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Wake Up

Lovino and Matthew continued to look through the strange supposed memory vault in Gilbert's subconscious. To Lovino's frustration they couldn't find anything relevant. Only mildly interesting things that happened were some rather horrific looking rooms. It was like something out of a horror game. Needless to say the duo didn't stay long in those places.

"How long are we going to do this?" Asked Matthew. "It feels like we've been walking around here for hours…"

"More like seconds…"

"One of those weird things where it's seconds out there but it's hours in here?"

"Good summary. Now I don't have to explain." To be honest, Lovino didn't care much for explaining these things to humans. If he had his way humans would have a basic understanding of everything. That way there might be a little less fighting. Doubtful, but a nice thought.

He shook his head a little. 'Why do I even bother… Humans are stupid fucks. People actually have to learn that you can love someone of the same gender… Dumb fucks…'

"You okay Lovino? You seem distracted…"

"Nothing…" Muttered Lovino. "Just hoping humanity gets a brain soon…"

Matthew chuckled a little. "Yeah, by the time that happens my bones would have rotted away…"


"Let's just find Gilbert and leave…"

"Yeah…" Lovino sighed a little as they took another turn.

They had made their way back to the arena like area with the painting with the missing figures in it. It didn't seem to matter how far they walked or if they went up or down. They always came back to the same spot. That probably meant something important. Frowning, Lovino looked for a way to get down there.

Finding no direct path, Loving climbed over the edge and got ready to jump. "What are you doing?" Asked Matthew curiously.

"We keep coming here no matter what. There has to be something in this place. Idiot."

"Oh… I guess so." Muttered Matthew. He looked around at the barren arena and shared a similar thought. "There's nothing here…"

The Oracle sighed. "I know… But remember the mind is one messed up piece of shit. Fuck logic. You just need to jump." With that he pushed himself off the edge, quickly followed by Matthew.

As soon as the pair hit the dirt ground the whole reality that they were in melted away and morphed into something else; trees and thorns replaced walls while charcoal coloured rocks replaced the stone floors. The sudden movements tossed Lovino and Matthew around like they were made of rubber, affectively tossing them far apart.

Lovino ended up getting thrown against a tree where the spines growing through his hair attached him to a tree. "… Fucking wonderful… Fuck this place… When I next see Gilbert I'm going to stab him… HEY! YOU ALIVE MATTHEW?!"

"YEAH!" Called the blond. "WHERE ARE YOU?!"



With Matthew making his way to wards him, Lovino attempted to pull himself free. It wasn't easy. The bark just had an impossibly strong grip on his spines. He wouldn't have been surprised if there was some kind of tree sap gluing him there too.

"Mother fucking subconscious… Fucking hate Gilbert… I'll fucking…" He quickly lost his train of thought when he heard something strange. It wounded a little like an animal snorting. It was something akin to a large herbivore. Possibly a bull or a large sheep.

Now if this was a normal situation, Lovino wouldn't really give a damn about random animal noises… But this was Gilbert's subconscious and they hadn't actually seen any living creatures in here at all. They were probably in deep shit now.

Hearing something land on a higher branch, Lovino gulped and turned his head as far as he could to see the creature; body of a bull, wings and tail of a peacock. He knew just what this was and to put it simply, it was bad news for all those involved.

Lovino gulped. "You just had to be a Buraq…" A Buraq was a heavenly creature that delivered messages for other heavenly hosts. Normally Lovino wouldn't have been worried about this creature, but it's eyes were glowing red instead of its natural yellow hew.

The Buraq looked down at Lovino, flicking out its wings. "How dare you come here." He bellowed in an authoritative manner. "You shouldn't be here intruder. Now you will die."

Logically, Lovino knew he couldn't die in Gilbert's subconscious. He would just wake up in reality. Logically he knew a Buraq couldn't verbally speak either. They used telepathy, but that didn't matter right now.

As the Buraq swiped at Lovino's head with its cloven hove, Lovino took a deep breath and quickly pulled his head out of the bark with as much force as he could muster. The force ripped several spines out of his head, imbedding them in the tree. The force of the Buraq striking the tree was enough to shatter and splinter the wood.

As soon as Lovino hit the ground he bolted. There was no way he was going to get trampled to death in this place. The Buraq screeched and took chase.

This was more then a little annoying to say the least. Even more annoying was when he happened to run into Matthew at full speed. "Fucking hell. Watch where you're going!" He snapped. Lovino quickly pulled Matthew to his feet and started to run.

"W-what's chasing us?" Asked Matthew.

Lovino rolled his eyes. "A Buraq. It's this mother fucking holy messenger. Usually docile and shit, but this fucker is pissed off… Probably some fucking mental defence Gilbert has in his mind."

Matthew nodded and quickly jumped out of the way when a branch fell from the trees as the Buraq closed in. "Okay… How do we survive this?"

"Pretty sure we can't." Said Lovino. "We just need to find Gilbert and get out. It's nearly impossible to kill a Buraq."

