Another Big Four Story
Chapter 13: Heal what has been lost
Summary: They both needed to be saved, and even the dragon needed to be healed.

It sounded like a crash of thunder when Jack hit the ice. Both Rapunzel and Merida screamed once he disappeared under it and while the blonde struggled to get onto her feet, the red-head was busy catching Hiccup as he slid towards her from the ramp. He would have fallen into the hole after the winter spirit if she hadn't gotten to him in time. She started to drag him over to the other side of the hole where his dragon lay conscious on the ice, and when she got over there, she fell to her knees and held the boy in her lap, mumbling his name worriedly.

"Jack!" Rapunzel called out his name and moved across the ice by sliding and nearly falling with every step. She was desperately trying to get to the large hole in front of her while she had the chance. "Jack!" She called out for him again, and held her hand out as if it would help.

Merida quickly examined Hiccup to make sure he was still breathing before she looked over to find Rapunzel getting ready to dive into the water. "Wh-What're ya-Rapunzel, stop!" She held both of her hands up, dropping Hiccup's head back into her lap, and she raised her voice so that the other girl would hear her in time to stay on the ice. "Have ya' lost yer' mind?!" She shouted. "That water could be below freezing!"

"But what if Jack can't swim?!" Rapunzel shouted back, her eyebrows knit together to form an expression filled with fear and concern. She almost looked frantic. "Even if he could swim, the way he hit that ice, he-...he could be in too much pain!"

In response to the girl's question, Merida looked at the water that moved about in front of them. Then her heart sank. "Oh no...he..." She turned her attention back to Hiccup and shook him. "H-Haddock!" She called out his name. "Hiccup, wake up, I don't need ta' be worryin' about both of you!" His eyes pried open slowly and he started to cough, but she wasn't going to go easy on him until Jack was up there with them as well. She moved out from under him and helped him sit up against his dragon. That was when they all noticed that his prosthetic had been completely crushed from the attacks of the Night Terrors. Merida cringed at the sight, but she needed to think about Jack at the moment. She turned and waved for the blonde to come over. "Come over here carefully." She said.

Rapunzel nodded and slowly, step by step moved around the hole in the ice. Then when she made it to Merida and Hiccup's side, the red-head started taking her pouch of arrows off. She set them down along with her bow on the ice next to Hiccup and then reached down to grab Rapunzel's hair. "I'll go afta' 'im." She said, finding the end of her hair. She wrapped it around her waist and tied a knot before looking into the girl's green eyes. "Hope ya' don' mind. if I go in without some sorta' line I could get stuck under th'ice."

She shook her head. "I was going to suggest it, anyway." She then said. "Go before he hits the bottom, please." Rapunzel sat down next to the Viking and reached up above her to hold onto the reins wrapped around Toothless. They were loose, but tight enough to have some sort of grip to pull them back up. It was then when Hiccup reached out and took her hair too and the girl looked at him in surprise. He seemed determined and awake enough at the moment to help at least a little, and he looked like he would help no matter what she said. So Rapunzel nodded to him, and turned her head to face the Princess again. "Hurry then ..."

Merida gave one last look to the both of them, nodded and turned back to the water. She held her hands together, took in a deep breath and jumped forward to dive into the shockingly cold water below them and the ice.

For a second, Jack thought he heard a girl screaming his name when his body touched the cold ocean waters, but he was sure that the voice didn't belong to Merida or Rapunzel.

His body was stiff and it ached all over and he didn't even feel cold. It was actually an interesting thought, as he stared up through the opening in the ice above him. He'd never been underwater before, in fact, the last time he was, he'd been rising up to be born as Jack Frost in the first place. Back then, he had been staring up at the Moon and his fear and confusion had disappeared, but now, as he looked up at the moon through the small opening, the Moon seemed as if he was laughing at him.

How unfair.

