Me: Yes, you are reading the title correctly; this is a RWBY fanfiction. I know only two trailers have been out and I will be writing these trailers to my best ability and will be actually starting most likely after 'Black' and 'Yellow' will be revealed, or, I will be doing some of Ruby's (Red) and Weiss' (White) story lines until the four meet up. Enjoy.

Red Like Roses

Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest

Rose petals scattered off of a bright blood red cape and flown into the clouded sky where it covered the moon, making the bright rays shine through the blood roses onto the white snow ground, giving it a light red. A young girl stood near the edge of a white cliff, her face and body covered by the cape and hood that the young and lively rose petals were detached off of. Her head was titled down; eyes meeting a rose carved grave stone, a familiar surname etched into the stone. The falling flakes nipped at her teared face, freezing some drops of moisture onto her cheeks. Face saddened, legs squirming, she quickly turned away from the small square stone, her feet moving at its own will, taking her wherever she may be headed.

White is cold and always yearning, burdened by, a royal test

Thousands of dead, black trees surrounded her as she traversed through the dead wilderness, staring lifelessly at the gentle blanket of snow that present itself before her, only to have feet crunch through it somewhat violently, scarring its once great beauty. As she look up a black flash passes by her, red drops of moisture dripping silently onto the ground, not ruining the sound of quiet she loved so much. She stopped her movement for a moment, and glanced forward, noticing the endless dead trees etching endlessly into the distance, the red moisture leading a trail that beckoned her to follow.

Black the beast descends from shadows

The trail ends, and she stops. Growling is heard in-front, and behind the young female, yet she is not disturbed by the familiar evil groans of anger. Tilting her head up, tens up to hundreds of black pure righteous black wolves have been seen before her, their silver white claws extended, venomous blood dripping from their mouths and teeth onto the ground, ruining the shining white blanket of flakes before her. They charge.

Yellow beauty blinds gold

Three reckless wolves charge towards her, their red eyes thirsting for the blood they so yet crave. They jump and extend their claws, as hoping to grab her throat and feast on her flesh and bones. But as the first claw reaches her she disappears into a torrent of roses and they flutter around the reckless young ones as the fall on their backs a groan of annoyance leaving the mouth of one. Hearing wind smash into a cape they look up and see her; black red hair with black soulless eyes, crystalline tears lining her cheeks. Her left arm reaches down her back and grips what looks like a metal plate. She spins it clockwise of her and spins using the force and weight of it. As her body becomes vertical her left arm shoots out the object and it becomes a bolt-action rifle... She fires.


A single shell launches at a high velocity downward towards one of the young wolves that attempted to take her life. In a flash a quarter of the wolves head disintegrates into nothing and rose petals fly from the dead corpse as fast as the bullet left the gun. Its body slams into the ground and lays there lifeless. She falls to the ground as the other two rush towards her in vengeance of their fallen comrade. As she lands one attempts to slash at her legs but her composure regains very rapidly and jumps into the air, aiming the rifle at the wolf's skull and fires again. Its head disappears into nothing as she uses the recoil of her gun to launch herself forward, releasing the spent shell.

Moving forward she aims another shot at the last reckless wolf and fires with deadly accuracy. Half of the wolf's body gets shredded into petals, blood red in color. As it lands on the ground, waiting for hell to grab his body the young girl lands next to him and releases another shell and fires at another wolf who attempted to sneak behind her. Part of its body also becomes nothing but rose petals and again uses the recoil to backflip a good distance away from the shocked hell spawn wolves.

As she lands she launches her weapon forward and it starts transforming again. After spinning the weapon backward it become the scythe she has had all her life:

Crescent Rose

Its front blade has a sharp edge so with just the lightest scratch from this blade the person's body part would be bleeding profusely and the opposite end on the other side of the long handle held a variation of a claw, able to grab and rip at someone's skin. One wolf wanted to test this young woman's courage and charged, thinking she would be too hesitant to use it. Doing a spin she brings Crescent Rose into the air and slams the long grip onto the wolf, stopping its attack. It whines in pain but forgets it in a moment's notice and glares at the lifeless girl, daring her to end his life.

