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Much Later

It had been several months since their trip to Hell and things had gone relatively back to normal. Prussia was back to being a pervert, hitting on Matthew every chance he got and Gilbert was back to keeping the demon away from Matthew and Matthew himself was back to trying to ignore everything that was happening around him. At the moment he was calmly drinking some coffee while Prussia and Gilbert were having a screaming match in the lounge room.








"… SO?!"

Matthew sighed a little and continued to drink his coffee. The way those two were screaming he was astounded that his eardrums hadn't exploded yet. 'Those two… they are going to be the death of me I swear…'

He looked down at Kuma, who was leaning against his leg. "Think they will stop any time soon?"

"Not likely." Said Kuma. "They are both too stupid to stop… I thought they had become friends or something? I mean after everything that happened and how Prussia doted on Gilbert…"

"I know…" Sighed Matthew. He could still remember those quiet days where Prussia stayed by Gilbert's side all day. He would only leave to get some supplies to clean and dress Gilbert's wounds. Apart from that, Prussia stayed close to Gilbert. He almost seemed afraid that Gilbert might disappear again. It was almost sweet. Almost.

Though, as soon as Gilbert was back to a suitable and healthy state, Prussia went back to teasing him and acting the fool. It seemed that it didn't matter that they went through Hell and back together, angels and demons would forever hate each other. In the case of Prussia and Gilbert though, it was more like teasing than anything.

'They were so nice to each other before…' Thought Matthew sadly. 'Oh well… I guess it can't be helped… Wish it was though.'

"I wish they would stop screaming at each other." Muttered Kuma. "They are giving me a headache."

Matthew nodded in agreement. Ever since those two had started yelling he had developed a migraine; one of those horrible ones that pulsated in the deepest recesses of the brain. The kind that just wouldn't go away by wishing it away or by simply taking a nap. It might help, but it would always be there, softly beating away at the soft tissues within the cranium.

"Maybe I should see a doctor about getting some more powerful medication… Over the counter stuff just isn't going to work…"

Kuma nodded in agreement. "Yeah… I'm going to go bite them now." With that Kuma walked out of the kitchen and into the lounge room. Moments later, Matthew heard Kuma growl and Prussia and Gilbert yelping in pain. Thankfully that shut them up.

"Peace and quiet…"

Moments later, Kuma trotted back in with the equivalent of a grin on his muzzle. He sat next to Matthew and made a happy noise. "All done."

"Good." Matthew smiled a little as he finished off his coffee. He heard the front door slam shut. Probably Prussia storming off. The sudden appearance of Gilbert in the kitchen confirmed his suspicions. The angel didn't even look like he had been brutally tortured anymore, all he had to even remotely show the past was the eye patch he wore on his face. Even though Prussia said they could grow their eyes back it didn't seem like that would be happening for a long time.

"You didn't have to bite us Kuma…" Muttered Gilbert.

"How else would I have gotten you two to shut up?" Asked Kuma happily.

Matthew chuckled a little and patted his head. "Go outside or something. Thanks for your help." Kuma nodded and happily trotted outside, leaving Matthew and Gilbert alone.

Gilbert smiled a little and sat on the counter. This was probably the first time on months that the two of them were alone. Gilbert chuckled a little and sighed. "You know… I might owe you two wishes now. You saved my life twice. So two wishes for you."

"Oh no…" Muttered Matthew. "I can't even think of one wish, let alone two…"

This made the angel chuckle a little. "Okay, okay. I'll stick with granting you with one wish… But are you okay? Going to hell must have been pretty freaky for you… I mean you would have seen some pretty nasty things…"

Matthew smiled a little at Gilbert's concern. "Yeah, it was pretty weird, but after seeing all that I just… I just feel empty…"

"… Empty?" Asked the angel in concern. "What do you mean, empty?"

Matthew shrugged. "I don't know… I just don't feel anything. I know I should be scared or horrified at the things I've seen and heard while I was there but… It's just nothing…"

Gilbert sighed sadly. "I see… I understand. Very few humans have crossed the threshold between the living and the dead… If you ever need to talk I'm all ears."

