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'People have said that when you die, you see a light at the end of the tunnel. I wonder if this is the tunnel they were talking about.' he thought, looking straight ahead at the light as it began to come closer. All around him, colors were quickly zipping past him in an almost beautiful veil. The only thing stopping this from actually being beautiful is that he knew what these colors were. Memories. So many memories, some he didn't really want to have, but right now, he was more focused on the memories near the end.

He remembered how he had met Maka, how she was his first friend, how she saved him. Then there were other smaller, but nonetheless important memories. He went shopping with Liz and Patty, he went to clubs with Soul (Those still scared the crap out of him.), how Maka introduced him to all types of books, how Tsubaki always listened to him should he not understand something, how Black*Star always had something to say/do that made him smile. They were all so important to him in so many ways.

And one of his most precious memory was right at the end. It was scary, yes, but in truth it was also exhilarating, and quite beautiful. He was fighting Medusa, that was the scary part. But what made it all so important to him is that Maka, Soul, and Miss Marie, all of them against Medusa. He wasn't against them, and Ragnarok was no longer pointed at any of them to kill. He was fighting side by side with all of them, and he didn't remember ever being as happy as he was then. And then...

"You've been a thorn on my side for quite some time now." grumbled Medusa, still using a small girl's body as she looked down at Maka, sneering in a way that made Crona wish she wasn't doing so in a little girl's body. "Just to make sure, I'm going to have to make sure that you can't come back in any way." Her right hand came up and a purple ball of energy appeared in her hand, a large amount of black spikes and lines orbiting around the orb. Maka tried to get up, a bit pained by the hit she took that ended with her in a crater. "I'll make sure to destroy every single one of your cells." With that, she sent the ball downwards towards Maka, the orb growing the farther it went from Medusa. Before it hit, Crona had leapt forward, grabbed Maka and Soul, and threw them off to the side. He would have followed after them, but he was already staring straight at the ball of power in front of him.

As he was obliterated, his last thought was, 'Well, so much for handling Medusa.'

Now here he was, in the tunnel, with his memories. And Ragnarok. Did he mention Ragnarok? Yeah, the little thing was on his head, looking around at the memories. "I never knew I missed so many entertainment opportunities when I left you alone." Realizing that they could still talk, so they must still be physical to an extent, Ragnarok suddenly shot out and grabbed onto Crona's nose, pulling it back with a lot of force. "YOU FUCKING RETARD! WE'RE DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU! DEAD! NOT UNCONSCIOUS, NOT IN A CRITICAL CONDITION, FUCK WE'RE NOT EVEN IN A COMA! WE'RE DEAD, AND ALL BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO SAVE THAT STUPID FLAT-CHEST, PIG-TAIL, BITCH!

"Leggo of ma' ndose! Ih 'urts!" cried the pinkette, waving his arms around. Funny, they were traveling through the tunnel of death and they were arguing like nothing was wrong. It was both ridiculous, and comfortable. "OW! I'm bleeding now!" ... Okay, barely comfortable. Now that he paid a bit more attention... "Ragnarok..."

"What do you want, fucking idiot!"

"The light's coming towards us."

Ragnarok turned to see that, sure enough, the light was getting closer. "Great, now to see if we're going to heaven or hell. I've got five bucks on hell."

Crona grimaced a bit, but stayed silent as the light became blinding, engulfing him completely... and dumping him straight into a trash can. Head first. Into what he prayed with all his might was not a dirty diaper, judging from the smell. Thankfully, if you saw it that way, it was... he wasn't sure what the hell it was, but it was blue. So that was still pretty bad. Picking himself up, he tried to climb out of the trash, and ended up on his butt, covered from the top of his head to his neck in weird blue stuff. "I don't like the color blue as much as I did this morning." he said, in an almost emotionless voice, though you can hear he was quavering just a bit. Ragnarok, wisely, decided to not comment. When Crona was like this, he was very unpredictable.

