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Chapter 19

Emmett watched the scene before him with a smirk on his face. Aro was angry, Marcus was bored and Caius was planning something. He looked at his brother and sister. Peter wore his normal "I know something you don't" smirk and Charlotte looked a little more worried but it was obvious she was trying to have faith in Peter.

"Have you caught them yet?" Aro demanded loudly of a guard member who approached him tentatively. Emmett was sure he hadn't.

"No." The guard told him with his head down. Emmett could see him shaking a little as he replied. He found the whole situation funny and was beginning to like Vicki more and more as she led the Volturi on a fruitless chase through the halls of their base. She was definitely something else, her power had to be greater than anyone thought to pull off this feat.

"Go back to your duty. There's little they can do and they don't seem to be leaving so it's time for us to go on with our business." Aro said as he eyed the group before him. "You, Rosalie come here." Aro demanded with a look of grim determination.

Rose began to shake beside him and he saw her shake her head back and forth in denial. This whole ordeal had been so hard on his Rose. His normally strong, sassy girl was showing her fear. He knew she was afraid for her family. She was afraid Aro would read something from her that would put them in jeopardy. She had a valid fear. She knew more about Jasper than any of them.

Peter was so afraid of what Aro would read from him, but Emmett knew that what he read from Rose would be dangerous too. Maybe more so as they were putting their hope in Jasper saving them.

When Rose didn't move one of the guard came forward to get her, Felix. Emmett eyed the big vampire trying to find any possible way to save his mate. His beast was roaring within him, demanding he protect her. Emmett began to growl lowly.

Emmett gritted his teeth and pulled Rosalie close to him. He could feel her shaking. "I won't let anything happen to you." He whispered in her ear.

Peter nudged him. Emmett ignored him as possibilities ran through his head. He knew Peter was trying to buy time and he wanted to use the time it took for Aro to read Rose, but Emmett was beginning to doubt the plan. Emmett threw Felix back.

"There is a way to stop the thirst!" Emmett yelled at the top of his lungs. Silence rang through the hall.

"We know a vampire with a gift. He can change the thirst so that you can drink the blood of animals and be stronger!" Emmett continued in the same loud voice.

"Lies!" Aro hissed. "Grab him Felix!"

Felix ignored him as he stared at Emmett. Emmett could see the hope in his eyes.

"He's telling the truth!" A vampire Emmett didn't know yelled out. Pandemonium broke out.

There was a lot of yelling back and forth as the guard divided into groups. Emmett watched as Marcus and Caius moved almost imperceptibly away from Aro. Felix and Demetri moved closer to the duo along with other guard members Emmett was not familiar with.

"Alec subdue everyone now!" Aro yelled.

Alec had a look of confusion on his face and looked over to Aro then back at Emmett. Emmett just gazed back at him trying to seem sure. Alec shook his head no.

"Jane!" Aro growled anger showing on his face as he pointed to Emmett.

'Oh shit!' Emmett thought as he saw a look of malice appear on the girls face. Pain erupted all through his body and he fell to the floor. He heard a scream from Rosalie but was unable to comfort her. He caught a glimpse of loyal guard members beginning to surround them through his haze of pain.

Suddenly his pain stopped and he looked up. All he could see were guard members holding his family. He growled as he saw the vampire holding his Rose. Santiago grinned at him and licked her neck. Emmett started to move forward the only thought in his head saving his Rose.

"Stop!" Emmett heard Victoria yell as she stood tall holding the head of Jane in her hands. "Let my family go!" She demanded.

Emmett's mouth dropped open in shock. Edward had grabbed one of Jane's arms and was flicking a lighter.

"Alec!" Aro snarled.

Alec looked torn but the love for his sister won out and his fog was moving over the group hitting Edward and Victoria first. Emmett watched them fall to the floor, Jane's head rolling away from Vicki's now limp fingers. Edward managed to burn Jane's arm before he succumbed to Alec's gift. The fire was stopped by Alec before it could consume her whole body.

"The guard too Alec we must have order. We can sort them out later." Aro said calmly.

Growling was heard throughout the guard and some of them actually tried to escape. Alec looked defeated as he let his fog roll over friend and foe alike.

"Alec if you give in to him now you will never get another chance." Emmett said looking into the boy's eyes.