"… How can you be so calm about what happened to you?"

"I'm not human. I don't respond to trauma the same as you do." Said Gilbert with a shrug. "Our ability to adapt to trauma is inhuman because well… we aren't human at all… We are just different. Not human or animal. Just a thing in between."

"… What happens if you die?" Asked Matthew. This question had been playing on his mind for a while. "I mean, what happens when any supernatural creature dies?"

Gilbert looked at Matthew in shock, surprised that the human would ask that kind of question. "Well… Some people, mainly Catholics I think, but don't quote me on that, believe in purgatory. In short, purgatory is meant to be the place where souls that are neither good nor evil end up until it's decided where to put them. In truth, there is no purgatory for humans. Purgatory is where dead angels and demons go and live out their eternity… every now and then one can escape and come back into this existence."

Matthew blinked a little in surprise. "Really? Well what about people who say they have been in purgatory when in a coma and stuff or on life support?"

"That's a bit of a grey area." Said the angle with a wave of his hand. "It's a bit more of a battle of wills then. If the person has a strong enough will they will wake up, if not their soul will get taken away by the oh so happily named Grim Reaper… Why do humans hate the Grim Reaper so much? He's an angel kind enough to walk you to the afterlife so you don't have to go alone."

"Wait, that's an angel?"

Gilbert nodded. "Yep. The Angel of Death has always been an angel tasked with the job of helping the dead find their peace in Heaven, Hell or where ever they end up."

"… Never thought it like that." Muttered Matthew. "Hey, um where else would someone go if they didn't go to Heaven or Hell?" The angel's expression softened a little as a rarely seen smile crossed his face. It was off to see the angel make that face, it reminded Matthew of a parent about to give a comforting speech to a child. It was a little unsettling to say the least.

"Every soul has a purpose. It doesn't matter what vessel it's being carried in." Said Gilbert. "When someone dies before that purpose is fulfilled than they will eventually come back within a hundred years or so. Humans have freewill and can make a million decisions that will or will not fulfil that purpose."

"So it's like reincarnation?" Asked Matthew.

"Yes, but you are always human and never an animal." Said Gilbert. "You know… after so many wars and pointless deaths there a trillions of souls that never completed their purpose… Terrible thing really."

Matthew nodded a little. He almost understood what Gilbert was saying, but not really. "So… What happens once the purpose has been done? What determines who goes to Heaven or Hell?"

Gilbert shrugged. "The usual pious bullshit of following commandments, believing that Jesus is your Lord and saviour and following the most important commandments that he left humanity."

"What? Be straight, magic is bad, everyone else is wrong?" Asked Matthew.

The angel rolled his eyes. "No. Where did you get that idea? Have you ever picked up a Bible and read it? The two most important things are to Love God and love each other. Sure there are a few other things like, no sex before marriage and respect your elders stuff, but the first two are the most important."

"… But what about the whole 'homosexuality is a sin' thing?"

"Firstly, that was all in the old testament." Said Gilbert. "It serves four purposes; to tell the history of the Israelites, to give humanity an understanding of how important Jesus is for debunking the old rules, to show how the Israelites were different from the other religions and nations of the time, and to show the power of God."

"And the new testament?"

"That shows the loving and caring side of God and how he truly loves and cares for all people, not just his chosen people." Said Gilbert with a small smile. "Besides, Christians are meant to follow his example… so when I see people hating other people for race, gender, sexuality or their particular job I get upset. Jesus hung around with tax collectors and prostitutes. He didn't see them for face value, he looked deeper and knew what kind of people they were. So gender doesn't matter, even angels have no gender. We mainly chose the shape of a male because humanity is sexist. Love is love."

"… So do you expect me to convert to Christianity after that speech or yours?" Asked Matthew half-heartedly.

Gilbert shook his head. "I don't expect you to do anything. Convert, don't convert, it matters not to me… But you can't deny that he doesn't exist, after all you have seen demons and angels. Beings associated with it… Consider it something to meditate on later in your free time."

