Ok so before I start, this is my first fan fiction!

It is set in America about the same time that Puella Magi Madoka Magica is set.

Disclaimer: I do not own PMMM only my ideas :)


"Katrina, what wish would you like to make, to become a Puella Magi?"

"I want all of this pain...all this suffering an sadness...to be a dream. I wish it was all a dream! An illusion! I wish all of this was never real! Just something that I can wake up from. I'm tired of seeing these horrible things about myself. I wish it was all an illusion."

"Is this your final decision? Even though you will loose all the friends you have made here? None of them will remember you. To them, it would be like you never existed."


One, two, three...

"Your wish has been granted. Katrina, you are now a Puella Magi!"

The rain fell down, hard. Katrina stumbled out of the alley, weighed down by her burden. She just couldn't leave her friend's body in a place like that. She had to put it somewhere where someone could find it.

She choose a park. She set Mary's body underneath a big oak tree. The girl was cold and lifeless. Her perfect hair was messy and out of place, her eyes gazed into nothingness.

Karina fell onto her knees next to Mary. She shook with horror and sadness of what she had just witnessed. She felt her eyes fill with tears and she wept for her friend. They had been partners, defeating witches, bringing justice. Everything had been good, but Mary had wished for the happiness of a loved one. According to the earthly laws, to create, something of equal value must be lost. Mary was such a fool.

"It was always meant to be," an annoyingly sweet voice said next to Katrina. Kyubey.

"Get away from me you creep! You did this to her! You did this to all of us! The witches we fight are really-" Katrina stopped herself before going on, to afraid to say what she was thinking.

"It's how life is...it's all about balance."

"Screw balance! Go to hell you little rat!" Katrina screamed. And with that she ran. Afraid of her future. Afraid for other girls. Afraid for everything.

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