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Author's note: This story will be very Jasper centric. Jasper is my very favorite Twilight character and I hope I do him justice. I also like Charlie and feel he doesn't get enough credit so he will be a focus too.

My Son

chapter 1

Charlie's POV

Charlie had an antsy feeling as he leaned over the mangled body at the campsite in front of him. His deputy had left to check on old Miss Tenney who called them once a week reporting someone in her house. Personally Charlie thought the woman was just lonely and wanted to speak to someone besides her cat, but one of them dutifully checked it out every time and stayed for her delicious cookies and the latest town gossip. She was a fountain of knowledge because though she rarely interacted with the towns folk she watched everything and had a keen eye, and right now Charlie was desperate for any information.

This was the third attack this week. Though the coroner said it was an animal attack, Charlie had his doubts. For the amount of damage on the body there should be a lot of blood, but while the crime site wasn't spotless it was too clean for an animal attack. There were spots of blood here and there but not enough for the size of the wounds. It was like the wounds were made after the body was drained of blood. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. This was Forks for crying out loud, there wasn't supposed to be some sick vampire wanna be serial killer. Maybe he should call the state police in on this. He hated to do that but frankly he was out of his league with this.

He was just deciding to make the call when a chill ran up his spine. He didn't hear anything but someone was definitely watching him. He analysed his situation, gauging how fast he could get to his radio to call for help. Though the only real help he could call would be the deputy, any other person was too far to really be of any use. He heard an eerie growl, it had to be an animal, he decided his gun was the better option. He carefully unsnapped his gun belt and slowly started to reach for it. Quicker than he could react something slammed into him. He felt himself flying through the air and crashing into a tree. It took a moment for the pain to catch up to him. Then he felt excruciating pain emanating from his shoulder. Charlie looked over at his shoulder and saw his arm hanging loosely at his side, a bone protruded from his forearm and his elbow was at an unatural angle. He looked away trying to find his attacker. He saw a red-haired woman with ruby red eyes staring at him. She licked her lips and smiled. 'Great the psycho' was Charlies thoughts as he reached for his gun with his still whole arm. Quicker than his eyes could follow she was at his side. She broke his wrist and threw his gun away before he could even blink. Charlie's eyes widened, no way could any normal woman do what she had done.

She leaned in and licked the blood that flowed down his arm. "Mmmmm delicious." She said as she leaned back and looked at him. His look must have amused her because she laughed as she watched him. Her laugh was beautiful and somehow deadly. He found himself fascinated by her. He watched her not being able to turn away. He knew she was hypnotising him with her eyes but felt powerless to stop it.

"I'm actually after your daughter but I think your death well hurt them too...You are amusing though. Maybe I will play with you for a bit." She said softly as she bit into his injured arm. Really his arm had went numb awhile ago and he didn't feel it, but the fact that she was actually biting him was horrifying. Her teeth sank into his skin as if it was nothing and her cheeks began to move as if she was drinking from him.

'My god it's true there are vampires and she is one.' Charlie thought as he watched her. He felt powerless to move, mesmerized by her beauty. Still he had to do something, the creature had mentioned his daughter. The thought of Bella brought out the normal feelings of love, protectiveness and hurt. He loved her fiercely but she like Renee had abandoned him. She hated Forks so bad she refused to come after she was old enough to demand it, making him meet her in California. Still she was his daughter and he would take her crumbs if that was all she was willing to give him. When she had decided to move and live with him in Forks he had been over the moon happy. It was tempered by the fact that she had done it for her mother and viewed it as a sacrifice. Charlie's heart stung at that, living with him was a sacrifice to her. What did he expect though, he wasn't fun or exciting like Renee and he had never been able to express himself to her. When she had gotten here she had moped till she started dating that Cullen boy. God he hated that boy. Bella had turned into a puppy that followed him everywhere and obeyed his commands. She rarely spent any time with Charlie. She prepared his food and kept his house, he had no clue why she felt she had to do that he had survived on his own for a long time. Still she seemed to like do it so he didn't stop her and any connection to her was better than none. Scraps again, were all parents only given scraps of their children's time and affection? He saw the red-head move away from his arm and stare in his eyes.

"I think I want them to definitely know that this was a vampire attack. I will mark you again and again to let them know the pain you endured." She said as she bent down and bit him on the chest. The pain was excruciating but there was no way he was going to give this bitch the satisfaction of screaming or letting her no she succeeded in hurting him.

"You are a strong one this is going to be fun. I wish I could see the look on your daughter's face when they tell her about you." She said sinking her teeth into his neck. She bit him five times there in quick succession before moving to his chest again. Charlie felt the pain but his anger was boiling to the surface. The thought of Bella brought out his rage. He hadn't been able to make her happy but there was no way he was going to let this psycho-bitch vampire make her sad. He moved his arm with his broken wrist managing to touch her neck. She didn't move not fearing him in the least. His rage boiled and his only thoughts were how wrong it was that she should get enjoyment from his blood and pain. He felt something go out of him and into her. He didn't know what it was but it was something strong. He felt weak when it was finished and his arm dropped to the ground. The pain seemed to have left his body leaving a burning sensation. He saw her jump up from him with wide frightened eyes. She began to wretch. Her arms fell loosely to her sides as if they were injured though there was no visible injury.

