So I've only recently just caught with Grey's Anatomy and to be honest, I'm one of the people who will never EVER get over Slexie's death. So here's my take on the plane crash, and hopefully the road to recover in future chapters. Reviews please?

Lexie's head was spinning and weighed down at the same time. All she could remember was a crash – the leather seat she held onto so tightly, struggling with the seat belt, Mark's eyes as he looked back and met hers, the loud crash, breaking off, and she was flying. She was flying and she was falling and then it all went dark.

And then came the pain. Lexie gasped, only to choke on something warm and tangy like – only she realized it was blood because she could remember how blood tasted like. She tasted blood, not her own, when Mark's patient's carotid artery burst, Nick. Even when Lexie had managed to control the bleed, he still bled out, he still died.

Lexie spat out the blood and gasped, fluttering her eyes open. Her right hand moved around her, over the leaves and soil and dirt until they felt something, metal. She grasped it and took a deep breath, closing her eyes, trying to recognize the foreign object – except it wasn't all that foreign, it was the seat belt. Lexie lifted her head a little to look down at herself, before she let out a whimper. All she could see was metal, everywhere. She was crushed, and she couldn't exactly feel her legs. Lexie tried to sit up, to drag herself out from under whatever she was under, but her left arm wouldn't respond. Lexie fell back and her head stared ahead. She could see more debris ahead. Lexie curled her hand around the seat belt and shakily lifted her hand to hit it against the metal above her.

Then she heard it – someone was coming her way, well, more than one someone. Lexie let the metal clink to the ground as her hand dropped limply to her side. She took quick, shallow breaths and looked up when she saw the navy scrub pants. A weak smile broke onto her face when she saw Mark perch down, and she saw Meredith and Cristina over his shoulder, "I knew…you'd show up.." Lexie breathed out weakly, and her own voice scared her.

"How is she?" She heard Meredith's voice demand as Mark touched her neck.

"She's awake and responsive! But she's tachycardiac. We need to get her out of here." Mark yelled over his shoulder and Cristina knelt down beside Mark, "Lexie, Lexie…tell me…how are you feeling?"

Lexie stared up at Cristina and understood exactly what she needed. She glanced up again and took a deep breath, barely, then started, "My pelvis and legs are crushed, I can't feel my left arm…not sure if it's even there anymore…and..I can…barely breathe…It's possibly a massive hemothorax.." Lexie whispered weakly before she coughed up some more blood and ran her tongue over her teeth, only to feel them broken at sharp edges – so she wasn't coughing up blood from inside, just her mouth. That was…almost a relief.

"We need to put in a chest tube before she arrests." Cristina muttered as she wriggled out and looked up at Mark, "We need to get her out." Mark whispered desperately and looked down at Lexie again, who stared at him, and her eyes drifted up to Meredith's who was still lingering over Mark's shoulder.


Everyone turned back, and Meredith gasped, "Derek!" Her sister ran towards her husband, before she heard a thud and she could only guess that Derek had collapsed. "Is he…Is he okay?" Lexie whispered as she strained her neck to see anything before she looked up at Mark. Cristina got up, "I'm going back to the plane. I'll try to find us something to use for a chest tube. You need it." Cristina looked down at Lexie and the twenty-nine year old gulped before nodding a little. Cristina looked up at Mark, "Figure out a way to get her out from underneath that thing." Cristina ordered before she took a deep breath, "Pop my shoulder back in." Cristina muttered and Mark frowned before he stood up again, and Lexie shut her eyes tightly just in time when Cristina screamed.

Lexie whimpered a little as Mark knelt down again and reached forward to wipe away her tears, "Hey, hey…it's going to be okay. We are all going to get out of her, you and I, and we'll be fine, okay?"

Lexie stared at him momentarily and blinked once, her body begging to be let go of the pain she was feeling. "Lexie, don't you dare close your eyes." Mark muttered as he grabbed her hand and held it tightly, "I love you…" Mark nodded quickly and Lexie chuckled a little, "You don't have to say it just because..I ..did.."

"I do..I do love you. I've always been in love with you. I'll always be in love with you." Mark whispered, and she could see the tears collecting at the corners of his eyes. So she smiled and struggled for a breath, "Really?" Lexie whispered, and even when she felt that she couldn't breathe, she could still feel her heart skip a beat.

"Yeah. Which is why you have to stay alive. We can get married, and you're going to become an amazing surgeon." Mark nodded quickly and Lexie smiled, "That's…nice."

"And we're going to have 2 or 3 kids." Lexie smiled at that, "So Sofia could..have siblings."

"Yeah, a sister and two brothers. We're going to be happy, Lex. You and me, we're going to have the best lives, Lexie. You and me. We're going to be so happy. So you can't die, okay ? You can't die. Because we're supposed to end up together. We're meant to be." Once Mark was done speaking, Lexie could feel herself trying to keep the sobs held within her. She nodded slowly at Mark and held his hand as tightly as she possibly could. "I..I will try.." Lexie whispered and Mark nodded once before he got up again, "I need a branch…I need a branch or something! This thing must have broken something as it went down!"

