a place to get in… Maybe a drain pipe or something?'

From their vantage point, Matthew could see a small a pipe that was half buried. Following it with his eyes he saw that it winded and turned quite close to where they were standing. He hummed a little to himself and walked over to it. The demon brother's didn't even seem to notice him walking away.

Once he got to the pipe he had a quick look to see if there was any kind of opening or something to indicate what kind of pipe it was. He knew that it was more than likely a sewer pipe and he honestly didn't want to wade around in shit.

He looked over at the demon brothers wanting to call for their help, but stopped himself when he saw that their eyes were actually glowing bright red and they looked like they were about to rip out each other's throats. Their verbal battle was quickly spiralling out of control.


Prussia looked over at Matthew, the bloody glow in his eyes died down. "What with?"

"What's with this pipe?"

Prussia walked over to him and looked at the pipe. "Looks like an old water pipe…" He crouched down next to it and punched a hole in it. "Yep… It's a water pipe. Looks like you found a way in. Good job, Matthew." The demon pulled more of the pipe away so they could crawl in.

Prussia was the first one to jump in and have a look around. "It's okay. The water's just ankle deep… Remind me again, can humans see well in the dark?"

"How dark is dark?" Asked Matthew.

"Pitch black?"


"Huh… Then just jump down and I'll carry you." Said Prussia. Matthew blushed a little at the idea, but did as he was told. He jumped down and Prussia caught him. "See, not so bad."

"… Am I too heavy?"

Prussia chuckled a little and started to walk down the pipe. "You're as light as a feather. Human's aren't that heavy. Seriously even your most obese human would be the equivalent of carrying a small bag of potatoes to me."


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Ludwig didn't like this one bit. Natalia was a freaking psycho and a master manipulator, not like Prussia was any different at the moment. The bastard was guilt tripping him and the worst part was he knew it.

'I didn't mean to let that stupid human fall…' Thought Ludwig bitterly. 'If humans were meant to survive falls at that height they would have been given wings like us.' He looked back over to his brother who was happily chatting to Matthew. 'Why is he so important to you? Why do you care so much for a human? Why? Why? Why?'

"Why wouldn't demons have indoor plumbing?" Asked Prussia. "Do all you humans think that demons live in caves, get water from wells and shit in a corner?"

"… Kind of." Muttered Matthew.

Prussia chuckled at the thought. "Some demons do actually do that, but that's just because they feel more comfortable doing so. Most demons have homes quite similar to large human homes. Mainly because they have so many kids…"

'Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?'

"Oh. Do all demons have um… multiple births?" Asked Matthew curiously.

"You don't have to be all PC." Said the albino demon. "You can just call it a litter, clutch or whatever. We honestly don't give a shit. They are just… things that fall out of a female… I couldn't care less. Anyway back to the original question; most do. A few don't."

Matthew nodded a little. "Okay. You know, if you ever had kids you would probably care a little more."

Prussia shrugged. "Well until I find a female that I actually want to fuck to procreate they shall forever be weird things that fall out of females."

'Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?'

The human rolled his eyes a little at Prussia's comment. "Whatever. How long until we actually get to the castle?"

"Not long now." Prussia hummed a little as he took a right turn. "If my calculations are correct we should be getting close to a fountain or something… It looks pretty cool too. It has twin demon girls gutting a human."


"How would you know that?" Asked Ludwig. "You've never been here before. You never even got close to this place when we were younger… Heck, you couldn't even move a hundred feet away from the castle before someone found you and dragged you back."

"… Shut the fuck up." Muttered Prussia. "I have been here before at some point in time. How else would I know about that fountain?"

Ludwig was tired of Prussia telling him to shut up. He wasn't a child. "Maybe you're just mistaken? Could have seen it in another place and just assumed it was here?"

"Maybe it's that. What does it matter to you?" He looked over his shoulder and glared at Ludwig with ice cold eyes. "You haven't bothered to give a shit about my life for the past few thousand years. Why take an interest now?"

"Because you're my brother. How many times to I have to tell you that I care about what happens to you?" Said Ludwig. He was starting to get pissed off again. Why couldn't Prussia understand that. It wasn't physics that never worked half the damn time. "We are family!"

Prussia growled a Ludwig. He latterly growled, showing his teeth and all. "I don't have a family, and not because I abandoned them… because they abandoned me."

Ludwig glared at his older brother. He was done with this. "Bullshit."

"What did you say? You obnoxious little prick?"

"I said bullshit!" Snapped Ludwig. "Do you expect me to feel sorry for you? No! The only family member that abandoned you was your mother! That exiled angel never wanted to care for the child of Lucifer! Lucifer even took you in and he only threw you out when you chose to be an angel instead of staying with your family in Hell! So don't you even fucking try to guilt me into pitying you… You're so pathetic you don't even deserve an ounce of my or anyone else's sympathy!"

