It was an early morning and Rei Hino slept peacefully under the warmth of her bed, in her room at the Hino shrine. The morning sun peeked in through the window blinds and made the young girl begin to wake up. She yawned a little and drowsily looked over at her alarm clock, which was just about to go off. She quietly reached over and turned it off before the alarm sounded and then pushed the covers off her body, and rose to her feet to begin the day. As the dark haired beauty dressed herself in her light grey all girl's school uniform, she picked up on sounds from another room that had become all too familiar to her. It was the sound of her small yet lecherous grandfather bossing around his 'apprentice', Chad. His real name was Yuuichirou, but he preferred everyone to refer to him by a nickname since it was shorter and he seemed to like it more. Rei didn't know where the name came from but never really cared enough to ask. In fact, when it came to Chad, she often never really cared at all.

Rei clasped her grey skirt around her slim waist and buttoned her blouse while she thought back to the strange way in which the young man had come to live there. The first time she saw him, he was laid out on the steps of their sacred shrine like some bum. It wasn't an impressive sight in the least; Rei didn't think much of him at all and had hoped he would leave soon after. Astonishingly though, he had begged Rei's grandfather to take him on as a shrine apprentice. When asked his reasons, he answered with something along the lines that he wanted to better himself. But Rei knew better; Chad had taken one look at her and decided to hang around to try and impress her. It was a sweet gesture, but Rei had seen similar things before and wasn't really interested in him. Rei's grandfather had seen through Chad as well, and decided to work the boy so hard that he would run off and never come back. Rei's grandfather may have been a real lecher, but Rei knew he loved her very much and was very protective of her. Her grandfather had been the one to let her stay there at the shrine on account of her strained relationship with her father. The thought of this made her happy and smile a little to herself, at least there was one man in her life that cared for her. But to both Rei and her grandfather's surprise, not only did Chad never try to run away; he never so much as voiced a single complaint. The bum had actually turned out to be useful and hardworking. Maybe there was more to Chad than Rei gave him credit for, or maybe he just really had the hots for her. She wasn't sure which.

Once Rei had dressed and brushed her hair, she quickly grabbed her book bag and headed in to the kitchen to grab a quick breakfast. Her grandfather was sitting in his usual spot eating while Chad stood over the stove finishing things up. Her Grandfather looked up from his plate when he saw his granddaughter walk in and said, "Well good morning there, Rei-chan."

Chad heard this and quickly looked over at his shoulder to see Rei sitting at the table. He began to stutter as usual and said, "Oh umm hey there Rei! Good morning. Did you sleep well? You're usual is already made how you like it."

"Thank you." Rei said simply then paused for a second and added, "You're burning yourself."

"Huh? What do…you….oh….OW!" Chad cried out when he looked down to see that he had placed one of his hands on the burner and just now noticed. He quickly ran over to the sink and ran some cold water over his hand.

"There you go again, you youngin! How many times have I told you that you have to concentrate! At this rate you'll never be more than a fumbling apprentice!" Rei's grandfather scolded, wagging his finger a little and shaking his head then busted out laughing hysterically from the comical scene.

"Yes, Sensei!" Chad said frantically.

Rei tried her best not to laugh as well but in the end covered her mouth politely and let out a small giggle. She hoped he hadn't hurt himself too badly, even though it was kind of humorous. As Chad scrambled about the kitchen, Rei couldn't help but take note of his disheveled appearance. It certainly fit with the sort of image he portrayed to everyone, that of a lazy slacker. His long brown hair was always un-kept and in front of his eyes so that you couldn't even see them. And he always had a good amount of stubble on his face. Maybe some girls were in to that grungy look, but not Rei. It wasn't that Chad was bad looking, but he was definitely no Mamoru. Now there was a dreamy guy. He was tall, dark, handsome and so much more. He always seemed so cool, mature, and well put together; as if nothing could catch the guy off guard. He and Rei had, well at least she thought they had, a small thing between the two of them when they had met. Unfortunately it had been nothing more than a one sided crush on Rei's half. If it hadn't been over before, it was definitely finished once she and the rest of the sailor scouts learned of their true pasts and that Usagi and Mamoru were reincarnated lovers. It had hurt Rei at the time, but she had gotten over it and felt truly happy for Usagi, even though the dumpling head did drive her nuts sometimes.

