"This is the last stop for the both of us. Time to get off our train, buddy."

The night was young and the silver moon hung at the distance in the east. The cold bit into both of their skins as they stood at the deserted pier, dirt and hastily abandoned stalls ever watchful at the turn of events that had occurred. The distant sounds of police cars and fire trucks grew closer and closer after being called in by the sudden panic the carnival goers made. Between the two friends was a thick curtain of tension awaiting to snap at the slightest movement.

Though despite the surroundings seemed like it was holding its breath, the duo merely stared into each other's eyes once that last statement was tossed into the air. Dom continued smiling calmly, making no indication of using the weapon left to him by a CPU while Dia merely stared at him with curious eyes. They both gauged each other, silently calculating what would be the best course of action at the moment. Dom was more perceptive and sharp as he was better at words than Dia but the girl was unpredictable and was on the verge of any means to make her point.

They were at a stalemate, if one of them were to make a move whether by words or actions, they both knew that it would only end badly.

So what was the next step for the two of them? Neither made any signs of backing down, both determined to push forward without the other. Their goals were one and the same yet they could never meet with each other without a spark of conflict flaring up and having everything collapse. If one foundation were to collapse then the other would soon follow, to prevent that, one of them had to retire from the mission before the battle even started.

That was the undeniable truth they have come to.

As they were both lost in their own minds, it was Dia who then broke the silence, "Do… Do you mean that play time is over..?"

"Well, we have to choose one way or another. Dia, why do you want to protect this world?" questioned Dom, "We can't live in that normal everyday bubble we both have. Not like this. I have my reason to stop you and that's to keep you from dying. Unless I take down the Distortion Manifest, I wouldn't be able to give you a normal life. Dia… Are you actually willing to hold on to that fake identity you were given or are you going to break out and start living as yourself?"

"But if I were to give up as you say, then you'll…" the girl faltered once her friend waved his hand dismissively.

The boy continued without missing a beat, "Are you afraid that I'm going to die? Casting aside all known facts that say that I'm a bald faced liar, I'm telling you this, I'll be fine. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show."

The red haired girl seemed crestfallen as she turned her gaze to the ground. A small giggle then left her lips as she wiped her eyes. Tears fell down her cheeks as she tried her hardest not to break down again while smiling, "Well… it's not that I'm always thinking that you're a lair…. And I want to believe that you're more than capable of handling yourself but…. I can't convince myself that what you're saying is true."

"Is that so?" Dia felt surprised once Dom's words reached her. He had a sad look on his face as he cocked his head, "Well, I said this once and I'll say it as many times as it takes to get it through your skull. We live in two different worlds. Much like the others, Neptune, Nepgear, Blanc and Peashy, they live a completely different world than me both figuratively and literally. You can't stay here, you have to go, that's the only way for you to live a peaceful life. I won't die, I won't get hurt, I just need to buy the world enough time. Time that everyone needs. I'll live, we'll both live. I won't let either of us die. I'll save the world so please, please give me this chance. I'm begging you… Just stay put, stay somewhere safe while I deal with this. This is my problem."

The girl glared at him with tearful eyes yet she said nothing.

The boy felt a strange pang in his mind as he stared her. Averting his gaze, he quickly added, "I'm sorry…"

"I just have to stay put, right?" asked the red haired girl in a firm tone.

Frowning, Dom wondered what got into her mind to ask that. He put up his guard while replying, "You're right. Somewhere safe, away from that thing that's coming."

Imagine his surprise when the response he was expecting never came, instead he was met with Dia's tone of resignation, "I get it… I'll stay put somewhere. I won't get in your way. You said it yourself, this is your problem."

"Dia, wait," before the boy could even speak another word, the girl passed him and left him with her parting words.

"I don't care anymore."


Colorless. That's what you described him in your memories, right?

She opened her eyes with a strangled gasp, sitting up with a jolt. Meeting her eyes was a grand white metropolis which spread far and wide, purple, green and yellow lights flashing and lighting up on the buildings below.

It's the dream again, the one she had been frequently having since finding out who she was. A recurring dream which didn't seem to end no matter how many times she woke up. An unknown voice spoke to her yet she never knew to whom it came from. Once more she found herself on what seemed to be on the highest point of a tower, overlooking the city in all its splendor. Above her the night sky oversaw the earth with the moon and twinkling stars.

Dia instantly knew that she wasn't home.

Combing the strand of hair on her face behind her ear, she brushed her clothes and stood up. Whether it was an illusion or her reality it was hard to differentiate. Even with the heightened sense she had acquired and the superhuman abilities that came with it, she still failed to compare what was real and what was not. Unlike Dom who could tell that something was wrong from a mile off, she was basically clueless. Either that or she simply did not care.

Not after what she said to him…

But you know, he has a point. Do you still want to prove that you're more selfless than he is? He knows that what he is about to do will hurt you but what about you? Are you aware that by taking his place you'll only end up hurting him instead?

A petite girl about the age of fourteen stood back to back with her. Dia could make out a purple braided hair's end swinging at the edge of her vision yet she paid it no mind.

Being a hero is about making the people around you happy. Being a hero is about making sure the people around you are safe. Being a hero is about making sure no one else but you gets hurt. A hero takes the burden and relieves the people of their fears and worries. Can you honestly believe that you can fulfill one of these conditions? What are you trying to prove, Dia~?

"I never said anything about wanting to be a hero. Besides what makes Dom qualified for it? I doubt he can even fulfill one of those damned conditions!" snapped the red haired girl as she clenched her fist, "He can't make people happy for shit! How different is he from me now?"

But it was never said that Dom can be [that] hero. Honestly speaking, he has the same chance of being a hero as you do. Which is nothing… Both of you are flawed, there's no denying that. Unless you do the impossible then there's no way you could move forward. Looking at the situation as it is now, then there's zero percent of whatever plan Dom has to succeed. Only until you fulfill the correct conditions will there be hope.

"So basically you're telling me to do something I don't even know a lick about. If you wanted to help then you should at least tell me what to do!" Dia turned around to face the one she was speaking to and grabbed them by the shoulder, "I don't want to be a hero! I never said anything about being a hero! I just want to save him! Even if it's his problem, I need to know a way to end this! I just can't sit somewhere and wait for him to die! Even if I tried to stop him now he'll always be back to get in my way! So answer me, how can I save him!?"

You can't. You can't save him. There's no saving him the way you are now. If I told you that the only way to save him from perishing would be to help him walk across the point of no return, would you do it?

The petite girl's sleepy eyes stared into the taller girl's bright green ones. Her stuffed Neptune doll hung on her right hand as she remained stoic throughout her reply. Seeing Dia's white face was enough of an answer to her. Shaking her head, she held her doll with both hands and pushed it into the other girl's face. The red haired girl was too shocked to react so the purple haired girl decided to continue.

I guessed that much… You're too kind to let him do as he likes. Even if you are someone who lived a false life, you still ended up as a good person. If you don't learn to be… more selfish then I guess there's no helping you.

"Selfishness isn't my defining trait. If anyone's being unreasonable, then that's the idiot best friend of mine," growled Dia, "We're both selfish but he takes the cake for this one. It's his job to be the selfish side of the two of us."

Then I guess that's what sets you apart from the rest of us. You're more human than we could ever be despite how we act or what we say. You're someone we could never understand. An Anomaly different from Goddesses and humans… I think there's more to you than just that.

"What are you talking about?" questioned the red haired girl, "Do you know something? Anything else?"

All I can say is that the one who made you gave you a purpose. Whether it's to destroy the current Reality you have or to save it is not known. I could care less since I'm a figment of your imagination.

"But who said that Gods can't enter my imagination?" Dia glared at the purple haired girl whom only gave her a giggle.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you in person one day, Dee-Dee. Though something tells me that this won't be the case. Make sure to be careful now…

The world around Dia began to distort as the buildings of the city behind her began to tear apart. Dust, rubble and debris all swirled into the sky as they were all sucked by a giant vortex. The sky turned black and the tower she stood on eventually broke away. Dia's mind went black for a moment.


And then she woke up. Her back ached from sleeping on the ground so she let out a pained groan as she sat up. She found herself on top of a roof once more but this time everything felt real. Looking at her hand, she thought that it was real in the sense that she was more aware of what was happening than that previous world she was in. Instead of being on top of a tower like earlier in her dream, she was on top of a commercial building somewhere in Shibuya.

The cold didn't both her for some reason even with the kind of clothes she wore but that in itself was one of the small comforts of the body she had acquired. She was far from happy being in it though with what came as the cost. She turned her gaze up into the sky and traced the writings in the heavens with her eyes.

If she had anything to describe it, then she would have to compare it to a long and detailed summary of humanity's end. A story written in the heavens for all to see may they be man, woman, child, young or old, human or not… A story which she found out that she was in the middle of participating.

The lines in the sky converged at a certain point in the distance. Dia bet that it must've been the heart of the Distortion Manifest, the very place Dom told her to keep off. She knew she had to do something, but the question in her mind was 'how'?

The strings of power in the air were still connected to her and was providing her with a stable stream of energy. In the last few hours, she didn't find the need to consume food or feel tired. She merely slept and rested out of habit and as a way to clear her mind. But despite the Share Energy Noire had left depleting almost to nothingness, Dia wondered what in the world could she be still be absorbing even as the last Goddess had left.

"Unless…" lifting her hand, she hovered her fingertips just beneath one of the thickest blue green strings connected to her. Firmly gripping it, she tugged quick and hard. The lines instantly turned a dirty shade of orange and shined brightly. Frowning, the girl used her other hand to take hold of the line too and pulled.

She felt a familiar flow of power enter her… And not the good kind. It was more like that time she killed those squirming organ things at the pier and at the water tank. If her guess was correct then the energy she was absorbing should be the excess strength that wasn't needed by the Distortion Manifest. It's either that or there are still fragments of Share Energy in the air that was available for her to absorb.

If that's the case, then she'll just have to deprive the thing of its source of power.

She glanced around at the strings being connected to her and gathered them all up from the air. Making sure she got them all, Dia narrowed her eyes and absorbed them as they all turned a sickly shade of orange. She fought the urge to be sick right then and there as the Distortion Manifest's energy was being sapped from its core. She lost all her strength in her legs and collapsed on the ground. She had barely managed to even absorb a fraction of the full power the Distortion had but she was already a sweating mess.

Huffing and puffing, she stood up once more and took hold of the strings before pulling once more.

It was going to be a long night…


There was an evacuation notice sent to the news network that December thirty first. Apparently, the entirety of Tokyo was enveloped in a citywide white out, causing traffic jams and blurring windshields of vehicles going about their daily businesses. It was discussed on how such an abnormal blizzard suddenly blew in in the first place yet the local scientist and researchers were no closer to finding out what was really causing it. Everyone was left in the dark and the only thing that people could link to this strange Phenomenon was the writings in the sky.

For an entire day, Japan was left abuzz by the events that were unfolding in Tokyo.

People had their own crazy theories flung around the Internet that day and the Westerners at the other side of the globe couldn't help but join in. From eight o clock in the evening on the thirtieth to ten post-meridian of the thirty first the world guessed and guessed yet they were no closer to the truth than the common house cat.

They were aware but they were ignorant.

And that was causing them all unrest.

"Well… I had my doubts that this would go quietly but the damned thing just had to make its entrance flashy," grumbled a boy as he walked along the cold and deserted streets, "Humanity ends with the start of the New Year, huh? Weird…"

Lifting a heavy gym bag over his shoulder, he flicked through the newsfeed of his phone while listening to classical renditions of modern J-pop songs. Snow fell heavily from the sky and he could barely see five feet in front of him however he was confident that he was going in the right path.

If he continued to follow the arrow on the Page then he would surely arrive at his destination.

The dull glare of his phone's white light reflected from his eyes. While checking his phone for more of the evening news he could see the familiar path he was taking at the edge of his vision. Looking up, he managed to make out the silhouette of a snow covered car at the side of the street he was walking through. Warm orbs of light were distorted through the white curtain of snow, barely giving him full view of the houses in the neighborhood he was walking through.

A few more minutes and he should arrive… The writings in the sky were all focused on one spot and were still visible through the harsh blizzard. Breathing long and hard as he traversed through the snow, he eventually came across the main road once more where the number of cars passing by could be counted on his fingers. No one was still taking notice of the thing in the sky nor the abnormalities in the weather. To ordinary people, this was just a strange phenomenon that could be explained by old geezers in weather stations.

At least that what they hoped for.

"Ahahahaha! Oh shit, I'll fucking laugh at myself if I spoke to the 'me' months ago. The prick would've scoffed if I told him what I'm going through right now," Dom adjusted the weight of his bag and let out a shaky breath, "Geez… This whole thing I'm about to do shoots down every logical thing I've done in my life."

Trudging on, he passed by a frozen river without paying it any notice.

"Hm… Maybe I should've brought Dia along…" he muttered while staring at his phone, "Nah…. She'd be too hotheaded for this kind of situation. Well… She could help me from pissing my pants in the next few minutes…"

The next moment he was in the middle of a deserted street once more, slowly approaching the looming form of a series of buildings.