"But it's not real, right?" Asked Matthew. "Can't it be easier to kill or something?"

Matthew had a point. "Right… Give me a minute."

Lovino quickly climbed up the nearest tree and jumped onto the back of the Buraq when it lumbered past. He grabbed it by the horns and pulled upwards. The creature screeched as it was forced to fly skywards, not that Lovino gave a damn. He wanted the creature dead as soon as possible.

As skilfully as he could he reached around the creature's neck and dug his claws into its jugular. He didn't stop digging into its flesh until he felt a rush of air run over his scaled fingers. He hand punctured the windpipe.

"Later motherfucker." Muttered Lovino. He quickly pulled his hand back, ripping out the beast's throat, spraying blood everywhere as they fell to the ground. To avoid possible injury, Lovino grabbed the closest branch while the corpse of the Buraq fell to the ground and shattered like glass. "… Well that was different."

He clambered down, quickly meeting up with Matthew again. Matthew was examining the broken pieces of the Buraq on the ground. "… I'm guessing Gilbert's mind's trying to kick us out or something?"

"Pretty much." Muttered Lovino. He looked down at the broken pieces, turning over a few pieces with his foot. "Maybe this was the thing in the painting before?"

Matthew nodded in agreement. "Maybe… but weren't there two figures in the painting? Doesn't that mean that there's another one of those things around?"

That seemed logical enough. "Maybe… But a Buraq is a heavenly creature and plaque with the painting indicated a light and dark side. So good and evil… If this was the good then the evil is still out there somewhere I-" He stopped himself mid sentence when he saw the terrified look in Matthew's eyes. "What's wrong?"

"B-behind you…" Whimpered Matthew.

Gulping, Lovino turned around, only to see the large gaping mouth of a Freybug. He didn't even have time to gasp in shock before the beast took his head in his mouth and ripped it off his shoulders.

XoXoXo page brake oXoXoX

Lovino bolted upright in shock. That was the first time he got forced out of someone's mind so violently. He glanced around the room, momentarily disorientated from his experience. Thankfully he remembered where he was pretty quickly.

"Right…" He muttered. "That shit happened…" He looked over at Matthew's unconscious form and sighed a little. Matthew was gripping Gilbert's stone wrist so tightly his knuckles were turning white.

'… You really want him back don't you?' He thought apathetically. 'You want him back so badly you're going to face a fucking Freybug? You're crazy… Hope you succeed you crazy bastard or you'll never see him again. You'll be dead by then…'

XoXoXo page brake oXoXoX

With horror, Matthew watched Lovino's body fall to the ground in a bloody heap. The beast above the corpse looked like a giant wolf covered in thick armoured plates. Between the plates a bright yellow glowed, making it look almost like it was being held together by some kind of magma.

'Shit. What do I do? What do I do?'

The beast chuckled darkly, seeming to enjoy Matthew's panic. "Scared little fleshling? Never seen a Freybug before? How cute."

Matthew gulped, his saliva becoming thick in his throat. "So… You're some kind of demon dog? You're here to kill me, right?"

"Quite right fleshling." Growled the Freybug. "You might have stood a chance while the Oracle was still here, but he was too foolish, getting distracted by the Buraq to notice me." The beast took a few steps towards Matthew. "You're powerless fleshling. You're nothing. I could squash you like the pathetic bug you are, but that wouldn't be fun. So run."

With no other choice, Matthew turned and ran. He had to figure out how to get rind of the Freybug if he was ever going to find Gilbert. Probably would have helped if he knew where Gilbert actually was. He could only assume he was close if this Freybug was trying to kill him.

He quickly climbed a tree as high as he dared to give him a moment to catch his breath and think of a plan. '… I got nothing… Shit.'

The Freybug chuckled, his voice booming. "You trail stops here little fleshling. Couldn't run anymore? You're weak. Always so damn weak… You have to rely on other people for everything. From the moment Gilbert met you, you've clung to him."

Matthew shook his head. He wanted to reply, but he knew that was a death wish. Instead he tried to concentrate on how to get rid of the beast and not give away his position.

" … Stupid fleshling." Growled the Freybug darkly. "You wanted to get ravished by the demon side and would have willingly done it if that fucking angel stayed away… Deep down you're a slut. You know it."

'… Right… Is that meant to insult me or something like that?' Wondered Matthew. 'Make me made enough to show where I am? Yeah, right. Stupid thing.'

The Freybug seemed to become increasingly irritated at the lack of Matthew's appearance. "Come on you stupid fuck!" He hissed. "Get your fucking ass out here now! You're just a useless, stupid human! You're worthless! Gilbert would have sold you in a heart beat if that meant his gain! I should know! I am his demon side!"

Matthew's eyes widened. It made sense though, the Buraq was a heavenly creature as Lovino had said, so it made sense that the Freybug was a demon, and since they were in Gilbert's subconscious it made better sense that they were manifestations of how he perceived his different sides. How he recognized them.

