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Planned Grave Robbing

Antonio woke up at around midday. Amongst Minotaur he was very lazy, but he didn't really care that much. Sleep was good for the soul, or at least that what he liked to think about it anyway. Though he was surprised to see that his oracle friend wasn't there anymore.

Pouting, Antonio went to look for him, luckily he didn't have to go too far. Lovino was just outside the barn drawing patterns in dirt. The Elfin girls who owned the farm were nice enough to help Lovino a little with his new powers. It had helped a little, but Lovino really needed help from real Oracles.

"You okay?" Asked Antonio quietly.

Lovino shook his head. "No… I've seen some really weird things… and some bloody things… I'm trying to figure it out myself but it's not working out that well…"

"Maybe I can help?"

"I doubt it. You're thicker than a dragon's skin."

"Hurtful. Now what do you need help with?"

The Oracle sighed and gestured to the scribbles he had made in the dirt. "I understand how to read someone's fortune and the basic rules of not giving away everything because nothing is ever set in stone, but I don't understand this one fortune… well I do, but it's complicated."

It all just looked like a big mess to Antonio. "Um… I don't understand it either…."

Lovino rolled his eyes and quickly rubbed out the dirt marks with his foot and started again. He drew two straight lines. "Okay, imagine the first line is your life from start to finish. It has everything that you will ever do, see and experience, understand?"


"Good… It's how all fortunes and future things should be." Muttered the Oracle. He quickly scribbled right in the middle of the second line. "This is the fortune that I can't read properly and I don't know why. Two events are corresponding at the same time that involve the same person at different places and it's fucking annoying."

Antonio Thought about this for a moment. "I don't know… How far much of this person's life is messed up?"

"Almost all of it… The first few hundred years are fine and then… Thousands of years of chaos! It's fucking annoying. I hate it."

"I'm not sure then." Said Antonio honestly. "I would have said some kind of time travel might have been responsible, but even the best magicians and mages can't travel that far back in time and change things… Well I don't know about Heaven, but that's how it is in Hell… Any angels strong enough to change reality like that?"

Lovino thought about it for a moment. "Si… there are, but they are like the Cherubim and Wheels, and the Seraphim. Those guys almost never leave Heaven under any circumstances ever so I don't know…" The growled in frustration and threw down the stick he was drawing with. "Fuck it. I'm going to find a rock to sun myself on."

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Once again, Gilbert was putting off solving the riddle and had decided instead to watch Matthew play some RPG horror game. "So… What are you playing?"

"Mad Father." Muttered Matthew. He was putting all his concentration into the game. "Come on… Come on… You can outrun that bastard… Open the door… Open it… OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR! Good… Stupid game… SHIT! And now I'm dead."

"… I don't understand why humans play those games."

"We don't perceive the supernatural the way you do." Said Matthew quietly. "We live in a boring world with boring lives. Games, like books provide an escape into a different reality where we are heroes and villains… We have the chance to be good and evil… Our decisions matter and affect the lives of the people we interact with. We can watch characters grow and become someone we aspire to be."

"… I still don't understand it."

Matthew shrugged a little and turned off his computer, he was done with it for today. "It's okay if you don't. I honestly didn't expect you to… How are you going with that riddle thing?"

"Not too well." Muttered the angel. He sighed and flopped onto Matthew's bed. "I hate riddles. It takes me hundreds of years to figure this shit out."

The blond sighed a little and spun around in his swivel chair. "Well, what is the riddle?"

Gilbert shrugged and recited the riddle. "I am found in the land of unified knowledge. I am language. I am military. I am the first and I am the future. I am where the rivers run silver and I am protected by warriors for a thousand years and will be protected for a thousand more. A force from beyond may enter, but only mortal hands can take."

Matthew frowned a little. "What kind of riddle is that?"

Gilbert shrugged. "I have no clue. A unified land could be anything these days… It could be talking about Egypt or China or Rome or something I have no clue."

"I see… Well let's skip ahead a little to the silver thing." Said Matthew. "You've traveled the world many times. Ever heard of a river running with silver?"

"Only in legends." Muttered the angel. He had gone over those things several times in his own head but always came up with nothing. He should have paid a little more attention to humanity.