"I miss school. Too bad that it's about to get demolished," smiling as he came to a halt before a couple of iron gates obstructing his way came into view. Taking the rapier at his side in hand, he took a step back before collecting his breath. With one spontaneous movement he moved forward and hit the gates' metal locks and busted it open with a flash of white light. The ominous snow white glow the rapier emitted slowly disappeared before Dom put it back on his side.

"Well that took care of that," he mused before entering the premises. The shadow of his former school enveloped him as he made his way towards the field just behind the main building.

Judging from the construction equipment abandoned near the east wing, the schools management had the idea of making renovations to the damaged part of the school over the course of the year and even when the New Year was about to start they still haven't finished it yet. It caused a lot of trouble for the students at Saigyozi leading to most of the staff and pupils to transfer elsewhere. In his case, his parents opted him to take online classes once a week to catch up with his studies.

It wouldn't be going far to say that he was impressed at himself on how he managed to pass all of his online exams with the Goddesses running amok. Still, running around trying to keep Reality intact had its own charms instead of holing himself inside a classroom and getting glares every semester rankings.

A sigh escaped him as he felt a gust of wind pick up once he walked behind the main building where he found that the inscriptions in the sky were converging. The writings bent from the heavens and were focused on a single spot on the ground: A huge swirling mess of chaos the size of a house.

"Found you…" setting down his gym bag, he pulled the Page from his pocket and examined it. Clicking his tongue, he shook his head in annoyance. It seemed like he would really have to stall for the moment. He would have to wait for a couple dozen more minutes till Plan A commenced.

A buzzing noise exploded before fading away into the heavens and the writings in the sky suddenly began to move as they were sucked into the mass of corruption in the middle of the football field. A shockwave spread out in a ring of force and knocked the boy on the ground. Shaking the shock from his head, Dom looked up once more and tried not to get dizzy once his eyes settled upon the thing he could only refer to as the Distortion Manifest.

The ground vibrated as shadow like appendages took root on the frozen grass as the air around blew in an unstable rhythm and kicked away all of the snow. The metal poles around the field swayed and creaked as they were under assault by the harsh winds. Above in the heavens the writings were streaming and entering the pool of power now forming the shape of a large pitch black sphere while the tear between realities only grew wider and wider by the second.

As he stared at the unholy creation that was brought forth by the Distortion Phenomena as orange pulsating lines snaked across its surface. His skin felt a chill while the urge to vomit welled up from within his stomach having heard the unmistakable sound of an incomprehensible voice linger in the air near him. It didn't stop there but it was like the voices were increasing in number, circling him, mocking him, discouraging him and injecting fear into his heart.

He would be lying if he didn't feel the drop of cold sweat trickle down his cheek as he grinned defiantly at the sphere of darkness. Standing up on his shaking feet, he let out a trembling breath to cool his nerves. Lightning danced in the clouds as the heavens encircled the heart of the Distortion and welcomed the merge between realities with open arms.

The voices were unintelligible yet they were still there yet he ignored them even when the hairs in his arms were standing on end. Lifting the gym bag at his side, he walked towards the Distortion Phenomena right when it was releasing shockwave after shockwave of power all around. Grabbing the shining rapier at his side, he gripped it tightly in his hand as he approached.

Just behind the sphere was a translucent black curtain where he felt like he was being watched by a thousand eyes. Inky black smog was released into the ground and enveloped the area around the sphere. The manic energy the weapon he had seemed to drive the black substance away from him as he crossed the distance between him and the sphere, like a light guiding his way through the blackness.

The nauseating feeling he had only grew the closer he got to the thing. With a buzzing noise which rose in pitched as he stepped nearer, he felt like a jackhammer was beating on his skull just before he found himself just a few feet away from the Distortion Manifest.

Dashing through the last few meters, his eyes flashed a brief murderous light as he smiled before driving the sword into the sphere.

"Get your ass out here!" he roared as a white crack snaked along the pulsating lines and black surface. Slashing the weapon upwards, white light escaped the Distortion Manifest's outer shell once it was ruptured while more cracks appeared.

The boy made a horizontal cut in before him and the sphere finally broke away its fragments tearing away like shattered glass. They floated in the air for a couple of heart beats before the light spread, a moment later everything seemed like it had been frozen in time. A blinding glow erupted from the core of the Distortion Manifest almost burning Dom's eyes though even when he shielded them the light still burned in his retinas.

"Wha..?" with a confused expression, he managed to catch a glimpse of the broken shell before everything imploded.

The fragments, snow, grass, dirt, clouds and writings in the heavens were all sucked forcefully in a powerful vortex in the middle of the burning white light. Heat spread throughout the field as he kneeled and gritted his teeth. The frozen grass all melted, creating a clearing of pure green in the middle of the white blanket of snow.

Wind howled as they ravaged the surroundings while being sucked by the vortex.

A banshee like scream tore through the cityscape and echoed throughout the country with its volume. Dom felt his heart skip a couple of beats as he endured the ringing in his ears while looking up. The main event hadn't even start yet but he was already exhausted mentally for having to go through this whole ordeal.

For once he felt like he was living in a dream world once he laid eyes on the abomination before him.

Its skin tinted light purple to match the black intricate leather which wrapped around its torso to form restraining clothes, the Distortion Manifest had the appearance of a monstrous woman with the head of a rabbit with wing like ears and closed eyes. Sharpened fangs grew on either side of its mouth while a blood red jewel was placed upon its forehead. Long bladed scale like appendages protruded from both sides of its lower back, bearing a distinct sickly orange glow.

It towered above the human boy as the lower half of the monster's body raised its human torso into the air. From the waist down of the Distortion Manifest was an ancient snake's body bearing tattoo like designs which burned bright orange over the purple scales. Its scaly body slithered over each other, forming the image similar to a king cobra poised to strike with its head up.


Corrupted liquid substance fell from the monster's drooling mouth as it rose higher and higher into the air.

But what Dom found worrying were its arms. They were at least as long as a metal construction beam and thicker than the oldest and tallest oak trees in the west. Shining orange talons filled with chaotic power sliced easily into the ground just by brushing against it.

This wasn't what he signed up for.

"That… Is not Arfoire," he pointed out while blinking twice.

The Distortion Manifest opened its blood red eyes and let out another scream yet this time a bit lower than the previous shriek that it had released. Its eyes immediately zeroed on the boy with a manic look.

"Yup, definitely not Arfoire," he concluded before raising up the sword in his hand. It all happened for a split second yet there was the sound of steel clashing against steel in the air. A large circular shield made out of pure energy expanded on the tip of the sword while bearing a nasty cut across it.

Dom was then sent tumbling through the air the next moment and sent rolling on the ground. That took the air out of his lungs and he barely had time to breath when the chilling noise of slithering closed in on him. Pushing himself on a kneeling position, he hastily drew up the rapier and blocked the incoming claw which could've gutted him. His arm vibrated from the recoil and almost felt like his shoulder was going to be blown of its socket.

He endured as the shield he made was beaten and assaulted by the abomination's claws and teeth before it decided to make use of its tail and swung it. That broke through the sword's energy defense and managed to send the boy flying once more. Eating grass and snow once more, he kept a firm grip on Noire's rapier.

It wasn't even a minute to the fight and he was already getting his ass kicked.

Rolling to face the sky, he let loose the sword's power once more and formed the same shield. He lost his breath once a corrupted claw tore through it and nearly scratched his face before a couple of ancient looking fists pummeled his barrier. In his hand, he noticed the powerful glow his weapon had slowly diminish with every second it was being used. Apparently, the power Noire lent him was only temporary and he was aware of that but he never expected it to run out this quickly.

At this rate he was going to die.

While trying to keep himself from peeing his pants, he put up a calm front while unzipping the gym bag and taking out a pipe like device and a sprayer with a long metal nose. Keeping the shield active and using the sprayer, flames danced at the end of its metal tube and ignited the string at the end of the pipe like device. He gritted his teeth before chucking the device from behind his shield and into the abomination's face.

The pipe bomb exploded.

"God dammit, this is not okay!" he roared as the shrapnel and heat was blocked by the barrier though it didn't do his ears any better with the noise. He went deaf for a few seconds with just this insistent ringing pounding his ears as he got up and tried to get away from the thrashing monster. He killed the barrier and threw another live pipe bomb into the air as he dropped low.

It hit the Distortion Manifest's snake body and dealt minor damage to its hide.

The first explosion managed to take out the monster's sight and marred its face with wounds. It was still wasn't enough to blow its head off since Dom just threw it blindly. Now the abomination was searching fervently for him with his scent. It bared its fangs at him before lunging.

The boy drew the sword once more and summoned another barrier to deflect a corrupted claw, ducking low and entering the monster's guard before stabbing his weapon into the snake body. There was the sound of a cannon blast and a chunk of the Distortion Manifest's body disappeared. Planting his foot on the ground, he made a turn for another strike just as a claw began swinging towards him.

"This isn't safe, dammit!" with that unstable strike, he severed the snake body by obliterating it. The sword's power decreased drastically and barely had enough power to fully deflect the incoming claw. What barrier Dom managed to put up shattered easily and the claw managed to graze his forehead.

The pain which followed made the boy double over while clutching his face. It was like having his skin cut by burning steel, he shuddered at the thought of having such a thing slice him open. The agony he felt was enough to render him in a daze as he fought to maintain his vision. For an abomination of that size it was surprisingly fragile. If only he could bombard it with his pipe bombs.

Breathing hard, he tried to calm and remind himself that it was just a stupid scratch. A scratch which he could hear fizzle and bubble and have his vision blur, sure.

The Distortion Manifest right itself and dragged its damaged body along the ground.

Dom broke into a run while setting the rapier back on his side. He ran as fast as he could with the monster right behind him, determined to tear him apart for its trouble. The cold winter air stabbed at his lungs yet he endured, taking a glass bottle filled with gasoline from the bag he had and lighting it up. Turning around once, he threw the Molotov behind him and kept running. He didn't know if it hit but he could've sworn he heard the sound of the bottle breaking and an anguished roar behind him.

The dreadful noise of the voices in his ears and the sound of the Distortion Manifest breathing down his neck was driving him crazy. He felt a chill run down his spine before the ground he was running on exploded and sent him flying. Hitting the ground once more, the boy had seen better days. Diving to the side, he barely dodged a claw impaling right where he was a moment ago before rolling to the side to evade another. Caught between the abominations arms, he had no way out.

With the cold grass pressed against his back, he could only stare up as the abomination's ruined rabbit like face came near him. Shrapnel and burns marred its face as it was just a few inches away from his face. It bore its fangs at him ready to rip his throat out.

Dom could smell its putrid breath which was unlike anything his nose had ever come across. Laughing dryly, he couldn't help but mutter under his breath, "Jesus Christ, how horrifying…"

He smiled as his throat was just between the monster's jaws.

Elsewhere, a few minutes just before Dom stared right in the eye, a girl was on the verge of collapsing. Gritting her teeth, she fought to maintain control of the distorted energy which coursed within her body while trying to absorb more of it. With her efforts throughout the day and night, she was certain that the Distortion Manifest had lost most of its momentum. But the price to balance her success was not something she could brush off.

A sense of wrongness filled her entire body as she housed and continued to absorb the corrupted energy which built up the Distortion Manifest. If worse came to worse then she would have her entire existence erased just by containing such an unstable amount of power. Not to mention that fact that she was still not used to absorbing and filtering the energy she had. Her hands and legs shook from both the exhaustion and the side effects of the energy she was draining.

But if what she was doing was going to help lessen Dom's burdens then so be it. She had to do what she could.

Dia leaned on the roof's railing and had her hand grab the orange strings in the air. Patches of sickly orange color were on the back of her hand and all over her arms. Her green eyes had the hint of purple and orange in them as she scowled.


Pulling hard, she absorbed a huge amount of the Distortion Phenomena's energy all at once.

At the same moment, Dom was confused. His heartbeat pounded on his ears yet he didn't have the strength to move a single part of his body. Now that in itself was strange for the supposed sequence of events to happen was for him to die. But staring into the blood red eyes of the abomination just inches away from his own told him another story. A monster had its jaws between his neck but he was still alive.

He saw an emotion of confusion within the abomination's eyes before it withdrew its head. Dom didn't move a muscle as he watched it jerk its head from left to right as if it was searching for something. That was when it dropped all intention of killing him right on the spot once it moved away and approached its lifeless other half and reconnecting the severed parts.

It dragged itself along the ground with its sharp talons like a rampaging serpent causing the earth to shake and tremble as it made its way out of the field.


Dom was left lying on the ground, barely cable of making a single coherent thought for the first few moments since he realized that he was still alive. The blizzard had stopped but the skies were still filled with a gray blanket of clouds, the rip between realities only growing wider. Silence reigned all around as the chaotic one sided battle earlier had been interrupted. But why though?

Everything… felt so peaceful. The adrenaline which coursed in his blood made his mind numb so he could only stare at the sky above him without doing anything. He never felt so alive… He just faced off with something that should've killed him on sight and survived… And this was all after he jumped head first into fighting it.

He was alive…

Lifting his nearly dead arm he checked his watch. A few more minutes…. He needed a few more minutes…

"So it wasn't enough, huh?" groaning in pain, he let his arm fall into the grass before sighing.

That thing suddenly stopped just as it was about to kill him. It was more than capable doing so but why didn't it continue? It looked like something caught its attention, something that was enough to pique an all-powerful law of the universe and have it scramble like that.

