Title: The Purr-Fect Spell
Author: Katt
E-Mail: Mozellef@aol.com
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Inspired by the pic in KC's Fanfiction Lair Forum! In an AU, Trieze and Zechs are a couple living in the Twin Cities, and Zechs comes into the possession of a kitty, which he brings home for them to take care of. Both are QUITE startled when their little kitty-cat turns into a human boy as soon as the sun sets! Wufei has a spell on him, but the witch made a catch to the spell...

The Purr-Fect Spell

Wufei lazily opened a black eye, yawned, and then stood still in shock. Something was not right. Maybe it was the slight bouncing movement, maybe it was that he felt he'd slept curled up in a tight ball, or maybe it was the fact that he felt a little warmer than usual. Whatever the reason, something was wrong. He was just about to push himself up and reach for his contact case when he realized three things. One, he didn't seem to NEED his contacts, because everything was looking clear and non-blurry, two, the contacts, his nightstand, or even his BED for that matter were no where in sight. It looked like he was in a dark room with a few circular windows above him, and three, even if he NEEDED his contacts that were on the bedside table that apparently wasn't there ...HIS HANDS WERE PAWS!

'What the fuck?!' Wufei thought, staring down at the paws where his hands had once been. Hands with FINGERS. 'What happened?! Is this a dream?! Dear Buddha, this had better be a dream!' he moaned mentally. He'd just noticed that a tail that was connected to HIS rear end was twitching, he could smell and hear things better, and had finally come to the conclusion he was having a dream about being a cat. 'Okay...okay I can deal with this because this is not happening! It's not! It's no-' "ROOOOOOOOOW!" he yelped/yowled as he felt whatever he was in being set down on something.

"What was that?!"

Wufei stopped his train of thoughts at the sound of voiced, perking a now furry and pointed ear to hear what was going on.

Zechs looked down at the cardboard carrier that the small animal had been sleeping in and shrugged. "Probably the kitty."

Treize raised a delicate eyebrow at his friend's response. "Kitty?"

Zechs gave a half-worried smile at his friend and lover. "Well...we've been talking about getting a pet, and some kid was trying to give him away from a Fortune Telling place..."

"So you brought the fuzball home for us to take care of." Trieze stated, more than asked, putting his hands on his hips. "Without telling me."

"Well you aren't allergic to cats or anything!" Zechs pointed out in his kitten's defense. "A the fortune teller said he was free! I even have papers saying he's gotten all his shots, he won't be expensive to feed, cats more or less take care of themselves, and...he was just so CUTE!" Zechs whined, hoping it would be enough to get his friend to at least LOOK at the cat.

Treize smiled at Zechs and shook his head. "All right, all right, let me see him."

Zechs grinned and undid the lid of the carrier box, revealing a little kitten blinking at the sudden light in his area. The car was a light yellow-ish brown, with a fluffy tail and his ears were black. Strangely enough, some of the black went onto his forehead, while some hair at the back of his head was longer than the rest, and tied into a little ponytail, held in place with a bead. Big black eyes looked up at the two men, regarding them with a strange look, as though trying to figure out what was going on. He was small enough to fit at least four of him into a coffee tin, and probably the most adorable thing that Treize had ever seen.

"...Okay, okay, he's won me over. We'll keep him."

Zechs grinned and kissed his friend on the cheek. "I knew you'd love him. Oh and the kid said that his name is...Wufei!"

Wufei's eyes widened as he looked up at the two men. 'Okay...' he thought miserably. 'I'm dreaming of being a cat who was purchased by some gay owners...nothing to be alarmed about...nothing...nothing at all...'

"Wufei?" Trieze asked. "Strange name...even for a cat..."

"HEY!" Wufei yelled irritably, though to the two men it sounded like a hiss. "I like my name!"

Zechs chuckled at the kitten's hiss at Treize, and smiled coyly. "Heh...he said that the kitten wouldn't be very happy if you tried to change the name... He said his name is Wufei, it's his birth name, and it can't be changed."

"Not even by the owners?" Treize asked, looking down at the kitten and wondering if it had really understood him or if it was just a coincidence.

