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"Danny, come out of your cocoon thing... Please." begged Sam. She looked up at the now glowing cocoon floating in midair. Clockwork placed a rough hand onto her shoulder.

"Samantha," he started out, "it's no use. This is one unusual way that ghosts transforms. You're aware of how butterflies go through metamorphosis, correct?"

Sam nodded, her black hair falling in front of her face. Clockwork sighed.

"Well... Daniel's going through an interesting metamorphosis. The wings you saw on his back indicated that he's... Well... Not going to be a ghost."

Both Sam's and Ryan's eyes widened.

"What do you mean, not going to be a ghost? That's impossible. Once you die, you always become a ghost." said Ryan slowly. Sam nodded in agreement. Clockwork looked at the cocoon, and then back at them.

"Angel wings. Once he completes his transformation, he's going to move past the ghost zones gates of death and move onto heaven. As an angel."

The silence that followed was deafening. Sam was in utter shock. He was going to move on... Without her...

And leave her behind.

"...what...?" she whispered in disbelief. "He's... He's..."

"He's been always destined to become an angel. Angels go through a metamorphosis, as you see here, and their insanity is contained within that cocoon. It allows others not to be hurt, but it is very vulnerable because their cocoons can be stolen and destroyed. A human becoming an angel is nearly impossible, unless the human was changed to a halfling in some way, shape, or form. In Daniel's case, he became a halfling ghost. Halflings don't belong as ghosts because they can be too dangerous. The host of the angels met with Pariah eons ago. They came to an agreement that the angels would transform halflings at the point of their insanity to become angels. It came at a cost: the vulnerability. Halflings often don't survive long enough to become angels, because so many ghosts are jealous and try to kill them as soon as they get the chance. They plunder the cocoons, ripping out the insane halfling and keep the cocoons. The cocoon shells are priceless, and they go on the black market for a steep price. Lives are lost over the cocoons, and the insane halfling dies eternally, never to return." Clockwork explained. Sam tried to wrap her mind around the fact that Danny was going to have to leave her. Because he was an angel. And if he died, he wouldn't never return.

"Cl-clockwork? Ghosts and angels can see each other, right?" asked Sam hopefully. Clockwork didn't meet her gaze.

"After Pariah met with the host of angels, the host died. The angels were so furious that they banned any meeting of ghost and angels. They now think that saving halflings from becoming ghosts is rightful in the eyes of their creator. Which means..."

"She'll never see her phantom again." said Ryan in realization. "Never."

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