After taking a few deep, calming breaths, he looked around, wondering where the hell he was. Didn't Medusa say that every cell would be destroyed? If so, how was he still alive. Maybe instead of killing the person, it sent them to another place. A teleportation spell? But then, why did she say she was going to kill Maka? It made little se-

His eyes widened when he saw that the sun wasn't smiling. Or drooling. In fact, it actually hurt to look at the thing. Seriously, it was like looking straight at a flashlight, but worse. No laughing? Dear god, what has this world come to!? "Ragnarok. Ragnarok? Ragnarok! Ohmigod, help me Ragnarok! THE SUN ISN'T MAKING ANY FACES! IT HAS NO FACE!" Oh great, now he was panicking.

"What the fuck are babbling ab- OH SHIT, IT HURST! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO ITS FACE!" Did the damn thing finally decide to brush its teeth and now it was ridiculously clean or something? Seriously, it hurt to look at it. And Crona panicking didn't help in the slightest, as he continued to stare, look away, and stare again. It was painful, but he was honestly hoping that he would either break out of the illusion, or that he would wake up.(1) Maybe if he...

"Ow!" Crona cried when Ragnarok pinched him.

"I just checked, I'm awake, and you're awake, so this means..." looking around, they were in an alley, the sun was burning high in the sky, and the place stunk horribly. "We're in hell. It's all I can think up. It explains everything. It stinks like hell, the weather is hot as hell, the sun hurts like hell. We're in hell! Great job you stupid fucktard! We're in hell, and all because we saved the bitch!"

"Don't talk about Maka like that! She's our friend!"

"She's your friend! I could give a rat's ass what happens to her! I hope she fucking dies!" that got him a fist full of Crona-fury. Slowly, he turned to the pinkette. "Did you just-" POW! "OW! Stop tha-" CRACK! "I said st-" POW! "Okay that's-" POW! DOOSH! "ALRIGHT FINE, I'LL STOP!" he quickly retreated back into Crona, leaving the boy panting as tears began to leak. He didn't know where he was, the sun was an unnatural form, and he was covered in blue stuff that he was pretty sure wasn't always blue. Again he tried taking deep breaths, knowing that crying and breaking down will only make things worse for him. He was quiet for a second, letting his head clear a bit. Finally, he opened his eyes, and a fire that wasn't there a second ago now shone, ready for anything.

"If this really is hell, then I'm gonna show them why I was a, unwilling, candidate for becoming the next kishin!" he declared, grimacing a bit that he just said that. "Or, I dunno, I never really wanted to become kishin. Or at least, not the kishin exactly, I just wanted power, and becoming kishin seemed like the only choice." He finally just sighed. "Five minutes in hell and I'm already crazy enough to talk to myself. I don't know for how long I can handle this." He straightened out once more, his face once again serious. "Still, I have to try."

With that, he took a step out into the light of the sun will ripping off the blue stuff on his head.

And instantly regretted it. The whole place was in ruins! Cars were either overturned or burning, or crashed, or a bunch of other crap. There were broken windows on stores and other houses/buildings. But what disturbed him the most was the blood. Not the blood itself as he has become... quite used to it. But the amount of it. There were gallons upon gallons of blood everywhere. He gulped as he took another step forward, trying to ignore the blood and take in his surroundings. Ahead of him was what he assumed was a school, so he decided that perhaps, in an off chance, there might be something there. So, pretty soon, he was going up to the front doors and entered without much resistance. So far, the entire place seemed empty.

Looking around, he gulped again when he noticed that the interior wasn't much different from outside. Blood, some cracked glass littered the ground, and unless he was imagining it, there were also pieces of flesh scattered along the place. He took a deep breath and ventured further, the scene playing over and over no matter where he went. Suddenly he heard a scream coming from his left.

Without much of a thought, he began to run straight for the sound. In a second he found it. He was in what he assumed was a hall, a set of stairs leading up to the next floor. At the top of the stairs, two girls were being surrounded by a bunch of people. One of them was being dragged into the mass of limbs while the other was pulling with all her might.

"Help me! Help me, Misuzu!" cried the one that was being dragged, screaming in fear as she felt the other 'students' begin to grab on to her and pull with more force. Misuzu, the one that was doing the pulling, began to panic and pulled harder, her breathing becoming frantic.

