Him. Him. Him. Fresh fear was overwhelming Firestar. How could he come back? He was killed a long time ago. This all made no sense. It was just a dream.

"Shocked, kittypet?" The identical tom snarled. Firestar pushed down all of his fear with a gulp and padded towards the tom until they were nose-to-nose. "I'm no kittypet. Nor a murderer like you." Firestar decided to meet hostility with hostility, so he snarled too.

Graystripe was beside Firestar. The gray tom's amber eyes were sparking with rage and shock because of their dead greatest enemy returning. "You're not wanted here." Graystripe hissed, lashing his tail. Firestar was glad for his friends support.

But Firestar was not ready to face his enemy yet. "Retreat!" He yowled. With a final glance at the triumphant tabby tom, he whispered, "I'll be back, Tigerstar."

After announcing Tigerstar's new arrival, The Resistance was outraged. Everyone was confused and angry, and the kits even thought of playing a game where one kit was Tigerstar and the other kits were brave warriors.

"Were coming to get you, Tigerstar!" Berrykit hissed at Bumblekit. The younger silver tabby growled. "You will never get me, cause' I'm leader of BrambleClan! So there." Hazelkit and Brairkit both took one side of his flank, while Berrykit and Mousekit took behind him with Blossomkit snarling in front of him. When she flicked her tail, Bumblekit disappeared under a mass of playful kits.

Every cat clustered together in several groups. Some were whispering anxiously, some were already discussing battle tactics, and some where yowling with outrage.

One yowl rose above the others. It was one of fear, coming from the nursery. Firestar darted over to find his daughter, Leafpool, yowling in pain and fear. Crowfeather was crouched beside her, his eyes dull with worry. "her kits are coming!" He meowed anxiously.

With Leafpool being the medicine cat, she managed to calm herself down. "Raspberry leaves…stick…" her meow was raspy.

Firestar had picked up a few tactics from Cinderpelt, his dear friend, so he knew what raspberry leaved looked like. Leafpool kept her herbs in the corner of the nursery, and the flame-coloured tom quickly found the rough-edged dark green raspberry leaves. He brought them to Leafpool, who was already clutching a splitering branch.

"This hurts more than I thought!" She panted as spasms shook her body.

Crowfeather sniffed her anxiously. "You- you're ok, right?" He stammered, worry for his mate pulsing off him in strong waves, hitting Firestar hard.

Leafpool flashed him a sarcastic smile. "Yes, this is the best feeling in my life!" She spat, kitting making her have mood swings.

After long, worried, moments, waves passed through Leafpool's stomach. "The first kit is coming!" She gasped. As if on cue, a golden bundle of fur slid out. Crowfeather swiftly nipped the sac open. The golden kit let out a long, high-pitched yowl. Firestar had to stifle laughter.

Next came a small gray tabby tom. When Firestar nipped open his sac, the tabby made no movement. With a gasp, Firestar realized that it was dead.

But just then the tom let out a tiny squeak. It wasn't dead! It had just had a hard time breathing at first.

Finally, after long tense minutes, a black she-cat slid out. She was cute and quiet, only letting out a few squeals.

Each kit latched onto their mother and started suckling noisily. Leafpool looked at them with affection. Crowfeather was purring with joy. They were happy parents.

"I think we should name this one Lionkit," Crowfeather meowed, nudging the golden tabby tom who let out another loud yowl. "Because of his 'roar'" Leafpool nodded in agreement.

Crowfeather next pointed a paw at the gray tabby tom, who was squirming around as Lionkit brushed against him. "You name him." The dark gray tom meowed, his blue eyes sparkling.

Leafpool's face took on a thoughtful look. "How about-" Before she could finish, a jay squawked above them. "Jaykit?" Leafpool suggested. Her mate nodded agreement.

For the black she-kit, Leafpool wanted to name her Nightkit, while Crowfeather wanted to name her Blackkit. Finally, Firestar broke in and suggested the name Hollykit. Both Leafpool and Crowfeather agreed.

A cold wind drafted into the two-leg den, causing the kits to shiver. Leafpool curled up tighter around them.

"It's the first winds of Leaf-Bare." Sandstorm, who had also attended her daughters kitting, meowed in a worried tone for Millie and Leafpool's kits.

Before anyone could reply, Daisy's kits rushed forward, followed clumsily by Millie's kits. All six kits tried to peer over Leafpool's tabby fur to see the newborn kits.

Brairkit's eyes shone brightest. "What are their names?" She mewled excitedly. Her brother cuffed her over the ear. "What's more important is that were not the youngest!" The two siblings started bickering until Brairkit lunged at him and they rolled away in a mass of fluffy fur.

Firestar couldn't help but remembered when Leafpool and Squirrelflight fought like that as kits and early apprentices. Sandstorm brushed up against Firestar, their pelts pressed up together. "I remember when Squirrelflight and Leafpool were like that." She murmured, memories flashing through both of their heads.

Jaykit opened his eyes at all of the voices. But something about his eyes made Firestar flinch. Jaykit's pupils were lighter than they should have been, and his eyes were dull and… sightless.

Leafpool must have noticed too, because she gasped with horror as she saw her kit. Even the kits knew. They all knew what was wrong with Jaykit.

Sandstorm exchanged a glance with him. "He… he's…"

Firestar decided to finish for his mate.

"He's blind."