Matthew sighed and decided to keep going with the other parts of the riddle. "… Warriors. Who would be protected by those?"

"Kings, emperors, pharaohs, political leaders. Take your pick."

Matthew sighed a little. This riddle was hard. "Okay… Let's say that this place of unified knowledge is China. It was unified a long time ago and many people considered it to be a place of knowledge, so it's the place of unified knowledge."

The angel nodded in agreement. "Okay then. Let's go with that… They also had the first recorded human language too, ja? Or at least one of the first recorded languages in human history."

"Yep, and the Great Wall was made during the reign of the first emperor." Said Matthew. He thought a little. "That means that it's the first, because of the emperor, and the future because there's nothing before him because he burned all the previous literature and stuff."

"Okay, but what about the river of silver and the warriors?"

"The terracotta warriors." Said Matthew. "Life sized statues of the Chinese military made to protect the emperor when he's dead."

"And that emperor would be?"

"… Give me a second." Muttered Matthew. He quickly took his phone out of his pocket and looked for the emperor. "That would be… Qin Shi Huangdi."

"Well we got everything but the river of silver."

"No… I found that too." Said Matthew as he scrolled through the web page on his phone. "His tomb has or had a huge mercury river. Mercury is also known as quick silver."

"Brilliant!" Exclaimed Gilbert. "So then the final part probably means that even if I go there I need human hands to get what I need. Pack your bags, we're going to China."

Matthew gaped at the angel. It sounded like he was planning to do some grave robbing. "No freaking way. First of all if you're thinking of doing what I think you're thinking of doing then that's illegal. You can't rob someone's grave! Especially not if it's a world heritage listed!"


"We could get into huge trouble!"


"Don't you have any respect for the dead?"

"They are dead. Who gives a fuck what happens to the body?"

"It's world heritage listed!"

"So? I'm not part of your world. I don't give a shit."

"But you can't just go and disturb someone who is dead!"

"Not unless they are a Pharaoh, a bog body, killed in Pompeii, stacked in the catacombs of Paris, their body was preserved in a really interesting way or they are just bones. Right?"

"… That's different."

"How so? It's just a dead body."

"It's just… You can't rob Qin Shi's grave! That's suicide! The Chinese government would have our heads on spikes!"

"So they have the death penalty there?"

"I don't know!" Cried Matthew. "We still can't rob his grave!"

"I honestly don't see the big problem with this."

Matthew looked at the angel like he was insane. "Are you kidding me?"


"You're insane!"

Gilbert shrugged. "So I've been told hundreds of times… Anyway, how did you figure it out so easily?"

"It was easy. Besides, a life time of reading and playing games make it easy and… Hey! Don't change the subject!" He got up and walked over to the angel, not amused at all. "No grave robbing! We will get killed, well me anyway, and I plan on living a long life!"

The angel pouted childishly. "Aw, you're no fun… You know I would protect you right? I'd just need you to pick up the thing and then I would take it. Easy as that."




"I'll give you another wish."

"I never even wanted the first one!"

Gilbert sighed a little and sat up. "Well… I tried to be reasonable, but you leave me no choice…" He grabbed Matthew by the front on his shirt and pulled him down onto the bed, swiftly moving so he was pinning Matthew to the mattress.

Matthew gasped and tried to wriggle out of Gilbert's grip, but was unable. "Hey! Get off me!"

The angel tightened his grip on Matthew's arms and growled. His eyes slowly swirled into dark, bloody vortexes. "Shut up and listen to me you worthless shit. I have been looking for this since before your first ancestors decided to get drunk and fuck. So I'll be damned if you won't help me because you've decided that you life has some kind of higher purpose!"

"I never said that!" Snapped Matthew. He was trying to sound brave, but Gilbert could hear the fear in his voice. The angel couldn't help but smirk at this. Just to scare him some more, Gilbert quickly flicked out his wings, letting them rip through his shirt.

"All humans think they will amount to something, but let's face it… A hundred years from now, no one will know you ever existed. You're just a pathetic blip of nothing. At least when you help me you stupid life has some meaning and purpose, even if it is less then minute. I need to get this now!"