Rei quickly snapped out of these thoughts and quickly started to eat so that she wouldn't be late. As she shoveled down her food, she noticed the nice taste. That was definitely one good thing about Chad, he was surprisingly a very good cook. Coincidentally he always seemed to make Rei's favorite dishes and had learned to make them well. Rei quickly finished her breakfast and put her dishes in to the sink before she grabbed her bag and hurried on to school before she became late. As she approached the front gate of her campus she took a look at her wristwatch to see that she was right on time as usual, and even had a few extra minutes than usual to spare. Unlike the other scouts, Rei went to a very exclusive high class school. Her father was high up in politics and it had been his choice for Rei to go there. Rei didn't get along with her father but it was a good school and she liked it, so she couldn't complain.

Rei saw some of her classmates walking through the front gates and was just about to join them when she heard the sound of someone loudly calling her name from behind. She turned to see Chad running after her, carrying a bento box wrapped in a small cloth.

"Rei! You forgot this!" He called out to her as he ran closer, panting for breath. She wished he wasn't being so loud, but it only got worse because just as he came close enough his sandal got caught on a small broken section of the side walk and he tripped and fell forward. Chad had been running full force to the momentum pushed him forward and he ended up falling right on top of Rei, taking them both to ground below.

Rei gasped out as she felt herself fall on to her back, but luckily she hadn't hit her head. She would have expected something like this from Usagi. She blinked a bit but then her eyes widened and she blushed in embarrassment once she realized the situation the two of them were in. Chad was lying right on top of her, and in front of her classmates who she could now hear snickering about the sight.

"Oh wow, big fail on my part. Rei, are you okay? I'm so sorry." He apologized honestly and then quickly picked himself up and held his hand down to her.

"I'm fine….you idiot." Rei grumbled under her breath. She was far too embarrassed to let him help her up so she stood up herself and grabbed her book bag and lunch; she could feel the eyes of everyone around piercing through her which only made her more embarrassed and ashamed. She looked up angrily at Chad and yelled out, "Why can't you do anything right, you idiot?! Maybe you're okay constantly embarrassing yourself, but can you at least not pull me in to it?"

Chad rubbed the back of his head a little and nodded, "Yeah, sorry again Rei. It was an accident; I just hope you're not hurt. Anyways I need to get back to the shrine, so have a good day." Chad then turned and started to run back to the shrine before Rei's grandfather got fed up waiting.

Rei sighed a bit and brushed the dust off of her uniform to see some of her classmates waiting on her. Rei rolled her eyes a bit and couldn't wait to hear whatever it was they were going to say. Since her school was prestigious, most of the girls that went were all from very well off families. They walked in to the classroom and sat down before class. One of the girls looked over to Rei and asked while grinning, "So Rei, who was that scruffy looking guy? He your boyfriend? I didn't know you were in to slumming around."

"What? Of course not! He's just some guy that works at my grandfather's shrine, that's all. I'm not sure what you mean by slumming, but you're wrong." Rei said defensively. "Please, me and Chad? That's ridiculous."

"That's a relief. It's good to know that you've got good standards, Rei. Although personally I don't know how you could ever want to be around someone like that every day. I think I might die if it was me. He looks like a fail in not only looks but brains too." Another girl chipped in which made the others laugh a little more.

Rei frowned a little and replied, "Well that's not very nice, and Chad's not all that bad."

"Are you sure? I've seen guys like that before, and they're all dirty, untrustworthy, and not a single redeeming quality. In other words, a complete loser!" The first girl said which made the girls laugh even more.

