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In the setting sun, a ginger tom was slowly fading, a fox trap caught around his neck. Two tabby toms who were almost identical sat beside him. Another ginger cat watched from the shadows, listening to the tabby's conversation.

"Kill him, Brambleclaw." The tabby with ice blue eyes meowed. Brambleclaw had his eyes fixed on the ginger cat, not making a move to rescue him nor kill him. The ginger she-cat who watched wanted to desperately help him, but she would be killed too if she interfered. So she watched her mate caught in the fox trap, with his life hanging by a string.

Brambleclaw looked at the other tabby. "There may be consequences, Hawkfrost." Brambleclaw meowed quietly, as if afraid his warrior ancestors may hear him. Hawkfrost just stared at Brambleclaw. "Kill Firestar! You will be leader of not only ThunderClan, but WindClan too!" Hawkfrost's meow was rising, the annoyance clear in it. Brambleclaw slowly extended a claw towards the noose of the fox trap caught around Firestar's neck.

The ginger she-cat prepared to jump in. She had to save Firestar! But just before the fox trap was tightened, Firestar saw the ginger cat. In his eyes, she knew what he was saying. Don't. The she-cat loosened her muscles then gave him a look that said, I love you. He returned it, just before Brambleclaw tightened the noose. Firestar gave a shudder, then paused. This happened several times before Firestar laid still.

Brambleclaw looked at Hawkfrost. "Tonight's the gathering," He whispered. "I'll go for Onestar, you take out Leopardstar, then we'll both take out Blackstar. He's sure to be the strongest." He added. Hawkfrost muttered his agreement before racing towards his territory. Brambleclaw padded towards camp. The ginger cat dashed to Firestar, weeping. Slowly, Firestar opened his eyes. The ginger cat let out a squeak of alarm. "I faked it, Sandstorm." Firestar rasped. "I'm on my last life though. Bring me to two-leg place, with some cobwebs please. Then go back to camp."

Sandstorm nodded and picked up Firestar gently. He flinched but didn't complain. Slowly but steadily, Sandstorm dragged Firestar to the two-leg place, then dashed out and collected some cobwebs. She applied the cobwebs gently. Sandstorm looked at Firestar. "I'll come back tomorrow," Sandstorm meowed. "I'll tell you everything that happens." Firestar nodded, drifting into sleep. Before he slept, he fixed his green eyes on Sandstorm. "Thank you," He meowed. "I love you so much." Sandstorm looked at her mate and licked his ears. "I love you too." And with those words, she padded out of the abandoned two-leg place towards camp.

Sandstorm padded behind Brambleclaw and his other warriors. He had lied, announcing that Firestar had been murdered by RiverClan. The Clan had been furious and demanded revenge. Brambleclaw promised that he would get revenge, and be the best leader possible.

Now, Sandstorm was crossing the tree bridge, prepared to announce Brambleclaw's murderous plans and attempts. As Brambleclaw raced up the Great Oak, he yowled, "The Gathering has begun!" He looked at Hawkfrost them flicked his tail for silence. "Firestar is dead," He meowed. "I murdered him." Outraged yowls erupted from throughout the clearing. Cats leaped to their paws, spitting insults and threats to Brambleclaw. Brambleclaw flicked his tail for silence again, but got none.

"What was the meaning of that?" Onestar hissed. Onestar had been Firestar's great friend. Sandstorm wished she could tell Onestar that he was about to die, but if she did, she wouldn't be heard. Brambleclaw looked at Onestar. An evil grin formed. "Why don't you ask Firestar in StarClan?" He asked. With that, Brambleclaw leaped at Onestar, biting deep into his throat. Onestar gurgled and blood gushed out from his neck wound. He fell off of the Great Oak, where Mistyfoot was already lying dead at Hawkfrost's claws.

Leopardstar hissed, but before she could say anything, Hawkfrost leaped up the Great Oak and slashed open her throat. Leopardstar crumpled off of the Great Oak and landed beside Onestar and Mistyfoot. Hawkfrost then lunged at Blackstar, pushing him off the branch where and into Brambleclaw's claws. Brambleclaw jumped down neatly beside Hawkfrost, slashing at cats who attempted to lunge at him and Hawkfrost. "Silence!" He yowled. "Anybody who dares run away from us will end up like them!" He hissed, pointing at the leaders and Mistyfoot. The rest of the cats shrunk back. "Half-Clan cats and kittypets will be executed tomorrow morning publicly, on this island," He continued. "Also, I will rule over WindClan and ThunderClan. We shall be BrambleClan!" Cats gasped but didn't dare speak up. Hawkfrost let his gaze sweep over the cats. "And I shall rule HawkClan! We will both get our lives from the darkforest, and StarClan will never be spoken of again!" And with that, Brambleclaw swept together BrambleClan and padded towards ThunderClan camp.

Sandstorm told the story to Firestar as soon as the gathering was over. She had rounded up her daughters, Graystripe, Millie, Brightheart and Daisy and her kits. She had explained to them what had happened and they willingly came with her. Crowfeather had requested to join to be with Leafpool. So that made twelve cats who were resisting the new Clans.

Firestar had been outraged to learn this news. He swore that he would take down the new Clans. Now, Sandstorm was curled up beside Firestar with Graystripe on guard. "Goodnight Firestar." She whispered. Firestar murmured goodnight before drifting off into sleep. Sandstorm gazed out the entrance of the two-leg den, and into the sky.

StarClan, help us.

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