Summary: Ritsuka & Soubi get into a spell battle. Ritsuka withstands the attacks until being badly injured.

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Chap 1: "Shudder"



As was customary, Soubi met Ritsuka after school. They walked through the empty park. Snow covered benches and the path. This afternoon was not lit by the sun, and a light breeze occasionally brought goose bumps to Ritsuka's face.

Suddenly Soubi sensed a team nearby. "Ritsuka, wait a moment, we're not alone." Ritsuka turned "You mean a team?"

He nodded then called into the snowy air "Come out then, only animals need to lurk".

Two young men emerged from the shadows behind several trees. They seemed about high school age, and were both at least four inches taller than Ritsuka. One had long light brown hair, the other short dark brown. There was nothing physically impressive about them.

"Loveless and Beloved I take it?"

"We are Loveless" Soubi responded coolly "Who are you?"

"We are Sightless" the one with long hair answered.

Knowing Soubi was prepared to fight alone Ritsuka touched his arm and whispered "I'm ready".

Soubi knew it could be deadly to display any type of weakness to another team, so he did not protest, but said "Yes".

"I declare a spell battle"

"Yoshida let's start with our light attack" the sacrifice ordered with a smirk.

"Yes Nara" responded the fighter. He shot balls of ice, but Soubi put a hand out stating "Defense", and they shattered a foot from Ritsuka's face.

"Don't think you're in the clear, I wasn't kidding when I called that was a light attack", Nara said then "Yoshida hit him with our new favorite", he smiled.

His fighter chuckled. "Beams of ice and snow shred his defense and make that boy bleed".

A cloud of snow made it impossible for them to see even a foot ahead. "Defense strengthen" Soubi called.

As he prepared to counter, long thick shards of ice shot through snow and a few hit Soubi, but he did not flinch until he heard Ritsuka cry out.

"Fire, melt the snow and burn their bodies!"

His attack was successful as Yoshida shout in pain, and with the mist cleared he could see his sacrifice. Ritsuka had fallen to his knees. Blood streamed in a thin line down his coat, and his body jerked uncontrollably.

"What's the matter little boy?" Nara cruelly questioned.

Soubi disregarded the comment and stated "Loveless forfeits the battle".

"Oh come on!" the younger fighter yelled, but Soubi ignored him and rushed to Ritsuka.

He removed his coat and wrapped it around his sacrifice's shaking form. Kneeling, the man gripped Ritsuka's hips to stabilize him. He then turned to the team and asked "What was involved in your last attack?"

"Like we'll frickin' tell you?" Yoshida scoffed incredulously.

Maintaining his composure, Soubi demanded with darkness in his eyes "If you don't tell me I'll kill you where you stand!"

Crossing his arms, Nara responded snidely as he helped his partner stand "It freezes wherever it hits, so if it hits let's say the lungs or heart… well I'm sure you get the point."

With a glare Soubi hissed, "Yes. Now get the hell away from us". Laughing, the boys departed the area.

Holding his sacrifice close to his body Soubi whispered "Ritsuka". He did not respond and continued to shake.

Soubi would burn every tree in the area to heat Ritsuka. Instead he created a controlled fire with a spell. As the ice and snow surrounding them melted, the spasms slowed. When the entire park was void of snow, Ritsuka stopped shaking and collapsed into his arms.

"Never again" the fighter declared. He would not allow Ritsuka to be harmed in such a way ever again.

Lifting his unconscious form Soubi whispered "Come Ritsuka", then stood and carried him out of the park.

He would bring Ritsuka to his apartment, and mend his wounds. Then he would lay him on his bed under piles of blankets, and check his temperature periodically.

Rushing through town with Ritsuka bundled in his arms Soubi shuddered, though not because of the winter cold.




End of chapter 1



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