Rei stood to her feet and slammed the open palms of her hands down on to the surface of her desk and exclaimed, "Shut up! Just shut up! All of you! You don't know what you're talking about, and you certainly don't know a thing about Chad. He's a good guy, with a good heart. Sure, he messes up a lot of times, his grooming his horrible, and can act like a doofus. But he's a sweet guy who always tries his best and works really hard, even though he might fail; which is a lot more than I can say about any of you."

After Rei's little outburst, no one else said anything. The teacher then entered the classroom and everyone turned forward in to their seats and class began as usual. Rei wrote along in her book as she listened, but was still frowning a little. She knew that she always gave Chad a hard time, but that was different. She didn't ever mean it to be cruel, unlike her classmates. But then she started to think about what she had said to him; it had actually been pretty cruel. He had just been trying to help her and she lashed out at him for a simple accident. Rei then decided that when she returned to the shrine after school that she'd apologize and then thank him for always being so nice to her.

Soon it became the afternoon and school was over for the day. Rei quickly made her way back to her family's shrine so that she could apologize and make things right with Chad, so that she could clear her conscience. She ran up the stone stairway to the top of the shrine. She saw Chad and her grandfather on top of one of the buildings, repairing the roof. Rei slowly walked up as Chad hammered in some nails. Rei looked up and called out in a kind voice, "I'm home. Hey Chad!"

Chad's head immediately looked up when he heard Rei's sweet voice in his ears and accidentally brought his hammer down on his thumb. "Youch!" He cried out and the quickly grabbed on to the roof, as he almost fell off. Rei's grandfather simply started to laugh.

"Hey, be careful you big dummy." Rei called out playfully, "If you fall this time, then I won't be there to break your fall. Anyways, when you get a minute can you come see me? I want to tell you something." Rei then walked in to the house to change in to her miko uniform and begin her chores.

When Rei left, her grandfather looked over at Chad with accusing eyes and said, "Oh! What's this about Rei 'breaking your fall'? Is that some sort of new slang?"

"Wh-what! No Sensei! Of course not." Chad quickly responded.

"Well I'll give you minute…when you're dead! You're not good enough for my granddaughter and you never will be, so remember it. Now c'mon I still have lots and LOTS of work for you to do!" Rei's grandfather said and dragged him off to another chore since they had finished up the roof repairs.

"Y-yes Sensei!" Chad responded simply as he was pulled away to another chore. This time it was to clean the toilets.

Rei came out a few minutes later in her red and white miko uniform to see her grandfather and Chad nowhere in sight. She shrugged and figured she just talk to him later on whenever she got the chance. She grabbed her bamboo broom and began to sweep along the stone walkways outside the shrine for a few minutes.

"Umm…excuse me?" A soft voice came out which made Rei look up. She was surprised to see a beautiful girl a few years older than herself. She had shimmering blonde hair and bright blue eyes. For a moment Rei thought it was Minako, there were definitely some similarities. The girl was dressed in the latest fashion clothing and looking around the shrine curiously.

"Yes, can I help you with something?" Rei asked, figuring this girl was another shrine visitor.

"Yes, I am looking for someone. A young man named Yuuichirou Kumada. I was informed that he was staying here, do you know him?" the girl asked.

"Yuuichirou…..oh! You mean Chad? Yeah, he's around here somewhere. Umm, who are you?" Rei asked, she wondered what a girl like her would want with Chad.

"Oh yes, how rude of me. I'm his wife." The girl said simply with a small bright smile on her face.

That seems like a fun place to stop for now. I thought of this idea yesterday and have been wanting to try it since then. Rei is probably my favorite of the scouts, I love her personality and Chad is such a fun character. I hate they never really had enough development so I'm doing my own. I hope everyone enjoyed so please leave a review or comment if you want and I will be updating whenever possible. Hopefully writers block doesn't strike.