The Host

This story is about Melanie and Jared after Melanie wakes me after Wanda getting removed :)

Chapter One - Jared POV

Melanie lies there on the hospital bed with her eyes closed asleep coming back to her body. Melanie. Just my Mel. My girl.

I take the seat beside Mel and take her hand in mine, I lift it my lips and kiss her knuckles. Doc is cleaning up the blood and smiles at me. Happy for me that I'm getting my girl back. Wanda did this for me and the deed will not go unpaid I will find her another body.

"I love you Mel"I say over and over again.

Eventually after a few hours Melanie begins to stir. I push the hair back from her eyes. She squeezes her eyes and her eye lids flutter open and her eyes land on me. I smile lovingly at her.

"Awh Mel" I say and lean over to kiss her on the lips. When our lips touch I meant it to be soft short but she grabs handfuls of my hair and the fire inside me burns with want and need for her. I put my hands on her waist and lift up her waist towards me. We are interrupted by Doc's coughing. I look up to see Doc rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortable as he avoids looking at us.

"How are you feeling Mel"He asks.

"Tired"she says with a yawn.

"Yes, best you sleep. It three in the morning. Well I'm off to bed, Good night"He says and leaves.

I turn to look at Mel and see shes staring at me with a smile. She pats the bed and moves over to make room for me.

I take off y shoes and socks and get under the covers with her. I put my arm under neck and pull her towards her. He rests her head on my chest and puts he hand into my right hand as my left hand runs through her hair. She sighs in contentment and we both fall asleep in each others arms.