"Kat, what are you doing to daddy?" Stopping in the doorway, Ruth starred at her daughter and husband; one sound asleep hanging off the couch, the other kneeling on the cushion.

Not looking up from what she was doing, the little girl answered her mother. "Making him pretty."

Stepping further into the lounge, Ruth lowered the bags of shopping she'd brought in to the floor. As she unwound the scarf from around her neck, she could only shake her head. Harry had suggested he go and get Kaitlyn from nursery while she stopped at Tesco. That it would be faster since she knew all they needed and the nanny was off with her boyfriend. Then the three of them could stay in the house the entire weekend; hidden away from the madness that would descend this close to the holidays.

She should have known it was more than that.

He wanted a sleep.

What he had forgotten was their daughter's newest desire to decorate her parents.

Stepping across the room, she could only laugh as Kaitlyn carefully held the tube of lipstick in her hand and drew on his lips. Already his eyelids had been painted green with the shadow she had purchased for the holiday party the following weekend and his eyebrows looked like they'd seen her mascara. His cheeks were a rosy pink as was the sides of his chin.

"Shouldn't daddy just be handsome like he always is?" she asked, lowering herself onto the cushion with her daughter.

"No." Kaitlyn said, not looking up from tracing Harry's lips with the dark red lipstick. "He said he was spending all weekend with his beautiful girls. When he went to sleep I helped him and made him pretty. But mummy, why is daddy spending time with someone else? Doesn't he love us anymore?"

"Of course he loves us." Wrapping her arm around the small brunette, she pulled her daughter to her and kissed her cheek noisily. As Kaitlyn squealed and tried to get away from her mother, Harry stretched and slowly opened his eyes, a lazy smile stretching across his face as he saw the two of them.

Spotting her father looking at them, Kaitlyn wiggled out of Ruth's arms and leaned forward, wrapping her arms around his neck, forgetting about the open tube of lip stick she was holding. "Daddy do you love us?"

Feeling something running through his hair, he was momentarily distracted but as her words sunk in, nothing else mattered. "Of course I do."

"Then why are you spending the weekend with beautiful girls and not us?"

"You are my beautiful girls; you and your mum."

"Oh." Hugging him tighter, she placed a kiss on his cheek before moving back. Hanging the lipstick to him, she jumped off the couch and ran from the room, stopping only to look back and smiled at them. "Mummy you were right, daddy just needs to be handsome for us."

Watching as their daughter ran up the stairs, Ruth started giggling. That soon changed to all out laughter as Harry looked from the tube of lipstick in his hands to the stairs and back at her.

"What did I miss?"


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