"You're such a fucking slut." Growled the beast. "A fucking slut that would willingly get fucked by a demon because you fucking know that no other human fleshling will even give you the time of day! You're pathetic you stupid fuck! So fucking weak and stupid! I hate you! You can't protect yourself! You have to rely on everyone else you pathetic fuck!"

Matthew shook his head a little. He wasn't pathetic, sure he did rely on Gilbert a lot, but that was because he knew he would get murdered in a second without his help. He wasn't made for fighting of supernatural creatures. He was just a human.

'Just a human… A human in Gilbert's subconscious…' It was at that moment an idea started to form in his head.'Wait, that means I'm not a normal human now… This is just like a dream. I can literally do anything… Should have been obvious when I bounced down that mountain of oreo's…' His plan was either going to go really well or fail horribly.

"Come on you little bitch…" Growled the Freybug. "You're just delaying the inevitable. Come on out now fleshling… I'm hungry…" Taking a deep breath, Matthew gulped and jumped out of the tree in front of the Freybug. A cruel chuckled resinated from deep within its chest. "Good. Now we can end this."

"I sure hope so…" Muttered Matthew. He desperately hoped that his plan would work.

The Freybug slowly walked towards Matthew, it seemed to savour the fear that must have been radiating off Matthew. "Stupid fleshling. Stupid human. So weak and pathetic. Get out of here."

"Not without Gilbert." Taking a deep breath, Matthew punched the Freybug right in the jaw. With the creature momentarily stunned, Matthew took up running for his life again. He kind of thought that the Freybug would have killed him straight away or something, but apparently not.

"FUCKING HUMAN SHIT!" Screeched the monster, as it hounded after him "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

Matthew gulped and ran faster. He needed to think of something a little more affective then a punch in the face because although he was stronger he still wasn't strong enough to kill something with one punch. As he tried to quickly figure out something he came to the edge of what looked like a large lake. "Okay then…"

A blood curdling roar made Matthew gasp. The Freybug was charging right at him. It jumped at him, claws and fangs showing. Doing the only thing he could do, Matthew hit the floor. This caused the Freybug to fly over him and land in the lake. An unbelievable amount of steam followed it.

After about a minute, Matthew looked up to see that the Freybug and water in the lake were gone. "… Well then. I guess that's one way to get rid of it… What now?"

He looked down at the empty lake. He couldn't see the bottom. It was like it was some kind of bottomless pit. Matthew could believe that. Though perhaps he could find Gilbert down there. It was a s good a place as any to look.

Taking a deep breath, Matthew jumped. To his surprise he landed with a soft tap on the cobble stone floor. It was like he jumped off a small step. Though now he was in a darkened room illuminated by torches. He frowned a little and started to walk around in the semi darkness.

As he walked he felt like he was being watched by something.. Perhaps the Freybug was still around? If so, Matthew was pretty screwed. The Freybug didn't seem like it was happy to get jerked around with.

The slightest noise made him jump and turn around and he thought he could see something moving out from the corner of his eye. "… Who's there? Freybug? Gilbert? Anyone?"

A soft giggle from the darkness made him shiver. There was something there. He just couldn't see it. His resolve was to move a little quicker in the darkness. In retaliation, whatever was after him picked up the pace too.

Suddenly something knocked him to the ground. Matthew yelped in shock and looked at the small thing that had run into him. It looked like Gilbert as a demon child, but he had angel wings instead of leathery bat ones.

He grinned at Matthew. "I caught you! I caught you! I win!"

"Yeah… You win…" Said Matthew, still confused. He decided to just forget about logic and go with the flow. It had served him well so far. He slowly sat up, keeping the child on his lap. "So… Why are you hiding here?"

"There's nothing here."

"I know. So why are you here?"

"It's like I said; there's nothing here." Said the child. He absentmindedly scratched around the base of one of his horns. "Here there's nothing to hear see or do. It's calming. I can forget about everything I've done as an angel and a demon."

"I see…" Muttered Matthew. "Well, did you run away before because I messed everything up for you?"

Gilbert shook his head. "No. I ran away so you wouldn't get hurt. I almost killed you before because I was so angry. I have been looking for a way to change my life for so long but I let my anger get in the way."

"Oh… Well I'm sorry…"

"It's okay. Anger is just a secondary emotion anyway. I wasn't really angry at all. I was just sad and upset. I wanted to scream and make someone else hurt so I wouldn't feel bad anymore… It was wrong to hurt you and your dog… I'm sorry…"

Matthew sighed a little. He knew this was probably just some fucked up mind trick in Gilbert's subconscious, but then again it could be the real thing. "It's okay Gilbert. I forgive you… Hay, how about you come with me?"

The boy tilted his head to the side. "Where?"

"Back to my house." Said Matthew. "I want you to live with me again… I really, really miss you… Please come with me?"

"… Okay!" The creature grinned from ear to ear. "I liked living with you! Let's go!" He got off Matthew's lap and pulled the human to his feet. "Let's go! Let's go!"

Matthew smiled a little. "Okay. There's just something you need to do first before we go there."

"What's that?"

"Wake up."


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