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They were blinded by the sudden light that show when they regained consciousness. They were all in a line, all four of them, their hands tied behind their backs and on their knees. Their hearts races when a shadow grew over them.

"Don't you see? You can't work together…all worthless to save the world, like your prophecy said…"

Jack's eyes narrowed bitterly when Pitch's form melted away from the shadows. "Maybe we have a few tricks up our sleeves."

Pitch laughed, "Oh, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack…I would think that little assumption of yours is wrong."

"What do you want from us?" Rapunzel questioned.

"You see, Rapunzel…you and your three little friends here harness a great power. A great power that'll ruin my plans." Pitch stepped aside, showing Gothel came out of the shadows. She slowly took out a knife. She went to Hiccup and grabbed him, yanking him up to his feet.

Jack shot up but his restraints held him back. "Let him go!"

"Hiccup!" Merida yelled. She glared at Gothel. "When get me hands on you…"

Pitch smiled wickedly. "What we need is a truce to free your friend. The terms are that you give up and surrender to us and we won't harm any of you."

"And why should we believe you?" Jack growled. "You're not the most trustworthy person on the planet…"

Pitch snapped his fingers. Gothel quickly pressed her knife against Hiccup's neck. A roar shook the room and out of nowhere, Mor'du charged out of the shadows and grabbed Rapunzel and Merida both by his teeth. He dragged them away from the line they had formed and pressed his claws between their arms. "Because if you don't…you'll cause the death of your friends." Jack's eyes widened in fear as Pitch continued, "And you don't want that, do you?"

'Someone help us…' Jack prayed in his head, seeing the fear in his friends eyes as they were on the verge of life or death. And it was all up to him. He knew that Pitch would hurt them no matter what, no matter what he said.

"Ow…my head…" Birna slowly got up from the stone-cold floor. She gasped and shot up to her feet, the memories of what happened suddenly flooding her mind. "Punzel?! Punzel, are you in here?!" The last thing see remembered was the witch lunging for Rapunzel and for her. After that, it was all a blur. She was definitely not in the forge anymore. In fact, she couldn't even tell where she was, it was too dark. She jerked when she heard a small rumbling purr. She saw a pair of green eyes in the darkness. They came closer to her until the creature was in full view for the tall girl. Birna sighed in relief, kneeling down to the creature. "…Toothless, right?" Toothless nodded his head and nudged her. She scratched underneath the dragon's chin. She raised an eyebrow at him when he went away from her, jumping from side to side, making worried chirps and roars.

Birna followed him in the dark room, holding onto his tail to guide her. Toothless suddenly stopped and fired at the ceiling, giving brief clear light to the room. She gasped and rushed to the floor. "Jamie!" She shook his shoulder. "Jamie, get up!"

Jamie's eyes slowly opened and his eyes were sluggish to meet with Birna's. "Birna…?"

Birna helped him sit up. "What happened?"

"Something attacked us…I really messed up my back. I fell off of Angus…" Jamie explained. He looked around in the dark room. "Where are we?"

"I think we're in the school...and everyone else? I have no idea. We're the only ones in this room."

Jamie slowly got up on his feet. Birna bolted up and helped to support him. He said to her, "We've got to find the others. Before I blacked out, I saw a giant bear attack Merida."

Birna nodded. "All right. We'll find them. But first, we need to find a way out of here…" she and Jamie jumped when Toothless blasted at the wall. More than once. There was a large hole in the wall. "…Or we can just do that…" she set Jamie on Toothless, seeing that he couldn't walk on his own. His back must be killing him…

Jamie glanced at Toothless unfinished tail. "It'd be handy to have that tail was fixed."

"Yeah…I'm guessing that the witch and the other guy took our weapons. They should be around here somewhere. I bet they'll be with Toothless' tail. Hiccup was almost done with it." Birna stepped through the hole, now in the hall. Toothless and Jamie came after her. They roamed the dark halls, peaking into each door they passed. When they were about to lose all hope…

"Hey, this door has black sand in front of it…" Jamie told Birna.

Birna stopped and knelt in front of it. "Yeah…Toothless?" Toothless ears perked up at his name. "Care to do the honors?" Toothless glanced at the door and backed up. He rammed into the door, knocking the wooden door down. Birna checked over Toothless and Jamie. "Everything okay?"

Jamie nodded. "I'm fine…my back still hurts but I'm fine…" he reached for the light switch. The lights flickered on, lighting up the room. He grinned at the room's contents.

"Jackpot." Birna picked her shield off of the ground and strapped it onto her back. Next to it was Toothless' finished tail. With great effort, she picked up and brought it to Toothless. At the sight of it, Toothless' eyes showed joy. He let her strap and set the tail in place. She grinned to see that it worked. "Awesome!"

They heard a roar above their heads, but it was still distant, like it was a couple floors above. In a worried voice, Jamie said to Birna, "That sounds like the bear…"

"At least we know where they are now…" Birna picked up Merida's bow and arrows, along with Jack's staff and Rapunzel's frying pan. She placed the quiver on her side and the bow over her shield. She carried the staff and frying pan separately. She told Toothless, "Get Jamie somewhere safe."

Jamie's eyes widened. "What? I want to—"

"I need you to get the Guardians. We'll need all the help we can get."

"But…I want to help—"

Birna glared at him. "Jamie, I don't want to bicker right now. They could have heard Toothless knock down the door. So, you need to get the other Guardians. I'm getting the feeling that there'll be a fight." She shooed them out the room. "Now go! I'll find the others. I did this. I'm going to make things right."

"You sure?"


"Okay…be careful."

"You too." Birna watched Toothless rush out the room and down the hall. She opened one of the many pockets of her flight suit and pulled out a container shaped like a dragon. She pressed the button and a sword of flames burst out of it. "I'm coming, guys…" she bolted up the stairs.