This is the story of a boy and a girl... And a number of Divine entities...

Summer vacation was only a month away... on top of that it was raining. Definitely not a good sign. Within the main building of a certain school, the students were noisily chatting to one another as to what they had planned for this coming break. Seeing as the teachers were called for an impromptu meeting, most of the boys and girls of various cliques were having discussions of their own.

Some girls from the wealthy families thought that it would be a wonderful idea staying at a fancy resort for some fun and sun while the minority of the boys from the same group were talking about which basketball superstar was among the top scorers of the season. The book worms were obviously criticizing the latest teen novel while the student council president's fan boy club was drawing lots on who will be the one to go and meet with her in their name.

Of course, like any other class in the high school level, the noisiest of them were the delinquents and wannabee rebels, though this was considered normal by everyone having developed a way to ignore them entirely. Despite their notorious status with the teachers, they got along with the class pretty well. Some of the students think of them as freedom fighters in a sense. Anyhow, the rest of the students were more content in either idling with their cell phones and mp3s or simply engaging into casual talk.

Rain pitter pattered against the windows, creating a chaotic rhythm of noise over the class' chatter. Sleeping right beside it was a young man with unremarkable appearance. Like the rest of the male population of the class, he wore a plain white polo shirt and dark green pants with black shoes. Strands of black hair stood up his scalp as his uniform bore a few lines here and there, giving him an untidy look. His shoulders rose and fell as he slept peacefully. Almost peacefully.


A loud smack tore through the chatter yet the other students paid it no mind. The young man that got hit however sat in attention with a strangled yelp. He rubbed his sore shoulder before glaring daggers at another boy wearing a dark indigo hoodie over his uniform, a grin plastered on his face.

"Nick..." growled Dom, it was evident in his dull brown eyes that he was ready to grab the person in front of him and throw him out the window, "What the hell was that for?"

The jacket boy chuckled as he watched his classmate rotate a shoulder. Maybe he hit him a bit too hard? Nick shook the thoughts out of his head and said, "Grumpy as always, eh?"

"You should know why," mumbled the sleepy boy as he rested his head back on his arms, "Class doesn't start after thirty minutes, let me sleep, dammit..."

Just as he was about to go back to dream land, Nick started to shake his table, "Come on man! You got nothing to do, right?"

"Your point?" muttered Dom as his table rocked back and forth. That's when Nick pulled a yellow notebook out of nowhere and begged.

"I'm going to need your homework or else I'll fail!" wailed the jacket boy with a pathetic bow, "You gotta help me man! Math wasn't always my strong points. You're the resident underground genius; lend your power to the weak and for those who can't fend for themselves!"

"Geez, fine," Dom glared at the idiot beside him for a moment before uttering a defeated sigh. He reach within his backpack and smacked his classmate on the head with a thick math notebook. Nick's pathetic face turned into a grin as he took it.

"Thanks man!" he said gratefully as he made his way back on his seat.

The sleepy boy merely lowered his head back on his desk while mumbling darkly, "Lazy prick..."

He caught sight of the edge of his desk glowing bright, leading him to guess that it was just a flash of lightning. It's been raining for the past three days and a lot of rumours are starting to spread. High schoolers being the kids they are drawing up strange conclusions by connecting the storm with a weird phenomenon happening around town. With that thought in mind, the urge of sleeping through sixth period grew stronger by the second.

Dom closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.




Strange, he thought as his consciousness returned, I close my eyes for five seconds and class starts...

"Mister Dom, Mister Adrian Dom would you please stand up?" called a female voice. Dom cursed in his mind as he recognized his teacher's voice, "Having a good nap, I see?"

Brushing his uniform, Dom turned to look at a woman who was about reach her fifties glaring at him while tapping a long stick in hand. Not only that it seemed like the entire class was staring at him, it seemed like he was the only one sleeping at the time. He ignored the looks his classmates gave him and simply stood up, "Sorry ma'am, I was just resting my eyes you see."

He followed this with a smile though it was clear to everyone that it was fake. The teacher was too sharp to buy it yet decided to play along. With raised eyebrows she repeated what he said, "Resting your eyes, hm? Probably the oldest trick in the book. Well, can you enumerate to me the twelve Macro and Microelements as well giving us a brief summary on them? That is if you were really listening..."