The only thing that could do that in the world's current state was a Goddess or a being that could stand up to one.

Once he put two and two together, he couldn't help but let out a hiss of frustration.

He knew exactly what the Distortion Manifest was after.

Dia fell on her knees as she cringed in pain. This was the limit of what she could absorb and she could feel the manic energy she had contained leak out bit by bit around her, covering her body in a pale orange light which turned to purple then back again. She couldn't tell if she did well for her first time but she never wanted to do something that crazy again. Not only that but it seemed like that the strings she was absorbing earlier had thinned down to a few strands.

Blinking in confusion, she turned her gaze towards the sky and found that the blizzard had died down. Rising back up to her feet, she limped her way towards the edge of the rooftop she was on and gazed down at the frozen streets below. She could feel…. Something… A disturbance of some sort which made her uneasy. It was on the ground and it was moving fast, she guessed that it'll take only a couple of minutes before it arrived.

Tensing, she looked up and found out that the strange geometric patterns had disappeared without a trace while a strange hole could be seen splitting the sky apart at the distance. Shifting her attention to the strange sight, she immediately picked up on a huge reading of energy which sent her mind abuzz. A familiar warm power which she could've sworn she felt before… But she couldn't put her finger on it. It reminded her of those times she spent interacting with the other Goddesses.

Those brief moments in which the energy they exhausted entered her.

"This… this is Gamindustri's energy," she whispered in disbelief, taking a step back while shaking her head, "I… Just what's going on? What's happening?"

Her body began to react violently to the incoming mass of power, her muscles cramped and she felt sick, she was drained of her strength due to the side effects of taking in the corrupted power so she had trouble maintaining a conscious mind. After all, if everything went according to her plan then she would be in deep trouble should she faint right there.

Dom had told her to stay at safe distance and keep away from the battlefield.

She did as she was told like the good girl she was and stayed far away from him. But it wasn't like she was going to quietly do as he says. If she could help it, she would go beyond her own limits to interfere with what he had set up. So she thought about it this way: If she couldn't go to the fight itself, then she'll just have to bring the fight to her.



She watched a car be flung into the air and land on another car which activated its alarm.

"Okay…." Dia made the wise choice to turn tail and run as another car flew right upwards the building she was on and land on top of it. Diving into the snow, she barely dodged the thing as it rolled pathetically to the side, the sound of steel and metal groaning filling the air.

Releasing a quick huff she grabbed her bow and ran back to the edge of the building. What greeted her eyes was anything but pretty.

A serpentine beast with a woman's torso sticking out where its head should be thrashed around on the streets below, slashing at the buildings and knocking down poles as it moved with the grace of a rampaging fifteen foot tall bull on steroids. Its snarls and growls could be heard well over from the four hundred meter distance between it and Dia.

"Well, I can't say I didn't expect this," she muttered as she pulled back her bowstring. An arrow made out of pure energy came into existence, brimming with raw power as it was being fed by the Share Energy she had absorbed from the Distortion Manifest. Frowning, she aimed at the abomination bounding towards her building and snarled, "Get bigger!"

The arrow shined and turned bright orange.

"I said bigger dammit!" she yelled once more.

The arrow was pumped with so much energy that the surrounding air began to bear the distinct scent of ozone as it turned bright purple.

Dia smirked before firing.

Light tore through the with a thunder's roar, the sound being loud enough to shatter the glass of the windows on the nearby buildings. The street was leveled as the arrow neared the ground, sending snow, metal and debris flying violently. She saw the abomination's eyes flash before it moved to the side with its inhuman speed.

However it wasn't enough to fully dodge her attack as it had its shoulder obliterated and broken down to atoms.

A surge of relief came over the girl once she expelled some of the Distortion Manifest's power inside of her. Slowly but surely, an ecstatic feeling began to well up within her. She had no idea what it was but it felt good, almost like the adrenaline being pumped in her veins was going wild. Her mind became clearer bit by bit and she found herself unconsciously pulling back her bowstring once more.

She watched the Distortion Manifest stagger before righting itself and glaring at her with its crimson gaze.

It slithered forward with amazing speed, forcing her to shoot blindly and miss. Firing one arrow after the other, she riddled the streets below with holes as she kept missing. The abomination screamed as it weaved and dodged throughout her assault before curling its long purple tail while diggings it claws on the ground. It used the split second Dia was using to form another arrow to launch itself into the air, determined to tear her apart.

The girl gave up shooting and retreated backwards as the Distortion Manifest crashed into the building she was on. Its impact caused the entire structure to shake and tremble, threatening to make the whole thing collapse in half. Forced off balance the girl fell into the ground and hit the metal railings as the rooftop began to tip. She could hear screams and crashes in the background as she kept her eyes on the other side of the roof.

Of course someone else would notice her taking on a sixty meter long monster with all the noise she was making.

Looking behind her, she saw the few cars passing by below crash and swivel to avoid the debris falling on the streets. No time to worry about others when she saw the thing she was fighting drag itself up the roof and putting its weight against it. At this rate, the entire top floor was going to crash down below.

Before Dia could even do anything, the Distortion Manifest opened its maw and screamed with an unholy voice. She felt her eardrums explode from being the focus of the attack while the railings she was leaning on vibrate dangerously as if they were being loosened from their base.

She was going to fall.

"Get your ugly mug away from me!" she snapped, forming an arrow and firing before making another one. Only one of the shots connected with the abomination's face, causing it to roar in pain and redouble its efforts to kill her. The strangest thing was that Dia felt drained more than earlier. She should have most of the Distortion Manifest's power but she could already feel herself weakening.

Blinking twice, her eyes shined and she could see the strings of power once more. What she saw made her stomach turn and blood run cold.

The energy war had gone in reverse. The Distortion Manifest taking its power back and at an accelerated rate!

The cold wind met with his face as he zipped through the road and streets, keeping his eyes trained forward as he followed the path of destruction the abomination had wrought. Snow had been cleared from the streets and wrecked cars could be seen cast aside as if they were toys. Fires engulfed a few of the vehicles and there were people running around screaming their heads off and panicking. Others were talking on their phones while the wails of fire trucks sounded from a distance.

He pedaled harder on the bike he stole while tightening his grips on the handlebars. It was stupid of him to trust on Dia's words when he told her to stay out of this. Though he gotta admit that he was impressed, he still thought of her as a stubborn idiot. The closer he got to his destination, the fresher the wreckages around him became. Shops had street signs and debris tossed into them while buildings had claw marks and deep cuts.

Somehow it was small comfort that an evacuation notice was carried out and that it was in the middle of the night. If the city was packed then who knows how much the body count from all of this destruction would be. He shuddered just by thinking about it. That monster had to be stopped one way or another and he would prefer it without anyone dying.

Wrenching himself out of his thoughts, the screams of panic and beeping car horns brought him back to reality. He jerked his bike to the ride to avoid a speeding van before pedaling like crazy to the right to dodge an out of control car. He hit the sidewalk and continued travelling from there as he turned his attention to a three story building at the far end of the street.

The top was tipped over and was on the verge of collapsing. On it was the monstrous form of the Distortion Manifest trying to claw at something at the edge of the railings. Hitting the brakes and coming to a halt, Dom instinctively clasped his palms on his ears as the monster opened its maw.

Glass shattered from the nearby buildings as the abomination's shrieking pierced through the air.

Just hearing it sent Dom in a daze and took him moments to recover from the urge of puking. He hissed in pain once the cut on his right brow stung him as if it reopened again. Even with three layers of band aids it was still hurting. Not only that but his entire body hurt. This was the result of exerting his already battered body after staring at death in the eye. Despite his injuries, he couldn't just lay down there and let things run its course.

Breathing hard, he flinched as pain flashed in his right arm. Readjusting the weight of the gym back and fixing his scarf, he looked up as the top of the building ultimately fell. Once it started falling, he abandoned the bike altogether and ran for the nearest alleyway. Hiding from the dust storm of debris and shattered glass, Dom kept his back against the alley's wall while watching the curtain of brownish white cover the entire street.

A couple of heartbeats later the dust faded away. Jogging out of the alley, his eyes were greeted by the devastated streets.

Walking slowly to the center of it, he tensed once he saw something fly through the air and hit the hood of the car right beside him.

It was Dia.

"Darn... That thing…" she groaned while clutching her back. She then noticed her best friend beside her staring at her like a gutted fish, "Dom?"

Without hesitating, he grabbed her by the hand and pulled her from where she was… Just as another car crashed the one she was on seconds ago

Dom grabbed her by the shoulders and screamed into her ear, "I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE SNAKE WOMAN, GIRL! I TOLD YOU, GIRL! I TOLD YOU!"

Resisting his shaking, she shoved him back into the alley before getting hit by another car.

"Dia!" called out the boy in panic only to see his friend come out of the wreckage unscathed.

"I'm okay! I'm okay, I swear!" she replied while shaking the fatigue from her head. Her head jerked to the middle of the roof's debris while Dom did the same. They then realized that they were the only ones left on the block as well as the Distortion Manifest. The abomination question didn't seem to be damaged slightly after falling from such a height, it just seemed a lot angrier.

Dom huffed lightly as he took out a Molotov and ignited it.

Dia let out a shaky breath before forming another arrow.

The Distortion Manifest had its crimson gaze on the both of them, claws extended as it was ready to tear them apart.

The two friend's gaze met for a moment before they cried out in unison, "SPLIT!"

The red haired girl vaulted over a car while the abomination was focused on her, keeping it at bay with continuous arrows tearing away at its face. It slashed at her with its claws forcing her to duck and aiming for its torso. Unfortunately, she was hit by its backhand causing her to miss while she tumbled along the ground. Before the thing could even go after her, it suddenly found itself engulfed in flames as burning bottles shattered against its scaly hide and human torso.

A few feet away behind it was Dom waving his hands, "Dia! Give me some time! I need fifteen more seconds! Keep it off my ass!"

The Distortion Manifest growled at him before eating an energy arrow to the face. It swung its arm to where the missile came from but found that the girl it hit earlier was back on her feet and was charging one arrow after the other. Exhaustion showed on her dirt smeared face while fighting but she persevered. The abomination reared its human torso upwards like the head of a snake before diving down.

Dia never had the chance to react.

It held her right arm with its corrupted claws and let its energy seep into her body. She let out a scream of agony which made Dom's hair stand on end and spark a burst of anger from his stomach. Yet he kept his cool and continued working. Dia gritted her teeth and let go of her bow, trying to pry herself off the monster's grasp through sheer brute force. However the energy she was using caused unnecessary side effects and only exhausted her further.

Raising her into the air, the Distortion Manifest opened its jaw before lunging forward.

The next moment, Dia lost her arm.

Wide eyed from what had just occurred, the girl never processed into her mind that she was then pinned into a building's wall as the monster was about go for a second strike. She didn't bleed yet she was hurting all over. Tiny hexagonal lights drifted from her amputated arm as they dissolved into the air.

A nearby explosion caught the Distortion Manifest's attention and dropped Dia into the ground.

"Hey, over here you son of a bitch!" yelled Dom while waving his hands. In his right hand was a live Molotov which he promptly threw to keep the abomination's attention on him. It didn't take long before it slithered across the ground towards him.

Taking that as his cue he ran while keeping an eye on a blockade of cars behind him.

The abomination was about to pass it and it did the only logical thing to do for a creature of its size…

It tackled the cars…

"Mine!" smirked the boy before activating the clay charges he rigged on the vehicles' gas tanks.

A contained fireball erupted in the middle of the street sending heat and metal everywhere but ultimately engulfing the monster in flames. It thrashed and shrieked as it had its entire human body roasted alive. Dom stopped running and tried approaching it with more IEDs in hand, tossing a pipe bomb before dodging towards behind another car and throwing another Molotov.

Through the smoke, flames and snow, the Distortion Manifest had trouble finding him while it was being bombarded from all sides. It tried regenerating its eyes and damaged areas by being caught in the flames and having explosives hit it gave it quite the struggle.

It continued screaming in pain and as Dom was about take one last bomb to end it, he found out that he ran out. Cursing, he pulled the rapier from his side and got close to the flaming mess of a monster. He lowered himself as he approached to keep himself from getting decapitated while he watched the abomination drag itself of the firestorm. That was when he noticed it have its human body got close enough to the ground for him to hit.

He dashed as fast as he could, making a one legged leap on the hood of a car and jumping off its roof with the rapier drawn back.

There was this sick squelching noise resounding as the thin blade stabbed into the Distortion Manifest's heart, causing the abomination to arc its back and scream out loud. Dom stumbled forward and fell into the asphalt, landing in a roll as he let out a tired breath. He felt half-dead but at the very least he was doing a better time than Dia did. With what strength he had left, he forced himself to sit up and watch as the abomination was being pumped with the remaining Share Energy Noire's rapier had and overriding the corrupted Share Energy.

With this… This should be enough… he had enough crap to deal with and this was too much. A small smile came to his lips as he shielded his eyes as the Distortion Manifest's human torso burst into ludicrous amount of corrupted ooze and black substance. The snake body fell on the street, dead.

"Was… Was it always this easy..?" he muttered to himself as he stared at the dark substance seeping from the abomination's lifeless body.