'No! No, please! I don't want to die! I don't want to die now, not like this! Let go! Don't drag me with you!' she raised her leg, tears beginning to trail down her cheeks as she aimed her leg. "Let go! Let go of me you-" Almost instantly though, the girl that was being pulled was sent rocketing into Misuzu, surprise screams coming from both the girls as the one that was being dragged realized that the students below had let her go, her clothes seeming to be the only thing that was damaged. Looking to the horde of 'students', they see that there is someone grabbing the heads or clothing and throwing the bodies in random directions, most of them unharmed though. When the last student was thrown, they managed to see their savior. It was a... girl? Perhaps?

Anyway, the girl was rather skinny, a bit fit around the arms though, and she had dark, pinkish-purple hair, with bangs on either side of the face and a single strand crossing between her eyes. Her eyes were a dull, grayish-blue color, and she wore a completely black dress with white cuffs and a white collar. Neat black shoes and white socks covered the feet, and at the moment, she was running straight toward them.

"Get down!" she cried out, and Misuzu obeyed as the pinkette's hand suddenly struck out, palm open, and slammed onto the chest of a student that was about to bite into her neck. The 'student' went flying back with enough force to knock back the other six or seven behind him. Grabbing onto either of their hands, the pinkette began to run down the hall, her eyes darting around the halls as she searched for a safe place. Unlike the entrance, the halls and rooms were filled with a bunch of 'students' walking around, mostly crabbing on to anything that made too much noise. After a few more twists and turns, Crona prayed to any god that was willing to listen and ducked into a random room, closing it quietly when both girls were inside.

The two girls were trying their best to catch their breath, the one with the tattered clothes trying to cover herself at least a bit with her arms. Turning to her, Misuzu spoke. "Toshimi, are you okay?" she asked, her voice shaky. Toshimi nodded, looking down at her clothing a bit embarrassed.

"Yeah... but now I'm practically naked! I need to cover up, and soon!" she mumbled, trying to lighten the mood. Misuzu smiled a bit, though it seemed forced. Turning, she blinked in confusion when she their savior in a corner, trembling, and trying not to look.

"H-hey." the pinkette jumped a bit when Misuzu spoke, but refused to turn. "Thank you. If you hadn't helped us, then..." 'Then I would have abandoned Toshimi...' she trailed off in her head. Instantly, she felt a crushing guilt take place as she looked down to the ground. 'What kind of BFF am I? I almost kicked Toshimi, and I'm pretty sure I would have died as well seeing as she attacked the other... things behind me. Speaking of which...'

"A-are you okay?" asked Toshimi, stepping a bit closer to the pinkette.

"Ye-yes! I'm f-fine! I-it's just that n-normally i-it would be ru-rude to look a-at a girl when s-she's in-inappropriate." stuttered out their savior, clearly nervous.

Both girls looked at each other in confusion before looking back at the pinkette. "But... you're a girl as well!" said Misuzu, as if it were obvious. The pink-head suddenly turned around and blushed a deep color that, somehow, seemed a bit on the grey side instead of red.

"I'm a boy!" she- er, he suddenly declared, a bit insulted. Though he wasn't sexist, a deep instinct within him felt that, no matter what he wore or how he acted, it was insulting to be mistaken for a girl.(2) Being able to suddenly see them more clearly, his face became darker because of his blood. He finally took in the appearance of both girls.

Both appeared to be the same height, though a bit shorter than him, and they were both wearing identical clothing, even though one was ripped apart. The one he was pretty sure was called Misuzu had brown hair tied in a bun, with hair framing either side of her face, and deep brown eyes. The other one, Toshimi, had dark hair that, when looked at in a different light, would appear to be a dark blue color while her eyes were dark-green. Her hair was in a long braid that reached her mid-back, and she had a small tuft of hair at the front, covering most of her forehead. Oh, and did he mention that they had RIDICULOUSLY BIG BOOBS!?