Ah, we're at that already? Thought Dom as he inhaled a lungful of air, "Fine... Elements that a plant needs in large amounts to live are known as macroelements. Most often, access to macroelements is not a problem, but some occur in only limited amounts in the soil. This consists of the following elements: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Magnesium, and Calcium. Microelements on the other hand are only needed in small amounts by plants unlike the Macro, though they are just as important. They are consisted of..."

Much to the surprise of many, Dom faltered. His mouth was stuck mid-sentence as a faint buzzing noise entered his ears. He looked around to see where it was coming from, yet the only thing he saw was that his classmates were looking at him like an idiot. It didn't look like they were hearing anything in particular. Blinking twice, he turned his attention towards the window.

Confused, his classmates turned to the direction where he was looking at yet his teacher had other ideas, "That's it. Young man, if you no longer know the answer then you may sit down."

Dom placed a hand on the window and narrowed his eyes. Light...?

"Mister Dom, I do not want to repeat myself, "chided the teacher in an angry tone.

Bright... fast...

"Dude, what are you looking at?" asked a classmate with a hint of concern, "Teach's getting pissed you know?"

"Young man—!"

Shit, Dom turned to his class and yelled, "EVERYONE ON THE FLOOR NOW!"

And then it all went to hell. The students barely had enough time to duck and cover as the window exploded in what looked like fire. Panic sprang out of nowhere and boys and girls alike stampeded out of the demolished room, the others too frightened to even move and settled to staying in a corner sobbing and shivering. Rain blew in along with the heavy wind. Glass shards and debris were scattered along the wrecked floor.

It was obvious that they saw what Dom saw.

Unfortunately, the guy himself wasn't so lucky. The moment the blast made itself known, he was thrown across the room and into the center among the piled up and abandoned chairs. With a pained groan, he blinked away dark spots at the edge of his vision and threw away the stone and glass that were on his uniform. The chair under him collapsed under his weight, causing him to fall on the floor. Hard. He landed on all floor as he shook the nausea out of his head.

This day was just getting better and better.

"D-Dizzy! Stop shaking me, you crazy wack!" cried a tiny voice within his pocket. He reached within and drew out his phone, closing an annoying application with a grimace. He knew he should've placed that thing on silent. He struggled for a bit as he fought to regain his balance before looking around his classroom. Deciding that nothing was broken in his person, he went towards his huddled classmates.

"It's not safe here, come on," he urged them while taking a random girl and boy by the arm, forcing them to stand up. They all filed into one organized line, crying or looking at the ground in shock at what just happened. Dom's head throbbed at the roar of the explosion and he had trouble hearing through his left ear. Looking back at his seat, he found a gray transformer poking its head in his classroom, electrical wires loose and sparking.

Not noticing his classmates walking out of the classroom, he decided to retrieve his backpack before exiting the room himself. Outside the hallway were a few of his classmates either talking to each other or calling someone over the phone. He heard someone say that the faculty had already called the fire fighters and ambulances. About time too.

There was a loud bang inside the classroom and everyone started screaming. Dom clutched his head as his vision began to blur, annoying headache. Students and teachers alike from the other sections all decided to head towards the gymnasium for evacuation.

"B-Blood!" cried a male student, "D-Dom! You're bleeding!"

A few people from his class came towards him and asked something incomprehensible. Blinking twice, he realized that he couldn't hear them. He then gestured towards his ear while shaking his head. Understanding his actions, the students said something to his teacher and lead him away. Dom looked down on his clothes and found out that his left arm was indeed bleeding. The sight of the red liquid trickling down his forearm made his already aching head much worst.

That's when he blacked out.

"Aw, damn," groaned Dom as he clutched his head. He opened his eyes to a bright fluorescent light bulb above him, illuminating the mint colored ceiling. At the edge of his vision he could make out the appearance of snow white curtains. The bed he was on felt comfortable and puffy, same goes for his pillow. That's when he realized he was tucked snugly under a light blue blanket.

Slowly rising out of bed, he pushed his blanket aside and sat down. He could hear voices just behind his curtains, probably the people who placed him there. Dom glanced down on his left arm and found out that it was wrapped tightly with a bandage. He grimaced as he examined it for a moment just as his curtains suddenly opened. A woman dressed in white blouse and pants came in carrying what looked like a clipboard, her harried look turning into surprise as she saw how Dom was getting up.

