NEXT UP!~From Arely Garcia,

Name: Luna. I'd be a demon, Sebastian's little sister. oooooh & Ronald Knox has a crush on me & Sebastian is protective. :) hehe


"You give me ten thousand nights of thunder-"—10,000 nights of thunder by Alphabeat

You know you're screwed when William T. Spears is telling you specifically to get your head out of a dark place. That was something Ronald Knox knew very well from watching the escapades of Grell Sutcliff as he chased that demon-butler around most nights now, whether Sebastian Michaelis knew it or not. Though Grell was rather flamboyant, Ronald could tell that beneath the façade that the trouble-maker was only doing it to make William jealous. We could all see it, except for Will of course. The stick in the mud was far too stuck on the rules to realize.

It was sad, but that could be the only explanation for Grell's antics. Nobody could fall in love with a demon. They were cold and heartless bastards in Ronald's most gracious opinion along with a few extra choice words.

Now back to the reason he was getting yelled at by the usually composed Will.

He didn't think it through…well more like he hadn't realized that he'd been doing it himself. Well maybe he did, but he didn't address it as a problem that had to be dealt with. It all started a few weeks ago…

A few weeks earlier~

"Happiness is a warm gun Mr. Knox." One of his targets commented.

Ronald Knox was talking with the next man on the D-List, it was obvious by the way he carried himself that he wouldn't be saved. The man, James Browning, was already quite hammered with two tankers of ale in his grasp and was talking about his time in the war—and how he'd enjoyed the battle.

"My, that's pretty gruesome." Ronald chuckled, "Well, see you around Jim."

Or not…

Ronald took his leave through the back alley and sighed as he took a breather in the grime slicked passage to a small street to his right. It was sunny today, a rare pleasure that people in London learned to take part in. Maybe he would skip out on his next listing and enjoy the weather for a while-

Then something extremely painful hit his head with the force of a freight train.

Ronald fell with a thud and squinted his eyes open after a brief moment to see a looming shadow on the ground in front of him. He turned his head to the side to get a good look…

And there she was.

She stood tall and proud, her obsidian hair gleaming like ribbons of onyx in the mid-day sun. Her skin was an ivory coating that looked ceramic and breakable to the smallest touch. She wore high-heeled leather boots that reached her mid-thighs. The hem of her black and silver plaid skirt reached just the hem of where her boots began—though her legs seemed to go on for miles. She wore a tight red shirt with a white flaming skull covering almost the entirety of it. Her belt was similar in color and had a white skull as the buckle to it. Then he looked up and found her cold jaded eyes boring into his own and he gulped at the thick red pools that seemed to pull him inward.

"You were in my way." The girl stated matter-of-factly.

She stepped off of him and checked her nails—as black as her hair—for any damage that could've been caused by the fall. Ronald still laid down in shock and speechlessness. The girl looked at him and smirked cockily.

"Planning on eating flies then? Your mouth is certainly wide enough."

He immediately closed his lips as the girl loomed over him once more and brushed a sharp nail along his cheek bone.

"Kinda cute for a flytrap though." She mused as she pushed up his glasses that had fallen to the bridge of his nose, "The name is Luna Michaelis."

"R-Ronald Knox." Ronald managed to speak through his suddenly dry lips.

Luna smirked knowingly, "Well then. See you around Mr. Knox."

With a slight swing in her hips she practically flew away. Ronald tried quickly to compose himself and stop the sudden beating of his heart. He figured he could fry an egg on his cheeks with how hot his face was at the moment. He'd encountered a demon...something he should report to headquarters.

But she wasn't really doing anything now was she? And she was a rather pretty demon-

Ronald shook his head. He couldn't feel attracted to a demon. It was impossible.

But the wheels in his heart had already determined his fate, the young Ronald Knox…

Was in love.

Back to the present~

Then it was rather suspicious, Ronald supposed; leaving in between assignments to find the evasive demon-girl and missing meetings every night. It wasn't long before his boss had sent Alan and Eric to trail him and see where he was going. Then Will had noticed a few…marks…on my neck that is. The few he could see at any rate. So he was now suspended in the Dispatch Detention Facility for a week until he could as Will put it, "see sense".

Ronald looked out his barred window with a sigh before facing the interior of his cell.

"Wow, that's attractive." A flitting voice came from behind him, laced with sarcasm.

"Luna!" Ronald grinned, "What are you doing here?"

"Checking up on my favorite idiot." Luna mused.

"Am I really your favorite?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Well, to be fair you are the only idiot I know. I tend to try and avoid your disease lest I become infected." Luna teased back, "I went to see my brother before coming here…Sebastian Michaelis."

Ronald gulped, "And?"

"Well…I told him I had caught something nice beneath my shoes the other day. I told him about you and he got a wee bit…how might I put this lightly…" She tapped her chin.

"RONALD KNOX!" A thunderous voice shook the entirety of the building, low and rather terrifying.

Ronald paled as he recognized the voice as the Phantomhive Butler.

"…let's just say I hope he doesn't find out you're in a closed space with no means of escape." Luna smiled before standing up, "See you on the flipside Mr. Jailbird."