Journal entry N°29- Splinter's journal:


There were certain parts of being a father I did not like such as feeding time, bath time, potty training and the occasional spanking, my last resource and most hated method of discipline when unnecessary violence was applied between my sons during playtime and warnings or threats weren't enough to get them to behave.

There were other moments I enjoyed to the fullest like cooking for them, teaching them the ancient art of ninjutsu, playing numerous board games I scavenged for them and even schooling time was an activity I managed to make tolerable and fun for my children with the exception of Donatello, of course; he was always eager and ready to learn at any time.

But the moment both my sons and I loved the most was bed time.

Contrary to popular belief and as rowdy my boys could be at times, I was content with listening to them play, talk and make as much noise as they could. It gave me peace, reassurance and it was kind of my reward for keeping them safe and sound for one more day so when the time came for them to rest it was not their silence I craved but for their sleepy faces smiling at me while they asked me to sing them their favorite lullaby.

With the passing of the years I realized the lullaby wasn't bedtime exclusive; my children would often ask me to sing it in many occasions.

Donatello would request it more than a couple of times alluding restlessness to mask his desire to keep me by his side while he read yet another book. Raphael loved to hear it whenever he felt lonely or after a training session with no satisfactory results unlike his eldest brother. Leonardo, in order to improve his Japanese, asked me to teach the lullaby to him. I knew he had ulterior motives, of course. I had listened to him humming the melody to his brothers when I wasn't around to do so.

And Michelangelo… I believe I sang the lullaby to him more times than I did to his brothers altogether. Whenever he was feeling sick, scared, sad and even in his happiest moments he would look at me with his beautiful blue eyes and ask me to sing it one more time..

Times has gone by so fast; my sons no longer need me to guard their dreams, tuck them in or tell them a story. However every now and then, though not as often as before, I get the same well known request.

Michelangelo never hesitates to ask, Donatello takes a little longer just like Leonardo and Raphael, well… he needs a little bit of coaxing but in the end he gives in to the huge urge of comfort.

And who am I to deny such a simple thing to my beloved children?

End of Journal entry N°29