"Ah! What do you think you're doing?" she questioned as she placed a firm grip on the boy's shoulder and pushing him back on bed, "You're still hurt and you're in no condition to be walking around."

"I can see that," replied Dom as he got up again only to be pushed back into his pillows, "Look, I know I was wounded and stuff but I really need to get home."

"If you're going anywhere then at least let me call your parents," suggested the nurse as she pursed her lip, "Can I get your home number so they can pick you up."

Rising up for the final time, the student managed to pry the woman off him and sit down, "I live alone."

"I see…" the nurse gave him a thoughtful look before saying, "Then can I call anyone close to you then. Surely they'll be able to help."

"You got other patients to tend to, right?" said Dom with a sideward glance, "Thank you for patching me up. I assure you that I'll be all right."

"The nerve of the kids these days," muttered the lady as she placed her hands on her hips, "They get blown up by faulty transformers and they shrug it off like it was nothing! I say young people!"

A small smile appeared upon the boy's lips as he stood up and grabbed his polo shirt hanging at his bedside, "Thank you, and… you shouldn't be so surprised. This is Japan after all…"

"I guess I can agree with you on that," sighed the nurse as Dom grabbed his backpack. Remembering something, she handed him her clipboard to which he gave her an odd look, "Sign here. Wouldn't want you to go missing on us all. The last thing we need is more paper work."

It didn't take long for the boy to sign and say his goodbyes. He walked out of the white curtains and navigated his way through the school clinic. Unlike him, the others seemed fine externally, no wounds or cuts on their shoulders or faces, though the shock they experienced because of the explosion was too much to handle. Dom rubbed his bandaged arm and exited the clinic.

Walking through the deserted hallway, he glanced outside once in a while to check on the weather. It was still raining very hard and didn't look like it would let up soon. Seems like he was going have to run towards the bus stop to get home dry. He made a few turns here and there, passing by abandoned classrooms and descending down a flight of stairs before finally arriving at the school lobby. He found out that a number of vehicles and people gathered around the east wing of his school. Out of curiosity, he stole a glance at the commotion.

Fire. The building where his classroom was located was on fire.

"Well, there goes homework," he muttered in awe before shaking himself back into reality. At back of his mind, he felt relieved and sorry at the same time. As much as the school was going to suffer, the fire just earned him a hell lot of time at home. More time for gaming then.

Dismissing the orange sight, he ran out of his school and into the streets.

The boy came to a halt as he gasped for breath. He was at a bus stop about five blocks from his school; he could still see the smoke rising from the burning building. The bus was already gone. With an irritated sigh, he decided to head to a convenience store for a drink. He made sure to tap the water out of his shoes before entering the store, the last thing he needed now was to be yelled at.

"Nasty bandage you got there kid," commented the blonde clerk yet Dom ignored him and went straight for the vending machine.

Dropping his backpack on the ground, he searched for his wallet within for some money. Unfortunately, it seemed like he didn't have it. Cursing under his breath, he lifted his bag back on his shoulder and began making his way out of the store empty handed. That's until he caught sight of the news report on the television.

On other news, just a few hours ago a large explosion occurred within the east wing building of the Saigyozi National High school. Reports say that the cause of said explosion was a malfunctioning electrical transformer which somehow fell directly into a classroom. As of now there have been reported fatalities while six are currently injured due to the blast.

"No one died, huh…" muttered Dom as he stared at the news report.

"Say… That uniform, you're from Saigyozi right?" the clerk noticed the student's clothes and immediately had a look of curiosity on his face, "Looks like you're on of 'em injured, huh? What are you doing walking around, kid? Parents not picking you up?"

"None of your business," growled the boy as he left the store, the television still droning on the next report.

. The Purple Phenomena. Sightings of bright purple light raining from the skies have been increasing….


The rain was pouring more violently than ever. The streets were reaching the point of being flooded ankle deep into the water. The boy collapsed within a roofed bench at the center of a park. It seemed like taking the detour through the park was a bad idea. Dom swore that someone, somewhere was laughing at his predicament or the universe just plain hated him. He was wet, wounded, and penniless. The storm was just above him and it would take more than three hours for it to finally subside.