Easing his breathing, he got up while supporting his body on the wrecked car nearby. He almost fell once more as pain exploded on his left foot. Upon further inspection, he clicked his tongue once he recognized the signs of a sprain. No matter, he just had to take it easy…

"Dia? Dia where are you? You okay there?" calling out in a hoarse voice, he limped past the Distortion manifest and navigated through the wrecked streets. Later, he found his best friend leaning against the wall of a building, clutching her armless left while suppressing the pain. With growing worry, the boy tried to call out for her once more," Dia what's—"

He came short and faltered once he saw the panicked look on the girl's face.

Dia turned her head towards him and stared at him with a teary gaze. Her left eye turning bright orange while the right one remained clear green while sickly dark orange veins crept up her face from her neck.

"Dom… Help me…" she reached out with her remaining arm in a pleading voice, "It… it infected me… I can't stop it. I can't!"

Dom tried to call out for her but those were the last words he ever heard from her. That was until the corruption took hold of her core and burst forth. Dark and light swirled and enveloped the surroundings. A massive wall of the black corruption closed in on Dom as he fell in his haste to get away.

Just as he was about to be swallowed whole, someone grabbed him from behind and embraced him. This was followed by a dark purple barrier made out of pure energy expanding into existence and allowing the corruption to pass overhead and to the side without hitting him. The force of the blast was enough to push him and his savior backwards by a few feet, energy shield and all. The roar of the endless torrent of power became deafening and he couldn't even open his eyes from trying to keep the noise out.

It was maddeningly loud…

And then it stopped the same way it came… Abruptly and without warning….

The boy opened his eyes and found himself staring at someone's collar bones and the view of flawlessly smooth skin. The arms embracing him were strong yet slender, it was obvious from the feminine scent that a woman had just saved him. His eyes didn't wander to unnecessary places and slowly made their way upwards… Eventually meeting a pair of hawk like eyes shining bright pink and were filled with an amused light.

It was then he realized that his face was just inches away from a bewitchingly beautiful face.

He wasn't restrained once he stepped backwards in surprise. Of all Goddesses, they just had to send her.

"Oh dear, oh dear… First thing you do once a woman gets near is to latch on them, hm? And here I thought you were more of a gentleman than a savage beast in heat, Dummy," the Goddess spoke with a knowing smirk as she approached the boy whom continued to give her a cautious stare. She took note of this and lightly tapped her lower lip as if she were confused, "My… I go out of my way to save your life and this is how you treat me? I was expecting some rudeness from you but this is quite surprising. Here I thought I made a good first impression so I could get on your good side…"

"Iris Heart… Wait… No… Plutia," correcting himself by addressing the CPU of the Ultradimension's Planeptune by her real name, he couldn't help but inwardly scream. What was up with those two books and they had to send in the worse person he wanted to be saved by? While the gesture was appreciated and well according to plan, didn't they have anyone better?

"I've heard soooo much about you from the others… Looks like you've gathered quite a number of allies from my friends," Iris Heart continued on giving the boy an intense hunter like look, similar to how a wolf would face down a fox, "I'd love to take you with me so that we could talk, but I don't think this would be the time for that."

Dom calmed himself and was reminded that this girl just saved him by the skin of his teeth. Not only that, but something was happening to Dia and he was powerless to do anything about it. The least he could do now was provide info and maybe take charge of what the Goddess could do.

"Right… Sorry but I was overwhelmed there… Dia… We need to save Dia…" shaking the torrent of emotions out of his mind so that rationality would surface, he focused back on what was important, "Also, could you cooperate with me right now?"

Cocking her head to the side, the CPU crossed her arms and replied, "I don't see why not. You're the brains here having encountered the Distortion Manifest…. Or at least the remains of it… First hand…"

"Right," nodding once, Dom then asked, "Tell me, are you the only Goddess sent here by the Histoires?"

"No, the other would be arriving shortly but how long is still not known," answered Iris Heart with an ever present smirk.

"How long do you think you can last in this world?" questioned the boy.

"Thirty minutes, give or take with how much the Distortion Manifest is absorbing. Not to mention the merge is slowly occurring," responded the Goddess calmly.

"Will you be enough to save Dia on your own?" continued Dom through gritted teeth.

Unfortunately, the Goddess closed her eyes and shook her head, "With how the worlds are now, I couldn't. But if the others could arrive in time then it may be possible."

Checking his wrist watch, the boy couldn't help but snarl, "We have an hour left until the merge. Maybe we can—"

"Woops, time to take off!" dashing forward, metallic butterfly like wings burst through Iris Heart's back and grabbed him by his waist. Dom didn't even have the chance to react as he was lifted on a fireman's carry while watching the ground below him grow smaller as if he was zooming out. The next thing he knew was that he was in the air and that he was being taken away, far away from the ruined street he was in mere moments ago.

He felt himself fall for a moment causing his heart to almost leap to his throat only to realize that the Goddess was allowing him to face forward by letting him hang with his arms. It hurt but he endured as he looked straight ahead.

"Look… You're probably wondering how in the world is the Distortion Manifest still alive after what you did, correct?" questioned Iris Heart, this time the amusement and casual tone void from her tone.

"Dia said she's been infected. I'm guessing that she contracted some kind of side effect from getting wounded by the Distortion Manifest," responded Dom with a grim look, "I got a scratch from it too but it didn't affect me in anyway. It's probably capable of spreading throughout a CPU's physiology due to the Share Energy in their system whereas the human body has none of it."

Before them was the vast gray cityscape illuminated by the few city lights and the twinkling stars in the heavens. Not too far from the burning remains of the street Dom was in earlier was a reclamation area which opened its way towards Tokyo bay. The moon reflected itself on the still waters.

The only thing that was out of place in the whole scenery was the speeding dark orange and purple smog zipping through the air and approaching the nearby harbor. From where the boy was he could make out the faint traces of lightning dancing within the curtain of smoke mimicking thunderclouds.

"You're right," said the CPU continuing the earlier conversation, "And from what it seemed to me, your friend wouldn't have turned into this had she not absorbed the Distortion Manifest's energy in the first place and have its signature imprinted within her body. Well?"

"She made that thing go after her instead of having it fight me," admitted Dom.

"Which would've eventually led to your death," added Iris Heart.

"But look at her now! You see what her stupidity led to? If she didn't just butt in then—"

"Then things would've gone worse than it is now. You would've died, she would've lost it and the Distortion Manifest would've never lost its momentum and obliterated everything."

The boy didn't have anything to counter that and was struck dumb.

The Goddess on the other hand didn't miss a beat as she continued, "No one is at fault. The choices you both made… Both of you just have to make sure you earn a happy ending. Finish what you started and blame no one for your choices."

The curtain of black substance then began to fuse in mid-air as it hung over between the city and the bay.

"Get ready because here she comes!" warned the CPU with a gleeful tone as the remnants of the Distortion Manifest all came together for one last stand.

The first thing that Dom noticed was the winds. Savage gusts of air blew about while the clouds in the night sky gathered in a swirl, recreating the chaotic scene the boy had gone through when the Distortion Manifest first came into existence. Only this time the violent winds only grew tenfold. Despite the rough air current, he could still hear Iris Heart's entertained laughter above him as they made their way towards a lone building's helipad.

He was dropped in a heap while rolling on the ground, the Goddess carrying him earlier walking towards the edge of the helipad and gazing longingly at the catastrophic effects the Distortion Manifest's transformation had wrought.

The chaos didn't end there for the earth and sea split at the same time. Buildings and structures shook, signs flew away and trees were uprooted, telephone wires got tangled up, nearby substations got jammed, bridges fell and roads were leveled.

Lightning danced in the sky as an unspeakable monstrosity rose from the waters and stood tall higher than any building or tower in sight. There was a roaring noise echoing throughout the city followed by a sudden release of thick white steam which enveloped the surroundings and blown away by the violent gales.

Dom only then realized the true form of what he just killed earlier.

The Distortion Manifest's form had changed considerably from its snake woman appearance. It was now a large humanoid being with pale purple skin fading into dark violet to the waist down with its legs deformed to form an umbrella shaped organ which seemed to have rooted itself at the bottom of the bay. In the place of arms, a mix of flesh and scale wing like appendages were slanted downwards the waters. Its head could be first recognized as a rabbit's but upon further inspection was that the rabbit head had its jaw opened wide in which the face of a sleeping woman could be seen.

Its rabbit ears were a pair of large feathery wings while a halo decorated its head. Attached to its back was a grand broken circle and three barbed tails. It was a breathtaking and unholy sight which made the boy's knees quake just by looking at it. But then he remembered that the thing had his best friend…

He couldn't help but open his big fat mouth to sum up his thoughts about the situation, "Well shit…"

"Hmph, this should make things a whole lot more interesting," commented Iris Heart with that stupid grin still on her face, "Ohhh I want to fight it. I want to fight it so much~. I want to see how strong it is but I can't move yet… No… This sure is frustrating… What's taking them so long? I'm getting so hot here…"

"Keep your panties on if you don't want a death wish," scoffed Dom while still keeping his eyes on the…. Thing that had just appeared. He still couldn't register the abomination's sheer size and overwhelming presence which was only matched by the battle thirsty Goddess beside him. This was going to be harder than he thought and he doubted that Iris could take that thing on should the worst case scenario happen—


Turning around, the boy got tackled by something big, black and purple. Another pair slender arms hugged him fiercely, knocking the air out of his lungs and threatening to break his spine. Trying to pry himself off earned him a strange soft sensation pressing against his chest. Of course he knew what that thing was so he only redoubled his efforts in getting away.

"Please, let go! Not the time!" he forced out before being released and coughing violently, "Jesus Christ, any other time I would've enjoyed that but we got a situation in our hand—… Neptune?"

A woman with long twin braided hair stepped back and smiled warmly at him. Elegant bright pink wings were attached to her back while a fitting skin tight bodysuit like leotard hugged her body. Her Processor Units floated and formed a ring around her waist similar to a skirt while a couple of black circular metals formed a broken halo on her head.

CPU of the Planeptune within the Hyperdimension, Purple Heart had returned.

"It's a pleasure to meet you again, Dummy," she greeted, this time extending her hand towards the boy.

Dom got over his initial surprise and shook her hand, "Even in this situation you've got the guts to joke."

"It shouldn't be long now. Well, Dummy? Do you want to start the operation while the others take their sweet time to get here?" questioned Iris Heart, her arrogant smirk back in its place.

"Just tell us what to do, we'll handle the rest," said Purple Heart as she took her place beside the other Goddess.

"Right, the two of you, I'm giving your two minutes to probe the Distortion Manifest's surroundings. Gauge its strength and find out its attack pattern all while dealing as much damage as you could given your current mission. Do not engage it seriously without the others arriving yet. By the end of those two minutes I'll come up with a plan even if it's just the two of you. I'll break the news to the others while you fight and give you your respective positions. The main mission here is to take that thing down and get Dia out of there, you two get me?" Dom clenched his fist as he tried to calm himself.

"We'll save her, just leave it to us," muttered the Ultradimension Goddess before kicking off the helipad.

The Hyperdimension Goddess gave the boy a reassuring nod before saying, "There's a lot I want to talk about, stay where you are!"

With that, she too burst into the air and approached the Distortion Manifest.

Left on his own up on the chilly roof, the boy fell on his butt and sighed. Readjusting his scarf, he took out the Page from his pocket and stared at it. His role was over and he should really let things run its course. It's all up to them now…

A purple tint flashed within his eyes before activating the Page.

The least he could do was open up another path….

A rip between the fabrics of reality expanded a few feet away from him and let loose a burst of warm air to meet him. The wind howled and hummed before the distinct sound of footsteps approaching could be heard.

A moment later he noticed a pair of black sandals with red ribbons and flower patterns. Looking up, he found the Goddess of the Ultradimension Lowee staring down at him with an indifferent expression. Seeing such a familiar face made the boy smirk.

"You're late. Apparently I received the most unexpected reinforcements when I was about to die," he spoke casually with a relaxed smile as his eyes glinted with mischievous light, "Mind explaining that, Blanc?"

The petite girl walked towards him and offered him a hand, "While it wasn't according to your plan, it wasn't an unwelcomed gesture, isn't it?"

"Then I'll guess that those two were more excited than usual, huh?" Dom took her hand as she helped him up on his feet, "Did you bring the others?"

"As requested," stepping aside, Blanc placed the boy's attention towards the portal where a group of girls made their way through. There were a pair of twins in pink and powder blue clothes sporting smiles on their face, a hyperactive blonde girl in yellow bounding her way towards Dom, a lilac haired girl accompanied by a girl her age with long silky black hair, a mature looking young woman in green with a kind smile and lastly a black haired beauty with crimson eyes.

Dom tried to maintain his footing while Peashy clung on his waist and laughed out loudly, "Dummy! Dummy! Ahahahaha!"

"Well, you look good," put in Uni sarcastically as she crossed her arms.

Nepgear scratched her cheek and said in a nervous tone, "A-Although a little banged up, Mister Dom seems all right."

"I'm sure he's seen better times than now. I'm glad I got the chance to meet you, boy," greeted Vert.

"Well! Looks like we're here again! This time we won't get surprised now won't we, Rom?" asked Ram to her sister holding her hand.

Rom nodded in agreement while looking around, "It's the same, but changed at the same time."