Alec looked at Emmett, then Aro, then Jane. Alec walked over and picked up Jane's head. He sat down and started stroking her hair, but made no move to reattach her head to her body. The fog stopped and Emmett smiled at the boy before standing with amazing speed and punching Santiago with so much force that his head snapped backward.

Santiago used one arm to pull his head back in place leaving only one arm on Rose. Rose smiled up at Emmett with love and grabbed the one arm twisting out of his grip and using her foot to kick him away from her.

Emmett pulled her to his side and kissed her soundly. "Welcome back baby." He said smiling. Rose smiled back and they entered the fray with a vengeance.

Jasper was a little surprised they had not run into any vampires as they made their way to the Volturi's underground base. He was anxious and he felt excitement running through his body at the prospect of battle. He supposed Bella was right to call him her warrior. He was now beginning to accept that he was indeed made for war. Bella paced beside him, he could feel her anticipation rising with his. They moved together without speaking, each knowing what the other needed.

They finally made it to the entryway and Jasper frowned slightly as he opened the door. He had expected guards to stop him but no one was there. He sent out his senses and felt a huge wave of confusion, anger, fear, battle lust coming from the distance.

He turned to Bella grinning. "They started without us." He said causing Bella to grin.

Jasper frowned in confusion as he felt different emotions coming from a much smaller group moving away from the main battle. This group seemed determined and in conflict with themselves. Jasper looked to Bella about to tell her what was happening when she interrupted him.

"I think we should check it out." She told him, Jasper raised his eyebrows. Bella stood on her toes and kissed him.

"No I can't hear your thoughts but I can feel the emotions through you..." Bella paused struggling to explain. Jasper put his hand to her lips, explanations could wait. Bella nodded and they turned to the smaller group. Jasper picked Bella up and ran at his speed to the group. Jasper could feel Bella's exasperation at still needing to be carried by him even though she was now a vampire. Jasper just smirked a little glad that he had an excuse to hold her near.

They turned the corner and saw Caius, Marcus, Felix, Demetri, Heidi and five others he didn't know sitting against the walls. Caius looked up fear entering his eyes as he recognized Jasper. Jasper calmly set Bella down. He felt her shield come over him and squeezed her hand in gratitude as he sent a wave of calm over the group they faced. They relaxed and stared at him.

"Tell us what is happening. Why are you here? Where is our family?" Jasper demanded pulling on his Major persona and allowing a little fear back into them.

Caius moved forward standing in front of the group he stood straight and was an imposing figure. "Your family has caused chaos in the throne room. Aro was getting control back as we left. The redhead took out Jane and the big one talked Alec into not using his gift, but your family is outnumbered and are destined to lose."

"Don't underestimate them." Jasper said more for Bella's benefit than Caius' as he felt her begin to panic. "Why are you here?" Jasper again demanded.

Caius ran a frustrated hand through his hair. "We had hoped to escape in the commotion but the bonds Chelsea has put on us don't seem to allow us to leave."

Jasper narrowed his eyes and studied their emotions. He could feel a deep desire in them that he guessed was their want of freedom. He could also see the deep need they felt to be loyal to Aro.

"Stay here I don't want to have to fight you." Jasper said as he picked Bella up. He felt Caius's disappointment and smiled. Caius was a warrior and passing up a fight was hard for him.

Jasper ran to the throne room. He put Bella down as he stood in front of the doors. He kissed her soundly and felt her shield return around them. He grinned and kicked the doors open. The scene before him was chaos.

Jane was standing over Edward glaring at him in rage as he writhed in pain on the ground, her arm was missing. Alec stood beside her looking like he wanted to cry while Victoria laid on the ground a victim of Alec's sense deprivation. Jasper took care of them first, he sent a wave of lethargy so great that they both fell to the floor. Victoria sat up blinking her eyes then turned to Edward who was himself blinking and looking around.

Jasper and Bella walked further into the room guard members falling around them from Jasper's gift. No one being able to reach them through Bella's shield.

"About time asshole." Peter said as he came up beside them.

"Glad you're okay sugar." Char said as she too reached them. Bella's shield went around the both of them.

Jasper felt Bella's fear suddenly spike and looked over where she was to see Rose and Emmett fighting five of the guard. They started to move in their direction, before they reached their destination Rose screamed and fell back her arm laying on the floor a couple of feet from their battle.