He could wait three hours at the price of catching a cold.

"D-D-Dizzy! Stop shaking me you crazy wack!" yelped a tiny voice within his pocket. His eyebrow twitching, he fished his phone out of his pocket and stared at the white glare of his screen. With a series of quick taps, he closed the annoying application and placed the phone back in his pocket.

Dom stared at the park before him. The raindrops were so thick that he could barely see seven feet in front of him. The smell of wet grass filled his lungs, somehow soothing the stinging his wet bandage gave him. He bared in mind that this was just one of those days where his luck was down in the sewers. Yet he had no strength left to be optimistic. Day after day he went through the same dull routine of eat, sleep, study, game, and bath. To be suddenly wrenched out of that routine and thrown into a number of sorry situations was annoying.

A sigh escaped his lips as he lifted his legs and placed them at the empty space beside him. Humanity lived through war, famine, and natural disasters. Surely he won't let something like this get him down. With a shake of his head, he knew that even in his mind it sounded like crap. He checked his phone again and saw that there were no messages. Nothing new there.

His head throbbed slightly as he leaned against the wall of the roofed bench. Maybe a bit of sleep won't hurt, the rain would probably weaken by the time he woke up. It doesn't look like there was going to be anyone walking up to him with a samurai sword and an Oni mask before hacking him to bloody pieces. Dom shivered at the thought and drifted off to sleep.



Dom's eyes slowly opened as he pushed himself from the wall. Judging from the light tapping up on the roof, the universe finally decided that the rain finally took a break. Tilting his head from left to right with an audible crack, the boy began to give his tired limbs a stretch. He blinked twice while releasing a sigh before placing his hands on either side of himself. That's when he felt a smooth and very wet surface at his left.

"Oh god no…" he groaned pathetically at the sight of his backpack wide open. Various text books and papers were scattered on the wet ground just beneath the bench. Now he was pissed, "I swear I'm going to kill whoever did this…"

Rising up from his seat, he bent down to retrieve his books and place them back in his bag. He decided to leave the test papers there since they were too soggy and wet to put in his pack. It wasn't like he was going to need them anyway. He then noticed a number papers making up a trail of some sort leading away from the bench. Now here was some food for thought, what kind of thief would leave a neatly place trail behind for the murderous victim to follow?

Dom grabbed his bag and broke into a run. He went behind the roofed bench and entered through the clump of bushes. He passed by a lot of his test results, haikus, and examination papers. There were some essays here and there yet he didn't care. All he wanted to do right now was to give the person who did this a piece of his mind.

He came to a halt in the middle of a clearing, the rain lightly pounding all over him yet he didn't care. Cursing internally, he found that he still couldn't see more than a few feet in front of him. It would've been bad now if he ran into a tree for being an idiot. Then again, maybe it was a bad idea running around like this. He was unarmed and injured on top of that. What if this was some kind of clever modus to get him all alone in the middle of the park?

Screw it, he mentally grumbled before shouting, "HEY, I KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE YOU BASTARD! COME OUT HERE AND LET ME REARRANGE YOU FACE!"

Whirling around at the slightest sound, he found nothing but a few trees and bushes. He turned to look at his left; he could identify the outline of the park pond a few meters ahead. Dom approached a random bush and kicked it aside. No one was there. At that moment he realized that the person who wrecked his bag was probably ways off. Time to head back it seemed.




Dom turned to the source of the noise yet found nothing once again. He swore he just heard footsteps.

"Anyone there?" he called, cautiously walking through the clearing. Narrowing his eyes, he focused his gaze at something… Bright…

Wiping the rain off his face with a wet sleeve, Dom slowly made his way towards the light, shoving aside a bush in the process, "Well, well, well… What do we have here..?"

The boy knelt down upon the drenched grass and picked up an otherworldly, fantastic, glowing….. Piece of paper.

"You have got to be kidding me…" deadpanned Dom while standing up and giving the paper a closer inspection. It was paper alright, glowing and stuff. It didn't seem to be affected by the rain or the mud. It felt… strange seeing it all dry despite being held by the boy's wet fingers, "Alright, I gotta admit this is freaky. What is this, some kind of clever marketing strategy?"

He was about to turn around to leave when all of a sudden, a person was blocking his path.


"Oh shit!"

