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North was busy creating a new ice-train. Christmas was still a few months away, but then again he has to deliver millions of toys to billions of kids. Everything was going just right until, bang! His office door slammed open, making his new creation crumble in his hands. "Ack! My train!" North turned around to see one of his yeti workers, "Ah, my friend. What is the matter?" The yeti burst out a line of frantic grunts and groans. North knit his eyebrows, "The Globe?" He walked past the yeti and to the Globe. The Globe keeps record of children of the world that still Believed, bad or good or naughty or nice. The Guardian of Wonder let out a hardy laugh and said to his worried toy-maker, "It is fine! Nothing is wrong with the Globe. Everything is in order, sure a few lights went out but that happens every day. Some stop Believing as more Believers come." As he walked away, the yeti huffed and looked at the Globe again, its eyes widened at what it saw form on the globe. Quickly, the yeti ran back to North and grunted and growled in a panicked manner. "I've already told you, there is nothing wrong—" North's eyes widened with shock as he turned. Black sand formed around the golden Globe, swallowing it whole. A crooked laugh filled the air, making the yetis stop and look up from their hard work.

A sly voice filled the stagnate, fearful air, "The Darkness is rising again..." it was followed by another crooked laugh. The laugh echoed off of the workshop's walls. Out of the cloud of black sand came out a slim figure, also made out of the same black sand.

North drew out his dual battle swords. "Pitch!" he spat. "What are you doing here?"

Pitch just chuckled for an answer, enjoying North's confusion. North raised an eyebrow when three more figures appeared beside Pitch. One of them had the shape of an adult woman; the other two weren't human at all. One was a towering bear-shaped monster and the other was a large, bulky dragon-like figure. The black sand burst, made whisked into the wind and out the window. In the matter of seconds, the cloud of sand disappeared as fast as it came.

North growled and put his swords away. He walked over to the Globe's control panel, he gazed the circular lever and sighed. He grabbed the lever's handle and with a twist of his wrist, he pounded it back down. The Summoning of the Guardians has begun.

The last to arrive was Jack. He was always late. North was just about to send Bunnymund and a couple of his yetis to get the Guardian of Fun, but just as he opened his mouth, a cold wind gusted through the workshop, making Bunnymund ruffle up his fur and Tooth to rub her arms. Jack flew out of one of the windows and gracefully landed on the wooden floor. He stuck one of his hands in his sweatshirt's pocket and leaned against his shepherd's crook-shaped staff. " 'Sup?"

"You're late." Bunnymund told the teenaged Guardian. He growled when Jack just shrugged, then let out a frustrated sigh. He asked North, "What's going on, mate?"

"Pitch has returned…" North said solemnly. The Guardians eyes widened as he continued, "But he's not the only one. When he appeared in the shop, three more appeared with him."

"Who?" Tooth asked with fear in her voice.

North shrugged his shoulders. "I have no clue, but from the images I saw created with Pitch's black sand, it doesn't look good. It'll be very difficult to defeat him this time, he has help."

Sandy had a question mark made out of gold sand pop on the top his head. Then a shape of the Moon appeared.

"No, Sandy. I haven't asked him yet." North stroked his beard. "But they felt familiar…like I've dealt with them before."

"What'd they look like, mate?"

"Well, one of them looked like a woman but since she was made of his black sand, I couldn't get details. The other two, I couldn't believe it. They looked like animals, like a bear and a giant dragon. Each one of them had a certain vibe coming off of them: Pride, Intimidation, Deceit."

Jack scratched the back of his head. "That doesn't make any sense…why would Pitch alliance with others?"

Sandy looked as if he was in deep thought. Then he snapped his fingers, he turned to North. With his Dream Sand, he formed a flower above his head, frantically, the images turned into a sun, then a leaf, then a snowflake.

Tooth gasped. "Were those…?"

"Sandy, it's not possible. We don't even know where the other three are." Bunnymund argued. "I don't even think they're in existence anymore."

"What are you guys talking about?" Jack asked as he crossed his arms, he hated to be the last to know anything.

North turned to Jack and explained, "There are four. The Guardian of Spring, protector of Creativity. The Guardian of Winter, protector of fun. The Guardian of Summer, protector of Courage. And the Guardian of Autumn, protector of Change. It is said that when together, it will create a power like no other. However, it's just a legend among Guardians. "

"But Jack fits the description of the Guardian of Winter, protector of Fun! He's the Guardian of Fun!" Tooth added.

"That is true, but we don't know who or where the other three are." North argued. This sparked an argument among the Guardians. Sandy sighed then the moon in the window in the ceiling caught his eye, it was glowing brightly. Sandy floated around the bickering Guardians, trying to get their attention but no matter how many sighs he made above his head, the Guardians failed to notice him. He landed on the ground and an elf just happened to walk past him. Sandy grabbed the elf and shook it, making the bell on its hat jingle. The Guardians stopped and turned to Sandy, who made an arrow point at the moon. North grinned, "Why didn't you just say so Sandy?" Sandy face palmed. North asked the moon, "What do you need to tell us, my friend?" The moon's light shined down and crawled onto the wooden floor, stopping at the Mark of Guardians sigil pattern on the wood floor. The sigil opened and a pedestal rose up.

"Of course, Man in the Moon surely knows who the other three are!" Tooth said excitedly, the Guardians surrounded the pedestal.

"Alright, old friend. Show us the other three." Out of the pedestal came blue light and it formed into a figure. The first looked like a teenaged girl with extremely long hair and big eyes, the blue light didn't show any more details except a flower above the girl's head and a tower behind her. It transitioned into another girl with very frizzy, wild hair, above her head appeared a sun and what looked to be a Stone Hedge behind her. The image turned into a boy that made Jack look chubby with mop of hair on top of his head, above his head appeared a leaf and behind the boy was a Viking-style village home. The last image was an image of Jack Frost; a snowflake appeared above his head. The light disappeared and the pedestal sank back into the floor, closing its entrance. North nodded and said to the Guardians, "I'll be back soon. I'm going to gather the three seasons. Get ready, the Big Four will finally be in existence."

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