"How did you two return to normal?!" Shinra gasped, looking completely disappointed.

The two rivals showed up on his doorstep the next day completely normal again, after having gone home to get changes of clothes first. They hadn't spoken about what had happened, and it was their unspoken agreement not to mention it to anyone, even Shinra.

"Well Namie said it was supposed to be an aphrodisiac," Izaya suggested. "It probably just worked its way through our systems."

Shinra pouted as Celty typed. "That's good then."

"Does she have any more pills?" Shinra asked hopefully.

"I threw all of them into the garbage disposal," Izaya gloated.

"What about whoever drugged you, Shizuo?" the doctor pleaded.

Shizuo shrugged. "I told you I don't know who did it. I was just having lunch with friends, and they wouldn't have drugged me."

"And who in their right mind drugs the monster of Ikebukuro?" Izaya laughed.

Shinra pouted, slumping into a chair as he moped about a missed opportunity.

"I've got to go meet Tom then," Shizuo said, turning to leave.

"And I have that client I was forced to reschedule with!" Izaya added.

Celty watched the two of them leave. They seemed more civil than normal, and she was wondering what effects the pills really had on them. She heard a bang, crash, and then "IZAAAAAAAYAAAAAA!"

Smiling, she knew that life would go back to normal in Ikebukuro like it always did. She turned to comfort her boyfriend who was still whining about his missed opportunity.

"That wasn't any fun!" Erika complained. "They didn't even go running around with kitty ears!"

"I can't believe someone made such a stupid pill," Kadota complained, his hand over his face. He was hoping that Shizuo didn't connect mutating to having lunch with him. He would have to leave Ikebukuro if Shizuo was after him.

"We can always try again," Walter suggested.

"OOOH! YES!" Erika cheered.

"You two are insane," Kadota sighed, climbing back into the van and joining Saburo in the silence.

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