Fushimi Saruhiko was a quiet boy. He doesn't belong here in the Red Clan.

This clan, which is usually called HOMRA, does nothing significant, in Saruhiko's opinion. They are all very lax, spouting nonsense about buddies and comrades.

There is also this certain Red Clansman which greatly annoys the hell out of Saruhiko. But no matter how much that person annoys him, he cannot bring himself to feel hate.


There it was, that annoying voice. That ridiculously cheerful voice that probably means nothing but trouble and more annoyance.

That person is none other than Totsuka Tatara.

Saruhiko simply raised an eyebrow to acknowledge Tatara's presence. The latter skipped to the chair beside Saruhiko and simply… grinned.

Saruhiko is as sure as hell that the older man needs something from him. He bit his lower lip and tried to stop himself from asking what Tatara wants, but he failed.

"…What is it?"

Tatara's grin widened, if that's even possible. "I just want to play a game with you, Saru-kun~"

"A game?"

"Yes! Ever heard of the Pocky Game?"

"Um… No."

"Cool! I'll teach you how it works."

Tatara took a box from his pocket. 'Pocky, chocolate banana flavor.' Complete with monkeys in the background.

Saru-kun frowned. Seriously, monkeys? Is Tatara making fun of him?

"Just put this in your mouth." Tatara said as he took one of those coated sticks from the box.

Saruhiko did as he's told. What now? He must admit though, this so-called pocky is tasty…

Tatara inched closer, biting on the other end of the pocky. Saruhiko's cheeks immediately colored, but he was unable to move. What now? Is he supposed to inch closer too?

The pocky shortens with each second that passes by without Saruhiko even moving. He's probably blushing harder and harder too, if that's even possible.

Just one more bite.

Just one more bite and their lips would meet.

Saruhiko is still unable to do anything.

He closed his eyes, sweating so much and blushing so hard. His heart is beating so fast that it's getting a bit painful to breathe already.

He felt Tatara's soft lips gently touching his. It was just for a very short time, but it sent a million jolts all around his body.

His face felt so damn hot as Tatara moved away, smiling a bit.

"You're very cute, Saru-kun~"

Saruhiko agreed again the next time Tatara asked him to play.