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About two weeks had passed since the day the Total Drama crew had set out from the island. Morale was high, but food supply had started to dwindle. It was currently late at night.

Chef and Chris were taking turns watching the horizon. Chef watched during the night, and slept during the day, and Chris watched during the day, and slept during normal times.

Chef was munching on some potato chips, reading a book, 'The Adventures of Rainbow Dash'. "Haha, silly Minty." Chef chuckled, popping a chip in his mouth. He closed the book and got up, stretching. He peered out through the fog with a telescope. In the distance, he could see a landmass, but he knew they wouldn't make it to land until at least mid-morning. He yawned, looking at his watch. 5:58 AM.

"Time to wake pretty boy up." Chef said, starting to walk up towards where everyone slept. He was about halfway to the living quarters when he heard a loud CRASH!

"What the hell?" Chef said as the entire yacht shook, pipes bursting and things falling from the walls.

Eva and Jo came lurching around a corner.

"What the fuck was that?" Eva spat, holding a bag with all her personal belongings.

"I don't know." Chef coughed, spitting blood out of his mouth from where he bit his tongue. "You two go wake everyone up, I'll go see what's wrong." He took off down the corridor, as Eva and Jo began kicking doors open, screaming at the inhabitants.

As Chef skidded around a corner and into the control room, he saw what had caused the disruption. A military boat, hard to see with the camouflage and how high up the view point from the yacht was, punctured the yacht's hull, and there was water flowing in by the gallons.

"Shit!" Chef cursed, sprinting out of the room, past sleepy and confused cast mates, and down into the storage room. Fortunately for them all, the hole wasn't as big as it seemed, but they all needed to get out quickly.

Duncan, Jo, Brick, Scott and Beth had followed Chef down into the storage room, so Chef started handing different supplies to them, telling them to bring it up and put it on the lifeboats.

As Chef handed a box of food to Duncan, who promptly sprinted down the hall, Chris came barreling down the stairs.

"Chef, what happened?" the ex-host wheezed, holding a stitch in his side.

"We hit a military boat, and punctured a damn hole in the side of the boat!" Chef said, throwing his hands up in the air.

Chris moaned in frustration. "Do you realize what you've just done? This might've just killed us all!" He snapped, slamming his foot into the wall.

"Get over yourself and get to the lifeboats, Chris." Chef said, grumbling. He grabbed the last of the boxes, and headed upstairs.

Chris sighed in frustration, looking around to make sure they didn't leave anything. He saw that they had left the crank powered wireless radio. He grabbed it, also running back to the top of the boat. The boat was now a quarter filled with water.

Up at the top of the boat, all of the campers were currently on one of the 4 lifeboats. Chef dropped the last box into one of the boats, straightened up, and motioned for Chris to get in the boat, which the host hastily did.

"Alright you maggots!" Chef shouted to the campers. "We're going to do this nice and easy. I say we got about another 10 minutes at best before we're in any serious danger, so no panicking, okay?"

Everyone nodded. "Good! Now, I'm going to lower the first boat into the water. I'll need a maggot's help with this." Chef said, looking for volunteers.

"I'll do it." Jo said, hopping out of her boat and strutting over to Chef. Chef nodded in appreciation. Together, they grabbed each of the ropes and lowered the boat down. Boat 1 was safely in the water.

"Nice work." Chef complimented, "Now let's get these other boats down as well." Together, they managed to get the other 3 boats safely in the water.

"Alright, let's go." Chef said to the gray-clad jockette, throwing a rope ladder over the side. The duo climbed down into one of the boats, and they set off towards the mainland.

"So what's the plan now?" Beth asked, scared. She was in the same boat as Chef, Duncan, Bridgette, Scott, Noah and B.

"We get to the mainland, see how bad the situation is, and we'll take it from there. We'll either hole up for a while and start scavenging; or just start moving, depending how many zombies are roaming around." Chef said, keeping his eyes on the mainland.

Beth nodded, looking queasy.

"Don't worry Beth, it'll be ok." Bridgette said comfortingly, but she didn't sound so sure herself.

After about an hour or so, the four boats finally came within swimming distance from the shore, and Chef ordered all motors to be cut, in fear of zombies hearing it and swarming them.

"Alright, let's get on the mainland, but stay quiet." Chef said reluctantly. They guided the boat with oars and hands until they were able to get onto the mainland. The other three boats followed.

It was eerily quiet. It was sunny, which wasn't exactly a zombiesque feel. Nevertheless, the eerie silence kept everyone on their toes.