Mark was searching desperately for something to prop against the rock so he could lift that thing off Lexie's leg – that thing being the plane's tail.

Cristina came back with a duffel filled with practically everything, and Lexie watched as they treated Derek, closing her eyes when she heard Derek's muffled painful screams. Lexie talked from time to time, no matter how hard it was, to keep herself awake. She had to stay awake. She couldn't die – no one was going to die. They were all going to be okay.

Mark was dragging something across the dirt. When Lexie blinked, it turned out to be the bathroom door. "Yang! Help me shove this underneath the tail!" Mark called out as he dragged a rock beneath it. It was just like a seesaw – and hopefully that door would lift it for enough time to drag Lexie from underneath the tail.

Meredith was, and even Derek was up to help. Cristina and Derek would use their good arms to drag Lexie out whilst Mark and Meredith put all their weight on the door to lift the tail off Lexie's body. Lexie knew relieving the pressure would simply mean a whole new level of pain and complications, but she would fight through it.

"One…two…three!" Lexie could the metal relieve off her legs, and she let out a gasped because as the blood rushed through her lower body, it was nothing but agony. Cristina hooked her arm around Lexie's chest whilst Derek held onto her shoulder and steadied her head as they pulled her out quickly. Lexie couldn't even believe it worked until she was completely beneath the sky.

"My god…her arm.." She heard Meredith whispered her voice horrid. Lexie gasped, her breathing was harder than it was before, and she couldn't ask whether her arm was there or not. Lexie felt someone rip her scrub shirt open, and she felt the knife pierce into her skin and dig in deep. She could hear herself screaming, she could feel Derek's hand on her shoulder to keep her down. She could feel the tube going into her chest…she could feel it. And the pressure was gone, and she could breathe again. Someone strapped a breathing mask to her mouth. Lexie opened her eyes, now that her head was clearer, her breathing easier, she could see Mark hovering above her. "Mark.." She whispered and he smiled a little, "We got it in Lex…can you breathe better?"

Lexie nodded once and closed her eyes, only to open them again when Meredith protested against Lexie trying to sleep. She sighed glanced around her, "I wanna go home.." Lexie whispered and met her sister's gaze. Meredith sighed and brushed Lexie's hair back, "We'll go home, and you'll be fine. " Meredith whispered before she got up, "Cristina, you need to put your hand in a sling. Lexie's too…I need the seat's covering." Meredith got up and almost started back towards the crash, until until thud sounded off. Lexie glanced sideways to see Mark on the ground. "Mark..Mark.." She whimpered, panicking. Cristina knelt beside him immediately and ripped his shirt apart, "Oh god.."

Lexie looked up as Meredith and Derek rushed beside Cristina, and all Lexie could do was stare at them. Lexie reached over, her hand finding Mark's, "Mark…Mark…don't dare die…" Lexie threatened weakly.

"It's a…cardiac tamponade..75% sure…no…70%" Cristina muttered as she glanced around. Derek and Meredith exchanged worried looks, "Only 70 percent?" Meredith complained. "Well, if you want me to be sure, get me an ultrasound."

"How are we even going to drain the pericardium?" Cristina looked around helplessly, "We don't even have an 18 gage spinal needle."

"Here. Spin the lid off." Derek help up a deodorant spray and Cristina did as told, "Oh brilliant, that's brilliant." She muttered, should it be in amazement or sarcasm, she didn't know. "Mer, sanitize this…and the knife." Cristina whispered, and she guided Meredith through. When the knife pierced into Mark's chest, she heard him let out a strangled moan, and her hand held his tightly. "It's going to be okay, Mark. I need you to hold still." Derek muttered as he held Mark down.

"Push it in, Meredith. Deeper." Cristina muttered, and then blood was everywhere. "Okay, that's okay, you got it." Cristina let out a relieved sigh, and Mark fluttered his eyes open, tilting his head sideways to stare at Lexie. She smiled a little, "Hi.." Lexie whispered, and she could feel Mark's hand curl around hers.

"We need to move back to the plane. Arizona's there, she can't move." Cristina said as she glanced around, "We need to find a way to drag them back." Cristina muttered under her breath and both she and Meredith got up to search. Lexie's eyes wandered around momentarily and she felt Derek sit down beside them, his eyes fixed on where Lexie's arm should be.

"Is it..gone? Is my arm not there?" Lexie whispered as she met Derek's gaze momentarily, who shook his head. "It's intact. It's just…well, I know for sure that Jackson and Callie will work a lot on it when we get home." Derek muttered as he ran his good hand over Lexie head and brushed her hair back, "But you will be fine." Derek smiled a bit at her before he looked up at the sky.

"Zola won't lose her parents, you know." Lexie mumbled under her breath. "We're all going..to be just.." Lexie voice trailed away as spasms ran through her body, and her eyes rolled back into her head. She couldn't hear much really, not for a very long time. But when she came around, Meredith's arm was around her. "Mer.." Lexie started, but she couldn't go on when she heard Meredith's sob.

