Another Big Four Story
Chapter 1:
The Spirit and The Tamer
Summary: Jack takes a break somewhere near a village called Berk. He then finds himself face to face with a fire breathing lizard in no time at all.

The night things began to change was a chilly one. Wherever Jack went was blown over by a snowstorm and everything was painted white with the frozen water crystals called snow. He let the wind take him down to the wood, somewhere he could sit down on a fallen trunk and catch his breath. He was still getting used to the abilities the Man in the Moon gave to him. In fact, flying with the wind knocked the breath right out of him and he needed to take a break sometimes. He let out a soft sigh, ran his cold fingers through his white hair and then stood his staff up in the snow.

This was where he sat for another hour or so, letting the frost spread all around him to cover the area. He wasn't quite sure why he did this, but it seemed natural for him to go about the world covering certain places with a fresh blanket of perfect snow. Plus, it gave him something to do. He would have asked the Man in the Moon to tell him what his purpose was but of course, he hadn't said a single word to him since the day he told him his name.

Jack Frost.
When was that? Forty years ago? Thirty? He lost count a long time ago.

He sat up a little, giving a glance over his shoulder toward the hill behind him. Just above the trees, Jack could see smoke peeking out from behind. There was a village somewhere in that direction. He remembered it from the last couple years he came by to bring his cold storm. It was called Berk…or at least, that's what he thought the Villagers called it. He didn't spend very much time in one place, especially islands, so there was never enough time for him to stand around to listen to conversations.

The one thing about Berk he remembered most was that it wasn't full of pests like rats or wolves. They had dragons! Actual fire breathing dragons that ran around helping out with fishing or construction and keeping the Villagers company and warm. Jack preferred to keep away from them, because them being magical creatures and all meant they could see him. Him being a Winter Spirit meant that there would be a disagreement with their fire breathing abilities too, so he always kept his distance. He'd fly over, drop in some snow, then high tail it out of there before any of the overgrown lizards could find him.

As Jack went to stand again, he slouched and went ahead and decided to sit around for another few minutes. It was times like that when he felt more alone than usual. Even the dragons had friends and someone to look forward to seeing every day. He had no one. He would spot Toothiana's teeth gatherers and say hello every once in awhile, but in the end, that was it. He planned on dropping in on Bunnymund to mess up an Easter here and there but he never got around to it so the last time he spoke to the rabbit was the day they'd gotten into an argument over his icicles falling on the eggs. Jack knew he'd have to make some sort of storm for Easter another year…but when that would be was still in the planning stage.

He was so lost in his thoughts that Jack didn't realize that there were hikers moving around somewhere behind him. When he finally did hear the familiar crunching sound of boots stepping down into the thick snow, he only got to his feet and reached for the wooden staff. He'd probably get moving along by now. He'd return the next day to make sure to place a second layer of frost down, then he'd be moving on.

Before he could call the wind to pick him up from the ground, something large pressed into his lower back, and there was a sucking pressure. His robes were pulled away from his back then let go. That's when he realized something big was smelling him.

Jack spun around quickly, holding up the staff in front of him. "Hey!" That's when he found himself face to face with one of the large fire breathing dragons he'd been thinking about moments before. This one was black, and it had large green eyes. At first it seemed docile, but once he waved his staff in it's face, it's teeth were shown and an intimidating growl began to emit from it. "Go on now," The Winter Spirit tried to shoo it away. "Get out of here!"

"Toothless?" Came a voice.

Jack's blue eyes snapped up away from the growling monster and darted straight over it's arched back. A boy with brown hair was making his way over, moving around a large bush to see the dragon. "Toothless?" The white haired male asked, not even expecting an answer. "That thing has a million teeth."
"Toothless what are you doing?" The other male asked again. He came around the beast with a curious stare, his hand reaching out to brush across it's black scales. Once again, Jack felt a hint of jealousy for the creature. So this kid must have been it's friend or owner. Either way, they had each other and Jack was as lonely as ever. "Hey, buddy what are you—"

"Just growling at nothing, I suppose." Jack mumbled under his breath, turning away from the pair. He swung his staff over his shoulder, knocking the top of it against the tree trunk. A crystallized pattern appeared on the bark and spread across it quickly. Just then, he went to bring in the wind again, but the sudden silence in the air made him uneasy. Did that guy stop talking or was he only imagining things? He had to look over his shoulder to make sure, but did so with slight hesitance. He noticed that the dragon that went by Toothless, was still staring right at him. It looked a little less hostile but still very cautious of his presence. The human boy, though, was staring down at the tree trunk, where the icy pattern had appeared.

Jack furrowed his eyebrows and turned a little more. That had to be the strangest thing he'd ever seen in his entire spirit life: a human just staring at his work. Was it really that abnormal? Had no one ever seen the ice do that before? "Paint a picture of it; it'll last longer." He spit out in annoyance. He figured that he wouldn't get a response like usual, so he went to turn back, but he was caught off guard when the boy dressed in green looked up as soon as he spoke.

"What the—?!" They both yelped at the same time, one throwing himself back into the dragon, and the other nearly tripping over a branch and into a tree.

Jack was the first to react after that. "Did you—…did you just look at me?!"

The boy, startled by the Spirit's outburst, nodded. "Yeah?" His voice was filled with puzzlement. "Am I …not allowed to look at you?" He paused, shook his head and pushed himself off of the giant lizard. "Wait, wait, wait! First of all. How did you even get there? You weren't standing there five seconds ago."