What were they, fifteen? Did they get these transplanted or something? Those shouldn't really be there, right? And what about the rear ends! Yeah, they were rather round as well! He was beginning to think this was indeed hell, seeing as he was now in the circle of lust where luscious women ran around in short skirts and tight uniforms, trying to escape from pervy zombies. Ugh, zombies... As if Sid wasn't enough, now there are more in this world. He hated hell. With every cell on his body. Any second now, he would see Medusa again, and hopefully she was being boiled alive in a vat of oil with little demons chanting, "Food! Food! Food! Food!"

Both girls blinked a bit more before taking a much closer look at the 'girl'. Now that they stopped to look at him, he was actually somewhat male looking. His arms looked strong and fit, his chest also seemed a bit well-kept, and his shoulders were slightly square, though not by much seeing as he was a bit slouched. His voice could pass of as either gender though, so it was no wonder that they thought it was a girl. Not to mention the hair. They knew a few girls with natural pink hair, but neither girl had ever seen a guy that willingly had pink hair. Most guys would have probably dyed it if their hair was naturally pink. "A-are you sure?" asked Toshimi.

The boy once again looked offended, though he still refused to look up. "Y-yes I'm sure! I'm pretty sure I would know what gender I am!"

"Then, um, why do you wear a dress?"

"It's a robe!" Jeez, another one who didn't know the difference. Seriously, there's a difference people! "And I wear one because I find it more comfortable than other clothing." he grumbled, a bit miffed. It was much nicer than regular clothing. Not that he had anything against other clothing, but he preferred to have his robe over anything else. "A-anyway, we haven't really introduced ourselves." he stood up, a bit nervous, but nonetheless he tried to keep a strong front. "My name is Crona Makenshi."

"I'm Misuzu Ichijou."

"Toshimi Niki. Nice to meet you, Crona-san."

With that out of the way, silence fell over the room. Even though they would occasionally hear the shuffling of a zombie passing by, they were safe inside the room so long as they didn't make any noise. Finally, Crona spoke. "There was a lot of blood outside, and body parts as well. Do you know what's going on?"

"No." answered Misuzu, crossing her arms under her chest and pushing it up further, Crona instantly looking in a different direction. Neither girl seemed to notice his discomfort. "All of this apparently started with an attack at the front gates, and soon it was announced over the whole school, though the person using the intercom was also attacked, so everyone panicked when they heard the sounds. We were able to hide when everyone panicked, and afterwards we began to run away as well once everything seemed to have cleared out. However, you saw how we were in trouble back there. Thank you, we owe you." Both girls bowed down, giving Crona a wonderful view of their cleavage. He twitched slightly, directing his eyes to the ceiling.

"N-no problem. I-I'm glad I c-could help." he said, rubbing his arm a bit. He wouldn't be able to handle this for long. He was a growing boy, dammit! He also had problems with his hormones! There was only so much he could take! Taking a deep breath, he turned to them, concentrating on everything above the neck. "N-now, we need to get somewhere safe. Any ideas? I'm... somewhat new to this place." That was true, technically. Actually, he didn't know much about where he was, so it was best to first let these girls lead the way.

"Uh, we can go to my cousin's mansion!" exclaimed Toshimi, smiling a bit. "She's actually pretty wealthy, and has very good security. Though..." she suddenly hesitated, a bit sheepish to continue. ".. uh, she lives on the other side of the city."

Crona frowned a bit, but nodded. Okay, so now they had a potentially safe destination. Now... "How are we going to get there? Any ideas on that?"

Misuzu opened her mouth say something, but then they heard crashing happening from outside. Running over to the window, Crona managed to see a school bus drive over a bunch of the zombie-students and out the front gates.

"A car will do, I guess. Now, how to get a car is the question." mumbled Crona, looking through the window for a possible clue. He blinked twice when he noticed about a block away a car he thought was in pretty good condition. It was mostly a blue color with black fire designs on either side. The designs were covered, though, by quite a bit of blood. Besides the dent to its right side, it seemed to be in good shape. "Over there, that one." he pointed, both girls coming over to see over his shoulder. Unfortunately, this caused them both to lean onto Crona, which meant their breast pressed up against his back and arms, causing a slight shiver to go through him. 'Oh dear god, they're so soft!'

