Iris lay on the floor of her bedroom, staring at the blank, white ceiling above her. It was a plain room with nothing special in it. Her walls were a blue color and she had a desk, a nightstand, a bed, a mirror, and a closet crammed into the small space. Kyubey was sitting on her bed, staring down at her. After the run-in with Kat, Kelsey and Iris somehow, found their way home. Iris had offered to take Kyubey in for the night, wanting to know more about this so called Puella Magi.

"So, you can really grant any wish?" Iris asked, multiple questions were rolling around in her head. This whole thing sounded like a good deal to her, but Kat's warning was burned into the back of her mind.

"Yup! It can be anything you want!" Kyubey said happily.

"Really? Anything?" Iris was leaning more and more towards making a contract.


All her life, Iris had always felt plain and boring. She was never the smartest, the athlete, the musician, the artist. She was never popular at school. She was never the prettiest or had the nicest clothes. She wasn't rich either. What Iris wanted most was to be the smart one, the athlete, the artist, the prettiest. But could Kyubey really give her all of that?

"What if someone wished to be perfect?" Iris asked slowly.

"Well it depends on what your definition of perfect is," Kyubey answered.

"Could I wish to be perfect?" Iris asked, getting more and more excited.

"Again, it depends on how you define perfection," Kyubey explained.

"My definition of perfect is to be the smartest, a great athlete, someone with musical and artistic talent, someone who's drop-dead gorgeous! A girl who's popular, independent, strong, and graceful. Someone who doesn't ever mess up, and if she does, she does it in a perfect way. Could you grant all of that?" Iris asked,sitting up. She was talking fast, her voice filled with excitement. If Kyubey could grant her wish, she could finally be noticed, in the spot light. All of her dreams could come true.

"Iris, is this your wish? Do you want to be your definition of perfect?" Kyubey asked.

"You could really grant it?" Iris's heart pounded with excitement and eagerness.

"I can! So are you willing to make a contract with me and become a Puella Magi in exchange for perfection?" Kyubey said in a formal way.

"Yes. I wish to be perfect," Iris said, pouring her life long struggle to gain perfection into those few words.

Kyubey closed his eyes. An orange, misty light swirled around Iris. Iris gasped. The mist picked her up and held her in mid-air. Suddenly, a sparkling ball of orange and yellow seemed to come out of her chest. It was beautiful and looked like magic. It rose above her and, like it was instinct, Iris reached out and grabbed it with both her hands. She held it close to her heart, she didn't know how, but something told her to keep it safe and close to her. The light dimmed and the mist set her down. She opened her hands. Where the ball of light had been was now a beautiful orange gem cradled by a golden stand.

"That is called a soul gem. It's the source of a Puella Magi's power," Kyubey explained," Every time you use magic, your soul gem gets a little dirtier. You have to purify it with a grief seed. To get a grief seed, you have to defeat witches."

"Wait, witches? Well how do I defeat one? Do I get a weapon or something?" Iris asked. She had totally forgotten about the witches part of Kyubey's explanation earlier.

"Why don't you try transforming to answer your question," Kyubey said with a wink.

Iris didn't know how, but suddenly a light burst from her soul gem. Again, as if it was instinct, she stepped into it. The light surrounded her, and somehow Iris knew that she was transforming. She closed her eyes and let it move her. When it the light was gone, she opened her eyes. She stood in front of her mirror and her eyes widened with shock. She was wearing an orange dress that was short in the front and long in the back and had a brown corset around her waist. She wore brown flats with bows on the toe and the heel. Two orange bows were tied around her wrists and she had an orange clip in her short, dark hair. Around her upper arm was a golden band with an orange, heart shaped gem connecting the two sides. She looked down at her hands. On her middle finger's nail on her left hand was an orange heart.

Iris reached her hand into the air. An orange light surrounded her hand. She felt something hard and wooden. When she pulled her hand out of the light, she was holding a beautiful, hand carved, wooden, long bow. She pulled back on the string and an orange arrow of light magically appeared.

"Your wish was to become perfect. Not only are you your definition of the word, yo are a perfect Puella Magi. You have perfect strength, stamina, speed, agility, and accuracy," Kyubey spoke up ,"Well I'll be going now, I have many more contracts to make," and with that he vanished.

Iris transformed back to her normal self and turned back to face the mirror. She gasped. Her appearance was still that same, but it wasn't at the same time. Her skin glowed. Her short messy hair was straight and shiny. Her normal dull brown eyes had a sparkle in them that wasn't there before.

With much excitement, she ran to her desk and pulled out her unfinished math homework. She was done with it in about five minutes. It wasn't hard anymore. Iris felt like an idiot for thinking math was hard before. She couldn't believe how easy it was now.

"La la la la la la la," Iris sang. Her voice was beautiful and melodic. Iris giggled and fell back onto her bed. She felt great! She was finally perfect. For the first time in her life, Iris felt completely confident in herself.