Observing Isn't Everything

Chapter Fifteen

8:04 PM

John and Sherlock stood outside in the chilly air of London. Edward and Alphonse were inside.

Ed sat on the couch reading a book. Alphonse sat in front of the Television.

The Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy

Ed read the cover again.

It's interesting, but a bit odd...

Al sat in front of the television, watching a show he didn't know the name of.

Ed looked over to his younger brother. He sighed.

It's now or never...


Alphonse looked over his shoulder at Ed.

"Yeah?" He asked.

Ed looked down.

"Al, I've been thinking. We should really talk about if we should go home or not..." Ed said in a dead-serious tone.

Al frowned and looked down at the floor.

Ed sighed.

"Al, I'm your brother, and I know you. I can tell something's wrong, and my best guess is that its about our decision." He said.

Al blinked and looked back up to Ed.

"Brother, I really think we should go home."

Ed's eyes widened.

"But, Al. You have your body here!" Ed exclaimed.

Al glared at his brother.

"Yes, but what about Winry?" He asked in a annoyed tone.

Ed blushed.

"And Grandma, and Mustang? What about Scar and the Homunculi?!"

Ed flinched.

"...Al, I'm sure Mustang can handle it. He may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but he is in the military." Ed said.

Al glared at him.

"Brother, we have to go back!" Al nearly yelled.

He stood up.

Ed glared back at his brother.

"Al, I'm not going to let you take that risk!"

"Its not your risk to take!"

Ed's eyes widened.

"Alphonse, I am your older brother! I know what's best for you!" Ed snapped.

"You don't understand anything!" Al yelled.

Ed saw tears forming in his brother's eyes.

"You don't care for them?! What would they think?! That we died?" Al said, tears streaming down his face.

He balled his hands into fists out of anger.

Alphonse glared angrily at Ed.

"Ed, you may be my brother, but that doesn't mean you know me!" Al said before running off into the other room.

Ed blinked.


9:39 AM, Next morning

"You know when grown-ups tell you everything's going to be fine, but you really think they're lying to make you feel better?"


"Everything's going to be fine."

John walked into the living room with a cup of tea in his hand.

"What are you watching?" He asked Edward, who was sitting on the couch and staring intently at the Television screen.

"I have no damn idea..." Ed said as he continued to watch.

The sun shined through the windows.

John continued walking towards his laptop, until he noticed... It was missing. His eyes searched the room until he saw Sherlock cuddled up in a chair with it in his lap.

John gave him an annoyed look.

"Sherlock..." He said.

Sherlock didn't even glance at John.

John sighed.

He pretended not to notice that his laptop was missing and sat down on the couch next to Ed.

John looked around the room.

"Hey, where's Alphonse?" He said.

Ed looked up.

"Al?" Ed said, looking around the room.

Sherlock looked up from the laptop.

Ed stood up from the couch.

"He's probably just looking somewhere around the apartment..." John said.

John's attention was directed to the TV again.

Sherlock continued to mess with John's laptop.

"Al!" Ed shouted as he walked through the apartment.

Something's wrong. Al would have come by now...

"Al, I'm sorry about what I said yesterday!" Ed said.

Ed walked through the apartment. He didn't think Al would go in John or Sherlock's room, but he checked anyways. But what he found was worse than he had imagined.


There was a large transmutation circle drawn onto the floor in chalk.

Al was standing in the middle, alchemical discharges shooting from him.

Ed's eyes widened.

"Brother! I have to go back! What about Winry, and Grandma?! We can't just leave them! I don't care what you think, I'm going!" Al shouted before he disappeared.

He didn't... No, he couldn't have done this! He wouldn't have done this! I thought we said we where going to stay here! That I wasn't going to let Al take the chance of going back...

Ed panicked. His little brother, gone. Gone into an alternate dimension. And he might not be able to come back...

Ed put his hand on his now throbbing forehead. He couldn't think. At least, he couldn't think of anything except Al, and how he screwed up by letting Al do this. He should have noticed sooner that Al was gone...


"Look! He's alright!"