"Where are we?" Chris whispered to Chef. Chef looked around, tapping his chin. He grabbed a map of North America from his pocket and looked around. "Uh, I think we're in Muskoka, Ontario."

"Okay, let me program this." Chris said, pulling the radio from his belt and setting the correct frequency.

"How'd you get that?" Chef asked, looking at the boxes littered around the street. "I didn't see you pull it out of the supply box."

"You dropped it in the yacht, lucky I was there."

Chef nodded, looking out through some binoculars.

"Okay, do you see any zombies?" Chris whispered, looking around.

"Yea, about two blocks over." The cook replied, nodding over to his right.

About two blocks away, a shuddering figure was just sort of drooped over. The creature seemed perfectly ordinary at first, but if you looked closely, you could see that it was caked in blood.

"Okay. Where exactly are we supposed to go?" Noah asked in a dry whisper.

"I don't know, so shut up." Chef grumbled. There were three roads in front of them. The only visible zombie was the one on the left.

"I say we take the right, and see where it leads." Chef said, tapping his chin. "Let's just stay quiet, if we make a lot of noise these things will be after us faster than you can say 'gtfo'.

"GREAT HEAVENLY GASPY! A CHOCOLATE BAR!" Owen screamed, pulling a chocolate bar out of a trashcan.

Chef tackled Owen to the ground, "Shut up!" he hissed. Everyone was tense. There wasn't a lot of noise, but the zombie a couple of blocks away stirred. It sat up, looked around and groaned.

Everyone made their own noises of fear, as the zombie sat up and turned it's head towards them. From the remains of it's mangled face and hair, it was likely it was once a man, but it was hard to tell.

The zombie groaned, louder this time, and then sprinted towards the crew.

Chef grinned and picked up his prized kitchen knife, but before he could, Chris panicked and pulled out his handgun, firing three shots directly into the zombies skull. The zombie gurgled, blood spilling out of his forehead. It stumbled and hit the ground, crushing a china doll that was broken on the street.

"Chris! You Idiot!" Chef bellowed, as all over the place, moans could be heard. Zombies appeared from shadows, staggering at first, but picking up speed.

"What's the problem?" Tyler asked, confused.

"The noise, he just basically doomed us all." Cameron said, knees aquiver.

Duncan scoffed. "Not to mention wasted 2 bullets."

Suddenly, the radio at Chris's belt wavered.

"HELLO? –BZZT- Is this thing on? God damn it Lia, did you do this wrong?" A voice echoed from the radio. By now, the zombies were starting to stagger quickly towards the campers. Chef had already stabbed a couple in the head. "Look here, if anyone's out there, get to the building on –BZZT- 14th street. It's a c convenience store. So, -BZZT- yeah, so uh, yeah." "You got some real nice confidence there." Another voice said. "-BZZT- Shut up, North." The radio clicked off.

"Where's 14th street?" Heather asked, panicking. "Two blocks to the left, four blocks ahead." Chef said, putting a knife through his seventh zombie. "We need to go, now!" He screamed, taking off down the left street. Some of the campers in tow, others chose to go different ways. All were running for the same place.

Cameron was lucky enough to snag on to Lightning's back again as he ran. He was just hoping the jock wouldn't take a wrong turn and get them both killed.

Geoff had taken the center path with Bridgette, Noah, Chef, Alejandro, Gwen and Ezekiel and Beth.

"This way!" Chef shouted, skidding around a corner and heading left. The other 6 followed him.

"Up ahead!" Noah called, panting heavily. He was staggering slightly, holding the stitch in his side with one hand and his bag of personal belongings in the other.

The building, a small convenience store with large steel bars barricading the enterance, was currently open about a foot, and two figures, blurry at this distance, were screaming at them to move faster.

A zombie sprinted out of an alleyway and lunged itself at Bridgette. Geoff screamed an jumped in front of Bridgette eyes closed, expecting to feel teeth ripping his flesh, but all he heard was a swift 'swish', the zombie groaning, and Chef yelling "MOVE YOUR ASS! THERES HUNDREDS BEHIND US!"

Geoff opened his eyes and saw that the rest of them were at the door of the building, waving frantically at him to get moving. Geoff sprinted towards them, but a zombie wrapped its hand around his ankle, bringing him to the ground.

"Help!" Geoff screamed, trying to kick the zombie away. There was a loud, sharp CRACK, and the zombie's grip loosened. Geoff quickly picked himself up and raced to the store, diving underneath the bars. He was luckily unhurt, scratched, or bit.

"Go right Lightning! You went one too many lefts!" Cameron screamed in terror. Lightning was luckily fast enough to out run the zombies, but his sense of direction was very poor.

