Dear reader,
The fiction you are about to read has been co-written by Distant Lands members MJDai and TiaKisu.

For Christmas MJ sent a little Doubar/Bryn ficlet to TK who - being a huge fan of them as probably you already know - squealed so hard that mirrors shattered and, unable to contain herself, wrote a little fiction in response. These first two works then marked the beginning of a game of tag which MJ, being for all intents and purposes a child, convinced TK to play.

The result of this very game those two meddling kids started playing is what we have decided to share with you in form of this fiction. Each chapter thereby follows the previous one and the main content you will find is fluff, fluff, humour and... did we mention fluff?
The first few pieces mainly focus on Bryn and Doubar, but as the series progresses you will find a lot of Sinbad & Maeve scenes, too.

We hope you have as much fun reading as those two had writing the tags. (:

Disclaimer: Neither Distant Lands nor MJDai or TiaKisu own the Adventures of Sinbad (if any of them did, the show would so not have ended after two seasons!). All rights belong to Ed Naha and All American Television. We just borrow the characters and return them after they have served their purpose.

The Courting of Bryn - Ch1

Doubar stood at the tiller where Bryn joined him with Dermott on her arm.

"Would you look at that," he nodded towards Maeve and Sinbad at the prow, telling each other everything except the one thing that mattered.

"Do you think they'll ever get it together?" Bryn asked. Dermott flew off her arm; he was so not discussing his sister's love-life thank-you-very-much.

"Maybe if we fed them each a batch of truth serum or something... Have you got anything like that?" Doubar asked.

Bryn shook her head. "Besides, do you think they'd really last if we used trickery to get them together?"

"Everything in its own time, do you mean?" Doubar asked.

Bryn nodded, still looking at the pair on the prow. "They don't seem to realize how precious time is... I've lost most of it and it would hurt to know that I wasted even more."

Doubar looked at her, searching her face for some kind of clue to a deeper meaning in her words. "I really like you Bryn," he then blurted out, red-faced and without any finesse.

Her brow furrowed and she turned to look at him. "Like me how?" She asked.

"I like you like a red-blooded man likes a beautiful woman," Doubar said. "I know I'm no great catch, I'm old and tubby, but there you have it: I like you."

"I don't... You never... I always thought you had a girl in a port somewhere," Bryn stammered, obviously having trouble adjusting to this new information.

"Well I don't," Doubar said, it took every bit of courage he had to keep looking her in the eye instead of looking away in defeat.

"It's just, you're so sweet and kind, I figured there had to be someone," Bryn said, helplessly trying to convey something she didn't really understand either.

"Yeah that's me, just an overgrown teddybear. Look, if you don't feel the same, that's alright, I just wanted you to know," Doubar said fighting back a disappointed sigh.

"You've got to give me a moment to get used to this!" Bryn protested. "I guess I never looked at you like that, but that doesn't mean I never will... You know what, time is precious, so let's do it!" She had gotten more excited the more she talked.

Doubar turned positively scarlet: "What, right now?"

Bryn looked puzzled for a moment, then laughed and elbowed him amicably. "I mean I give you permission to court me, to woo me if you will. Show me exactly how manly and romantic you can be," her eyes twinkled as she said it.

"Yeah?" Doubar asked, almost unable to believe his luck.

"Yeah," Bryn nodded resolutely.

"I'm going to sweep you off your feet you know," Doubar said, all kinds of butterflies flip-flopped around his belly but he felt pretty confident.

"I'm looking forward to it!" Bryn called over her shoulder as she walked away.

Her laugh reached his ears and lingered there a moment, like sweet music to his heart.
Yes, this was going to be some courtship indeed! He'd show his little brother how to properly treat a woman who was worthy of being treated! Yes, he'd take his time, make elaborate gestures as well as small ones, show her exactly how much she was worth in his eyes and eventually she wouldn't be able to think of a single reason why she hadn't always been madly in love with him.

"Good plan," he congratulated himself, before re-focusing on his duties on the tiller.