"What have you done to me!" She screamed while she tried to vomit. Charlie smiled slightly in satisfaction. He knew he was going to die and he wasn't sure what he had done to her but he knew she was going to suffer. Hopefully enough to keep her from Bella. He felt exhaustion overwhelming him and his pain was returning. He knew she would kill him but he had no more in him to fight. He was closing his eyes in exhaustion as he saw a very tall man with golden hair approaching them. He saw the red-head hiss and run off as if the hounds of hell were chasing her. The man approached him ignoring the woman. He was the most beautiful person Charlie had ever seen. The sun shown down through the leaves on his golden hair making it look like a halo surrounded his head. His eyes were the blue of the sky, his whole body radiated strength. He didn't fear him, somehow the man seemed to radiate goodness. The man knelt beside him.

"Chief Swan, my name is Michael. I am not a vampire but they came from me. The vampire who bit you is called Victoria. She has a vendetta against your daughter." The man, Michael touched him and Charlie's pain receded allowing him to think clearly. With his mind clearer he looked up at the man who no longer seemed angelic but still was terribly beautiful. Charlie fought to get his thoughts under control, his daughter was in danger and he needed to hear what this man had to say. "You have been bitten and will become a vampire I can't stop it, but I can add my blood giving you more powers than any vampire other than my son. You will need this strength for what lies ahead, to protect you daughter." Charlie knew he was going to accept but he wanted the terms before hand.

"What..." was all he could croak out. Charlie knew that this man had immense power and was offering him something valuable. He wanted to know what this man wanted in return from him, nothing was free and the price must be steep.

Michael smiled. "I want you to help my son."

Charlie stared at the man, he could feel the strength radiating from him. Surely this man could help his son and he had said his son would be more powerful than him. How would he be able to help him? Michael seemed to know his question and answered him.

"I have been forbidden to help him directly but given permission to give you the power to. He is strong and though it has been tried no one has been able to kill him." Pride radiated in the man's face but then it darkened to anger as he continued. "The only option they have is to get him to kill himself. They have played on his kindness and humility to make him weak and cause him to doubt himself. Still he perseveres though his heart is breaking and his pain is deep. Now they have found his mate and are going to use her to bring his downfall. He needs a father Charles Swan."

Charlie nearly stopped him there. He was not a good father why would he be chosen? He had utterly failed Bella. Michael squeezed his shoulder and a calming wave rushed through him.

"You will be a good father to both my son and your daughter. He will be here soon. He is going to find you and take you to the Cullen's house. They are going to try to convince him to take you to the Denali. You must refuse. You must go to his friend's house. When I give you my blood you will have all my memories and you will know everything about my life and my son's life. While I have not been able to contact him I have watched over him constantly. He views his life very differently than it actually was. You will have to convince him of his worth along with his mate." Michael paused and looked off in the distance.

"He's coming. Remember fight through the pain and let them know you want to go to his brother's house. If you don't you will lose your mate and I want you to be happy Charles Swan." Michael said as he cut his wrist moved it over his mouth.

"Who.." Charlie croaked before the first drops of blood his mouth.

"My son is Jasper Whitlock and his mate is your daughter Isabella Swan." Michael whispered.

The blood pooled in his mouth. He didn't find it disgusting it was ambrosia and he began to drink it greedily. Warmth spread through his body even through the burn. The blood stopped and he opened his eyes to see Michael rise. Charlie regretted the loss of the blood but chastised himself at the thoughts. He noticed Michael looking over his body to his left. Charlie followed his gaze and saw a man who looked almost identical to Michael, though where Michael's presence was strong almost overpowering this man seemed to radiate self-doubt and remorse. Charlie's heart broke for him and he instantly knew that this was the Jasper Michael had told him about, though he knew him as Jasper Cullen.

Charlie heard a noise and knew that Michael had left. He didn't have the energy to turn his head and look he just stared at Jasper. Jasper seemed torn between following the man and helping Charlie. Charlie nearly smiled when he saw a look of determination come over his face. He was going to pick caring for him even though the sight of a man who looked so like him must have raised a lot of questions in his head. He knew in that moment he was going to help this man, not because he had made a deal but because he wanted to. The pain hit him then and memories began to fill his mind causing him to scream in agony. Jasper immediately rushed to his side. He felt his pain recede and watched as Jasper grimaced in the pain he had taken from him. Yes this boy was definitely worth every bit of effort he had to give to help him. He closed his eyes as he felt himself being lifted up and let himself get lost in the memories that flooded his mind.