Disclaimer: I do not own Hey Arnold! The lyrics are from a song by Lene Marlin


Like moonlight through his skylight, she enters the room. So peacefully he sleeps. She smiles warmly, drifting closer to the slumbering child's bedside so gracefully, white robes glowing softly in star-kissed light. Bending down beside him, she rests a pearl hand on his warm cheek. She sighs "My Arnold..."

He stirs, enjoying the soft hand on his cheek. His eyes gently flutter open and he gazes into the hazel eyes that greet him. He smiles. He knows those eyes. "Mom"

She touches his dry lips with a marble finger. "Shhh..." Her expression is loving as he rests his hand over hers "I'm here baby" her voice is smooth and calm.

"I've missed you so much!" He touches her face now; silk-like skin under his fingertips as she leans into his palm. But she is troubled, and her eyes are weary. "Why did you leave me?"

"I have always been with you..." She kisses his hand lightly, and she sees the pain in his face, tears threatened. The room seems to have faded away and only they remain. Nothing else mattered to either but the other.

She is so beautiful, he thinks, like an angel; a halo of auburn hair falls around her pale face. "Are you an angel?" he has such an innocent voice for someone so wise. He knows only love, and that is everything he gives, every day of his life. She is so proud of him. So very proud. Tears threaten her eyes now, but she smiles so warmly at him.

"Something like that" He knows it really. "Arnold, you know that your father and I love you very much, and we never meant to leave you. We are so very proud of you honey. You are everything we'd ever hoped for and more, and we will watch over you always." She leans over and kisses his forehead softly, then looks deeply into his jade eyes, tears flowing silently.

"Please don't leave me again..." He holds her cool body in his arms, feeling the silk of her robes against him. He never wants to let go.

"I'm not leaving you baby" She gives in to his embrace and holds his small form tightly for the longest time, until she pulls away reluctantly. She gazes down at the tear stricken face warmly, wiping the shining drops away with her thumbs. "My angel... I can see why she loves you" She chuckles softly. His brows knot in confusion.


"You think so much with your heart my child, sometimes it's better to think with your head." She grins, delicate lines appearing at the corners of each eye. "But, you already know who..."

"I do?" She nods tenderly. But she is leaving now, and he doesn't want to lose her, not again. "Mom!" She is fading, and salty tears are falling heavily. "Don't go..."

"Not all of the angels are in heaven you know." The whispering words echo around him as her image fades. "Don't give up on the world Arnold, my angel. They need you; she needs you. Don't forget that." He is alone in the darkness now, but her voice is still with him. "I love you" are the last words he can hear.

Heaven is a place nearby

So I won't be so far away

And if you try and look for me

Maybe you'll find me someday

Heaven is a place nearby

So there's no need to say goodbye

I wanna ask you not to cry

I'll always be by your side

"Hey Arnold! Hey Arnold! Hey Arnold!" He lifts his hand to the alarm clock and pulls out the wire from the potato. Looking up at his skylight a beautiful azure sky greets him and he smiles. Today will be a good day, he thinks.

He climbs sleepily out of bed, rubbing his eyes. He opens the door and leaves his quite room.

"Hey there Short Man! Sleep well?" Arnold looks warmly at his grandpa as he enters the kitchen and grins.

"Yeah, I did"

And even when I go to sleep

I still can hear your voice

And those words

I never will forget