"Know Your Mare"

Rated T

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Chapter 9: Miss Cheerilee

A pale light grayish rose pony with an moderate cerise coat had now took her spot in the hot seat. It was of course elementary school teacher, Miss Cheerilee.

Know your mare... Know your mare... Know your mare...

"Well, it's great to be here! Let's get this over with." Miss Cheerilee replied up to the announcer, who began rolling out the facts

Miss Cheerilee... She's basically a hot teacher.

"Um, okay. I'm really sure that is pretty much a rude thing to say about me, but I am attractive nonetheless," Miss Cheerilee replied a bit correctly, "I am also sweet and caring to my students who are also willing to learn to have a higher education."

Miss Cheerilee... She also sleeps with her students.

"What!?" Miss Cheerilee reacted just like if she saw murder in her own eyes, "That is insane! I wouldn't do anything so degrading as to sleep with my own students! You are sick, you know that!"

Awwww, thank you. That sure is coming from a hot pedophile teacher like yourself!

"That was not a compliment! I can't believe you would so perverted to talk about inappropriate things like that! I'm not some kind of sex-crazed pygmy!" Miss Cheerilee said as she snapped at the announcer, "Who in the heck are you exactly?"

Miss Cheerilee... She's also a stripper who thinks she's a teacher!

"Okay, I just had about enough of your sick accusations against me!" Miss Cherrilee replied angrily as she stomped her hooves. "I demand to see your producer right now."

I'm afraid he's been a little beat after the lesson you taught him last night. I got a photo of it. Want to see?

"What? No I don't want to see! I know how those things go! You're just gonna take a picture of us ponies and just paste them over a degrading body!" Miss Cherrilee replied feeling a bit of frustration in her voice, "You're a sick man! You don't deserve to be on this show after making all those lies about me! I'm serious about this? Where's your producer? For real?"

And now you know... Miss Cheerilee!

"No, they don't!" Miss Cheerilee cried out in a foul mood.

"Yes... they do!

"I'm telling you that they don't!" Miss Cheerilee replied a bit moodily before the camera started to back away from her. "Where in the heck are you going? You come back here this instant! I'm gonna teach you a lesson, but not in the way you want it to be! I'm gonna make you pay for having everybody to believe I sleep with my students! I'm certain a pedophile like you does it! I'm not gonna take your kind of abuse anymore! Hello?"

Geez, I'm certain this sends a message to teachers who have sex with their own students...

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