Prussia was silent for a moment before speaking. "I never considered my mother, Lucifer, his women or their children as my family… I've only ever called you my brother."

Ludwig was rendered speechless. Growing up, the albino demon had always been quiet and kept to himself. Never once had any of their other siblings gone to see Gilbert when he was locked away in his room, at least to his knowledge anyway. 'Was I really the only one he considered his family?' Wondered Ludwig quietly to himself. 'No, wait, is he guilt tripping me again? Damn it, I don't know anymore!'

Matthew cleared his throat a little. "Um… I-I don't mean to um interrupt your conversation bu-"

"You're not interrupting anything." Said Prussia a little too sweetly. "There wasn't even a conversation to begin with… Right, Ludwig?"


"Good." Said Prussia. "Now, what did you want to say, Birdie?"

'Birdie?' Thought Ludwig in mild shock and disgust. 'He gave that human pat a name? What the heck is wrong with him? Birdie? Birdie? Why would he do that? Why? It's just a damn human! I still have no idea why he brought that insect along anyway! Why? Why? Why? He hasn't used him for bargaining with other demons like he said he would. Is it just because we haven't had the opportunity? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Just why?'

He watched the human squirm uncomfortably in Prussia's arms. "I um… I was just going to say that um… YOU TWO NEED TO STOP ACTING LIKE HOSERS AND GET OVER WHATEVER THE HELL YOU'RE FIGHTING OVER!"

Neither demons expected the human to have an outburst like that. Prussia was so shocked he almost dropped the blond into the water. "What the fuck, Matthew?"

Matthew shook his head. "Okay, look here. We are here to help get Gilbert out, right? Right. So here is how it is going to work. Ludwig, you care about Prussia because he's your brother right?"

"Ja." Ludwig wasn't sure where the human was going with this.

"Okay, so you will help Prussia get Gilbert out because it doesn't matter if he's an angel or not. They are the same person!" He turned to face Prussia, or at least attempted too. Humans had the worse eye site. "Now you… Stop taking out help for granted! Ludwig was the one that got us here in the first place and I… Okay, I have done fuck all to help you but I am trying! So stop acting this way! How is anger and rage going to help get Gilbert out?"

Prussia chuckled a little. "I don't need a sermon from a human…"

"If you're going to say something to me, say it in a language I can understand!"

"I said you're right." Lied Prussia. He looked around. "Come on… Our exit is just up this way."

XoXoXo page brake oXoXoX

Light. That was the first thing that Matthew saw. After being in a pitch black tunnel for so long it really hurt his eyes. He sat, back pressed against a fountain, rubbing his eyes as Prussia and Ludwig scrambled out after him.

"Wow… you were right about that fountain…" Muttered Ludwig.

Matthew turned and had a good look at the fountain; two demon girls, one crouching and one standing, one human male being pulled apart by them at the base in stunning white marble.

"Told you." Said Prussia. He sighed affectionately. "If I had to have a water feature I would want this one… So pretty…"

Matthew had to disagree. He looked around the place where they had ended up. It looked like some kind of beautiful garden filled with strange and exotic looking fruits from Earth and Hell. "Wow… where are we?"

"Smack dab in the middle of Natalia's castle." Said Prussia. He looked around a little, humming happily. He walked over to a tree that looked like it was producing dark purple dragon fruit, but it had acid green spots. "Yummy. I thought these things were extinct?"

"Well Natalia obviously got the last one." Said Ludwig. He looked around the garden and sighed. "Okay, we'll need to head down towards the dungeons. Since Prussia and I have the only weapons, since you lost yours already, we'll need to get rid of any guards, though it would be best if we don't arouse suspicion…"

Prussia sighed. "Ja, stealth I got it. No need to drill that into me… bastard."

Matthew sighed a little. The brothers were still arguing but at least they weren't arguing nearly as badly as before. Hopefully they could keep this up until at least after they had rescued Gilbert.

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Gilbert convulsed a little and coughed up some blood. 'A child… this demon's just like a child throwing a tantrum…'


Gilbert turned a little and tried to curl up in feeble attempt to protect himself a little. 'I'll never give into you… I don't care what you do to me I'll-' His train of thought was cut short and a small smile graced his face. 'Prussia… You're actually here for me…'

The beatings stopped momentarily. "What the fuck are you smiling at, fuck face?"

"You say I have nothing, but I have everything." Muttered Gilbert quietly. "You say I have no salvation, that I'm going to die here and become a demon but you're wrong… My salvation and your end is closer than you think."

"You're fucking delusional." Spat Al. "No one is coming for you. No one knows where you are!"

"That's where you're wrong." Whispered the broken angel. "… You haven't checked your defences lately have you? Your castle is under a silent attack and there's nothing you can do to stop it."

Gilbert could hear Al picked up something heavy, it scraped across the ground. The demon chuckled darkly. "If someone is coming for you… they'll have to settle for scraping you off the fucking wall!"


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