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Chapter 1

It was a lovely morning at the Burning Canyon Castle gargolye's flying outside the windows,Sun rays peeping in the corridors,Butlers and Maids busy with their task and


I quickly sat up when I heard my mom's Bastion barking so loud in my room...

"Mary! Keep quiet I'm still sleepy" I said sleepily..

"Young Lady It's Time for breakfast,Milady will be mad if u don't get dressed already"

Someone said when i heard my door opened and Jeeves appeared...

"Oh Mom and Dad are back?" I asked while rubbing my eyes..

"Yes Young Lady,Milady and Young Master is waiting for you in the dining area"Jeeves replied..

"I guess there done with their mission and decided to spend time with me"I whispered as I got up from my bed...I grabbed my purple towel,barged inside the bathroom and threw off my pajamas.I took a quick shower,cleaned my body and hair,I soaked my self afterward and grabbed my towel...

"I'll ask Mary Jane to clean your room later Young Lady" Jeeves started to say as I heard the door closed...

I put on my purple skirt,white blouse and slippers.I brushed my damp hair and I put on some clips so my hair wont block my horns...

And float downstairs to the dining room for breakfast..

There I saw my Mom and Dad Talking or should I say Arguing about their last mission...

"I told you not to use to much of your power in that place,Look you almost Blew the whole place to shreds"Ley said angrily..

"Well we did finish that mission fast,So dont get so angry about it"Dio smirked

"Good Morning"as I enterupted their argument..

"Good Morning Princess!,How's my little Demon?"Dio said smilling while reaching his rake hand to me like saying 'come here and give daddy a hug'

"I'm Fine and I miss you both so much"I answered as I went closer to my Dad and gave him a hug.

"We're sorry Fiorra,You know our work in the Grand Chase is important"Ley said,I went closer to my Mom and gave her a kiss on the Cheek.

"I understand,I am the daughter of the very busy Demon's of the Grand Chase"I chuckled,sitting on my chair in front of my Mother."and my Rake Hand is the proof that I'm the heiress of the Twilight" I continued while looking at my right hand,the rake hand the symbol og the von Burning Canyon Clan.

I'll end this boring chapter here .

A/N:Twilight prefers to the 4th job of Dio in Ph Yes Fiorra is the daughter of Dio and Ley (My OC) and she has a rake hand...

I'll introduce Fiorra on Chapter 2..

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