As the writer of the Death Note Series, Tsugumi Ohba, said he created Misa because having a story with solely males would be boring. I have to agree with him on that since there are thousands of LxLight and Matt X Mello. Their seems to be hardly any Misa X Light one's. Now I know Light wouldn't hesitate to push Misa down the stairs if it came to that but that doesn't mean this section has to be completely avoided. So I figure why not make one

Are you dead Near…well are you…yes…I know your dead….hahahahha

Light awoke from his dream. A sense of satisfaction coming back within him. He blinked a few times to get the tiredness out of his eyes and looked to his clock, 5:37 am. He stretched a bit within the bed a few times yawning and attempted to go back to sleep. But after a few moments he got fed up and got up, pushing the sheets aside. He looked over to his right to see Misa still sleeping. Then looked to his window to see it dark still. He stretched again before slipping on a robe and walking away from the bedroom. All he could hear was the clock slowly ticking away.

'Seems just like yesterday when Near died' he thought looking at his hands.

He walked into the bathroom to take a shower. While feeling the breads of water rush down, he went back to where Near meant his match, where he clutched his chest, giving him a look of terror, yet determination?

'He's dead, what does it matter'

Before long he finished up and walked back into his room sitting near Misa. I wonder if I made the wrong choice in keeping you alive…..then again who else would be my eyes he mused a smile forming.

"Misa….Misa….sorry to wake you, but I need you today" he whispered shaking her

"Not now Light" she mumbled

"It's just for today, after that you can sleep as much as you want"

She whined a bit before muttering ok. Forcing herself to get up she yawned and stretched, revealing her large belly.

My successor's he thought his simile growing wider. It had been unplanned as Light originally planned to kill her since she had become a liability to him. But on the day he killed Near, she insisted he celebrate since he was so happy. Unfortunately for him in one of Misa's rare moment of intelligence, she drugged him! And that's when he lost all control and found himself naked in bed with her the next day. His first instinct of course was to think of the most painful way to kill her, until he realized she was pregnant. He could have sworn his light and dark sides collided that day cumulating into a dam anxiety attack! And after thinking things over, and against his better judgment, he decided to play it by ear.

He got from the bed to put on a brown suit. As head of Yagmai Corp. he always had dress nice. The whole reason for the company was to put up a front where he could be Kira while at the same time build a reputation as the honest hardworking Japanese citizen. Through his intellect and skills, and maybe a little use of the Death Note, he built a corporation that was becoming a monopoly. And learning that so many organizations were trying to figure out who or what he was, it was perfect for. Meanwhile Mikami played his part, now president of Yagmai Corp, he represented Kira to the outside world. He made sure no one found Light was the one, and Light made sure Mikami was kept safe, after all you don't want to lose your loyal supporter.

He struggled with the tie before Misa came around and fixed it for him.

"Thank you Misa" he said leaning forward kissing her on the forehead.

"I hope this is the last one" she going to the shower yawning.

"Well if they don't want to make a deal, it will be the last one" he responded. He grabbed his watched slipping it on. The ultimate weapon he grinned remembering how the watch aided him so many times.

"I can't believe your actually dead Near…..then again I can't believe L is either" he whispered.

"I thought talking to yourself was considered insane among you humans"

He turned around to see Ryuk, floating and staring at him with that stoic clown face.

"Just thinking aloud" he said

"Whatever, where's Misa?"

"She'll be here soon enough" he said trying to fix his tie Misa tied a little too tight.

"You know Light I have to say, I'm surprised by what's happened"

"You didn't doubt me when I said Near would lose, did you?" he leaned his head back to see his reaction but of course it was still and plain.

"Maybe…..still why do you keep up a facade, your fake attitude around everyone?"

"The challenge isn't over" he said turning around, finally getting his tie the way he wanted.

Ryuk however laughed at this knowing to what he was referring to.

"You're not afraid now are you?"

"Ha….no I'm not….I'm frustrated" his calm attitude replaced with icy bitterness. "I can't believe I still haven't been able to find Whammy's House, that dam place is a factory of L's! Near wasn't up to par thankfully, but still-" he clutched his fists taking a breath. "It's been two years and they haven't made a move, but I know they will soon enough!" he raised his voice bending down almost having a nervous breakdown. "They will, I KNOW THEY WILL! They just don't see the benefits, the good side to what I'm doing. Maybe I'm going paranoid?"

Light's breathing increase, his heart pounded against his chest and he grabbed his hair.

