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She was my keeper.

She was my phantom's keeper.

And I, Danny Phantom, watched helplessly as the transformation from a human to a ghost went completely wrong.

Her violet eyes had shut in pain, and everything was in slow motion. I heard the scream of terror before she had fainted within the flames Clockwork had surrounded her.

"SAM!" I screamed in terror. She couldn't die- she couldn't! She was the only thing keeping me from turning insane. She couldn't die...

The flames dispersed, and I ran over to her unconscious body. Clockwork just stood silently and watched us.

Sammy, can you hear me?! I screamed in my head, but the only sound that returned to me was an echo of my own voice. My human heart was racing, and I checked her frail wrist for a pulse.

Bum bum. Bum bum. Bum bum.

I let out a sigh of relief. Obviously she was still alive- for now.

"Clockwork, I can't get through to her!" I grunted in frustration. "She's still alive, but what went freakin' wrong?"

I could feel my sanity slipping away as I looked at Clockwork dead in the crimson eyes. Clockwork had lied to Sam and said that everything was peachy keen.

I'm pretty sure nearly going insane after all the trauma I went through doesn't count as "peachy keen."

Clockwork sighed, and pushed back his hood. He ran his hand through what little hair he had and didn't look me in the eye.

"I don't know, Daniel. But I believe in order to find out, we have to do a similar process of what Samantha just went through."

I nearly felt like ripping Clockwork's throat out at that moment. Something went terribly wrong, and now he's asking me to go on a mission with him or something?

"And what would that be Clocky?" I growled. I was in a kneeling position, but I stood up to face him face to face. He set his time staff on the ground with a deafening thud and stared at me.

"We need to go inside Samantha's brain and locate what went terribly wrong- and then fix it. We'll search for her ghost essence in its physical form as well."

My mind went blank from a moment, and then I looked back at my unconscious keeper.

I was going to go inside her mind.

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