The boy fell backwards in panic, tossing the paper high in the air in the process. Dom could feel his heart pounding against his ears as adrenalin was being pumped into his blood. A ghost? No way, ghosts weren't real. Yet how… did this person sneak up to him just like that? Did the rain mask their footsteps? How was it possible for them to come up to him without him noticing?

He couldn't see the person's face, yet he could make out the vague outline of their body. Judging from the pose the person was making, it seemed like he scared them just as much they scared him. That was when the universe gave him a helping hand in seeing the person's face through a flash of lightning. A girl.

She and the boy stared into each other's eyes for a second… Two seconds… Three—


A sound of flesh colliding with flesh. Dom's eyes were seeing a blur of colours, red, green, blue, and orange, etc. Pain flooded his mind while his eyes watered from it. He could barely groan as he focused to rejecting the pain in his groin area. The pathetic idiot just got kicked in the nuts.

Pain exploded on his back side as he was kicked again, this time he found his voice, "What… the hell?!"

"Pervert! You stupid pervert idiot!" cried the girl while keeping her purple dress down.

"It's your fault for wearing such a short skirt!" hissed the boy as he clutched fought the urge to recite a prayer to ward away evil spirits. Not sure how that'll help though…

"D-D-Dizzy! Stop shaking me you crazy wack!" yelped the tiny voice in Dom's pocket. As much as he loved that application, he was going to have to make it shut up for once one of these days.

Dom rose to all fours as he shook the pain out of his head. He felt like throwing up yet decided against it. Too many bad things happened today and hurling in the middle of the park while being covered in mud would only be proclaiming the universe as the victor. He wouldn't allow that.

The girl seemed to have gone silent for a moment, almost leading the boy into thinking that she had run off. When he leveled his gaze before him, he found her placing a hand on her chest while tilting her head slightly to the right. She had a look of concern in her eyes.

"Um, you okay?" she asked as if not seeing his pained expression.

The boy could only snarl coldly at her before wincing in pain.

"Heh, sorry for kicking your crown jewels," she apologized sheepishly while scratching the back of her head, "It's still your fault for peeking under my skirt."

At that last sentence, Dom snapped. With an angry roar, he raised his hand to smack the idiot upside the head with all his might. He didn't care if it was a girl; the world was simply testing his patience. At least that was the idea, until he was suddenly shoved away by the girl's seemingly monstrous strength. Flying over the clearing, the boy landed flat on his back, staring into the gray skies above.

"It's on now…" he growled as he stood back up, the girl didn't seem to notice as she was busy staring in awe at her hands.

"Whoa… I'M A HULK!" she cheered just as Dom charged at her at full speed. With a bright smile, she side stepped him and tripped his right foot, causing him to land on the grass hard.

"I'm… going… to kill you," he muttered darkly as he rose up to his feet once more, the girl had a nervous smile on her face as she waved her hands in front of her.

"Now, now, you don't have to say that with a serious look," she chuckled pathetically, "People might get the wrong idea!"

Ignoring the stinging in his left arm, Dom placed his feet firmly on the ground before dashing forward. He raised his right hand and threw his fist. Only to have it hit a very thick tree trunk. Pain exploded in his hand as he clutched it.

Did she just front flip over me? He thought in disbelief just as something grabbed his shirt from behind.

"Ah, ah, ah," giggled the girl just before she pulled hard and sent the boy flying once more. Dom landed on the ground once more, maybe charging recklessly was becoming a bad strategy? He still wondered how she was doing that. He then decided for a different approach.

"Just… who the… hell are you?" he asked between breaths, apparently getting tossed around took a lot from him, "What are you a monster? Mutant? Alien of some sort? Please don't tell me you're a magical girl because I will really tear your head off… Are you... bionic?"

"What's that about pretzels?" questioned the girl with a clueless look.

"Who. Are. You?" repeated Dom, giving emphasis to each word he said. He clenched his fist which was trembling in frustration. He had enough shit for one day.

The girl crossed her arms while sporting a smug look on her face. It didn't help when lightning flashed across the sky, this just made the girl even more dramatic, "Sheesh, can't you tell? The name's Neptune the Beautiful and Gorgeous! CPU of the Landmass Planeptune the most beautiful Goddess in Gamindustri! Nice to meet'cha!"

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