Bella's anger shot upward and her shield dropped as she reached for Jasper's power. Jasper grabbed the shield and to his shock was able to hold it in place as Bella sent pain into the five guard surrounding Rose and Emmett. They immediately dropped to the ground screaming in pain. Emmett wasted no time in collecting Rose's arm and hurrying her toward the group. Edward and Victoria joined them and Jasper relinquished the shield back to Bella as she enclosed Edward and Victoria in it too. They made their way to the throne, no one able to touch them.

They now stood in front of Aro. Jasper started to reach out with his gift but stopped. Renata stood in front of him and Jasper began to turn away before Bella strengthened her shield.

"Please..." Renata whimpered. More guard appeared in front of Aro ready to give their lives for him. Jasper growled in frustration. He knew he could easily take out all of them but they were not all guilty. Most were innocents tied to Aro through Chelsea's gift. Jasper looked around hoping to find Chelsea and disable her, but she was nowhere near.

Jasper looked up at Aro behind the group. He smiled smugly, knowing that Jasper would not hurt the guard. Jasper could reach him with his gift but he was reluctant to do so. The feelings of the guard were intense and the death of Aro would cause them the same distress as losing a mate.

"What will you do now 'god of war'?" Aro sneered.

An idea came to Jasper and he squeezed Bella's hand sending her a little assurance before he spoke. "I will give you what you want. Let my family go." Jasper said. Rose started to protest but Jasper sent her some trust and she quieted. Bella said nothing just sent him her love.

Aro licked his lips. "Come." He said nearly drooling. Jasper could feel his triumph and fought to keep his temper in check as he moved forward and out of the shield. Bella tried to hold the shield on him but he forced her to stop.

"Bella.." He murmured softly. She let go but he could tell she didn't like it. He tried to send her more confidence as he made his way through the guard. One of the members decided to try to take him out. A mistake as the man's head went flying before he was able to land a blow. Jasper continued on as if nothing had happened and Aro clapped his hands laughing.

"Oh, you are strong. Still I have defeated you." Aro said with glee. "Now I will know all your secrets and be able to defeat your father." Aro said the word father with a sneer and hatred pouring from him. Aro reached out his hand and Jasper grabbed it. Jasper threw a shield around them.

The guard shouted in dismay but were unable to approach them.

"Why can't I read you?" Aro yelled as he tried to read Jasper's thoughts.

Jasper smirked. "My mate has a gift that apparently I can use and I don't want you to read my thoughts."

Aro tried to remove his hand from Jasper's grip suddenly afraid. Jasper heard the guard outside the shield becoming frantic.

"Tell me where Chelsea is." Jasper demanded.

The smug look reappeared on Aro's face as he realized that Jasper wouldn't kill him. "Never." He said.

Jasper smiled. "Well since I can't read your thoughts so we are going to have to do this the old-fashioned way." He said as he sent pain through his arm.

"AHHHHH..." Aro screamed. The guards emotions were getting desperate and Jasper turned up the pain hoping to crack Aro without causing them too much distress.

"Alright..." Aro whimpered and Jasper pulled back allowing him a chance to answer. "In the tower with Sulpicia and Athenodora."

Jasper let go of him and rushed out of the room. He knew Bella would hold the shield trapping Aro and she would protect the family. He easily found the room and entered and grabbed Chelsea and left before anyone could say anything. He noticed that Caius's wife was not there but wasn't really surprised.

"Drop the bonds." Jasper demanded as they entered the hallway.

"I-I can't Afton..." She didn't get any further as Jasper removed her head from her body and left her there as he ran back to the throne room.

Jasper entered the throne room to see Charlie, Esme, Jacob and Paul standing by the family staring at the throne in shock. Jasper looked where they were looking and saw the man he had seen in the forest when Charlie was bitten. Michael turned and looked at him, smiling briefly before turning back to Aro.

Michael walked up the stairs slowly seeming to relish the fear on Aro's face. The guard made no move to stop him the false bonds now gone.

"It is past time Aro." Michael said as he reached out and touched his forehead. Aro screamed as his body began to disintegrate.

The guard started to leave the room in fear when Caius came through the door stopping them. "Hold!" Caius yelled as he took in the scene before him.

Aro was nothing but dust on the floor and Michael stood there still looking at Jasper. Caius approached Jasper cautiously. "We owe you a debt of gratitude." He told him then turned to the rest of the guard. Marcus came up to stand beside him.

"The guard is not destroyed! We still have a job to do now that the evil in our midst has been rooted out. You will no longer be compelled by false bonds but anyone who wishes to stay may." Caius called out.

