This is a boyxboy fanfiction, just warning you. There is no boyxboy in this chapter though, but later chapters will most likely have a lot of ScourgexAshfur stuff, so telling you in advance. Anyways, this was made to fit in with the book series, so things would be smoother. It also gives you the chance to explore with Scourge, since you already know about Ashfur and such. Ashfur probably wont meet Scourge until they reach the lake; I like to ease into things and make them make sense. I hate it when people make things happen too suddenly. So yeah, basically Scourge survives, but the story doesn't change at all. Same characters still live and die, but Scourge doesn't die. Enjoy! Also, boyxboy chapters will have a warning at the beginning of the chapter, so readers who don't enjoy that can still read this!

*Warriors, Darkest Hour, Page 299*

'The Bloodclan leader reared back, his paw raised for the death blow. Firestar scrabbled to get away, but he was not fast enough. Agony exploded in his head as reinforced claws struck down. Flame washed over his eyes, fading to leave nothing but darkness. A soft, black tide was rising to engulf him; he made one final effort to get up, but his paws would not support him, and he fell back into nothingness.'

Scourge backed away from the fallen leader, his ears lain back against his sleek, black head. His pelt crimson, even his white tail tip and paw, from many a cat's blood spilled, he backed away, hissing.

Now that he had killed the flame-colored fool, things would be much easier. He stared down at the torn up body dissaprovingly; that was no leader, that was a weak excuse for a forest cat if he was going to be nice about it. After narrowing his eyes at the carcass, he turned around, only to be bowled over by a white tom about his size. A hiss erupted from the clan cat's throat, and claws dug into his shoulders, weight thrown onto him like a massive rock.

"Scourge!" The feline screeched, pinning him down. A wicked smile spread across blood-stained lips, and sharp teeth were shown. "Oh, I don't think we've met before." Scourge suddenly brought his dog-teeth-claws across the snarling face which hovered above his own.

The young cat staggered backwards, blood now bubbling out of his cheek. He backed up against the rock, his rump hitting it as he stumbled. A she-cat in the fighting mass around them screeched, "Cloudta-!" before getting cut off somehow. The lithe black leader slipped behind the Great Rock, making his way through a whirl of teeth and claws with only a few scratches. In the distance, he saw a group of young cats surrounding a large object. Instantly realizing they were mere clan cats, he laid his ears against the back of his head angrily. Eventually, they slowly left to join other parts of the battle.

What they had been looking at made Scourge's breath catch in his throat. "No.." He slowly mewed, his raised tail plopping against the crimson leaves scattered across the forest floor. His slow trot towards the body which lay trembling on the ground turned into a loping run, his paws seeming to weigh him down and try to prevent him from making his way to his destination. "Bone?" He said normally as he skidded to a stop, trying to hide his current distraught emotions.

The black and white cat was trying desperately to get up, dragging his body a little in the process. A small blood trail lingered behind the lower part of his body which was unrecognizable under the blood and wounds. His front half, trembling violently, was barely supported by his front legs. He unwillingly fell onto the forest floor, more blood joining the puddle under him. "Sc-Scourge, I'm sorry, I'm too weak." He hissed, mad at himself. The cat's clouded eyes began dulling, losing all of the life that they had just recently held. Scourge stared down at the tom who had just stopped breathing, and let out an angry yowl. His blue eyes narrowed with pure, venomous hatred, and his face contorted in disgust. He turned, unable to bear the sight anymore and stalked towards a pile of leaves, sitting down.

Bone was like the father he never had. The only one he ever relied on, the only cat he looked up to, besides his mother. He didn't count Socks or Ruby as family, and no other cat had ever treated him kindly or taken him in with open arms. Bone raised him, and transformed into a leader, a ruthless killer. Now was not the time to grieve though, it was time to get revenge. That was Bloodclan's job. All he had to do was sit back and watch as the forest cats were slain.

As the battle unfolded before his eyes, a cat came up behind him. "Hello Ice." He said cruelly, flicking his tail. The white and black patched cat sat beside him. "Scourge, this battle is heading no where. We are losing just as many cats as the clans are. By the time the fight is over, we won't have enough cats to rule the forest."

Scourge looked over at the feline who was deep in thought. "So be it, it doesn't matter." Ice whipped his head around to stare at Scourge, wide-eyed. "W-what? Of course it does! I mean, sure, the odds don't look in our favor as of now, but-" "Bone is dead!" He snapped, cutting him off. "And like you said, there will be no one left to rule this forest! This is all pointless!" He snarled, glaring at Ice. "Tell them I'm dead, and end this!" Scourge yowled angrily, signaling towards where of the fighting was taking place with his tail.

Ice still hesitated, cowering a little. "Go! Go now you worthless bag of fleas!" He screeched, raising his paw in warning. Ice yelped and hurried off, to the center of the battle just as Scourge slipped through the bushes and out of the clearing.

The ThunderClan leader rose from his position which was on the ground and covered in blood. He had just woken up from his visit from StarClan, and Scourge was nowhere to be found. Cloudtail was staggering back against a grey rock, blood dripping out of his torn cheek. Firestar hissed as a grey cat jumped at him, spitting violently. He backed up, dodging the cat's powerful strikes, and aimed a powerful swipe at the she-cat's throat, giving him a fine splattering of blood across his face. The cat fell onto the ground, jerking a bit before the moving stopped completely.

Firestar then pushed through the crowd of cats, trying to find the BloodClan leader with no avail. It seemed as if he had just dissapeared completely with no trace left behind. This went on for a few more minutes, before a small, skinny black and white cat rushed past him with wide eyes, and a cry, loud and clear, erupted from his throat. "Scourge is dead! Our leader is dead!"

*Page 307*
'As the cry rose above the screeches of battling cats, Firestar saw the warriors of Bloodclan falter and stop fighting. As they realized they had lost their leader, they turned and fled. To Firestar's dazed eyes, the Twoleg place cats seem to have shrunk. They were no longer fearsome warriors, but ordinary cats who had no place in the forest: slower than WindClan, duller than RiverClan, and scrawnier than ShadowClan. All their menace was gone, and with a cry of triumph the forest cats surged after them and chased them out of the hollow.
Numb with exhaustion, Firestar hardly had the strength to understand that his cats-LionClan-had won. The forest belonged to StarClan once again.'

Little did all of the cats know, Scourge still remained living.