"Oh come on Trieze!" Zechs whined, wrapping his arms around his lover's neck. "I LIKE the name Wufei! I think it's a cute name for a cute little kitten like that."

Treize smiled and moved to pick the kitten up. Wufei caught the movement and tried to scratch the man, but found he couldn't get his claws to come out. "DAMNIT!" Wufei cursed, though it sounded like a meow to Treize and Zechs. "How the hell to cats get the claws to come out?!"

"Feisty, isn't he?" Treize said with an amused expression as he picked the squirming kitten up.

"Good thing he's de-clawed," Zechs chuckled.

'...Damn...' Wufei thought. 'Oh god...this is WAY too real to be a dream...but if it's real then how the hell did I end up as a kitten?!'

"He IS cute..." Trieze mused as he held Wufei against his chest. The kitten was smuggling close to him, in what Trieze thought was affection. Really, Wufei was just afraid of falling out of the man's arms. "It's too bad we'll have to leave him in a little while..."

Zechs looked at his lover with a confused expression on his face. "What? What?"

Trieze petted the kitten and handed him to Zechs, who cradled the little thing gently in his arms. "Don't you remember? We're going out to dinner with Dorothy and Relena tonight. We agreed we'd make it a double-date."

Zechs moaned and petted Wufei's head, remember him PROMISING his sister that they'd get together and go out. "But should we really be leaving Wu-chan here?"

'Wu-chan?!?!' the kitten thought irritably. 'Oooh...when I figure out what happened I'll give him 'Wu-chan'! I have good mind to bite him right now...And if he keeps petting me like this then I WILL...'

Trieze shrugged. "I don't see why not. After all, it'll give him a chance to get to know his way around the house while we're away. He'll need to get comfortable with the place. And I don't think that they allow kittens, no matter how adorable, into five star gourmet restaurants in the downtown area."

Zechs sighed and held Wufei up to his face, who meowed in protest. "Sorry Wufei, but you'll have to be alone for a little while tonight." Zechs put Wufei down onto the couch then eyed his boyfriend. "You already got ready, right?"

Treize nodded. "Yup. Take a shower, put on some clean clothes, and let's get going," Treize smiled and winced. "Dorothy gets really scary when we keep them waiting."

Zechs laughed, though shuttering at the mention of Dorothy's wrath. "Of all people Relena could have chosen for a girlfriend, it had to be that scary blonde thing..."

"Such a nice way of putting it...Take a shower, Love."

Zechs complied, Trieze gave Wufei a smile, and left the living room/kitchen area to go and set out some clothes for Zechs. Wufei took this chance to hop down from the couch and land on all fours, though rather shakily, and look around. The apartment was meant for one or two people, and no more. The walls were a light goldenrod color with white trim, baseboards, and windows. The kitchen and living room were connected, with tasteful furniture and light pouring in from the four tall windows. Outside was a fire escape leading up and down, and glancing out the window Wufei determined that the apartment was at least five stories up. Wufei noticed that the room Trieze had gone into was the bedroom, the bathroom connecting into that, and there was a large closet that was closed in a backset area. To the other side of the apartment was an office, judging by the desk and two computers in there. It was fairly large, perfect for the couple. Wufei only hoped that he was still in the Minneapolis Area...Nervously, the little kitten began to pace.

'All right...I am a kitten and this is NOT a dream. This is FAR too real to be a dream. In dreams you can't physically FEEL things...' Wufei walked under the coffee table, hardly looking where he was going and almost bumping into random objects tossed onto the ground. 'Now...the main question here is how did I become a cat?' Wufei tried to recall the day. 'I was walking down the sidewalk when I found that Fortune Telling place, and it said they sold incense... I went inside to buy some and I met that boy...he was probably as old as I was... He asked me who the incense was for...I said me...he asked if I was planning to use it for a date... I said there was no one in my life... I was about to leave... then everything went fuzzy...' Wufei stopped thinking for a moment because he'd just walked right into a pile of magazines, causing it to fall over. 'Could that kid have done something to me...?'