"Yes I was!" Jack shot back.

"Was not!"

Jack didn't reply. He stood quiet for a moment before bringing himself forward. The dragon seemed to calm down now that it's owner noticed his presence too. "…What I mean is…" He swallowed down what seemed to be a lump in his throat. He'd never been in this sort of situation before. Someone actually saw him. Someone actually spoke to him! "You can actually… see me?"

Again, he noticed the other nod slowly. "Y-Yeah?" He was questionable, and for good reason. It wasn't everyday that someone asked questions like those ones. "What's going on? Who are you?" He stuttered over his words as he leaned on the dragon for support. That was when Jack noticed that the boy was missing a leg. He sucked in a quick breath in response to the sight and looked back up into the green eyes the other possessed. "Did you do that?"

"Do what?" Jack asked quickly, his voice rising incredibly. He hadn't spoken to anyone in a long time. His modulating skills were a little rusty. "That?" He noticed the kid was pointing to the frosted log. "Yeah I did that. I'm Jack Frost!"

"…Jack Frost?" His hand dropped and he adopted a sort of perplexed expression. The Winter Spirit nodded and the other proceeded to stare at him for another good minute or so. Then finally, his eyebrows shot up. "Wait, you mean Jokul Frosti!"

"What?" Jack's shoulders rose slightly. He wasn't expecting to hear that at all. Well, he wasn't expecting to be hearing any of this in the first place. This was all too strange. He should have left when he had the chance. Though at the same time, he was glad he didn't. "No, I mean Jack. My name is Jack. Jack Frost."

"Jokul Frosti is Jack Frost." The boy replied before gesturing to the snow. "A Winter Spirit that brings the cold and the ice. Right? You're the Winter Spirit?"

The white haired boy nodded slowly. "Yeah…"

"That explains things." The other mumbled.

Then there was a great load of silence between the two of them. Somewhere along the way, Toothless wandered around the fallen tree to sniff around at Jack's clothing again, and the Winter Spirit nervously pushed it's large head away from places he didn't want it touching. The one legged boy came around to sit where Jack had been before and he watched with a hint of curiosity and interest in his eyes. Eventually, Jack got fed up with the silence and turned to him. He had been in nothing but silence for years and now that he actually had someone to talk to, he craved it more than anything. "Why can you see me?" He asked bluntly. "No one has ever been able to see me."

"I don't know." The boy replied. "I didn't see you before I noticed the ice." There was a short pause, then he shrugged his shoulders. Jack noticed then, just how scrawny this kid was. His tiny arm moved up as he went to poke at the pattern on the bark surface of the log. "I just thought about the stories of Jokul Frosti when I saw it, then I heard your voice."

"So you mean…you believe I exist?" Jack asked.

"How can I not? You're standing right there." He replied.

Jack pushed the dragon away once more and came closer, letting the wind pick him up and place him onto the tree trunk. "Okay then…" He said slowly. "So you know who I am. Who are you?" He held his staff over his shoulders as he glanced down at the brunette. Then he looked at the dragon as it went and trotted over toward him with a completely new playful personality. "By the way, I don't think you've noticed, but the overgrown lizard here definitely has teeth."
"He only has teeth when he wants to be intimidating." Said the stranger with a bit of a laugh. Then he continued with his name. "Hiccup Horrendous Haddock lll." He reached up to scratch the top of his head. "Hiccup is just fine. It's not the most flattering name but according to my people's beliefs, it's terrifyingly awesome."

Jack couldn't help but laugh. causing Hiccup to become stiff with embarrassment. "Hiccup huh?" He glided off of the tree and back into the snow, where Toothless seemed to follow without hesitation. It was as if he and the fire breathing reptile were doing some sort of dance now. Jack was doing all he could to avoid the creature, but all Toothless seemed to want to do was rough house a little. "I guess I should say it's real nice to meet the two of you, but I can't tell if he wants to eat me or…"

"He's just messing around." Hiccup mumbled, pushing himself up off the log. He picked up his foot out of the thick snow and approached the beast. "Okay, Toothless that's enough. Don't scare him off." The beast sat itself down in the snow and stuck it's tongue out, bright green eyes watching Jack's every move. Sure he seemed playful, but being the Spirit of Winter, he still had to be cautious around him. "Sorry about that." The young Viking said.

He waved it off, eyeing the beast carefully. Then, when he finally found the dragon to be harmless, he came closer. "Really…it's nice to meet you." He felt extremely lucky to have stuck around long enough to get the kid's attention. "I can't sit around for too long though. I have to get over the mountain to bring the snow further out." For a moment, Hiccup seemed displeased with the news. Even Jack himself was a little upset to part ways so soon. After so long without a single person to talk to, he finally came across someone with open eyes and now he had to get going.

"You'll come back around right?" Hiccup asked. It was as if he knew exactly what the Spirit was thinking.

Jack was almost relieved to hear the question too. "Yeah!" He grinned. "Someone's gotta make sure the snow falls!" He took a step back, avoiding contact with the dragon again and tipped his head. "I'll be around all winter so there's no need to miss me too much." They'd only just met and already Jack's natural joking nature seemed to begin to shine. "See you around Hiccup."

He never once thought that he'd ever say those words to anyone.

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Also if you didn't notice: this takes place back when Jack was first reborn so he's a youngling spirit shfuihdgf