For those of the guests who reviewed that I couldn't thank personally. And if i get more reviews from guests then I'll update this with a thanks, so look on the next day and there should be one.

Kaia: thank you so much for all of your reviews, even though you hadn't quite liked her and Bilbo. I'm so glad you still kept reading, it meant so much to me. And I'm very glad you liked the ending, I have to say I kind of ended up loving having her go with Thorin.

Littleflower19: I would really like to thank you for reviewing. I absolutely loved getting your review. I'm glad you liked how I did the ending, I at least wanted there to be an ending even if it was in just one chapter. And I'm so happy to hear that my story touched you, or at least the last bit where she's finally with Thorin again. My confidence in writing is slowly building, I've only been writing for about two years so I'm still not really sure how I'm doing. I actually do have a LOTR story, with Legolas, called A Dark and Terrible Beauty. It does have a prequel that's under the hobbit though, called Hopeless Wanderer, but you actually don't really have to read that in order to read the LOTR one. Unless you want to, then I would happy that you did.