He sunk further into the water as he closed his eyes and let his body become motionless. He'd struggled enough already when he first hit the water, but now it was time to let himself sink. He knew he wouldn't die...nothing could ever kill him, but it still sucked knowing he'd be stuck at the bottom of the ocean forever. The worst part was that he could feel the water slowly beginning to become ice all around him. His body was too cold to let the water keep it's liquid shape. He wondered what would happen if he stood on the bottom for the rest of time... would it be like collecting dust, but with ice instead?

How unfair.

Just when Jack let his arms drift up over his head, he felt something wrap around his wrist and bring him out of his thoughts. He opened his eyes and bubbles of air escaped from his lungs and mouth as he looked up to see that someone had caught him. Whoever it had been had broken through the crystals of ice that began to form around him, and they were pulling him up, closer and closer to the surface. He wouldn't be stuck at the bottom of the ocean after all, would he?

Once he and his savior broke through the surface and he could breathe actual air again, Jack threw his hands up in hopes that he could catch the edge of the ice. He missed and began to sink again. Because he'd never had to go underwater before, he never actually learned how to swim. He always froze the surface of it when he would step down on it. So, it was a good thing that they had such a good grip on him or else they would have lost him all over again.

"Come on!" He heard a familiar voice cry out over the rushing sound of water surrounding him. He moved his arms about and struggled to find the ice again, and when he finally did, the hands that had saved him from the depths of the ocean had pulled him up out of the water all together. He coughed a few times to get the water out from his system and then he shook his hair out so he could get it out of his eyes and look to see what exactly had happened.

Merida sat on the ice, soaked and untying a long rope of golden hair from her waist. It too was soaked completely all the way up until only a few feet from Rapunzel's head. What she was doing was beyond him, because by the time he got a good look of her, she was throwing her arms around him and pulling him close to her body.

"Jack I was so worried!" She yelled in his ear, holding him tightly as if she was trying to warm him up. He could barely even get a word out, he was so shocked. Had they both worked together to get him out of there? It wasn't like he was going to die or anything...he was the Spirit of Winter. He could last a little longer than that, right? "I'm so glad you're okay. You're soaked, we should probably-"

"Rapunzel.." Jack leaned away from her and managed a smile. "You forget I'm Jack Frost. I'm not even cold." He paused when he realized that the two girls were soaked from the cold ocean waters and his eyes widened. "Wh-Hey! What were you two even thinking? I can't get hypothermia but you two sure as hell can!"

"Pipe down" Merida hissed, wringing out her dress to the best of her ability. She was shaking incredibly, but she looked determined to get them all back to solid ground. "Hiccup is hurt, we need ta' get 'im back to Berk before we can even worry about us." She tucked her arms under the small Viking and pulled him up to stand on his good foot. "He's lucky those things hit th'fake leg..."

"If he hadn't of lost it in that battle with the Red death...he would have lost it today." Rapunzel commented, pushing herself up to her feet as well. She reached over to take Jack's hands and help him stand too. "Your staff is over there." She let go of one of his hands to point over his shoulder. He looked, and much to her displeasure, he let go of her other hand to go over and pick it up. She turned and started moving across the ice to follow Merida and Hiccup over to the rocky beach at the base of the cliff.

Once Jack had his staff again, he examined it to make sure nothing seemed out of place. Sure it was just a stick, really, but it was important to him. He wasn't even sure what would happen if it were to break. He let out a shaky breath before looking up to the sky above him. The moon was just disappearing behind the mountain at that point. It was going to be daylight very soon, and he wouldn't have to deal with that mysterious laughing inside his head any longer. At least, he hoped so.

He turned to go follow his friends back to shore but stopped when he noticed that Toothless hadn't moved from where he laid on the ice. He walked over to him and knelt down to reach a hand out and place it on the nose of the beast. "...hey." He frowned a little, noticing that the dragon's eyes were closed. "Toothless, come on...wake up." He nudged him a little and finally, the Night Fury's eyes were open and looking up at him. Jack pushed him gently. "We gotta go..." He didn't budge. "Hiccup's hurt...he'll need you by his side too." He tried to push the dragon up to his feet but Toothless seemed too weak to do so.
Finally, Jack stood back with a small hopeful smile and he held his staff out to bring the winds over to them. He had the wind move under the beast, and then back towards the sky, picking the dragon's wings up so Toothless could find it easier to rise to his feet. However, once he was there, and the wind was gone, he looked as if he would fall again, so Jack made sure to keep the wind going in a cycle. "Come on, buddy..." He had the dragon lean against him, and soon they were both on their way to the shore to catch up with the other three. "I've got'cha...just a little ways to go."

