"As you know, the annual psych evaluation of all active agents began this morning." The woman paused, waiting to see if she received the same groans she had from other sections throughout at the day. When it became apparent that no one in Section D was going to vocally complain, she continued. "Now, I know there have been problems in the past; assumptions that these evals would lead to one or more people being decommissioned or transferred to another section; let me reassure you that is not the case. My goal is to see if you are fit for active duty or not. That is it. Should you not be found fit for duty, you will be evaluated further to see what next steps need to be taken. Any questions?"

A pregnant pause followed as eight sets of eyes stared back silently and with blank expressions.

"Right. This year evaluations will take place over the course of the entire week. Each of you will be responsible for not only filling out this packet of questions and returning it completed to me but also undergo two one hour sessions. Rest assured the answers that you provide not only in these packets but also during these sessions will remain confidential. The sessions will not be taped for obvious reasons and the packets will be destroyed upon completion of your evaluation."

As the woman talked, Ruth flipped through the packet, reading the various questions and wondering; not for the first time; what did someone's favorite planet have to do with how well they could function in a high stress job?

Reaching the second to last page, Ruth paused and read the question again; a blush coming to her face as images having nothing to do with the answer they were looking for filled her mind.

I remember riding ...

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