"Yeah, I guess we could use it. But how will we get to it? We barely made it when we tried..." Misuzu looked doubtful, and her eyes became downcast as she remembered what almost happened.

"We have to try though! We might be safe here for now, but who's to say we'll still be safe latter. Not to mention that we're going to need food and other supplies. We won't find anything here, so we'll definitely need to move." countered Toshimi. A part of her realized that Misuzu was acting a bit off. She wasn't this negative usually. She would normally be trying to find a brighter side to a situation. Now though, it seems something was troubling Toshimi's BFF. She would have to find out what.

"Okay, we have a goal, now to arm both of you... Are you meisters or weapons?" Crona asked, turning to them. Both girls looked at each other, before looking back at him. Now it's Crona's turn to look at them worriedly. "W-what's wrong?"

"Um... what exactly are you talking about?" asked Misuzu, wondering if perhaps they were saved by a madman. She had no idea how close she was.

Meanwhile, the gears in Crona's head were turning. Ever since he's been cured of his madness, it became apparent to his friends that Crona was good at thinking on his feet despite his shyness and minimal information of the 'normal' knowledge, so he could not only see minor details and use them to his advantage, he had actually been pretty good at getting his friends out of trouble. Through bull-shitting. While he lacked knowledge about common things, he was pretty damn observant. And so far, he had not seen or felt a single thing having to do with souls. He hadn't felt the ripples of powers that strong meisters and weapons would let out when in battle, nor had he seen anyone fighting outside, or anyone running around with anything remotely looking like a weapon. Absolutely no one. He honestly doubted that hell took away your transforming abilities. So far that didn't seem the case, seeing as his and Ragnarok's bodies were still connected. So either hell was so fucked up that nothing made anymore sense, or this wasn't hell, but a completely, utterly, nothing-like-his-home world. Probably the second option. Please be the second option!

"Y-you need to get weapons. That's what I meant to say! Sorry, slipped over my words. Or is it tripped over my own words?" he quickly shook his head. "But, you get it, right? We need to make sure you two can protect yourselves. But, don't worry too much. I-I'll make sure nothing happens to either one of you." he promised, giving the girls his most reassuring smile. Both girls smiled back, touched by his words. Barely knew either one of them and he already wanted to make sure they were safe. How sweet of him.

Still he was right. It was foolish for both of them to try running through the hallway without a weapon, hell they didn't even have a plan on where to go. Had Crona not come along, they would have been dead. Looking around, Toshimi tried to think of which classroom they were in. "I think there's a storage closet a few doors down the hall. There might be something there!" Misuzu said, walking towards the door.

"W-wait!" Both girls turned to Crona, who had a cautious look on his face. "A-are you two sure you're ready? I mean, m-mentally and physically? Both of you know that those th-things out there aren't your classmates, but completely different creatures now. Are you sure you can handle this?" Both girls flinched a bit, and Crona softened his face. "Just rest for a few more minutes. Don't worry, I-I'll make sure none of them come in." He walked over to the door and leaned against the wall, making sure to keep his ears and other senses on alert.

Before Misuzu could object, she realized how drained she was. All the running and the scares had seriously worn her out. Walking over to a chair, she sat down and leaned on the desk, sighing a bit. She was a bit startled when she heard a chair moving, and looked up to see Toshimi with a chair, the dark-haired girl smiling a bit while making it so that the chair was on the other side of the desk.

"Hey. Mind if I rest with you?" she asked, smiling a bit. Misuzu nodded, not daring to look at her as she let her head fall on her own arms to go to sleep. Toshimi found this a bit weird, but guessed her friend was simply too tired. They did have PE before all this happened, so it was understandable. With a sigh, she also laid her head down and began to sleep, hoping silently that this was all a horrible dream and that she would wake up and everything would be normal again.

(1) Think about it, the sun has always been like that, since they've first paid attention to it. Obviously, we would freak out if our own sun suddenly grew a face and began to laugh.

(2) Men, hats off to an effeminate boy who still has some manly pride!

So? What do you guys think? Good or bad? Like I said, I can't promise I'll update this often.