Lastly, Noire approached the boy and patted him on the shoulder, "So what's the plan?"

Shaking his head with a smile, Dom then said, "Alright kiddies, gather around since we only got one shot at this and we're under time limit. I'm now going to tell you all what happens when everything goes the way I want it."

High in the air, Purple Heart and Iris Heart were crisscrossing each other while they traveled at leisurely pace as trails of light were being left behind them. They had been circling past the Distortion Manifest for some time then and they were still yet to get a reaction. Their eyes met for a split second before they both gripped their swords and went separate ways.

As they made a curve in the air, they suddenly made a sonic boom as they zipped their way towards the Distortion Manifest.

Two of the colossal barbed tails went out to meet them almost instantly. Purple Heart decreased her speed and lowered her altitude before raising her sword. The tail passed overhead with her blade stabbed into it, creating a deep purple cut as they moved either way. A moment later she brought the sword down and twisted in mid-air, severing a part of the tail and letting it fall to the waters below.

With that done, she looked up ahead to continue her assault. Only to barely avoid a javelin by a hair's breadth as it passed her face. She didn't have time to react and it just came out of nowhere. In the next moment she never saw the other barbed tail hit her.

Iris Heart watched her companion crash into the water while shaking her head. She obliterated with tail after her with a flash of lightning before tearing a couple of javelins into pieces with an electrified whip sword. She raised her free hand with a smile to block a barrage of spears launched to pierce her before she disappeared as a stray tail swept over the place where she was a moment ago. Reappearing high above she dived and travelled across the Distortion Manifest's torso, creating a ridiculously long clean cut which sizzled with electricity before explosions erupted from the sliced area.

She glanced at the waters and noticed how a burning purple light shot through the air and flew all the way up the Distortion Manifest's head. Shadow like miasma rose from the abomination's body to meet the light yet it was unstoppable, all of them were disintegrated before they could even touch it.

Purple Heart drew back her sword and swung it, successfully destroying a chunk of the thing's face and rabbit ears.

Just as she hovered above it, smoke tendrils intercepted her from above and were pursuing her below. Before they could even impale her, a blur of white tore through the air and whisked her away. It was only when they were out of the tendril's range did she recognized the one who helped her.

"Nepgear, you're here," she spoke with much surprise in her voice though she made it clear that the aid wasn't unwelcomed.

The Planeptune Candidate stared at her sister's eyes before scolding her, "Please don't do that again. Your carelessness already had you hit once!"

"Well excuse me, but it's not my fault that you and the others are so slow," replied the CPU before ruffling her sibling's hair, "You did a good job right now, but rewards would have to wait."

Iris Heart passed them with a gleeful look of bloodlust in her face while laughing out loud, "AHAHAHA, THIS IS SO MUCH FUN~!"

"Um, big sister?" asked Purple Sister while ignoring the one how just passed, "Mister Dom has explained the plan to us."

"Give it to me in detail," ordered Purple Heart as she watched the figures of the Lowee twins flying around to the other Goddesses with their enchantments.

"Noire, Blanc and Uni would be forming Team A and would be attacking the Distortion Manifest from the front and gather its attention with Uni providing cover fire," began the Planeptune Candidate as Black Sister fired a devastating shot at the stray tendrils heading for White heart and Black Heart's blind spots, "Team B would consist of Peashy, Vert, and me, we'll be dealing blows on the monster's head with the same formation as Team A. Team C would consist mainly by the twins where they'll enhance out battle strength and heal whenever we need it. They'll provide with extra firepower when we need it most."

"Then what about me and Plutie?" questioned the CPU with a consumed look.

Purple Sister took a deep breath and grabbed her older sister by the shoulders, "Mister Dom told me that you and Plutia should activate your Hard Drive Mode. He gave specific instructions to bombard the Distortion Manifest's wound created by the three teams once I give the signal to withdraw. Peashy will join you in her own form once I tell her."

"It's not a bad plan. Nothing less from him," muttered Purple Heart while Yellow Heart flew by with an animalistic roar and punching the base of the abomination.

The CPU Candidate tapped her sister once more before saying, "He has one more message for you."

"What is it?" asked the Goddess.

"Cut loose," answered Purple Sister as she and her sister turned their gaze towards the monster.




A beam of light broke through the masses of tendrils, giving way for the black and white Goddesses to land their respective attacks on the Distortion Manifest. A large barbed tail zipped from behind the colossal abomination and forced the three Goddesses to scatter. Lastation's Candidate clicked her tongue and took aim, only to notice the incoming tendril to her left.

In a white flash, it was then frozen within a large blue block of ice before being shattered.

"You're welcome!" laughed Ram as her twin lagged behind.

Rom too passed by but not without enhancing Black Sister's defenses, "Be careful!"

The twins flew through the air, weaving and dodging on the tendrils out to get them with ease. Once in a while Ram would turn back to freeze them before Rom shattered them with a flourish of her staff. With excellent aerial maneuvers they got close to the abomination's main body while being chased by the tendrils en masse. They both didn't seem to care and proceeded to form large chunks of ice on random spots on the monster's body. Ram was really giving it her all since the ice she was creating were as big as houses and buses while Rom followed her.

The blue haired twin saw her sister give her the thumbs up before flying backwards and detonating the ice all around.






"Wahahaha~! Just look at that! That's so cool!" Ram held her sides as she and her sister went to a safe distance after their successful assault.

Rom looked at her funny with a confused look.

Realizing this, the pink haired twin scratched her cheek and apologized, "Err, no pun intended?"

They were both caught off guard as the air around them suddenly became violent, causing them to hold to each other in fear as Vert passed by with her spear at the ready. Everything around her seemed to slowed down as if she were tinkering with the flow of time but in reality this was just her hyper senses working on full capacity. The tendrils which rose to meet her were easily passed by and cut by her weapon before she swiveled to the right for another run.

She smirked as she found out about the limited range of her enemy's attacks. Righting herself so that she would be facing the monster, she took note of Peashy and Nepgear's positions. Yellow Heart busy pummeling cheerfully at any tendrils on Green Heart's six while Purple Sister was shooting and slashing away at tendrils the same way.

The Planeptune Candidate met with her eyes and called out, "Go!"

Green Heart smiled and nodded once before preparing to attack. Her eyes shined and the air around her began to hum with Share Energy. The wind blew about causing her hair to dance around and a green glow to envelope her weapon.

"Spiral Break…" muttering those words, a burst of emerald light erupted from her crystalline wings as she accelerated forward.

Her black and green spear tip began to rotate faster and faster until it was nothing more than a blur with shining light. She didn't have to worry about her left and right since Yellow Heart and Purple Sister were already covering for her. All she had to do was break through the tendrils going up to meet her.

Using her speed and agility improved by the twins, she dodged and evaded all contact with the miasma.

Drawing back her arm, she jerked left and then right before driving her spear into Distortion Manifest's lower back. Thick scales and hard hide flew up as green electricity danced all around, Vert did her best by forcing her spear deeper into the wound she had created.

"Even with this, it's not enough to deal enough damage, huh?" she hissed through a look of disappointment.

Breaking contact, she somersaulted to avoid the tendrils she left behind and retreated.

Yelling behind her, she called out, "Peashy! Switch!"

"Okay!" Yellow Heart moved away from her current position and had her back against Green Heart before they rotated and went to their respective marks.

Mowing down the tendrils Leanbox's CPU left behind with her claws, eventually focusing all of her energy on one of her claws which burned bright yellow. She didn't even bother to dodge or avoid the incoming projectiles but settled for tearing them down before coming across the gash Green Heart made earlier.

"EAT THIS!" she slashed at the wound with pure brute strength, causing a dazzling light to explode similar to a supernova and distort the flow of power in the air. Reality trembled from the sudden release of the Goddess' power as space and time warped for just a millisecond.

The heat, light, and tear in reality pierced through the Distortion Manifest's thick hide and formed a large crack before it all broke away. Yellow Heart seemed delighted as the light she created grew bigger and bigger as it swallowed the entire side of the abomination. Purple Sister flew by and dragged her away from the explosion with Green Heart following them from behind.

A thunderous roar was heard all over the bay as the unstoppable force of the heat and light spread all around.

"Aw yeah! I did it!" cheered the blonde Goddess while Planeptune's Candidate sighed in relief.

Leanbox's CPU flew close to them and gave Yellow Heart a pat on the head, "Well done."

Purple Sister then raised her gun-blade and gathered a bit of her energy while aiming for the sky, "I'm releasing the signal!"

With a sound similar to a cannon shot a flash of purple left the gun-blade and soared into the air like a star rising from the earth. It shot through the clouds and shined in the heavens before releasing an explosive force which caught everyone's attention.

Every single Goddess knew what was going to happen next so they made haste in withdrawing while two lone CPUs were left in the frontlines. The twins passed by them and chanted their enhancement spells before bidding the Planeptune CPUs good luck.

Floating high above the clouds, dark magenta and clear blue eyes stared at the abomination.

"Don't lag behind now, Neppy. I'd hate to see that cute face of yours get bruised," cooed Iris Heart as she tapped her sword on her left hand.

"How would my face be bruised when we're basically going to turn into a couple of planes?" questioned Purple Heart with a confused look on her face.

Swinging their weapons to the side their bodies were then wrapped around burning purple light, illuminating the dark night while the roar of Share Energy being formed and exhausted echoed all around. A moment later both of their bodies were replaced with two elegant black and purple jets humming with raw power.

With a burst of energy both planes tore through the air like swords, leaving a neon trail of purple behind them as they circled around the Distortion Manifest. They then made a hard turn and separate as they were pelted by a barrage of javelins.

The stealth bomber jet twisted in the air and dived before rising up sharply and firing its machine guns. It passed by while tearing away at the damaged area of the abomination's main body all while avoiding its newly regenerated barbed tails.

The black fighter jet approached its target before releasing two missiles. These two objects then broke off and fired out four clusters of smaller missiles as they flew, subjecting the damaged area and the main body of the Distortion Manifest to heavy bombardment.

Both planes turned and met with each other all while pulling off some aerial acrobatics to avoid being crushed by the tendrils and javelins. They used what opening the could find to enter the abomination's guard and displayed all of their arsenals. Silos of missiles spread on either side of the planes' wings, cannons of various sizes no large than the plane itself protruded from hidden compartments, guns with unlimited ammo and enough firepower to reduce a bunker to dust, and loads and loads of missiles.

A ringing noise could be heard in the air before the two planes gave it their all.

Missiles flew, bullets hit, explosions roared and the sky was lit up in a grand laser light show.

The jets approached a lone building with a helipad before they both glowed once more and reverted back to their Goddess forms. Landing on the rooftop, the CPU's of Planeptune then looked behind them to observe their handy work. The explosions hadn't died down yet and were still detonating one after another. The colossal form of the Distortion Manifest could no longer be seen from behind the searing light abusing its body.

"Did that did it?" asked Black Sister while adjusting the weight of her cannon at the side.

White Heart narrowed her eyes and growled, "Nope, we just made it madder."

"Well what are you waiting for? It'll take more than that to take it down," said Dom as he tried to see past the light surrounding the abomination.

"Well, the thing is, Dummy… We can never hope to destroy it with how we are now. Even if we worked together," Purple Heart stabbed her blade into the ground and crossed her arms, "It's outer shell is just too thick. It's basically isolating its insides from outside interference just to survive. This explains why its attacks are so weak despite having a lot of strength contained with it."

"That and you should be aware of what happens to our bodies whenever we decide to drop into this world," reminded Black Heart in a grim tone, "We lose our power, we lose our existence. Simple as that. If we don't work around piercing its hide then we have no chance of destroying it."

"That's because you're all being constantly drained…" muttered the boy as he began to think, "Tell me, are any of the areas you've all scratched regenerating?"

"Yes, but in in a gradual pace," answered Purple Sister with a worrying tone, "We can't afford a long drawn out fight."

"It can regenerate but only slowly. You can't inflict lasting damage which would take it down otherwise it'll just keep healing itself over time," Dom looked up ahead as the explosions had finally stopped, "Alright, prepare for another assault. Plutia, Blanc, Vert, and Noire, can the four of you pull of a combined attack?"

Black Heart gave him a sour look while replying, "Hey, we're not that tired yet so we're still ready to brawl. Don't act as if—"

"Good, next."

"Let me finish, hey!"

Dom ignored her and addressed the Candidates, "The four of you, I want you all to provide covering fire to Neptune. Uni and Nepgear at the rear, Ram and Rom at the side and finally…"

Yellow Heart bounced on her feet with an expectant look, causing those ridiculous assets she had to go up and down too.

"Peashy will take care of the front," he finished while massaging his head.


Purple Heart put a hand on his shoulder and asked, "What about me?"

"You? You and I will save Dia," answered the boy with a tired expression, "Attacking the outer shell repeatedly will do nothing. So instead, we're going to make a hole deep enough to let us enter that thing. Once inside, we can gamble that the inner part is more fragile than the outer shell. All while saving Dia."

"Oh, I see. That's easy enough," said the Planeptune Goddess before tensing and yelling to the others, "All of you get down!"

A burst of translucent orange light expanded from the Distortion Manifest and spread outwards. It reached the helipads within seconds and hit them all. A heartbeat later there was a scream of anguish coming from one of the Goddesses.

