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The next morning, Raphael woke up bright and early, though he hadn't managed to get much sleep in the first place. He was too worried. His stomach rumbled again, but there was no time to go buy food. He put his glasses back on and headed outside.

He reached the HQ in no time, carefully evading the constables along the way. Then, he took a deep breath and walked in the door. Immediately, all eyes were on him. He calmly walked up to Inspector Vergier and stated, "I'm here for my dog."

The Inspector merely blinked at him for a moment. Then, he seemed to come out of his brief second of shock. "Guards! Take the boy into my office. I have a few questions."

Raphael did his best not to just follow his instincts and run; He was on a mission. They stepped into the messy, cluttered office and Inspector Vergier sat down at his desk, signaling Raphael to sit down across from him.

"So, what is your association with Phantom R?" the Inspector asked.

"Uh… well, I've never actually met him," Raphael responded calmly. He'd gone over this a hundred times in his head, and he knew what to do.

"Really now? Then how do you have his dog?"

"It's my dog. I told you," Raphael responded in an annoyed tone.

The Inspector leaned back in his chair and eyed Raphael suspiciously. "Hmm… what is your name, boy?"

"Raphael," Raphael responded, but suddenly realized his mistake.

"Raphael… Phantom R… seems plausible, doesn't it?"

"If you're implying that I'm—"

"Phantom R? Why yes, I believe I am. Let me ask again: seems plausible, doesn't it? Same red hair, same dog, roughly the same height, your name starts with an 'R'… shall I go on?"

"No, because your accusations are completely irrelevant. Now may I have my dog back?" Raphael asked again.

"No, not until I get the truth," Vergier stated coldly.

"Fine. The truth is, I'm a normal kid who goes to school. I have red hair, a white dog, and a name that starts with 'R.' Can I have my dog now?"

"I'm not sure I believe you, but I guess I'll let you go. For now. Just know that we'll be keeping a very close eye on you, boy."

"Can I have my dog back?" Raphael repeated for what felt like the millionth time.

"No. I'm sure this dog belongs to Phantom R," Vergier said, partially to himself and partially to Raphael.

Raphael sighed and stood up. Clearly "plan A" didn't work, so he'd need to try a different approach. Inspector Vergier followed him out the door.

"However… I will require that your parents pick you up," the Inspector said. Raphael smirked.

"Alright, let me call them," he said calmly.

"Put in the number. I will speak to them personally," Vergier said.

"Um, alright," Raphael said before putting in the number he had committed to memory. "Ask for Marie," he said as he handed the Inspector the phone, silently praying that she would play along.

"Alright… yes, may I speak to Marie? Hello, this is Inspector Vergier from the Constabulary HQ. We have your son, Raphael, down here and we need you to come pick him up… yes… uh huh… thank you," he finished his conversation over the phone and hung up, then turned to Raphael. "She says your father will be here shortly to pick you up and you have a lot of explaining to do."

Raphael gulped and nodded. He knew he'd have to explain to her what happened, but who in the world was she sending to pick him up?

Raphael sat in the chair in the lobby of the Constabulary HQ, fiddling with his thumbs. To be honest, he was quite nervous. He had no idea who Marie was sending as his "father," and he was a bit worried.

Suddenly, Jean-Francois walked in.

Oh no.

To be honest, the two didn't get along. At all. Jean-Francois knew Raphael's secret, and he didn't exactly "approve." He always gave Raphael scrutinizing glares and referred to him as a pest.

Jean-Francois gave Raphael a slight smirk before approaching Inspector Vergier. The guy was going to milk this one for all it was worth, because Marie wasn't there to bail Raphael out.

That jerk.

"Hello there, son," Jean-Francois said with a smirk. "Your mother and I were so very worried about you, young man. This was very irresponsible of you!"

"Er, yes, thank you for coming. You're sure your son has no affiliation with Phantom R, yes?" Inspector Vergier asked.

"Yes, quite so. I would never let a child of mine associate with filthy street urchins like Phantom R. He is nothing but trouble," Jean-Francois said, an evil glint in his eye hidden under his calm, composed mask. Raphael merely glared.

"Hmm… alright. Make sure to report any suspicious activity immediately. Phantom R will rue the day he made a fool of the Paris Constabulary!" Vergier ranted.

"It's not all that hard to do…" Raphael thought to himself, though he made sure to keep quiet.

"Yes, I sincerely hope you apprehend him soon. Now, come Raphael, you are in deep trouble!" Jean-Francois said dramatically.

"Sir… this was all just a misunderstanding. It was us who made the mistake," Vergier explained, slightly confused at Raphael's "father's" reaction.

"Oh no, I insist it was his fault! He caused you all this trouble. I've told him not to wear this bright blue outfit or dye his hair this ridiculous gaudy hair color. It makes him look so much like that scoundrel, Phantom R, don't you think?" Jean-Francois drawled. Raphael knew what he was trying to do.

"It's not dye, and it's a perfectly normal color…" Raphael muttered. "Can we go now, father?" Raphael asked.

"Yes, your mother must be quite worried. Come now, we're going home. And when we get there, you are grounded!" Jean-Francois said, still talking in an over-dramatic voice. He grabbed Raphael by the ear and began half-dragging him out. Inspector Vergier just looked on, completely befuddled. As they walked out, Raphael saw Charlie enter the room.

"Father, was that Phantom R?" Charlie asked.

"No, just some boy we tried to arrest by mistake. Raphael or something," Vergier replied, waving it off.



"You're an idiot."

"Charlotte, hold your tongue!"

While the two of them bickered, Raphael pulled out of Jean-Francois's grasp and took off down the street.

"Insolent child!" Jean-Francois shouted. "Get back here this instant!"

"You're not my father, you creep!" Raphael shouted over his shoulder. He was slightly offended by Jean-Francois's comments, but only just. He'd heard it all before.

At long last, he arrived at the convent and went off in search of Marie. He was about to turn down another corridor when all of a sudden he heard someone calling him from behind.

"Raphael!" Marie shouted. Raphael froze in his tracks and slowly spun around, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. He gave her a shy smile.

"Well… uh…" he stammered.

"Your mother?" she exclaimed.

"I can explain."

"You better."

"So I was down at the Constabulary HQ, trying to get Fondue back—don't ask—but they still wouldn't give him back. Then they said a parent needed to come and pick me up, and you're the only one I could think to call. Thanks for playing along," Raphael explained.

"Uh, no problem, I guess," Marie said. "But really? Mother? Not even sister or cousin or something?"

"Sorry, I didn't have all that much time to think. And I still didn't get Fondue back," Raphael said solemnly.

"So now you're going to go do something stupid and/or rash, aren't you?" Marie asked flatly, completely unfazed.

"Yup, pretty much!" Raphael shouted as he ran off.

"Raphael!" Marie shouted after him.

"Don't worry, I won't get caught! Besides, Fondue is the only one I've got now! I'm not leaving him behind!" Raphael shouted.

He was already too far away to hear Marie whisper, "You've got me."

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