Fighting Faith


I know you'll hate me for leaving, and probably won't want to see my face again. Despite what happened, there will always be a place for you in my heart. But hear me out: I will not let you give up being Queen if it's the only way we can be together. I can't let you leave your country for me. They need you, Xelha.

I have nothing to offer to you, the witches were right. I wasn't born in Wazn, I have no title, only a prince or a noble can marry a royal. You told me abdication was the only way we could be together, but I don't want you to do something you'll regret.

When you look back on all this years from now with your stiff noblemen husband, this will all just be something we can laugh at, though listen to me, just this once.

If my Guardian Spirit didn't press me to say yes the first moment I met you, we wouldn't be where we are today. Malpercio would have already won, and the lands would still be in the sky. Though… you were my greatest adventure, Xelha. When I gave myself to darkness, you were the one who reached out the furthest. When I told so many lies, and all of you found out… you were the only one who still believed in me.

After everything I've done, after everything you've learned… you never gave up on me. You've showed me I was worth fighting for. You saved the world, and you also saved me. You find goodness in others, and when it's not there, you create it. You make me want to go back, back to the best version of me... You've seen through me, even better than my Guardian Spirit. You see me better than anyone…!

As I write this, I have all my things packed. I'm not exactly sentimental, so getting everything together won't take too much time. Exile me if you want, chase after me and execute me if I should be punished that way. Though after what happened with Malpercio, and everything Barnette said… I'm glad it was you who found me knocked out in Sadal Suud.

After Georg and Fee died, I thought I never was gonna be happy again, though meeting you… You gave me a reason to hope again. You taught me how to live after so many years of sorrow. You also taught me… that someone could love a sickly raven like me.

Let's go out and find different people. Marry, have children. Though, no matter how many years pass, Xelha…

It will always be you.

- Kalas