Matthew shrugged. He honestly didn't really care much for Gilbert's religious talk, though he guessed it would come up sometime considering Gilbert was an angel. He was actually a little surprised that they hadn't talked about it sooner.

"Sorry…" Muttered Gilbert. "I kind of went off on a tangent there… We were just meant to talk about where angels and demons go when they die… I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable."

"It's fine." Said Matthew. "It's interesting to hear people's views on religion every now and then, so I don't mind… View on Terrorism?"

"There's always a bunch of radicals in any religion that believe that they are following their gods divine will." Said Gilbert. "Because of those individuals they give the whole religion a bad name. Any other topic you want to talk about?"

"… I'm good for now." Said Matthew. "Want something to eat? Where did Kuma bit you two anyway? Where did Prussia go?"

Gilbert chuckled a little and opened up the cupboard, retrieving a tube of condensed milk. "To answer your questions; this will be more than enough for me. Kuma bit us both on the leg and Prussia… He has some things to work through."

Hearing the hesitation in Gilbert's voice when asking about "Things?"

Gilbert shrugged. "He really didn't like how things went with his father… He's an odd sort of person… But he's a demon and I assume that he has things he needs to sort through in his head from time to time."

"… I guess so."

The angel smiled a little. "It's okay. You don't need to worry about him. Everything will be fine with him. It always is."

XoXoXo page brake oXoXoX

Prussia had gone far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the suburbs and humanity in general. He had ventured extremely far north, to places uninhabitable by humans. Only animals here in this place. High in the snow glazed mountains.

The demon didn't care for the cold, never did. It made him feel bitter and reminded him of his past. Something he desperately wanted to forget. But for his purposes he would forget his distaste for the weather. He just wanted to be somewhere where he could think and not be interrupted by mindless chatter.

'Why the fuck is it always so cold here in the human world?' He held his freezing fingers to his mouth and warmed them with his breath. They warmed slightly, not too much though. He was just happy that he wouldn't get frostbite and lose his fingers or toes.

Once he got the feeling back in his fingers he let his mind wander back to his brief visit to Hell. Specifically, to the time when he had gone through that door and faced his sins. Wrath and Lust both really got to him, crawled under his skin like a parasite and festered there.

'I can control my rage…' He thought to himself. 'I know I can and I am… I'm nowhere near as bad as before. Before I would just kill anyone or anything that crossed my path and now… I have self-control… I'm not a monster… I can control my temper… I have to control it…'

To keep himself from going completely insane by his thoughts he randomly started to dig and scratch the snow next to him with his hand. He quickly dug through the snow at got to the hardened , almost stone hard dirt below.

'Lust… oh fuck my lust… I just…' He sighed a little. 'Fuck, what am I going to do about that? I am nothing but a sex hungry demon… I should have been born an Incubus or a succubus or something along those lines… Damn it… I hate myself… I hate myself so much because of that… that thing I have become… What I became… What I am…'

Prussia shook his head, trying to rid himself of those thoughts. He had come here to think about those things, but he didn't think he would end up guilt tripping himself because of it or realizing what a pathetic wreck he was. He just wanted a moment of clarity away from everyone to process the events of the past. He didn't want to dwell too long on the harsh truths he learned.

Instead he focused on the fight between him and Natalia. He didn't understand why he couldn't hit her at such a close range. It should have been impossible to miss her.

'How? That bitch was right there… Right in front of me… There's no way… How could I not… but then again, how come Gilbert wasn't able to smack that bitch down?' The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he got. He didn't understand it at all. 'How the hell did this happen? I just don't understand how I could have possibly been unable to kill that bitch… What the hell could have been so different about fighting her now? I mean the only difference would be that Gilbert…'

In that moment the demon experienced a moment of clarity, an epiphany. He realized what had happened and the important connection he had with that winged being. He didn't want to admit it at all. He wanted to be independent and free from him, but he couldn't deny what was right in front of him.

"Shit…" He muttered. "Does this mean we'll have to go back to being one being again?"


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