Chapter 29

The day had finally arrived. Regina woke up feeling overjoyed and happy. She would finally get to marry the man of her dreams.

There was a knock on her bedroom door.

"Yes," she said.

Soon Snow, Emma, Ruby, Belle and Ashley all rushed into her room.

"Whoa, how did you all get in here?" asked Regina.

"Henry gave us the key," Snow said.

Regina arched an eyebrow. "That son of mine."

"Are you excited for the big day?" asked Belle.

"I am," she answered. She directed her gaze to Snow. "Were you nervous when you married David?"

"I had butterflies in my stomach all morning. But when you see Daniel standing there, the butterflies will go away. Now come on, we have to get you ready."

The girls spent all morning get ready. They even offered advice about her wedding night.

"I think I know what I'm doing, dears," Regina said.

"Watch, she's going to come back from her honeymoon pregnant," Ruby said.

Everybody laughed. There was another knock on the door.

"Who is it?" asked Snow.

"It's David."

Snow cracked the door opened. "Yes Charming?"

"Aren't you guys ready? It's almost time to get to the church."

"Almost ready and you go on ahead and hold down the fort," Snow answered.

David left. "Why do women take so long to get ready?"

Snow looked at Regina in awe. "You look beautiful, Regina."

"Thank you, Snow. I hope Daniel likes it," she said.

"Trust me, Daniel will be more concerned with taking it off," Ruby said.

"Ruby!" everyone exclaimed. She threw up her hands in surrender. "I'm just saying."

"Ruby, get your mind out of the gutter. You just want to party," said Emma.

"True. I love a good party."

Emma rolled her eyes. "All right everyone, let's get in the car. We can't keep the groom waiting for long."

The women arrived at the church and took their places. Henry came alongside Regina.

"You look beautiful, mom."

"Thank you, Henry. Ready for another man in my life?" she asked.

"Mom, I've been ready," he answered. "Just kidding. As long as you're happy, I'm happy."

Regina gave Henry a hug. The music started and the procession began.

It was now Regina's turn. The wedding march started and everyone in the crowd stood.

The doors opened and people were amazed. Regina looked so vibrant and young. She wasn't the Evil Queen or the demanding mayor. She was just Regina, the carefree girl who was madly in love with her fiancée.

Daniel took one look at Regina and his eyes started to well up. "She's so beautiful."

Henry walked Regina down the aisle and handed Regina to Daniel.

Father Derek Thomas officiated the wedding.

Father Thomas said, "The couple has decided to say their own vows." He turned to Daniel.

"Regina, you are the reason I get up in the morning. You are the reason I can face whatever troubles come our way. You are the reason I'm standing here right now. We're a team and we've proven that nothing can stand in the way of our love. I knew since the first moment I laid eyes on you, that you were going to be my wife. I thought you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Now, you are even more beautiful and I'm proud to call you mine. I vow to always be in your corner. I will always support you. I vow to always love, honor and defend you until the day I die. I love you, Gina."

Regina was crying and Daniel wiped the tears from her eyes. It was her turn.

"Daniel, there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about you. I never thought we would be standing here. We always dreamed about this. You've made me happy. You taught me how to be whole again. You taught me how to love myself. You taught me how to forgive. I thank God every day that you are in my life. You learned to accept me, flaws and all. You love my son and that means so much to me. I want you to know that you will always have my support. I too will always love, honor and defend you no matter what. You are my rock and anchor. I love you."

There wasn't a dry eye in the place after their vows were recited.

"Now, the rings," Father Thomas said.

Daniel and Regina exchanged rings and said the normal vows to each other.

"You may kiss the bride," Father Thomas said. They kissed each other and cheers erupted.

"Now I may present to you, the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Richards."

The wedding music started again and they walked down the aisle.

The wedding reception was at their home. The newly wedded couple spent the entire time dancing and talking to each other.

People gave toasts and after a while, the crowd started to thin.

Once everybody had left, Daniel stood up and asked Regina to dance with him.

"Mrs. Richards, may I have this dance?" He held out his hand.

"You may," she reached up and grabbed his hand.

Daniel turned on the cd player and played "Unforgettable."

The couple danced softly keeping in time with the music. It was the perfect song for them.

"Regina, you've made me the happiest man on earth today."

Regina rested her head on his shoulder. "You've made me the happiest woman."

Regina couldn't help but smile. She had everything. More importantly, she had her happy ending.


Author's Note: Thanks a bunch for reading this story! Hope you enjoyed it!