"Then get someone else to help you!" Yelled Matthew. He was starting to freak out now. "I know my life means nothing! Heck, I'll be amazed if anyone remembers who I am the second after I die! Which side is talking to me anyway? Your demon side or your angel side?"

A low rumble clawed its way out from the back of Gilbert's throat. "We are the same person now. Shut up. Just shut up. I need this you fucking idiot! Just… shut up and leave him alone!" He quickly pushed himself off of Matthew and quickly made it out the door, leaving Matthew alone and confused as to what just happened.

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"WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!" Screamed the angel in rage. "YOU COULD HAVE HURT HIM!"

The demon rolled his eyes. "I was trying to get him to see it out way."

"By threatening him?" Hissed the angel. "You could have hurt him! You could have done something terrible to him! He doesn't need to help us get that!"

"Right because we are going to find a human dumb enough to want to hook up with us for a little grave robbery… By the way, that riddle was easy. How come we were having a hard time with it?"

"I don't know…" Muttered the angel in frustration. "Maybe we are just bad at riddles? Anyway we can't get Matthew involved in this. This is our thing… It's the only reason we are here and haven't decided to cast ourselves into the Natron Lake!"

The demon growled darkly and moved over to the angel, pushing him against the angel's chair. "You asshole… Don't you think I've wanted this just as much as you? The difference between you and me is that I'm willing to kill for it. I thought you said you would do anything for this too? I thought we agreed on it! Do you want it all to happen again?"

The angel glared back at the demon with hatred. "I never want that to happen again. It will never happen again. We took a different path and as we were promised things changed. We are just waiting for our reward and I will not let you hurt Matthew to get it."

"But what if this is our chance!" Cried the demon. "What if Matthew is what we need to save our ass! What if he's what we need! Give me some credit here, this is the first time I don't mean in a sexual way! I really mean it! He could be the key to our happiness!"

The angel frowned a little, looking away from the demon. "Maybe… But I… I don't want Matthew involved… If he… If we get caught he could die and we are really that bullet proof either… I just don't want him to die… I really care about him…"

"You care about all humans you sentimental sap." Hissed the demon. "Now grow some balls and understand this; Matthew is one human. If he dies I'm sure there's a lovely place in Heaven or Hell for him, or maybe his soul will come back in about a hundred years. We need this!"

"Come off it…" Muttered the angel. "We've waited for so long to find it we can always wait a bit longer, not that we know where it is we can make a proper plan."

"That's the difference between you and me." Snapped the demon. "You always take the easy option and put others before yourself. You never reach out to get the life you could have. You're stuck in your damn rut! I will never be like you! I will always reach out and take what we need to survive! And I say, we are going grave robbing and we are taking Matthew with us. I don't care if he doesn't want to, we are getting that object!"

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With caution, Matthew calmly approached the basement door and looked inside. He could see the angel's hair just peeking out from the other side of the room. Gilbert looked like he was rocking a little and muttering to himself.

"Gilbert?" He whispered quietly, but when he got no response he tried something different. "Prussia?" Once again he got nothing. He didn't know what else to do without getting closer to him. "Shit, um… Do you want cake? Sugar? I could give you a big bag of sugar to eat… Do you want something?"

At the mention of sugar Gilbert sat right up. "Sugar?" He seemed to be back to normal now.

"Yeah… Are you alright? Just then your were all… Weird."

Gilbert nodded and stood up, stretching a little. "Ja, I know… My demon side decided to try and burst through again… He's extremely pissed off that you won't come with us to do some grave robbing."

"Oh… I guess I should have expected something like that… I just don't want to get shot."

"Understandable… But we really need you… Please… Help us."

"Gilbert… I don't…" Matthew sighed a little. "Okay look, I had a quick look at some websites while you were having your internal battle and everything and as it turns out there's a museum exhibit on Qin Shi opening in a week. There's all this stuff from his tomb and stuff… Want to check it out before you decide to run off and rip his tomb open? You might be wrong about where this thing is."

That sounded reasonable enough to Gilbert, so he reluctantly agreed. "Fine. Let's go to that. One question though."


"What the fuck is a museum?"


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