Many of the guard left but many more stayed. Caius began to restore order and Esme was making her way through the crowd healing people. Edward and Victoria went to get Chelsea. Jasper looked over at Peter just as Emmett punched him in the jaw.

"You told us no one would be hurt Fucker." Emmett yelled.

"No one would have been if you followed the plan!" Peter yelled back as he jumped to his feet. Emmett grabbed his arm and pulled it off before Peter had a chance to defend himself.

Emmett threw his arm back to him. "Next time you make a plan make sure my Rosie doesn't get hurt!"

Emmett walked back to Rose in a huff and Jasper walked over to Peter and started helping him reattach his arm. "Thank you for keeping them safe brother." Jasper said softly.

"I don't need any of that emo crap." Peter said pouting when they both heard a growl coming from Bella. Peter threw up his one good hand in a sign of submission as Bella made her way over to them.

Bella wrapped her arms around Jasper's waist and leaned her head on his chest. Jasper leaned down and kissed her hair. They made quite a team, he thought as his love for her poured out of him. Peter made a gagging noise and Jasper laughed and pulled back on his projecting.

Jasper looked around to see Charlie talking to Caius. Charlie looked over at them and smiled with obvious pride and Jasper felt warmed by it. He felt Bella start to pull away from him and looked at her in confusion before seeing Michael making his way to them.

Michael stopped in front of them just staring at him. Jasper felt so many emotions going through him. Anger, hurt, abandonment, and love? Michael reached out a hand and rested it on his shoulder. Jasper was a little shocked and felt something from the man for the first time ever. It was pride and a deep fatherly love.

"My son!" Michael said and pulled Jasper into a hug.


Things had changed in the vampire world. Chelsea when healed had decided she no longer wanted to be part of the Volturi and Caius had let her go not wanting to force members any longer. Marcus had retired his position, without Chelsea's bond his grief for Didyme was too much for him to ignore. He left Volterra and even Michael didn't know where he was or if he was dead.

Charlie took his place with Esme by his side. They offered hope to the vampire nation. Now that word had gotten out that Michael was out there waiting to end the existence of vampires too darkened to live many took Charlie's gift. Some to avoid Michael others genuinely wanted to stop feeding from humans.

Esme healed the wounded. She was able to heal Billy Black and the man was walking again. She had also healed Jane's arm, regrowing another one and vampires who had lost limbs flocked to Volterra. Esme wanted to heal everyone but she was limited by the desire to keep the existence of vampires secret.

Alec had Charlie use his gift on him, Jane did not.

Rose and Emmett had become foster parents. Now that they knew they would not harm any child in their care even by accident, they took in abandoned and abused children and helped them. They took older children as they were unable to stay in one place too long. Eventually though they adopted a baby girl who Rose had fallen in love with. She had been dying and Rose took her to Esme to be healed. They were allowed to keep her but warned that they would not be given another exception.

Peter and Char were too used to being nomads and loved the life. They visited the family often but never stayed in one place long. Peter would offer his 'knower' at times but never stayed for long.

Edward and Victoria stayed in Volterra. Edward was being groomed to take Aro's place. He had a lot of growing up to do but he was making strides. Victoria had earned the respect and love of the family and she blossomed. Of course she still had a mischievous streak and a hot temper but Edward helped her calm quite a bit.

Jasper and Bella traveled the world. Caius had asked Jasper to take his place in Volterra but Jasper refused. He did come from time to time to help with problems though and even though the number of the guard had diminished no one was willing to take them on with the threat of 'the god of war' to back them up.

Michael was less busy now as more vampires were helped by Charlie he had less darkness to erase from the world. It gave him more time to see his son.

Michael watched as his son and Bella played in the ocean. They were on a deserted beach taking a break from their last mission. He watched them fascinated. Their bond was like no other and the way they moved together without having to communicate. Anticipating each others needs and moving together in perfect harmony. Their love had awakened his heart and he found himself missing Caroline more than he ever had.

Whatever power that had kept him from being close to his son was gone and Michael was free to speak with and get to know his son. He visited them often, cherishing his time with them. He knew his time was coming to an end and Jasper would take his place. He looked forward to being with Caroline again but regretted having to leave his son now that he finally got to know him. Michael smiled walking into the open. He was greeted by a smiling Jasper and a laughing Bella.

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