Best Laid Plans

Sam wants to do something nice for his brother, he even has a plan, at least, until...

I don't usually write much semi-lighthearted stuff but even I get tired of all my angst sometimes. I wrote this in record time so please be gentle. Thanks to any and all who have a look.

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Sam can hardly contain his happiness as the brothers pack up their stuff and head out of the motel room; when they opt for a little R&R after their latest hunt while they continue to await word on the second trial.

Sam figures they'll make it back to the Man of Letters headquarters - or MOLe as Dean now calls it - by mid afternoon; that would give him plenty of time to have it ready for early evening. The only trick was to make sure Dean stayed out of his hair while he worked on it, otherwise the gig would be up.

So yeah, maybe it was a bit underhanded, maybe a bit devious even. Despite the urge he has to ask his brother if he wants him to drive instead, he doesn't, and watches Dean drag his ass into the car. He is certain that by the time they arrive, his brother will be tired enough to actually sleep, which would give Sam the time he needs to get things ready.

Sam smiles as he eases himself into the passenger side.

"Why you so happy, dude?"

"Uh, just looking forward to staying somewhere a little more comfortable."

"Yeah, true that Sammy."

Out on the road Sam feigns sleep, going over in his head how he wants things to play out.

His research is done; he had scoured pages and pages to find the perfect one.

The ingredients have been gathered; slowly amassed over several days to avoid suspicion.

The day has finally arrived.

There was something new that Sam had learned about his brother since they decided to call the MOLe Headquarters home.

Man, Dean really knows how to cook; he has definitely moved on from his previous mastery of Mac and cheese. And not just burgers. Chicken, steak, and the real kicker...salad.

Sam hasn't razzed him too much; hasn't pressed him about where he garnered his culinary skills, he knows well enough. He would see it; would catch the tinge of sadness in Dean's eyes. It wouldn't linger long but it also couldn't be hidden. It's part of what he used to do with them, for them; when he had a life with Lisa and Ben.

The last time he saw that look planted on Dean's features he wanted to do something for his big brother and a plan, this plan, was born.

Sure enough, not ten minutes after they arrive Dean announces he's wiped and heads off to take a shower. Sam is busy on his laptop, bringing up the page for 'The World's Best Apple Pie'.

His brother makes his presence known with a huge yawn, the circles under his eyes making him look like he's ready to crash right there.

"You good, Sammy?"

"I'm good man but you look like crap."

"Yeah, feel like it too. Thought a shower would help but..."

"Listen, why don't you go have a nap, I'm just gonna do some surfing and relax."

"Okay, yeah, I could use some zees. Just..."

"I'll wake you up if anything happens man, promise."

A nod later and Dean heads to his room. Sam smiles in anticipation, Dean is going to love this. Okay, he'll just give him fifteen minutes and then he'll get busy.

Sam scans the ingredients list and mentally checks off everything on the list...except one. Damn it.

Apples. He forgot the freaking apples.

The End.