"Oh god, Lexie, don't ever do that again." Meredith gasped between her sobs and Lexie frowned a little. Her eyes wandered over to Cristina who sighed once, "You seized." Cristina mouthed and Lexie lifted her brow – a seizure? That definitely was not good. That only meant her brain was bleeding somewhere, and the more the bleed got bigger, the worse the seizure may get and…eventually they could kill her. Lexie's eyes drifted sideways and met Derek's, and she saw the dim realization on his face, only confirming her worst fears.

"Mer, help me roll him on the blanket." Cristina muttered, and Lexie glanced sideways at Mark who was staring her through tired eyes. She smiled a little, but she knew he could see past that, because suddenly his eyes frozen in terror too. Lexie nodded slowly and looked up at Derek once he spoke, "I'm staying with Lexie until you come back to move her too. You'll need the extra hand."

Once Meredith and Cristina were out of ear shot, Derek leaned closer and used his index finger and thumb to pull at Lexie's lids and check her eyes. "Your pupils are dilated." He muttered after he checked the other eye, "How heavy does your head feel?"

"Heavy." Lexie mumbled and swallowed thickly, "How long would you give me?" Lexie asked, cutting through bushed. Derek stared down at her and swallowed thickly, "A day or two…and it would be better if you didn't at all fall asleep." Derek nodded at her once and Lexie took a deep breath before she nodded slowly, and looked up at Meredith and Cristina as they ran back up the hill.

"Okay, we'll need to not move her legs or back at all. We don't know how injured she is." Cristina muttered and used the door they'd originally lifted the plane's tail off Lexie with and dragged it to set it beside where Lexie was, spreading the blanket over it, "We need to slide this beneath her, and we need to pick it up. We can't drag her across the ground like Mark." Cristina nodded towards Meredith and Derek held Lexie's head up as they slid the door beneath her upper body first, then beneath her legs. Lexie was gritting her teeth all the while – simply nudging her made her want to yell out in pain.

"I'll hold this end, and you hold the other one with Derek." She heard Meredith say as she moved to stand at Lexie's feet. "Okay, one…two…three.." And she could hear them all grunt in unison as they lifted her. Lexie blinked once, the feeling of being suspended in the air being a slight scare to her before she braced herself as they moved back to the plane's debris.

"Is she okay?" She heard Arizona say and Lexie smiled a little, she could use one of Arizona's smiles or maybe just her face to brighten up. Lexie was set down just beside Mark and Meredith spread the blankets they had left over them. Lexie blinked once as she found Mark's eyes and their hands connected again beneath the blankets, "Are..you okay?" Mark whispered and Lexie nodded slowly. They stared at each other- all they could really do was stare at each other, that's what they needed to stay awake.

The night time dawned on them too quickly, and despite all the blankets they were huddled beneath, Lexie was still shivering.

"I'd hold you now…and keep you warm." Mark said and Lexie smiled, "Soon." Was all she managed to say. Cristina and Meredith were counting hours, knowing that someone should have noticed their lack or presence. Derek kept checking on her from time to time, looking helpless each time around. But Lexie wasn't thinking about it – not about her injuries or about the crash.

"Was that…a proposal?" Lexie asked and lifted a brow, letting a weak smile flutter at the corners of her mouth. "What you said back there, was that a proposal?"

And she could see the effect of her word's on Mark's face immediately. His eyes brightened up – for a moment she saw the sparkle in his eyes, the one he always had before he cracked a dirty joke. "If it was…would you have…said yes?"

"Yeah." Lexie nodded briefly, and Mark smiled at her – what she knew was the broadest he could manage right now, "I would kiss you."

"Soon." She answered, and then they could hear a helicopter.

It was all chaos afterwards. Derek and Meredith were searching for the fire gun, and Cristina was searching for the sparks they charged it with under the instructions of the pilot, who had broken his back possibly beyond repair if they were ever found. The helicopter almost faded away when she heard the fire gun shoot out the spark that was supposed to light the night sky above them, and it did, because Lexie was momentarily blinded by it. For a moment, they all almost lost hope – but when the chopper's volume drew nearer, she could hear Derek's yell of joy. The chopper's light fell almost directly down at them, and Lexie turned her face away to protect her eyes.

Then someone descended from the helicopter and assessed all of their injuries and identified all of them before he talked into a walkie talkie of sorts, "Tell the hospital to send in another helicopter, we've got multiple critical injuries here." Then he turned to Derek, "We're going to take you to Boise General." Derek and Meredith hugged, Cristina hugged Arizona – of all people and Mark stared at Lexie as his hand squeezed hers.

The first helicopter took Cristina, Arizona, Meredith and the pilot. Derek stayed with her and Mark until the second one came and put them on stretchers. The helicopter was in a clearing, the nearest clearing to the crash. Their plane crashed in the Boise National Forest, deep within, which is why the crash had gone undetected. Lexie's hand never let go of Mark's, and she could feel Derek's hand on her shoulder as the helicopter took off.

Lexie's tears fell down along her temples. Despite the fact that they still had a long road ahead of them each with their own injuries to recover from, they were saved. They were all alive, and they were saved.