Dom was stunned, he didn't feel anything and yet… As he glanced to the side, he found all of the CPUs writhing in pain on the ground while breathing hard.

The one who had screamed earlier was Rom while her body was flickering in and out of existence. Seconds later, she wasn't able to maintain her HDD form and reverted back to her human state. Tears and cold sweat wet her face as she sobbed.

Ram managed to hold on to her Goddess form but expressed great concern to her sister. It wasn't just Rom but the others too. Vert could barely stand up and Uni was barely able to grab hold of her consciousness as she lay on the ground.

"What… The fuck… was that..?" hissed White Heart as she used her axe to support her weight, she felt like crap and had the urge to puke.

Dom ran to the edge of the roof and observed the mysterious force that had just passed. He looked up before glancing back at Rom while saying, "Drain. The Distortion Manifest's absorbing your powers and converting it into its own."

"That can't be good, hm?" Iris Heart had a pained smile on her face as she was the only one standing up straight compared to the others.

Apparently, her little comment summed up the thoughts of all the Goddesses present.

"Then we have to cancel the operation. All of you need to head back to Gamindustri first and rest up and come back here again—" began Dom but he was cut off but Purple Heart.

Planeptune's CPU shook her head and said, "Dummy, do you really think we have enough time?"

The boy then gave them all a sweeping look before asking, "Are you all sure about this? I can reorganize the formation and leave the weakened behind. It'll give the others a harder time but…"

"Adrian. Trust us," Black Sister got up with much effort but she was otherwise okay, "we'll get rid of that thing. For everyone's sake."

"Fine, you win. Everyone take your positions, this is going to be a bumpy ride," grumbling as he walked away from them while shaking his head, he found out that there was no stopping them. There was a bright flash behind him which caused him to turn around.

Apparently Purple Heart had gone ahead and transformed herself into her Hard Drive Mode which was the black and purple plane. Wind was kicked up and a warm feeling replaced the cold evening air as the exhaust of the plane released a lot of buzzing energy.

The cockpit's hatch opened and he could distinctly hear Purple Heart's voice from within, "Hop on."

That he did as the other Goddesses floated in the air with the remaining bits of their strength. Once the hatch closed, the interior of the jet were so eye catching that Dom forgot to make crude jokes he had in mind. While there were controls, buttons and even a joystick before him, he doubted that he had the need to control the plane when it was sentient.

Dom took the Page out of his pocket and watched it glow. He looked outside the windows and found out that the vehicle he was on was gradually rising into the air.

He then found out that the thing had no seatbelts.

He was then forced back into his seat as the plane shot into the night.

Everything was white, the world she found herself in was completely empty. Within her vision was her hand and it was touching something hard in the vast expanse of the void. That was when she realized that what she was touching was the floor and that she was on the ground. Looking up made her head dizzy, she didn't know what was up or down, it was just her within the world. She didn't even have a shadow so she was wondering where the light coming from was.

She placed a hand on her left arm and found that it was still an empty stump. Faint beads of light broke away from her shoulder when she tried to touch it. Beside her was her compound bow, scratches and dents decorating its surface. The bowstring still hadn't snapped yet and it was still mostly intact.

She cringed as memories of the previous events poured into her mind. Her eyes widened, bearing the same sickly orange color on her left iris while her right shined bright green. She felt her muscles stiffen and cramp as she felt the vile energy course through her. She still had the Distortion Manifest's power within her. Her mind was abuzz with a thousand voices from the darkness which the Distortion spawned from and it was breaking her.

Dia never asked for this. She was there, she was right there but then the abomination just had to take hold of her. Punching the ground so that the fresh physical pain overwhelmed the one in her body, the girl breathed hard and tried to regain her composure.

"Where… Am I? Dom? Dom where are you?" she called to her best friend yet there was no response, "Dom… Dom help me… Anyone..? Please… Save me… Just what is with this place?"

Footsteps from behind her caught her attention causing her to look around. Her blood went cold once she recognized the stranger that had appeared before her.

Bowing respectfully while placing his top hat on his chest, a rabbit masked man set his back straight once more, "Welcome! You've successfully reached a higher plane of existence. How does it feel to have the fate of the entire world within your fingertips, Dia?"

A sharp and cold blade like voices seeped from within the mask similar to how a person's fingernails are dragged across a blackboard only amplified by a thousand fold.

Every word was pure torture and the girl lost her strength and collapsed on the ground on her knees, "Stop… Stop!"

"This… Is the edge of Reality… A place cut off from the laws holding back your consciousness and allowing you to wander freely as yourself… As an irregular," the stranger continued while spreading his arms on either side of him as he gestured on the white void, "However the story hasn't ended yet. Apparently a certain fool has been struggling to keep up with me. It sucks to say that all of it for nothing though."

Dia coughed violently as she trembled on the ground. She refused to listen yet the voice was still entering her.

And then it stopped. The pain disappeared and her body finally had the chance to relax. She was still breathing raggedly and though the lights from her eyes had long since disappeared while she lay on the ground. Saliva slid down from her lips as her tears dried up.

A pair of shoes entered her vision and a young man's voice spoke above her, totally unlike the horrendous noise from before, "Dia… Should you choose to do so, you have the power to end this. While the Creator wishes to end this by His own means, the cost would be too great for you to handle."

The girl couldn't move. The frigid aura the stranger emitted wasn't gone yet… But it was toned down to bearable levels. She was still far from being able to move her limbs though.

"Worse things would come should you accept the path He laid out for you," continued the masked man, "But this is the turning point. Listen Dia, you're not dictated by his whims. Whether you achieve what you want or not all depends on you. Right now, what he's doing… It will only hurt you…"

Dia couldn't respond.

"I'm here to help," finished the stranger, caressing her tearstained face.

"Shut up…" growled the girl.

It all happened so fast.

Nepgear, Blanc, Peashy and Uni were gone.

Black Heart thought back unto what had happened. They were flying in formation, dealing with the extended range of the tendrils from the Distortion Manifest for the better half of the first four minutes they began their operation. Everything was going well back then even after the abomination displayed a few new tricks up its sleeve, mainly the grand laser its halo was capable of firing.

It wasn't until that… 'thing' came out of nowhere and attacked their group. It was a girl made out of pure red and black energy, crimson eyes glaring right into all of their cores with a twisted green decorating its pitch black face. It had the basic appearance of a CPU, processor unit, wings, and weapon. It was only that it was connected to the Distortion Manifest in some way they don't know why.

Before they could even engage it, it already reached them. Blanc broke off from the first group and managed to intercept it in the nick of time it was about to approach Purple Heart's plane. She managed to deflect its attack with her axe and follow up with a 'Tanzerin Trombe'. Unfortunately, the enemy was too fast and managed to impale her with tendril through her limbs and chest. As she finished swinging her axe, the enemy disappeared and dealt the finishing blow on her back with two deep cuts before sending her into the water.

Purple Sister dived down to save White Heart but she was forced to fight the 'enemy' mid-flight. Having no choice, she fought but she then found her body flickering as she used her Share Energy recklessly. She wasn't able to keep up with her opponent's attacks and was then cut down and stabbed through the chest.

The group scattered at the moment due to shock and confusion with Iris Heart leading the front.

Only Black Sister remained where she was before screaming out in rage. She fired one shot after the other, each one receiving a huge amount of her powers as she fed her cannon with her own power. The Nepgear's killer dodged with ridiculous speed and struck at her once it got close with its monstrous strength.

It alternated between its long sword and bow as it continued its relentless assault.

Breaking from the group, Yellow Heart tried to help but was immediately caught in the crossfire between Lastation Candidate and the enemy. In the heat of the moment, Black Sister kept on fighting despite the fact that her body was breaking away. She fired in vain as she exchanged shots with her opponent until the moment she realized that she had used up all of her energy.

The blonde Goddess managed to drag her from the fight but she was already at her limit. She faded away.

Yellow Heart attacked the enemy with a howl of bloodlust, determined to avenge the fallen. She was then shot by numerous lasers which chipped away on her body.

The events that took place all happened within the span of thirty seconds.

Now… Lastation's CPU acted as the rear guard along with Green Heart as they squared off with their opponent. Her blood was boiling and she could feel the air around her being disturbed by the sheer amount of raw power she had brought from Gamindustri into the fragile world of Reality.

She was furious. Her face bore the look of outrage as she gripped her sword and focused the flow of the Share Energy within her body.

She could tell that Leanbox's CPU felt the same. This wasn't supposed to happen. None of it was.

She never really expected any of them to fall…

"Did… Did you think Neptune and the others got through?" she asked while bearing cuts and injuries all over her body. Her breathing was labored compared to the Goddess beside her whom always kept her composure throughout the fight.

Green Heart glanced at the weakened Goddess beside her and replied, "Hopefully… I can't hear them anymore."

"Looks like they'll have to do this without us," grumbled the white haired Goddess, "Darn… This is so unfair… Just how powerful is that thing?"

"My guess is that it isn't fighting with its own strength. No CPU should be that powerful in this world where we're being constantly drained every second," said the green haired Goddess as she readied her spear, "We took a gamble and wished for a quick fight when we first engaged the Distortion Manifest but it seems like the game board has no intention of stopping working against us."

"Then this means that that thing is taking its strength from the Distortion Manifest," concluded Black Heart as she fixed her posture, "Our pathetic little power against that thing, huh?"

"We'll retrieve Nepgear and Uni's cores. Or at least preserve the remaining traces of their power and reconstruct them once we head home," declared Green Heart with cold rage, "This abomination… I wouldn't be able to face my counterpart like this."

"Even if she's from another dimension, she was still my sister," hissed Lastation's CPU as her blade began to shine.

The enemy descended before them with a twirl as it held the blood red blade in its hand.



With their diminishing spirits and power, the two Goddesses fought to acquire time for their comrades.

Within the plane, Dom cursed himself repeatedly without end. Just what the hell happened? What was that supposed to be? His mind was in turmoil and he didn't have the courage to react. Despite being in denial what he saw was the truth.

Four Goddesses had disappeared.

And to make things worse, Nepgear was among them. He placed a gentle hand on the controls beside him. Neptune had been so silent that it was frightening. Being in the form of a fighter jet, he didn't know what was exactly going through her mind at the moment. There weren't any changes in her since that three seconds Nepgear fought their newest obstacle. Those changes being the interior of the plane changing color and started to shake.

Now it was all calm and Dom was beginning to be worried.

He thought about ways to bring back a Goddess to life but he was clueless about that. He thought back on the games but he had no recollection of such a thing being brought up seriously or as a joke in their universe. He wouldn't stand for this, such an occurrence shouldn't have happened.

"Neptune, I… I'm sorry. Look, back there, Nepgear…" he didn't know what to say. What could he say? No… What was there left to say?

As if to save him the trouble of speaking, he finally heard the CPU's voice, "Don't… Don't say anything…"

He could barely make out what kind of emotion she was feeling based on her voice alone. But the fact that she didn't want to talk made him uneasy.

"Please don't talk… because if you do… I won't be able to handle it… Even when I'm in this form…" continued the Goddess. It was now clear that she was struck hard by what just happened.

Everything… If only he could've gotten rid of the Distortion in the street… No… If he just trusted Dia back then on that night then this wouldn't have happened. He cursed himself for being an obstinate fool and now the price for what he had done had become a troublesome burden…

He cursed himself, he cursed the Distortion, he cursed the world for turning against him in this final moment.

"You saved us," echoed Neptune's voice around him, "You saved us all… You showed us a whole new world… An ugly… colorless… yet beautiful world…"

Wrenched out of his reverie, Dom turned his gaze upwards with the stars racing above.

"We were happy to be with you. We were happy when we in Gamindustri," Neptune's voice seemed to crack and grow hoarse with every word as she fought back the urge to break down, "There isn't a single sad moment in our lives, Dummy. Because we're always happy… You only gave us more reason to feel that emotion all over again."

The boy stared at the Page in his hands and watched it shine.

"Since this is how it's going to be, we'll stick with you until the end. So don't blame yourself."

"We're almost there…." Whispered Dom as he turned his attention before him, "Plutia's on the move, get ready to blast your way in—Whoa!"


The entire plane rocked and shook as if it was hit by something. Dom looked out of the cockpit and saw the red and black demon dig its sword into the jet's wings and make its way towards him. Glancing behind him, he saw the battered forms of Vert and Noire rising up to pursue their escaped target.

"Neptune!" he shouted before the entire interior of the plane shined and was replaced by the night sky and the chaotic waters below.

Purple Heart has disengaged her Hard Drive Mode and was locked in mortal combat with the enemy.

She looked down below before blocking a sword strike and countering with a kick which followed a slash. Pausing for a moment she yelled in the top of her lungs, "PLUTIE, IT'S ALL UP TO YOU!"

Wind roared in Dom's ears as he free fell in the air. His scarf danced behind him while his clothes rippled against the assault of the chilly December winds. If he continued on falling, he was most likely to suffer from frostbite or freeze to death. His eyes watered as he kept them squinted, a glowing purple light shining behind him before a pair of arms caught him and slowed down his fall.

"You're mine!" exclaimed Iris heart once she held the boy in her arms.

He and the Goddess still continued falling right on top of the Distortion Manifest to which he quickly told her, "Tell Ram and Rom to freeze that thing's entire head and detonate it! Have Vert and Noire pullback and make a way for us!"