"Who's talking to me? Is that God?" Lightning asked. He turned around to see Cameron clinging to his back. "Oh, hey scrawny guy. Go right? Ok!" He turned right on the next corner and sure enough, the convenience store loomed ahead.

"C'mon!" Chef yelled at them. Lightning leaped over a zombie, sending Cameron to the ground, and slid under the bars. Cameron quickly got up and ran underneath as well.

Dawn, Beth, Trent, Chris Owen, DJ and Harold were running hard. They had taken the left path and were trying to outrun the zombies. Sadly though, Owens' bulkiness was his imminent doom, as the zombies easily caught him and devoured him. His screams of pain only lasted about 10 seconds…

Harold was having trouble. His heart palpitations had started up again, and his vision was blurring in and out of focus.

A zombie reached forward and grabbed his hair, trying to pull him into the mass horde of death dealing monsters.

Quickly, Harold whipped his knife out, using his mad ninja skills to slash the zombies arm off.

Trent, being the good guy he is, helped Harold along until they were all under the bars.

Staci was by herself, having taken a wrong turn completely. She waddle-ran into an alley way, not seeing it was a dead end until she slammed into the wall. The zombies tore her to pieces.

Eva, Justin, Katie, Lindsay and Tyler had just witnessed Sadie get ripped open. The poor fat girl got overrun, and it was the first time Katie ever willingly left her side. They ran for a few more minutes before sliding under the bar.

Jo, Brick, Scott, Mike, Zoey, B, Dakota, Sam and Anne Maria had decided to stick together and were running. Unfortunately, they took one wrong turn and a zombie latched itself onto B. There was nothing the others or the silent genius could do besides get ripped to pieces.

They turned another corner and ran straight into Izzy, Cody, Sierra, Heather, Courtney, and Duncan.

The zombies all leapt on the big tangle of bodies. Jo, Brick, Duncan, Izzy, Courtney, Mike and Zoey, being agile, leapt out of the way and ran into the convenience store, which was only 30 feet away.

One of the people, a guy with shaggy dark brown hair, aimed his pistol into the mass of bodies and fired off his full clip.

Luckily for 5 people, they were able to make it out unhurt. Scott ran out and skidded into the convenience store. Sierra and Cody were quick to follow. Anne Maria, shielded by her pouffe, was also able to make it out. Heather was the last one able to escape from the mass of bodies.

"That's the last of 'em" Chef said, nodding to another boy. He had dirty blond hair and a dark green hoodie with blue jeans. There was also a belt with a snake on it and he had a double-barreled shotgun in his hands. The boy nodded and slammed the bars down, securing the several chains around them.

Chef, panting, leaned against the wall of the store. He looked around. "Who'd we lose?" He asked hoarsely.

Noah came up with a sheet of paper, crossing names off. "We lost Owen, Sadie, Staci, LeShawna, Sam, Dakota, and B." He said sadly.

Chef nodded.

"Well, looks like we have company. Famous company at that, and lots of it." The boy who shot the pistol rounds said. "My name's North." He said, "No need to introduce yourselves," He said, smirking, "We know who you are."

North had a red 'Portugal' T-shirt on with a black jacket over it. He had faded blue jeans and a big knife stuck in his belt. His hair was shaggy, it looked slightly overgrown, most likely due to the zombie apocalypse.

A beautiful girl with long flowing blonde hair in a ponytail came out of the back of the store. "Hi everyone! You must be the Total Drama crew." She said with a friendly smile. "My name is Lia." She had a spring green sweatshirt with black skinny jeans. She also had a pistol in her belt and a scar on her forehead.

"Nice to meet you." Chef said, "So, where ya'll from?"

"I'm from Quebec." North said, checking his ammo count.

"Me too." Lia added

"And I'm originally from New Orleans." The boy with the sandy hair said, also coming out of the back of the shop. "The name is James."

"James?" A voice called from the Total Drama crew. "No way, is that you?"

James broke out into a grin. "Harold buddy, good to see you alive!" he chuckled as Harold broke through the crowd and gave James a friendly hug.

"Looks like you took my advice." Harold joked.

"Haha, yea, it was a bitch to get up here." James laughed.

Chef interjected. "How'd you get from New Orleans to Muskoka in less then a month?"

"My gir- uh, I traveled by motorcycle, and I was in New York when the outbreak stared." James said.

"North and I met back in Quebec, we were with some others, but we lost them on the way here." Lia said sadly. North wrapped an arm around her.

"Wasn't there another one of you?" Cody asked, scratching his head.

"Yea, that's Haley. She tends to just zone out." James chuckled. "I'll go get her."

