I'm dedicating this chapter to The Yoshinator, because I'm almost positive they're the only one reading. Also for the sake of keeping with my plot there's a time jump that I may fill in, but it has nothing to do with Livy and Sev so I really don't wanna lose my plot bunny. Like I said when I'm done I may fill in this jump, but trust me shit is about to get interesting.

When Liv woke up she was wrapped up in Severus' arms, and the weight of what she'd tried to do, what he'd told her, and what they'd done crashed down on her. She knew it was a common practice to sleep with girls, and then leave them. When she'd been at Hogwarts many times girls had come back from dates sobbing about just that, and while she was almost positive that Sev wouldn't do that it was still very possible. She hadn't exactly given him much of a reason to want to stay lately.

Just before her thoughts could completely run away she heard Sev shift in the bed beside her and grunt softly before settling. She took the opportunity to roll herself over and view the handsome man next to her. His nose was slightly disproportionate, but his father had broken it so many times when he was younger it would be more shocking if it wasn't a little messed up. His other features were very aristocratic with the exception of his lips that seemed made to scowl. His build wasn't quite as defined as some of the men she'd seen at school, but he was well defined and agile. His hands captivated her though. They held so much power, so much skill, and he could use them for so many purposes. He'd used them last night caressing her with his rough calloused fingers, and when she'd been in St. Mungo's he'd used them to sooth her during the nightmares. It was interesting though, because she knew he'd killed with those hands that brought her such comfort. He'd taken someone's life, and yet she felt completely safe letting him touch her in any way. She'd die at his hands if it would make him happy, and at that moment a terrifying thought stuck her like a blow to her insides; if Severus Snape asked anything of her she'd do it in a heart beat.

She pondered to herself when this change in her happened, but she couldn't pinpoint it exactly. She adored the idea of being his more than she should, more than what was proper and lady-like. The idea of belonging to the man next to her was a thought she shouldn't have, but if he so asked she'd give everything up for him. His smiles indicated the beginning and end to her, and as much as she hated to admit it she'd never love anyone quite as much as she did him.

It took two years, but eventually Livy grew more like her old self, and the sadness that hung over her dissipated. Narcissa and Lucius had a little boy named Draco that September and so by October she was back to her old self entirely. She and Sev had a fabulous sex life, and while she wanted something rougher she'd never say a word. What kind of woman has the desire for her lover to treat her as an object for his pleasure? It's downright indecent, although he'd been more adventurous since they'd moved from Malfoy Manor back to Spinster's End she knew the memories associated with the place mad him temperamental.

Severus had come into some money, quite a bit of it actually, when he'd begun patenting his potions and spells and so he'd given her the gift of allowing her to make this dreary old mausoleum into a home fit for them. After much debating she'd begun in the kitchen and removed the dreary grey and white wallpaper and replaced it with a more cheerful light blue walls with a tan wood floor. She'd also replaced the muggle appliances with magical ones, and had an unusable pantry turned into a room for their two house elves Abraxas had insisted she take.

The table was of a beautiful Birch and had intricate carvings along the sides that matched the chairs. Live had even spend days gleaning all of the tobacco residue off of the windows so they'd allow in as much light as possible. She'd than done a room for Severus, and converted the basement into a potions lab for him. He needed the space now that he was done with his studies, and she was not going to deny him that. Besides it kept him from having to concoct his potions in the kitchen. She'd left the basement mostly the same, only adding books shelves, and storage cabinets, but she had placed a few pictures and comforts like a padded brewing bench.

In keeping with her theme of alternating between the two of them for which rooms she re-did she chose the living room next,but when she actually thought about it she was pretty sure her only issue with the room was the look on Severus' face whenever he was in there. Before it had a lovely rose colored wall paper, and similar furnishings across the room, and a muggle television. She'd transfigured most of the furniture to a white color, and had the couches re-upholstered, or in one case completely re-ordered, to be a blue-green color. She then had the walls repainted a similar color, and on the wall by the fireplace she painted a mural of the sea, with a lighthouse off to the side that held the lighting fixture for the room.

She kept on in much this fashion redecorating the office upstairs, both the downstairs restroom and the guest restroom. She then redid the guest rooms upstairs that looked as though a living person had never set foot in them, and finally she got to Severus' boyhood room. She looked at the faded blue wallpaper with white vertical stripes. There was a traces of pictures where the walls had been more faded, and she could see where his mobile had hung when he was an infant. In the closet sat everything from his baby clothes to his crib, and as she presumed, it had been magically enchanted. The Severus she knew had parents who never cared, but to look at this room at one point he did. Liv grew startled when two strong arms wrapped around her waist.

"They did love me Liv, but they never could bring themselves to love each other. I was always just collateral. An unhappy marriage left me as an unwanted child. Maybe if they'd divorced I could've had a happier childhood, but their death gave me a happy adulthood." He murmured in her ear.

"So what do we do with this room Sev? I hate so see it fall into disarray. It's got the best lighting in the house." was her reply.

"I'm going to take care of this room if you don't mind, love." he said shyly.

"Oh, okay." she said sounding disappointed.

With a laugh Severus grabbed her hand and led her to their bedroom, "Now my dear before you get pouty remember I've been re-doing our bedroom, and now that I'm done you can check my work."

When he opened the door to their bedroom she saw he'd followed her work in the living room, and used very nautical themes, knowing her love of the sea, but before she could say anything a large phoenix patronus filled the room, and Dumbledore's voice filled the room. "Severus there's been an attack at Godric's Hollow, Lily and Harry are alive and now safe, but James Potter is dead. Voldemort has been destroyed, and you are going to be tried as a Death Eater. Do not worry I have a plan that can save you, but I'm afraid there is little I can offer but a character reference, and if you'll accept, a position at Hogwarts. Inform Madame Malfoy she is also welcome to a job as well if she wishes to join you. I will be coming along with the Malfoy's this evening."

Fear colored Livy for the first time in over a year, "What are you going to do Sev?"

He pulled her into his warm embrace before he replied, "I'm going to marry you."