"They're already on it!" was the Goddess' gleeful reply.

True enough, the twins managed to encase an area on top of the abomination's head with ice before repeatedly detonating it with the force of a ballistic missile. They then scattered as the tendrils rose up to catch them which was then followed by the entrance of Noire and Vert. The former cut through the mass of tendrils before the latter enveloped her spear with nearly all of her energy before throwing it.

Black Heart then switched with Green Heart and swung her blade in one final strike which caused a dent on the Distortion Manifest's head.

It wasn't enough… And Dom was already nearing it by the second….

"Embrace me and hold on!" ordered Iris Heart as she drew out her blade as they were just thirty feet above their target.

Dom did as he was told before he and the CPU broke through the Distortion Manifest's thick hide and entered its body. The last image he saw was the figure of Purple Heart fighting toe to toe with the red demon.

"Shut up… I told you to shut up!" sobbed the red haired girl as she curled on the floor, "I don't want to hear it! You're lying! I'm not going to believe you!"

A few feet away from her, the stranger stood with his head tilted to the side, the crimson gaze of the rabbit eyes on his mask staring unblinkingly at her, "But I'm not lying. I can help you and you have the chance to make your own conclusion, your own ending, completely by your own power. As you are now, you have the power to completely crush this Reality and force upon the universe your own will. The way things are going, you'll eventually be forced to pay the price by following the Creator's wishes. And that's something I'm trying to prevent."

Dia tried to think… she tried to think. Deep down in her, she knew that the stranger's words bore some truth in them but she refused to acknowledge them. It was already put into stone, she couldn't save Dom, there was no saving him or the world around her. Even when she wanted to get rid of the Distortion herself she just couldn't do it.

She was…. Weak…

Even if she could do something, it would ultimately end with Dom disappearing or her own existence disappearing. A memory flashed in her mind and she heard a familiar voice.

There's no saving him the way you are now. If I told you that the only way to save him from perishing would be to help him walk across the point of no return, would you do it?

"I… I…" Dia tried to force out her voice yet the memories only kept coming.

You're too kind to let him do as he likes. Even if you are someone who lived a false life, you still ended up as a good person. If you don't learn to be… more selfish then I guess there's no helping you.

"I'm no good person," she whispered, causing the stranger to give look at her, "I can't… I can't be a hero."

Approaching her, the masked man then asked, "Then what do you propose that you do? You're not really one with a lot of options at the moment. Tell me, Dia…. How would you salvage this situation to your liking? Will you accept my aid or will you pay the price for the happy ending the Creator has served you on a silver platter?"

"Neither," replied Dia as her glowing eyes met with the unholy scarlet gaze of the mask above her, "I won't let anyone tell me what to do. Not you, not the Creator, not some all powerful God I don't even know about, no one… No one's going to get in my way with what I want and me… it's just as you said… I'm powerful… The way I am now…. I can change the whole world. Everything is within my grasp…This is my story!"

She stood up and took a step forward, cracking the white floor beneath her and extending her arm.

The stranger didn't even move away as her hand wrapped around his neck and choked him. He merely chuckled at her as if she were a baby chick learning how to walk, "So this is how you're going to play…. Interesting… This is quite interesting…."

"Get out of my sight," ordered the girl as she gritted her teeth.

"Hahahahahaha! Is this how will it turn out? Are you simply going to throw away the game like this? This is simply amazing, you know?" laughed the Rabbit Head as he spread his arms to either side as black miasma began to gather around only to be kept at bay by the shining red light which the girl emitted.

"What are you on about, you freak?"

The stranger turned is soulless gaze at her and replied, "Oh, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to him, Nicolas…."

Dia froze for a moment once the horrible voice returned and the murderous air around the stranger began to gather up once more.

"One thing I hate most… Is losing," raising his hand, he conjured up a sphere of transparent light which released a beam of unholy power.

The red haired girl tried to shield herself but it was already too late….

That was… until a purple barrier expanded right in front of her…

And a hand grabbed her own and forced her to look to the other way. She found Dom drawing his free hand backwards and gave her a slap.

The sharp sound of flesh being hit pierced through the roar of laser fire against energy shield behind them. The chaos behind them halted as Iris Heart dashed forward to engage the Rabbit Head. Dia was still to shocked to find her best friend in front of her all while feeling her cheek go numb.

"Are. You. Retarded?!" he roared.


The stranger had his index finger extended in front of him as he was protected by a red and black globe of raw power. The CPU assaulting him gave it her all, using her god-like speed and agility to land hit after hit upon the barrier in hopes to deal some damage to her newfound opponent.

Lightning and raw Share Energy danced in the air as Iris Heart dashed backwards and zigzagged her way to her front.

"So it's true then! What the Creator warned me about! You're the one behind all of this, you damned rabbit!" snapped the Goddess as she wrecked the landscape with her devastating attacks and ferocious movements.

"Plutia… So nice to see you. How's Neptune doing? I hope you didn't mind me borrowing her body back then," chuckled Rabbit Head as he didn't even bother to shield himself and opted to dodge and dance through the waves of slices the CPU's whip sword threw around, "How does it feel like being that person's puppet? Don't you get it, Plutia? The Creator's been lying to you this entire time! You will never gain your happy ending!"

He planted his foot on the ground and entered Iris Heart's guard, his mask just inches away from the Goddess' face. That was when his white gloved hand grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off her feet.

"Don't you understand? Any world he touches suffers from great catastrophes…" continued the Rabbit Head.

"Is that so~? Then wouldn't that be the same for you?!" Iris Heart slammed her sword on the ground and shattered through it, causing a dark abyss to gaze right back at her. tensing, she raised her sword up to defend herself from a vicious kick before being blown backwards as if she were hit by an asteroid.

Brushing dust from his tuxedo, the stranger walked over the hole the Goddess made and replied, "Indeed… That's just who were are. Creator and Destroyer, coexisting to bring about Progress to various universes that have gone stagnant. We're beings that incite action on the universe's part and allow its residents to fight, to prove that they worthy to exist. There could never be true 'Peace', the multiverse is a mixture of conflicts which inspires life to thrive and disappear."

He turned his gaze towards the two friends beyond him as he continued, "It is my job to cause those conflicts. The Creator is more or less a collective consciousness created to be my counterpart, but we are more or less peas from the same pod. Whether you follow him or me, you will always be part of this cycle. This world, this story, even right now this is all a part of one great cycle that has spanned for eons on end. So that's why I'm glad for your decision, Dia. You took the initiative to create your own ending! And ending you so dearly desired completely out of my or His expectations! Well done!"

Dom approached the fallen Goddess and helped her up on her feet, "Get up, you need to kick that guy's ass. His voice is killing my brain."

"I hope you meant that in a figurative manner," huffed the CPU as she stood up straight and summoned back her sword, "But to tell you the truth, I can't do anything about him the way I am. Not without help. He's out of my league."

"That's pretty horrifying coming from you but…" the boy turned his gaze back at the stranger and said, "What the hell is he talking about? And why does it seem like you Goddesses know more than you let on?"

"Well lookie here, looks like you're not capable of knowing everything," even when beaten down and cast aside like a fly, the Goddess still had the guts to smirk arrogantly.

The boy moved away from the CPU and stomped his way towards the masked man. Probably a stupid move but he needed answers, "Just what the hell is going on here?

"Something amazing, Adrian Dom," replied Rabbit Head, "This sure takes me back… How many times does this meeting make? Three hundred seventy eight thousand and nine hundred twenty three meetings? I believe I already spoke to you in one World just a few hours ago…"

"You're not making any sense, so out with it," snapped Dom.

"Dom, get back he's dangerous!" warned Dia but her best friend only raised a hand at her to stop.

"Shut it, Dia, I'm trying to make this guy talk," growled the boy before addressing the stranger, "Three questions: One, is this some kind of conspiracy? Two, what am I? And three, do you have any intention of helping us without fucking us over..?"

One heartbeat, two heartbeats, three heartbeats passed as the Rabbit Head set his sights on the boy.

Finally, he raised a single finger which made Iris Heart get ready to protect Dom in case and Dia letting the Distortion Manifest's power take over her.

"First… Yes. This is a game between me and the Creator, two sides which determine the fate of the world with use of pieces much like chess. My pieces could be anything, man, beast, elemental, god, a force of nature or otherwise… This pieces make up the Distortion Phenomena," replied the stranger as his other finger rose up, "Seconds… You are the Creator's main piece. In other words, you're his main weapon against me, the Distortion Phenomena, and whatever shit I can throw. The people you meet, your 'allies' are things you have to work to get. You're just a part of another game, but this time, you're not the player… You're the one who bleeds and dies while the one who controls you sits back in the safety of his home… You're already a part of this since He made you a part of Him."

Finally, the Rabbit Head raised one finger and finished, "And thirdly, no."

The white void shattered and the dark miasma flooded in, spreading like the plague and tainting the white world with darkness. The floor cracked and broke into pieces, almost causing Dia to fall to oblivion had Iris Heart no caught her, "I told you didn't I? But did you listen? No!"

"This has nothing to do with you!" cried the red haired girl as she held on with her remaining arm.

"Keep blabbing, I'm going to punish you hard when we're done here!" snapped the Goddess as she flew towards the boy, "I guess… You really are not cut out to be one of us… You really are different."

Dom ignored the collapsing world and kept his gaze on the Rabbit Head before him.

"Right… So I don't have a chance to compromise. You're something I can't hope to deal with. Something in my head just told me that," he muttered indifferently as the ground beneath him disappeared and he began to fall. The CPU behind him zipped past and took him by the arm, though he still kept his eyes on the man in black.

The stranger looked up at him and replied, "It's called memory assimilation. Once you transcend the mere shackles of being a Piece then I'll talk to you once more. But for now… Try and make it out of here alive…"

A curtain of black smoke swirled from his feet and wrapped around his body before disappearing. Dom, Iris Heart, and Dia all continued to rise in the air and race towards the remaining white areas while they escaped the black oblivion behind them.

"Hold on to me!" barked the CPU and the two friends did as they were told. The thing that was supposed to be the sky got closer and closer while the three of their body was then wrapped in an aura of pure raw power.

The next thing the two knew was that fresh air hit them like a torrent of water and the scent of the sea invaded their sense of smell. Apparently, the Goddess they were hanging on had released them while she shot off into the distance like a pink bullet tearing across the air. Dom fell and he noted how this was the second time he went sky diving in just a few hours but dismissed the thought as he positioned himself so that he would approach his best friend.

He caught her by the waist and they both fell, at the edge of his vision, he saw a purple explosion go off at the distance followed by flashes of red and purple dancing in the air.

"Some weird year this was," he sighed as the waters approached at the speed of a train.

Dia was silent for a moment before her voice sounded above him, "Well… It was interesting…"



Someone grabbed Dom by the back of his clothes and pulled him away. The same happened to Dia only that he found out that the one who caught her was Ram. He glanced behind him and saw Rom giving him a smile as she easily carried him down towards a metal bridge where the others were at. From above, he made out the figures of Vert and Noire resting on it in the middle of the road.

They landed a moment later and he couldn't help but talk to his best friend, "You okay there?"

"Been better," grunted the red haired girl as she stumbled forward.

"Adrian, Dia… Looks like you two made it out all right," commented Noire before turning her gaze back at the Distortion Manifest's monstrous form, "Too bad turning that thing inside out didn't work, huh?"

"We got bigger problems to deal with. Mainly that thing that keeps trying to kill us," noted Vert as she pointed her battered hand at the sky.

Dia and Dom gazed upwards where the red demon and the Purple Goddesses danced the song of death.

The enemy now wielded two elongated blades and was sporting a pair of wings made out of pure scarlet similar to the Goddesses. Its entire body was pure black with an angry red aura seeping out of its entire being. Its skin fizzled similar to a broken image of a television's reception yet the twisted grin it had on its lips remained the same. It radiated an air of superiority despite having cuts and chunks of its body taken out.

On the other end were the two CPUs breathing hard. Iris Heart who had immediately engaged the enemy after fighting a being that had enough power to destroy worlds didn't look worse for wear despite being banged up with her wounds dissolving into white light. She still had that stupid smile and slanted eyes on her face but her sword hand was shaking.

Purple Heart wasn't faring any better, her wings were damaged, she had lost on of her braids, cuts were on her back, shoulder and arms as well as the side of her left cheek and her remaining braid had unfurled. She had been fighting that thing for the past twenty minutes yet it didn't seem like either of them were gaining the upper hand.

The red demon cackled cruelly before bursting forward.

The battle commenced.

Iris Heart met with the first blow and retreated before the second one even landed where she switched with Purple Heart who attacked with two consecutive strikes. The first slash was blocked while the other was evaded, the red demon twirled to slash horizontally to which the first Goddess pushed the second back and formed a shield. The enemy hadn't expected that and staggered, the CPU of the Hyperdimension rose from below with an upward slash.

The red demon backed away but was given no chance to recover by Iris Heart, forced to defend itself with its blades and counter. The sound of steel, wind, and the hum of energy hung in the air as the three beings fought on equal footing.

Both Goddesses gradually increased their speed and began hitting harder and faster. Soon, they were beginning to make cut and gashes appear on the enemy's skin and body but all too shallow to cause enough damage for it to give up. Even when they were both working together as one entity, the red demon was still capable of holding on its own against them.

