Kids at the HOM

By Gogirl100

Chapter 1

Mickey and friends were really excited to hear that Chernabog and Maleficent's kids were coming to the House of Mouse. Minnie was unsure. "I hope they don't cause trouble while they're here." Minnie told Mickey backstage. "Don't worry, Minnie. We babysat Oswald's kids and it was a blast. Well, maybe. Let's just wait and see." The house of mouse was talking about how the two most powerful villains of Disney could have kids. "They're probably dark and mysterious." one character said. "Let's hope they don't cause trouble." another mentioned.

Max Goof was waiting outside the door with Roxanne opening the door for characters. Suddenly, a big huge mountain parked by Max and two dark figures stood over him along with three kids. One was a dragon, one was a girl demon, and the other was a baby demon. "Is this the right place mom and dad? It's not dark enough." the dragon stated. "Kids, let's be polite and walk inside." Maleficent said holding the baby. Chernabog handed over the keys to Max. "Just to let you know, it needs a clean up from the kids." said Chernabog. Max looked over and the mountain was covered in smoke. "No problem, Mr. C." Max grinned nervously. The two dark parents and kids walked in. "Wow the house of mouse!" the girl demon said in awe. Daisy ran over. "Oh, the baby looks so adorable!" she said. Chernabog grunted and rolled his eyes. "I'm Daisy Duck." she introduced herself. The dragon laughed. "You do smell like flowers." Maleficent glared at the dragon. "Sorry, mom. I'm Charlie by the way, my sister is Chernabella or Bella, and the baby is Daemon." Charlie said. "Nice to meet you all." Daisy said. She guided them where Donald stopped them. "Welcome to my club." he quacked. "It's not your club duck. Talk to the mouse." Chernabog boomed. The kids laughed.

Minnie peered from backstage while Mickey ran out behind her. Mickey introduced himself to the kids. "Your Mickey Mouse?" Bella said. Mickey nodded. "Yes I am! Well grab a seat and have a hot dog time! Speaking of time, the show is about to start!" Mickey said as he ran onstage. "Hiya folks!" Mickey began. "Welcome to the show where there are lots of stuff to do! So, sit back and relax while you enjoy this cartoon! Hit it Horace!" The kids found a seat and they looked bored. "Cartoons are stupid." Charlie moaned. "At least they're not violent." Bella whispered back. After the cartoon, Bella and Charlie decided to do tricks on some characters. Charlie moved to where Marie and Oliver were sitting. "Well, you look like the perfect couple. Love stinks!" Charlie said. Charlie used magic to let Oliver cough up a furball. Marie walked away while Charlie snickered. Bella on the other hand was scaring Piglet. Bella put her wings together to look like a mountain. "BOO!" Bella yelled as Piglet scrambled back to Pooh and friends. Daemon was surrounded by princesses when he let out a big sneeze and fire came out burning some of the princesses dresses. They all walked away unhappy.