"I have to find this place Ryuk, I have to find it… I can burn it down, the last resistance to Kira has to die for a better world to be made."

"Ryuk! So glad you're here!" exclaimed Misa happily throwing an apple to him.

Light instantly calm down, controlling his breathing while Ryuk ate his apple glaring at Light. Misa turned around, most likely forgetting something.

"Now I see why hahahaha" laughed Ryuk

"As much as I hate to admit it, without Misa, I would go insane over every minor thing that opposes me. She show's me ways to relax when I'm tense, I'm almost glad I didn't kill her"

"Oh how sweet" he mocked

"Shut up" Lighted said half-jokingly, half-serious.

"Be careful what you say, I-"

"Yeah, yeah, you'll write my name in your death note" he said sarcastically rolling his eyes. "And then what Ryuk? What entertainment would be provided for you?"

"I'm just waiting Light, just waiting" he laughed taking another bit of his apple

Light perked an eyebrow 'what could be happening now Ryuk?'

"The way I see it Light, you'll die by three things. One may be me" he perked up one of his skully fingers. Rising another one "Two your own insanity" and the third "Three by someone"

"Are you trying to make me crazy Ryuk, you know me better"

"Light, can you help me" yelled Misa

"I'll be right back Ryuk" he said walking to help Misa.

"So he's still alive?" said Sidoh appearing from the ceiling.

"He finds ways out of the worse situations"

"It that right? Well how much longer you think he can keep this up"

Ryuk merely shrugged. "Don't know, don't care, but I have a feeling he'll meet a challenge again, just waiting"

"I'm surprised, you're usually not the patient one"

"Sidoh! You're here! I thought you were busy" exclaimed Misa throwing him a bar of chocolate. Light emerged from behind her

"Are we becoming pets?" asked Sidoh taking a bit

"No were not"

"You guys show up every morning, and she throws treats to you every time, you guys are pets" said Nu, the shinigami covered from head to toe in eyes who came from the floor

"I like to think of it as dinner and a show, Ryuk said "things will get interesting"

"And that's why you haven't killed Light yet?" she asked

"I could care less about his goals; still it's better than gambling and sleeping all the time in that rotting realm"

"I see your point"

"So what are you doing here" asked Sidoh taking another bit of his chocolate

"Sleeping and gambling got bored, I was hoping for something interesting, after all I hear you've been having fun"

While the Shinigami talked amongst their self's, Light and Misa went downstairs to be greeted by their aged butler Akio.

"Greet's sir, I trust you slept well" he gave a slight bow.

"I did"

"You have a message sir from Mr. Mikami. Should I tell him you're busy?"

"No, I'll go and take it, I'll be right back Misa" he waved as he walked towards his study. The second he closed the door he instantly locked it from behind. Old habits he thought. He went towards the phone, checking on his computer first to ensure the line was private and no one was tapping it. Being a businessman, he couldn't let his guard down.


"God" was the response

"Hello Mikami, so tell me, what have you found so far?"

There was a sigh on the other line

"I'm sorry but I'm afraid we haven't found anything. Whammy's House seems to have been relocated, and the British Government is incompetent in finding it, should I remind them to speed up the process?"

"No Mikami, there's no need for that. After all I don't blame them, Near's hid it well" saying the last part with bitterness

"We will keep looking until it's found, they can't hide forever"

"No one can, well listen I have to go, I'll meet you soon anyway"

"Yes of course God"

"Oh and Mikami"


"Just remember to call me Mr. Yagmai at the meeting today"

"Of course Go-…Mr. Yagmai"

Light hung up before sighing to himself.

'Where did you hide it Near? Where!? How did you warn them? You were so sure of winning yet you made sure I couldn't find it. Why? As a last hope? It's too late for that, but when I find it, I'll kill everyone hahahahahahahahaha'

He then looked on his desk, seeing a particular letter. He opened it up, already having read it before, but felt the need to read it again. His sister Sayu had just committed suicide.

'She never did recover, mom will most likely follow'

He felt a very slight pang of guilt. The relationship with his mom slowly collapsed until they stopped speaking. It wasn't intentional…..just happened.

'I wonder if I'm obsessed with my job?'

"Light come on!" yelled Misa from the kitchen

'Never mine, I'll eat, and then…find where the house is…'

Well that's the prologue for you. EXTREMELY hardly any on Misa getting pregnant by Light, is that unpopular for some reason? I liked Misa (despite not having an independent character concept like Light). Still I wonder if this can be done. Well we will see in the future I guess.