Wufei tried to recall if anything or anyone else had been unusual in that shop then gave a disdainful snort. Of course that place had been odd, everything about it from the young fortune-caster to the merchandise sold there. Almost everything in there had an animal design or print on it, most of them cats, butterflies, ponies, dogs... The owner, that kid, was really into animals. The incense was about the only normal thing that was in there, despite that some of the fragrances had been a bit odd. What kind of place sold incense called 'Troubled Spirit" or "Never Learned"? It hadn't stopped him from buying anything, true, but he'd gone for normal scents like "Rose", "Lilac", "China Rain", and "Dragon's Fire". Everything else sold there, like the incense burners or statues had been of animals, though something about them gave off a strange feeling that had made the young Chinese boy uneasy. He's been in a hurry, but that fortune-caster that was at the cash register had stopped him to talk...and when he'd left...a knowing smirk had been playing on his delicate features...

'Damnit!' Wufei thought in frustration. 'I'm sure that little bastard had something to do with this! I'm positive! What the hell did he do to me?!'

"Bye Wufei!" Wufei looked up from his current spot into the kitchen chair at Zechs and Trieze. "We'll be home in a few hours! There's water for you in the kitchen." With that Zechs and Trieze walked out, and a second later Wufei heard the click of a lock sliding into place.

'Good, they're gone...' Wufei sighed. He bounded over to the window, and looked up at the sill. It was above him, but if his reflexes and abilities were just as cat-like as his appearance and voice, he should be able to make it. Crouching down, Wufei sprang and, to his great surprise, landed gracefully on the sill. Wufei put his paws up to the glass and looked out, sighing in relief. 'I'm still in Minneapolis...'

It was clear from the familiar billboards and St. Paul off in the distance that he was still in his home-city. Exactly where, he wasn't sure, because he was so far up, but at least he was THERE. Wufei leapt down and began to pace the room again, nervousness in his stomach. Okay, so he was still in the city, that was a good thing. He didn't know where he was precisely, but he'd try and figure that out soon enough. Wufei wondered what he was going to do now, pondering the possibility of escape, which he quickly ruled out.

'I have no idea where I am...' Wufei told himself. 'And I don't know what to do, really. I need to find that fortune-caster, but until I know where I am and can determine the distance I'd have to go, I should stay here. There's no point in becoming road-kill when I don't have to be...' Wufei looked the windows, noting how they looked new, and then back at the door. The hand was way up, and there was nothing he could jump into. 'And besides, this place is locked up tight. I'll just have to wait.'

Wufei sighed and walked around the apartment a little. The kitchen was nice, everything looking clean and in perfect order, though he did note with a smirk that there were many, many unwashed dirty dished piled up in the sink. And whatever was on them looked like it was left over from a microwave meal, so his 'owners' were obviously not great cookers. Moving onto the bedroom, it was large enough to hold a dresser, a king-sized bed, several tall reading lamps, a bookshelf, and a table on either side of the bed. Wufei walked over to the bookcase and looked up, inspecting the titles curiously. War and Peace, Complete Works of Shakespeare, Dr. Jkyl and Mr. Hyde, Lord of the Rings, Commedia, Harry Potter...someone was into the classic stuff, and he was guessing that was Treize. On the other side were mangas, Japanese comics of various titles...Blade of the Immortal, Ranma 1/2, Trigun, Kenshin, Blood: The Last Vampire... those lovely works probably belonged to Zechs. And one or both of them were bilingual, since there were three shelves of books in various languages, some which he recognized as Japanese, Chinese, German, French, and Latin. Finding nothing else that interesting, Wufei went back out into the living room and resumed his pacing. He didn't even stop when he noticed a television hanging from a fixture in the ceiling, his nerves were so wracked up. Wufei looked up as he heard the chirping of a bird and spotted a coo-coo-clock, the time being five in the afternoon.

'Didn't realize I'd been asleep as a cat so long...' he mused, yawning. '...I guess I'm still a little tired...'

Wufei yawned again, longer, and looked around for a place to sleep. Finally he chose a pillow on the windowsill that was warm from the sunlight hitting it. Getting into a comfortable position, Wufei closed his heavy eyes and let sleep take over.

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