Just as it was about to get overwhelmed, it powered up two slashes which both Goddesses caught and creating a recoil which pushed it back. In that split second, its chest lit up in a bright red orb before letting loose a concentrated beam of crimson light.

Purple Heart kicked Iris Heart away but her leg was caught in the blast and was obliterated leaving her with only her right. She didn't falter and continued flying and dodging all while putting some distance between her and the enemy. Iris Heart Charge forward and deflected anything that came in her way, stopping five feet short of the enemy and somersaulting above where it focused on hitting her in vain.

She dashed side to side before crashing her sword unto the enemy which was blocked. The red demon used its other sword to block the next attack from Purple Heart and forced the two Goddesses to back off. It released a sphere of pure energy which threatened to tear apart anything it touched but it was easily sliced apart by the Goddesses before the Hyperdimension CPU charged.

She slammed her sword with all her might against the enemy and sent it flying before using her god-like speed to intercept it. It blocked but she sent it flying upwards once more where Iris Heart waited with a transparent sphere before her.

The red demon was then bombarded by laser fire and got pushed back as it defended itself with a barrier.

That was when Purple Heart came in and slashed.

The Goddess' sword cut true and deep into the enemy but at the cost of her arm getting sliced. Nevertheless she didn't stop, she pulled off a move which she had complete confidence that would vanquish her enemy.


It was far from over… Dom watched as the two Goddesses above finish off the one who murdered their friends with one final attack. He glanced at his watch and found that there was less than twenty minutes left until the merge and Reality would still collapse on itself despite everything they had done. He took a step back and leaned on the bridge's railing while clutching his throbbing head. He didn't exactly where everything was going but the end of the world was still happening and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

If the Distortion Manifest could be destroyed in time then there would be the chance but such a thing was impossible. Four Goddesses died and six remained, two low on Share Energy and are in critical condition, two barely beating a being that could stand up against them even at their full power, and a pair of children who were both exhausted from fighting the abomination and healing their comrades.

Nineteen minutes left until the merge…

"Damn… So this is it, huh?" he mumbled with a grimace, "Even after all that shit, it's useless…"

"Dom…" Dia lowered her gaze as she faltered, "Don't say that…"

Eighteen minutes until the merge….

Purple Heart was being carried by Iris Heart as they landed on the bridge, Noire getting up on her feet and running towards the Hyperdimension Goddess as she was laid down on the road.

"Neptune! Neptune wake up!" she called out as her own body turned transparent for a moment.

Purple Heart half closed eyes turned to Lastation CPU and smiled, "I'll be okay. Don't worry."

Iris Heart reverted from her HDD form and turned into a little girl dressed in a strange pajama-esque clothes with a Neptune doll hanging in her hand as she approached the two friends.

"Dummy, we need to talk," said Plutia with an uncharacteristically firm tone and wide awake eyes, "it's about the Distortion Manifest…"

The boy immediately turned his gaze at her and stepped forward, "What? You got a plan?"

Seventeen Minutes until the merge….

The ground shook and the waves lapped up on the bridge they were all on as they all turned their attention on the Distortion Manifest's colossal body. There was much activity going on with its tails and torso, almost like it was trying to twist its body. Raising its wing like arms, they all caught a glimpse of its red eyes opening and shining brightly which was then followed by a shriek.

The group covered their ears to block out the noise.

All except Dia.

Plutia shook her head lightly to regain her bearings before replying, "I…. Well… Yes… We can work it out I… Think~?"

"That's not reassuring and why the hell is that thing looking like it's going to face us?" questioned the boy as he pointed at the Distortion Manifest having turned towards them completely.

All of them felt a great deal of pressure passing them as the thing's sudden actions. It raised its barbed tails similar to how a snake would strike its prey.

Sixteen minutes until the merge….

"All right you brat, what do you need?" barked Dom before making sure to grab Dia once he saw Plutia running away.

The purple headed girl looked back while running just fifty feet from the others before stopping. She gave the two friends a sweeping look before tilting her head and speaking on her usual sleepy tone, "I think we should call in the cavalry~. That's the only way we could stand a chance…. We have a few minutes left so please activate the Page…"

The boy stared at her in surprise, "Is that even possible? I already used the Page once earlier and I don't think—"

The Goddess' form began to shine and she smiled, "It will."

"You're planning on doing something stupid, aren't you?" muttered Dia, speaking for the first time in the past minutes, "Some kind of hypocrite you are…"

"Wait, hold on, you're acquainted?" questioned Dom with an incredulous look.

"In my dreams, she visits occasionally," replied the red haired girl before walking towards the Goddess and grabbing her by the shoulders, "You're okay with using your own life for your friends and yet you won't let me—"

"That's because you're a good person," cut off Plutia with a smile.

Fifteen minutes until the merge…

Dom looked back and found a colossal tail diving down to kill them, "HEY WATCH OUT!"


Just before the tail could collapse on them it suddenly came to a halt. A gust of wind was kicked up from the instance the tail stopped in mid-air. Dom felt his heart pound as he was stuck frozen in the middle of trying to push the two girls away. He was sure back then that there was no escaping that thing once he noticed it but it stopped for some reason.

Looking behind him he found his best friend sporting a bright red glow around her body.

At the edge of his vision he could see the other Goddesses running towards their position to see what was going on.

Making his choice, he tried calling out to his best friend, "Dia, are you okay—"

"I have an answer for those conditions," echoed the red haired girl's voice as she held on the Planeptune Goddess who merely stared at her unfazed, "I'll be a hero…. I'll be a hero regardless of those conditions… I'll save everyone…"

With a worried tone, the boy tried to say his friend's name once more, "Dia!"

"Dom won't be the one crossing the line," said Dia her green eyes shining, "I will…"

"Is that what you really want?" questioned Plutia with her head cocked to the side.

Dom ran for his friend as he got a bad feeling about this. He reached for her but was blown away by a mysterious force he couldn't see. He landed in the pavement groaning.

Dia raised her hand and said, "Yes. If you're going to sacrifice your life anyway, then let me have it!"

Ten minutes until the merge….

The red haired girl's palm went through the Planeptune CPU's chest, Plutia bearing a smirk on her lips as this was all happening.

The boy stared in shock as he was powerless to prevent this. He got up, pulling the Page out of his pocket and his eyes turning shining purple as he dashed towards his best friend. Hands made out of pure energy were conjured beneath Dia's feet and restrained him.

Everything was blur in the next few moments.

The world was dyed red, the sky, the waters, the Distortion Manifest's massive body even his vision turned red. That was when he saw the strings burst from Dia's back and connect themselves to every piece of matter they could reach. The familiar diseased veins from a few hours ago returned and began to climb up Dia's neck, her green eyes turning dark orange as she lifted Plutia's body and drained it of every ounce of Share Energy until nothings was left.

In the place of the Goddess' form was a single CPU core, a dark violet crystal.

She turned her gaze at her friend whom was glaring daggers at her and snarling, "What the fuck was that for?! What the hell did you—"

"I don't need it… The power, the end of the world, I'll save everyone and everything," Dia spoke in the same voice Dom was familiar with but he was sure that the one talking wasn't even his best friend. He could only watch as she approached him and continued talking, "You won't have to leave, you won't have to fight, you'll never be their Piece again… I won't let them toy with you anymore."

"Dia, seriously let me go!" roared the boy as he looked as if he could rip the girl apart if released, "Shut up! Just shut your fucking trap and let me kill you, you dumb bitch!"

"You're no hero… You can't save anyone…" Dia smiled as her crimson hair shined, her face began to crack as the amount of Share Energy became unstable. The pavement cracked and the winds went wild. The girl only continued smiling as she said, "I'll take your place. With that, you won't have to be a hero anymore."

"You're insane!" yelled Dom as his eyes shined bright purple and the Page glowed brighter and brighter.

The girl moved away from him and pointed her hand at the Distortion Manifest, "Collapse…."

The monstrous colossus then had millions and millions of strings converging into one thick rope which entered Dia's hand and fed her more and more energy. Soon, chunks and pieces of the abomination began to fall and sink into the sea. A loud groaning noise echoed all around followed by a gargantuan splash which sent up waves.

The other Goddesses reached the two best friends and realized what was going on.

Vert summoned her spear and cut the boy's bonds and let him fall to the floor.

Dia swept her hand into the air and the CPU of Leanbox was thrown into the air.

Growling, Dom and ran towards the red haired girl once more only to be caught by his throat, "You... bitch…"

"To save the world… I must purge it… Then I'll make a new one…" muttered the red haired girl as she brought her face close to the boy's, "What are you so angry about, Adrian? I'll be your friend again, this time for real. You won't have to doubt me. You can trust me again, we can live normal lives together. I'll be human again…. You can bring whoever you want with you too, the Goddesses, your family, your friends… This would all be possible after I release my energy… So I'll have you sleep for now…"

"No…" hissed Dom as he reached within his pocket and took out a blank piece of paper, "I won't let you… drag anyone else…"

Dia's eyes widened as she realized what he was planning.

"Face it, Dia. You can never win against me when it comes to being smart," growled the boy as the Page began to shine, "Sucks that you have air for brains, you bitch…Everyone, now!"

The remaining Goddesses took up his gamble and poured most of their energies into the Page up to the brim until shined brightly. Beneath Dom, a pathway to an unknown location opened leading to a white void. He grabbed on Dia just as he was about to fall so they would go together.

Weightlessness took over and he let go of the Page before the portal could be closed.

That was the last time he ever saw the outer world ever again.

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{Gold trophy:[Green Eyes] "Control…."}


He didn't know how much time has passed but he was fairly certain that it had gone by a very long time… He sighed as he sat at the edge of the circular platform and stared into the empty space. He was trapped in an isolated dimension though not alone, he wasn't comfortable at the slightest. No matter how much time would pass by, he would never get used to the situation he had brought himself into.

To stop someone he cared for from completely obliterating his old world, he destroyed his remaining bridge connecting back to his home and trapped himself and his former friend into the isolated dimension so that she would be cut off from her power and be reverted back to her former self.

However there were some complications….

He stood up from the spot he sat on and walked to the center of the platform. Encased within a purple cube was a girl with crimson hair, apparently bearing a sleeping appearance while trapped. The moment she entered the dimension, the residual energy within said dimension clustered around her and solidified which quickly imprisoned her before she could even do anything.

Hence her current appearance…

"Hmph, so you're here again, huh?" griped a tomboyish voice from behind him.

"It's not like I have anywhere to go. It's been, what, years since I've last seen what the sun looks like? Staring at him is the only thing I could do to kill time until I find a way out," replied the boy with an indifferent tone, staring at the ground which reflected his bright green eyes.

Floating in front of him was a tiny girl in a black dress sitting on what seemed to be a book, "Oh, right, I keep forgetting that you're not 'you'. "

"How could you forget when I'm basically the only one you could talk to, Croire," snarked the boy as he turned his gaze at the Tome, "And what are you talking about? I am me. I'm the normal me as I can be."

"But didn't you say you wanted to become 'him'? And my, I never expected you to actually do it, Dia," giggled Croire from her book above the boy's head.

His green eyes flashing, the boy glanced at the half closed eyes of the girl within the cube. A faint purple light was distinguishable through the girl's cube prison.

"Don't worry Dom, I'm finally going to be free," muttered the boy as he ran his hand across the cube. A tear between the fabric of reality appeared behind him which opened up to a desolate world. Speaking once more, he said his parting words, "I'll live up to your name… And no one will suspect a thing…"

Nicolas Notes:

I watched as the boy heaved and breathed hard in anguish as he continued repeating his words over and over again going, "Why? Why do I keep screwing up?! What the fuck am I doing wrong?!"

Dom punched the ground as I sighed while observing him. He really was clueless about these kind of things which made him an idiot. While he was indeed a perceptive young man capable of remarkable feats, when it comes to time like this he was completely helpless.

And I had no intention of lending any more aid until he earns it.

"I did everything, everything I could this time! I used my brain, my courage, my plans everything! But why the fuck would it end like that?" he cursed himself and basically everything he knew. Like an artist starving for inspiration, he was in wits end, "It always go to shit… damn, damn, damn it all!"

"Well look at it this way, the very least the Rabbit Head won't interfere anymore," I said, though I wasn't really comforting him at the very least. I was merely stating facts on what problems he had overcome and making that rabbit bastard go away was amazing enough in my book. Still, he couldn't appreciate that and continued on thinking.

"Can I really save her..? Could I really save anyone? Hey… Nick…. Am I really some hero or are you just playing bullshit with me?" he then turned to me with a look of confusion.

Honestly, this idiot…. "I have no say in this, Dummy. Contrary to what the Rabbit Head had said to you in this route, I could only interfere indirectly. Your actions, choices, and decisions are your own. Outside the system he and I created, I am powerful, I can kill an Outer God with my bear hands and be none worse for wear. But even I'm bound by rules. I'm not as free willed as he implied I am to be. But you, you're the powerful one. You're the hero, you can basically do whatever you want. I make the world and you mold it… simple as that…"

The boy was silent so I used this chance to continue.

"You have the power to save the world or destroy it. Those are your only possibilities… So tell me Dom, this is your last life, what will you do now?"