"Well?" Merida had her arms crossed as she sat in front of the fire in the downstairs area of the Haddock House.. Hiccup was laying on his Father's bed, unfortunately due to someone having thrown a fit and destroyed his own bed earlier, and Rapunzel sat on a small stool near his legs, carefully prying the shrapnel away from the left side of him. There was nothing left of the prosthetic to even call a fake leg. He definitely needed a new one. "He is okay though, right? No broken bones? Jus' the metal?"

Rapunzel pushed her fingers against Hiccup's leg just where it cut off and looked up to see his expression. "I don't think so." She said. "Does this hurt Hiccup?" Once she asked him she noticed him shake his head as he stared up at the ceiling above him. He was fully conscious now, but he seemed angry and wouldn't say anything. At least they knew he wasn't angry with them, more with himself for letting it happen. "He'll be fine..." She rested her hands in her lap and looked over her shoulder to the Princess. "He'll just need a new one."

"Where are we goin' ta' get 'im a new leg?" Merida muttered, rubbing her arms a few times to keep warm. She had caught a nasty chill once they were inside the warmth of the Viking house. She dried herself in front of the fire as soon as she could in case she were to catch more than that. Rapunzel too had her hair laid out on the floor near the fire so it could dry off eventually.

"Gobber." Hiccup finally spoke, letting out a sigh. He pushed himself up onto his elbows and then the rest of the way so he could sit up straight. "He made it before, he'll make another one for me..." He reached out to take the destroyed metal leg he'd been wearing for months now and he held it in lap, pulling and pushing on the pieces. "It'll definitely need to be made from scratch...none of this is even usable." He let out a sigh before reaching up to rub his neck. "Or...I could just make it myself considering it'll be tough explaining to him how this even happened." Of course the Night Terrors were believed to be actual dragons by the Vikings, but there was no way he could explain everything that happened earlier. Knowing Gobber, full detail would be needed.

"Will you need any help?" Rapunzel asked him, concerned. "I can maybe gather a few things from the smith?"

"That would be Gobber." Hiccup told her, leaning back against the headboard of the bed. "Yeah just tell him I'm tuning up Toothless's gear." Suddenly his eyes widened and he sprung up. "Wait-Toothless! Is he okay? Where is he?!"

"Calm down." Rapunzel held her hands up and hushed him. Then, when he sat back again, the girl held her hands in his lap and answered him. "He's upstairs laying down on his rock. Jack and Pascal are up there with him." Her green eyes pulled away from his and she looked over to the side. "Jack keeps saying something about Toothless whining when he touches his side, so I'm going to go take a look."

"Since when were you a dragon doctor?" Merida mumbled under her breath.

Rapunzel got to her feet and shook her head. "I'm not." She stepped away from the stool and began to walk over to the stairs that led up to the room up top. Her hair had come close to the flames, so the red-head lifted it up and over so it would be safe. "I just know how to heal a wound or two." She pulled on her hair and started up the steps with a bit of a huff and Merida looked over her shoulder to see Hiccup trying to tug pieces off of the broken prosthetic again.

"Is he still in pain?" Rapunzel asked as she approached Jack who sat down in front of the dark beast. Jack nodded slowly, holding his staff against his shoulder as he crouched. She sat down next to him and watched as Toothless and Pascal seemed to have a bit of a conversation amongst themselves, though the dragon seemed out of breath and tired. He was definitely hurt somewhere.