A couple minutes later, a girl with bright orange hair, down to about her mid-back, came out. She looked cheerful, and had a black tank top on with a faded leather jacket. She had grey short shorts and black tights with a fedora on her head.

"Hey everyone!" She waved. "Oh my god! You're the Total Drama Crew! I love you guys!" She cheered.

Everyone nodded and smiled a bit and waved back.

"So, what are your means of defense here?" Trent asked nervously, looking around the convenience store. It seemed pretty good. It was definitely cozy, with five sleeping bags, a bathroom, a generator, and tons of food and supplies.

"Where'd you get all this stuff?" Cameron added, amazed.

"We scavenge," Lia said, "Usually all day. Unfortunately, there's not much stuff left here. And with an extra 30 or so mouths to feed, it's going to go fast."

Chef snorted. "You don't have to feed us, people. We got a buttload of stuff back at the docks, we can get that and set up somewhere else."

North shrugged. "Whatever floats your boat dude. Just be careful, not every building has fortified steel bars."

Chef nodded in understanding. "Alright maggots. If it's okay with these four, we'll spend the night here and head out in the morning." The campers nodded. "Uh, is it okay if we spend the night here?" the cook asked with a side glance at the teens. They shrugged.

"Why not?" Said Lia, "We'll have a party!"

"Owen loved parties." Izzy sniffled sadly. Bridgette put an arm around her.

"Go stick anything you have over in a spot you want." James said, nodding at Noah's bag of books.

The campers nodded and put their stuff away.

They had a nice but quiet dinner. There wasn't much chit-chat between the Total Drama Crew, but it was apparent that Haley was the life of the party, and North was pretty funny too. James was kind but quiet, and Lia was cheerful.

After dinner, when everything was picked up, North approached Chef. "So what's your gameplan?" He asked, tossing his paper plate into a trashcan.

Chef shrugged. "Get out of Canada before the winter months, I suppose…we don't want to be up here with nothing to heat ourselves but fire.:

North nodded. "You guys got lucky, the five of us are heading south in three day's time." He swept the hair out of his face and leaned back, thinking.

"Who's your fifth guy?" Chef asked, noticing five sleeping bags but only four unfamiliar faces.

"Oh, they're out on a scavenge. She tends to take a couple days, then come back with a boatload of stuff." North said, sounding unconcerned, "She just left this morning."

Chef nodded, "If you want, you can tag along with us."

North thought about it. "We'll see, your lot is, well, big. I prefer small groups."

Chris came up to the two. "Whatcha talking about?"

"Our game plan." Chef said, "We're heading south in three days. It should take a couple months to head to where we need to go on foot."

James came over, scoffing. "Please, we aren't going to be going on foot. Two-thirds of these vehicles still have gas in them. We'll travel on foot to the end of the city, and then hitch cars at the edge where the highways are clear."

"He's a smart one, him." Chef said, nodding at James, who grinned.

"Yup, that's why I keep him around." North joked, clapping James on the shoulder.

Later, it turns out Haley was huge fans of Zoey and Noah, and the three were chatting about stuff, or rather, Zoey and Haley were talking while Noah made sarcastic quips without looking up from his book.

James knew Harold before the show. They were talking about times before the apocolypse.

All the couples were currently In each others arms, happy to still be together and feeling bad for Izzy, who was crying in a corner, being consoled by Cameron, Gwen and Trent.

North and Lia were keeping watch, her head on his shoulder. There were about 100 zombies 20 feet in front of them, all clawing at the steel bars but not even scratching it. A couple had even filed they're fingers down to stubs.

"They're lucky they aren't out here." North said, gesturing inside the store as he looked on Zombie Owen and Zombie Dakota.

Lia shuddered, "Yuck, that's not the way I wanted to meet them."

North chuckled, "Oh boy. An extra 30 mouths to feed. Ain't that a bitch."

Lia giggled."We'll see how things pan out when we reach America. It's not going to be easy though."

North sighed, sweeping his hair out of his face again with a tired hand. "Is it ever?"

They had no idea.

Dead: Owen, LeShawna, Staci, Sadie, B, Sam, Dakota.

Alive: Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Izzy, Cody, Beth, Courtney, Harold, Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ, Geoff, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Alejandro, Sierra, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Anne Maria, Brick, Dawn, North, Lia, Haley and James.

There you go, guys! Woo! New chapter. I hoped you enjoyed. Please note this fic will center around THE TOTAL DRAMA CREW. I just had to introduce the non TD characters this chapter, they will play a minor role in the story. Now, I hoped you guys enjoyed, sorry it took like a week :P. Ciao!