Al moaned.

Wait... Was that?

"M-Mustang?" Al stuttered.

His vision improved and he saw Roy's face.

He also saw Havoc, Fuery and Hawkeye.

"Al... You're alright..." Fuery said in a small voice.

"Yeah.. I just... I came back..." Al said.

He then noticed that he was back in his suit of armor.

"Where's Ed?" Mustang asked with concern.

Mustang? He's worried about Ed?

"He.. He's..." Al started.

He's still in the other dimension...

"I.. I have to go back..." Al said, trying to stand up.

Hey, I made it back! I made it back!

Ed stared at the circle, hoping Al would come back from it at any moment. Impatience was killing him. He couldn't take it. He either had to wait a bit and see if Al turns up, or go in after him. But wait, what if Al wasn't on either side?

He dropped to his knees.


There was always the possibility of him being trapped in the Gate, but Ed could easily get him back out on either side.


Sherlock ran into the room. His eyes quickly hit the floor. Obvious shock had hit him. He narrowed his eyes at the circle on his floor.

He had become worried when Ed hadn't come back, followed by the shouting of Al that he had heard.

Ed quickly got up off the ground.

"Ed?" He said as he looked up to the boy.

John ran into the room, and was just as confused by the transmutation circle as Sherlock was.

Ed looked at both of them and impatiently sighed.

"Look, everything is going to be fine." Edward said to reassure them.

"What happened, Ed..." Sherlock asked in a dead-serious tone.

"...A-Al... he went back..." Ed managed to get out.

John's expression became alarmed.

"And... I have to go back too, if I want to see him again..." Ed said, now on the verge of tears.

Sherlock blinked.

Ed sighed.

"Look, I might not come back, okay?" Ed said.

"Why would Al do this?" John asked, his voice cracking.

Ed hung his head.

"I have no clue..." Ed said.

He really wasn't quite sure about it. Al had his body here. And he knew the risks of going back. Why did he do it? Did he care that much about Winry, Grandma, and Mustang?

Ed took a breath and looked back up to the two friends he had grown to love.

"I'm going..." Ed said before clapping his hands.

"Ed..." Sherlock stopped him.

Ed barely looked up to him.

Sherlock looked as if he was trying to say something, but couldn't get it out.


Ed ran up to Sherlock and locked him in a hug.

"Goodbye, Sherlock..." Ed said, his voice muffled by Sherlock's shirt.

Sherlock was shocked at Ed. He didn't think that Ed had grown to like him the few weeks he had stayed here. Now the blonde boy he had found bleeding in an alley was hugging him.

He shakily placed his hands on Ed's back, and pulled him into a hug.

"Goodbye...Edward Elric..." Sherlock said, his voice growing soft like Ed's always had.

Ed loosened his grip from Sherlock, and eventually unlocked himself from the hug. He looked at John.

"...Bye, John... Thanks for everything..."

John nodded. He, the war hero, was close to tears.

Ed walked to the center of the room, clapped his hands, and placed them back to himself.

The room lit up with a bright, blue light. Discharges shot out from Ed.

And then, he was gone.

Disappeared as if he had never been.

John and Sherlock stared in silence.

"...W-What do we do now?" John stuttered.

Sherlock sighed, his voice shuddering as he did.

"We move on..."

Ed woke up in a alley. The alley he had left in. He saw familiar faces...

Mustang, Hawkeye, Havoc, Fuery...

Where's Alphonse!?


He looked over to the suit of armor.

Ed gasped quietly.

"Al!" He shrieked as he got up and ran over to him.

Al was damaged pretty bad. Ed hugged the armor. He felt tears stream down his face.

"I thought I'd lost you..."

Al hugged his brother back.

"Al! You idiot! You could have died!" Ed yelled angrily.

The armor looked down with despair.

Ed knew he couldn't stay mad with the hunk of metal.

He sighed.

Alphonse looked back up to his brother.

"B-brother, what do we do now?"

Ed sighed and wiped tears from his face with his sleeve.

He looked up to the sky.

"We move on..."

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