"His ribs could be broken..." Jack mumbled. "They hit him pretty hard...hard enough to crush Hiccup's metal leg into nothing." He reached up and rubbed his brow before sitting down on the floor completely to be at her level. "And the metal being crushed against Toothless's side shouldn't mean good results. That could have been what broke them."

"It most likely did." Rapunzel reached forward and touched the dragon's side. He let out an animal like groan and his head rested on the stone slab below him. "I'll take care of it, don't worry Toothless, everything will be okay." She turned her body somewhat and reached out to pull on her hair and bring some of it closer. She gathered some in her hands and then held it out to press it against the beast's side. Then, she bowed her head, closed her eyes and began to sing softly to him. "Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine, make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine." Like before, the long strands of yellow hair she possessed began to glow like the golden sands of the Sandman. Jack leaned back and watched with a soft smile. At first, it was an odd sight, but now he could sit and admire the magic she held. "Heal what has been hurt, change the fates design, save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine."

Now that the entire room was glowing like the sun, Merida had eventually wandered up the stairs with a very concerned expression. Jack looked over Rapunzel's head and noticed her as soon as her head of wild hair could be seen and he almost snickered at the face she was making. "She has magic hair." He said to her. "It heals stuff."

"Oh my..." Merida breathed out in wonder as she followed the glowing trail of hair around the room with her blue eyes. She leaned down and looked at Hiccup, who could only see the bit of hair hanging down the stairs and she opened her mouth to say nothing at all. She was speechless and so was he.

Finally, when her hair stopped glowing, Rapunzel let her hair fall back to the floor and she reached her hand out instead to push against the dragon's side. "How does that feel, huh?" She smiled at Toothless as his eyes opened and he began to move his body around with a shake. "Do you feel better?" He must have realized after that, that there was no more pain because he'd sprung up to his feet with a happy sort of dragon like yell. Jack got up just as quickly and moved away as Toothless nearly tackled the girl down to begin licking her face in thanks. Pascal seemed angry and tried to tug the dragon away but of course, Toothless was much bigger than him and didn't budge an inch.

"I take that as a yes!" Rapunzel laughed, stroking her hand against the tar colored scales on his head. She then pushed herself up to get back to her feet and as the dragon nudged her out of the way, she stepped closer to Jack. Toothless had to go downstairs and visit his rider now that he had the chance, so he did so and he did it happily. "Do you want to come with me to get the stuff for Hiccup?" She soon asked him, drawing his attention away from the happy dragon.

"Wh-Oh, well you should probably bring Merida, she can help you carry stuff." He looked over to the red head who still stood at the top of the staircase. She had a paper in one of her hands, but both of them were on her hips as she stared at the two of them. "Oh...hey, you're still here?"

"Yes I am." Merida replied, coming over to hold the paper out. "Haddock made a list of the things he needs. Maybe we can go t'gether." She shot Jack a look. "He may want to spend some time alone while he plans out what he's gon' ta' do 'bout the leg."

"Okay..." Rapunzel reached out and took the note to look over the things Hiccup had written down. She wasn't quite sure what they were but as long as Gobber knew, things would be alright as long as she gathered everything. She started down the stairs and looked over to where Hiccup sat. "Are you sure you don't just want to tell Gobber about your situation?" She asked. "It'd be difficult to make the leg here, right?"

Hiccup nodded. "Yeah that's why I want you to put everything in my part of the shop." He had a hand on Toothless's head, who had been resting it on the Viking's lap ever since he got down there. "He'll show you where it is if you ask. I'll go in later tonight on Toothless and make it there while Gobber's in bed." He let out a soft sigh and sat back to close his eyes. "I'll be up all night making I'm just going to sleep until then."

It didn't work out like Hiccup had wanted, however, because once Rapunzel, Merida and Jack managed to gather everything on that list, they were caught by the other Viking teens in the village and they were curious as to why Hiccup wasn't there himself. They ended up following the two girls back to the Haddock house in hopes that they would be able to harass him before he fell asleep. He was not very happy about that, obviously and all he could do was groan and sigh and tell the others to leave already, but they wouldn't because his condition was just too good to pass up.

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