"Growing up with four guys has been quite a challenge to me. I am sure my "new brothers" would love to share tons of stories about me as an older sister but this is my story! They can write their own elsewhere!"

Who re-read the first lines and smiled to herself. "Alright, that sounds like a good start"

"Good start for what?" Came a voice from behind. The dark haired girl turned around to face a curious pair of blue eyes.

Michelangelo smiled at her, soda in hand. "Are you writing a new story?" He asked.

"Mikey, what have I told you about going ninja on me while I'm working?" The girl asked; her face expressionless.

"Uh… I… don't remember?" He said trying to look innocent.

Who narrowed eyes but continued to stare at the young ninja. The silence was starting to be a little uncomfortable for the orange-clad turtle so he gave a loud slurp to his soda while still staring into the girl's dark orbs.

"So… is it about super heroes?" Mikey insisted. "Or maybe is a drama! Oh, I know! It's a drama about super heroes!"

Sighing in exasperation, Who closed her laptop lid, got to her feet and went to the stair taking the gadget with her.

Mikey rushed his steps, tossing his soda can behind him, and blocked Who's path. "Hey, wait up! You haven't told me about your story!"

"If you wanted to know so badly, you should have asked in the first place instead of sneaking up on me. I hate that" Who replied, then swiftly walked around the turtle.

"Oh, c'mon Whoey! How was I supposed to know it was so important?"

"Michelangelo, you should know by now all my stories are important" Who said. "Especially if they are about my family"

As the dark haired girl continued her way upstairs, Mikey stood there dumbfounded looking at her back while she went up to the second floor and to her personal haven: her bed room.

His blue eyes opened like saucers when his mind finally allowed him to understand the meaning of Who's words.

"Does that mean you're writing about us?" The nunchack wielder asked excitedly. "Is it about our origins? Or maybe about our fights with the Shredder… or you're gonna write about how awesomely handsome I am?"

The girl turned around and gave the curious turtle a soft smile. "Probably"

Before Mikey could ask for more, Who closed up the door and locked it; she mentally thanked Donatello for upgrading her room with a personalized security system. Having a room of her own didn't exactly mean she was safe so she had asked the genius of the Hamato clan if something could be done to keep intruders away… most likely Mikey.

The girl hummed thoughtfully. "That kinda gives me an idea"

She opened her laptop lid and cracked her knuckles while she waited for the systems to finish loading and once everything was in order, she continued typing.

"One of the blessings of being an only girl is having my own room; the downside of it is the lack of privacy. Boys, especially the youngest ones…"

"Mikey, more specifically" She thought out loud.

"…have a tendency to snoop around your belongings when you're the only female around and it seems like they're always trying to pull a prank on you"

Who snickered. "Again, totally talking about Mikey here"

"I know there are hundreds of blogs, web sites, books, you name it, about how to live with more than one boy in the same house and the pattern repeats:

1.- Try to get along with your brothers; you might have fun! But if this doesn't work move along to step 2.

2.- Ignore them. Yes, it is likely you have heard it many times, but it works! They'll get tired of bothering you and will move along.

3.- Have fun doing things you want to do. Don't let anything push you back!

4.- If they still bother you tell a parent or trusted adult. They should be able to help you.

Now, hold it right there.

One would think those steps are useful to me… well, they sure aren't. Those steps might work if we're talking about a normal family, you know: mom, dad and kids.

Thing is, my "new family" is everything but normal"

A loud crash interrupted her concentration and her curiosity made her close the laptop lid again to see what had just happened.

The screams she heard after she opened the door were very familiar to her, the angry red-clad turtle covered in weird stinky goo chasing a frightened but laughing Michelangelo was a familiar scene too; then there were the "mature" brothers running after the sai wielder to stop him from pummeling the youngest one, of course, and to top it all: Master Splinter standing tall at the dojo's entrance, his presence alone silencing the yells, insults and laughs.

After the never ending lecture and the dictated punishment, everything went back to normal; the lair was peaceful again as it nothing had happened.

Who went back to her bed and threw herself in the soft covers of her mattress.

"Ok, maybe we are normal after all. Just a bit" She said to herself, the corner of her mouth quirking up in a small smile.

And so it begins.

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