She grins at his request but her face becomes serious again and releases the shell, and pulls the trigger. The wolf's body gets cut in two as time miraculously slows. The top half of the wolf's flies through the air, rose petals showering the ground below it, the girls face; lifeless, cold, and daring to kill anything that shows hostility towards her. She is crouched to the ground the scythe blade behind her, her eyes giving a glare that swept through the wolves' souls. They are not frightened and run towards her. She stands up and spins her scythe and released the shell. The blade implants itself into the ground to her right. Her right hand holds the trigger and her left holds the bolt. Around fifteen to twenty wolves run towards her, all signing the death penalty instantly.

She fires with deadly accuracy and releases the shell in record time as all shots hit, each deadly shot releasing rose petals into the air as they all flutter down, staining the battleground that the wolves so generously gave her. One makes it towards her and attempts to claw the scythe from the ground, but she jumps and fires again, flying backwards. She stops a few feet away and slams the scythe into the ground, landing on top of it. As more wolves exit the forest into the bloody battleground she sighs and dodges a clawed clothesline and spins. The wolf flies behind her and she implants her feet in the small opening where the claw is on her scythe. She faire again and as a bullet shoots through a wolf's skull she spins backwards because of the recoil again and kicks the wolf behind her who attempted to leave claw marks on her throat.

As she lands she swings her scythe forwards cutting one of the wolf's legs and swings behind her, cutting the wolf she kicked earlier in half. She spins Crescent Rose multiple times, slicing through the wolf mercilessly. After it falls over dead she does a 180 and with one hand swings the bladed part of the scythe forward, catching another wolf at the inside edge of the scythe, where it is not bladed. She fires and its head gets sent flying as its body just limps lifelessly forward before giving up and falling.

Another stupid reckless wolf comes near her and she catches its back with the bladed side of the scythe. As another comes towards her she releases the spent shell from before and fires, the bullet instantly killing one wolf while the scythe slashes through the other, cutting the beautiful rose petals into to nothing but lines of red. The top half of the wolf's body flies backwards and hits another wolf, knocking it down momentarily. It gets back up and two come rushing towards her. She backflips over both and lands safely. The nearest one sprints towards her but with a few strokes of her blade is goes down, its limbs scattered around it. The last one runs towards her but seeing an opening she somersaults under it as her scythe's bladed end slams onto it. Using Crescent Rose as momentum she is able to stand on top of the wolf's head, the blade hovering dangerously below the wolf's neck. She fires and its head flies towards some other dismembered limbs and she gets sent skyrocketed to the air where she releases the spent shell.

Three more wolves run after her and jump into the shining sky, hoping to end her wretched life for slaughtering thousands of their kind. Unsurprisingly they fail and she easily takes care of them. Yet one finally takes her by surprise and attempts to claw at her. She notices fortunately for her and holds Crescent Rose in-front of her, blocking the attack but also sending her to the ground. Using the scythe she stops being flown backwards and looks up, seeing the hundreds of wolves just a few hundred feet away. She takes a quick breather and nods silently. Lightly hitting the top of the scythe where the bolt was the empty clip drops and she replaces it with a new one hidden in her satchel. Holding the scythe behind her she releases the spent shell as a new one slides in. She fires and launches herself forward, letting the momentum take over her body as she fires and slices at the last of the wolves, showing them no mercy. Limbs and shells are juggled in the air as the girl tries desperately to end the conflict, new tears streaking down her face as an old memory is rejuvenated in her mind. Finally the last wolf is defeated and his soul is sent to the depths of hell.

She falls to her knees as shells are falling from the sky into the show below, her scythe resting on the ground next to her and the petals melting into pools of blood.

"Mother... Father..." She whispers into the sky sadly, falling onto the ground, her crystalline tears leaking onto the red blanket next the her as the flakes stop falling, and the darkness rising.

R: Ruby, W, B, Y.

Me: To those who've seen RWBY "Red Trailer", didn't see that coming did you XD!? Anyway hoped you like it and I'll be working on White next! See ya then!