I haven't written a DBZ fanfic or contributed to the DBZ fandom since I was in Junior High. So I thought I'd write a Bulla/Bra fanfic. She's basically one of the only DBGT alongside Trunks and Goten and Marron that I liked. Don't get me wrong, Pan's an alright character-but she's like Goku in a sense that she's kind of shoved in your face.

I don't think Bulla/Bra's character had a chance to shine, in a sense.

So here's my first DBZ fanfic in almost ten years.

Bulma/Bulla centric. Since there's not too many of those.

It was like looking into a mirror into the future.

At least that's what I thought when I looked at my mother. Not saying it was a bad thing, of course it's not-my mother is a beautiful woman. Not to mention smart. My mother was Bulma Briefs, owner of Capsule corp and the sole reason why I'm alive right now.

Some people might look at my mother, and think that she's only smart-not strong. Not like Aunt Chi-Chi, who in her own respect is just as smart and had to deal with a lot of grief in her past. And people might think my mother was spoiled, being the daughter of the previous owner of Capsule corp and being able to go on as many adventures she well wanted.

But my mother is strong. She's the strongest woman I know.

She's raising my brother and I, isn't she? Two strong willed half saiyans, who in our spats destroy half the living space! She doesn't need our father to intervene, because she can get pretty damn scary when she's angry!

And not to mention, she's married to my father-one of the strongest fighters in the universe second to Uncle Goku. Hearing stories of how they met and how they got together, it always leaves me baffled. She took my father in without any questions, and without any care of what others may think of her for doing it. My mother was strong in that aspect, as well as brave.

See, my mother sees the good in others-that's a trait I wished I had. I get so angry with people, much like my father-and I can't understand why they do the things they do. I can't understand why Uncle Goku would always leave his family behind, I saw the hurt it caused Aunt Chi Chi and my best friend Pan. Even my dad can't seem to grasp it.

"Why is he always leaving? It makes Pan upset and Chi Chi doesn't have a husband to lean on. It makes me kind of mad!"

That's what I would tell my mom, and she would just smile. "That's just Goku," She told me, "he can't settle down and he longs for adventure-but all the things he does is to keep this universe safe for everyone. Especially his family."

It seemed selfish to me, at the time. Going on adventures seemed more important to Son Goku than raising his family. He practically missed all of Goten's life and Pan's life as well. He didn't get a chance to get to know his youngest son or his granddaughter. But the difference between me and my mom, she knows him. She knows her best friend.

And maybe I should try to be more understanding, I can only hope I end up half as good as my mother is. I can only hope to be as strong.

So here I am, watching my mother introduce her new product with the same confidence she's always had. The people are listening to her, looking up to her with awe and admiration. Yet she doesn't flaunt herself, not like Mr. Satan and his fame. Not like all these rich people who try to show off how much better they are just for simply being rich.

No, my mom was humble. Yes she had her moments of being a 'bitchy woman', but what woman doesn't have those moments?

She gave opportunities to people who needed it most, and as a result they became happy. My father, Trunks, and myself. All of us, whether we openly admit it or not-would be nothing without the woman they call Bulma Briefs.

My mother, my friend-my hero.

I hoped you liked this one shot.

As I said, I lost interest in DBZ for a while and haven't written a fanfic for it in almost ten years.

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