There is a long meeting today. It will drain her of all her energy, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and she will crawl into bed sometime after midnight and collapse without even getting undressed. She may kick her heels off, but that will be all she has energy for. She will lay there, face down in the rumpled comforter, for some time before she realizes she is too tired to sleep. There is still too much caffeine in her system and too many thoughts circling her head for her body to take the rest it craves, and she is growing ever more aware of the need to pee. Still, she is exhausted, and will lie there for a few more minutes at least, the next day's agenda and her failures and successes today and wondering how her son's school day went all whirling slowly through her mind.

Eventually she will heave herself up, determined to at least brush her teeth and put on a nightgown, but her computer will blink at her purposefully and she will convince herself, halfway through taking off her makeup, that all she will do is answer a few emails and maybe look over the new proposal that she asked the R&D guys to draft. She will come to herself several hours later, unsure what has jolted her out of her concentration, and realize that she forgot to take her stockings off. She will spend another hour 'finishing up,' and then pull them off, crawl into bed, and go immediately to sleep.

He comes in another hour after that, and he does not study her form in the moonlight as he strips himself of his gear. He does not think of her, or very much at all, as he showers and towels himself off. He climbs into bed and does not pull her close, or kiss her goodnight, or murmur her name. He sleeps on his side of the bed, eschewing bodily contact and falling asleep quickly.

But halfway through the night she turns over in her sleep, and he wakes, and fingers her silky hair between his rough fingers, and she wakes as well, and catches him, and he looks her in the eye and does not stop.

She smiles, because she does not pine for moments like these, does not waste away waiting for them, does not get angry when they don't happen. But she drinks them in when they do.